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Renee Thin Mint Penza


My Starbucks order is easy pls buy me coffee | it’s always guac o’clock | sound on loud for mouse farts | I look like squidward kinda

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Legz legz, what’s on the menu? 📸 @drtyglitter
Swipe to see my reaction to free coffee refills 📸 @drtyglitter  Also got some sick @thisisyoungfellow stuff so naturally, we had to shoot them
This is. The most beautiful thing. I’ve EVER. 👏🏼 SEEN. 👏🏼
Two (2) good pictures?? Well, that’s my quota for the next 3 years I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️see ya then 👋🏼
Lol swipe to see why I don’t smile in pictures. Spoiler it’s bc I’m uGLYYYYYYY hahaha #roasted  pc: @annuhlee
Comment what you think we’re looking at 👇🏼👇🏼 📸 @tetermedia
My face says “fed up with this humidity” and honestly? It’s true. 📸 @tetermedia
It’s a little late but y’all already knew how good of a time I had in Ptown so here’s some fun ones of me and @annuhlee 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Pro tip: go to the beach before summer even starts to find the best shells 🏝☀️🐚
Peep that coffee on my nightstand ☕️
Okay the sky was really pretty but I had to edit this to make it look goOD ENOUGH sorry everyone ://////
I don’t wanna hear anyone ever tell me their pet is cuter than mine ever again 👋🏼👋🏼 pc: @annuhlee
It’s spring now and I’m alive and thriving again
The 90’s called, they want me back. So I’m goin, bye gurl 👋🏼
Thanks for finding all the sea glass today 🌊🥥🏝
Let me tell ya bout my best friend
Hi I never post anymore but I love this egg ok bye
1 year ago? How has it been that fucking long? I can’t wrap my head around how the time has passed that quickly. I miss you every single second of my days, I think about you every day and you come with me everywhere I go. I hate not having you here with me. I love you so so much dad 💜