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Pretty house pictures with unrelated and not so pretty captions. Outnumbered and winging it! Collabs contact onlygirlinthegaff@outlook.com

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Ugh! This hangover is bogging! I’ve already snuck back into this beaut today. Doesn’t look like this anymore - as now has my midday drool on the pillow! I know, sexy AF! . And been flashing my knickers in Sainsbury’s again as @suzasings had to tell me not once, but TWICE, that I was flying! . Actually looking forward to Monday as this Sunday is rough!
Had a lovely day @festivalofthrift - so many vintage treats and upcycled individual pieces. All the interior stalls are either rustic or industrial so as you can imagine I was in my element. . And here’s some of my thrift haul in situ. Milking stool, square chopping board and crate all from @gcfurniture and Mr Gaff bought a really cool photo of the wind farm at sea for the gallery wall and a metal sheep (which is funkier  than it sounds). Also if anyone local is heading there tomorrow the Lebanese street food is the doggy bollocks! You must try it!
These beautiful sunflowers are from @ladyduffgordon who I met for the first time today. . Although we live in the same town, have mutual friends, a similar sense of humour and feminist ideals, our paths have never crossed. . . . You see @ladyduffgordon has Parkinson’s . Which is more than a bit shit. A #shitshow if you like (a Parkinson’s hashtag we’re hoping will take off). . So one of our mutual friends hooked us up so we could bang heads about how she can use insta to raise awareness, share her story and create an insta hub for those who live with Parkinson’s, have Parkinson’s in their life or might just benefit from understanding it more. . .  I come into the last category. This morning at 10am I thought I knew what Parkinson’s was. But 11.06 I realised I didn’t know that much at all. . This gorgeous, stylish, cool, warm, funny, strong (sooo strong) inspiring lady had Parkinson’s and this didn’t fit with the “old man’s disease” in my head. . And that’s what she wants to do. Take Parkinson’s out of those shameful shadows it’s been hiding in and give it a voice, a platform and some colour. . And Jo definitely has colour. She’s the kinda girl who shows up in a green spotted dress, red sunglasses and then has a spare pair of shades in her bag to lend you so you don’t get squinty eye when you have a selfie together. . She’s a doll and I really want to help her reach as many folks as possible. So please go give her a follow and help her get her insta ball rolling!
My littlest has come home and asked to play the flute. . . Sacked the very cool guitar his Grandad gave him for the flute. . I want to tell him about my clarinet. About how the lessons were painful. How orchestra was a Monday evening of torture. How in my later years it did me no favours. I mean no one is at student party or a BBQ and pulls out a clarinet do they? (Well if they do they don’t get invited to another one?) I mean a guitar? That is seriously going help with the chicks! Or the guys? Whatever. .  But I can’t tell him. He’s seven. And  sometimes you have got to work that wind instrument shit out for your self? . Gifted items tagged
Wednesdays without wine are nothing flash. . But I’m hanging in there because it’s downhill now onwards!
Busy shelves like my busy life! . Anyone have some spare ‘time’ they are currently not using. . Send it over here! . And if anyone doesn’t want their Friday I could definitely use two! . Ta xx
I’m off to look at a secondary school with my middle son! How is this even possible? . There was also a time I never thought mainstream would be an option. And here we are - looking at mainstreams because they are only option, which although scary, is a good thing that is academic ability and social skills are ‘too good’ that they wouldn’t even consider him for anything else. . Anyway - here we go - putting the pieces together for the next chapter. And obviously going to have to think carefully about that autism shaped piece.
The gallery is continued up and round the stairs because of the man-cubs paw prints! . Obviously this means we need to buy more prints. Damn shame huh? . The two new additions are a hand drawn Beatles print that our best man gave us as an anniversary gift. And my Meribel print that reminds me of one of my favourite winters - doing a ski season with my oldest, dearest and bestest mate!
. . It’s Friday. . That is all. .
Stupid things I have done this week: . . • Lost my car keys. In the space of five minutes when walking from my car to my classroom. Retraced my steps. Told EVERYONE I saw I had lost them. Panicked a lot. Then found them in a very safe, zipped up pocket in my handbag. • squeezed my flip flop loving feet into ‘unnecessarily high’ high-heeled work shoes. . •Attempted to diet and not had chocolate or wine to help me through the week. . •Dared to think I was organised and prepared and then realised I was no where near whilst falling flat on my face. . Anyway? How’s your Thursday? I’m not even remotely ecstatic it’s Friday tomorrow. Honest.
Here it is! The feature wall of my dreams! Thanks to @themaincompany for making it happen. . I love rustic wood (as you probably tell) and have been lusting after some reclaimed cladding for ages. . @themaincompany and my style seemed to be the perfect fit! Their kitchens are the things that broke my heart when we did the renovation. ‘Sorry Fran - we can’t afford a bespoke reclaimed kitchen’ Mr Gaff would say. And I wouldn’t speak to him for 17 days. And don’t even get me started on their barn doors! Swoon. Want. Need. . But today I am utterly satisfied that I now have a reclaimed wood feature wall. Another thing ticked off the house bucket list. . I chose the Reclaimed Distressed Old Brown Mill Board - for no other reason than  I loved that one the most.  It’s sourced from old mills through the North of England - the timber is engineered and given another lease of life. Hear that? This is northern  wood!  The reclaimed distressed mill board has been deeply weathered it structure really is beautiful! Every piece is subtly different; I’m obsessing about the old nail holes, saw marks, browner tones, lighter tones - all of it! . It looks brilliant in this room - but sorta wish I got it in my kitchen - for pure selfish reasons as that’s where I spend the most time - but it would work anywhere to be honest. . .. .  Anyway please go follow as they are a fab, small, independent business. They are family run and a lovely bunch of Yorkshire folk with wood to die for!  #gifted #themaincompany #reclaimedwood #maidinyorkshire #rusting #cladding #fearurewall #apartmenttherapy #myhousethismonth #atmine  #abeautifulmess  #inmydomaine  #walldecor  #makehomematter  #mybohohome  #fafffriday  #interiorandhome  #ggathome  #decorated  #myfitmydecor  #decorcrushing  #homeimprovement  #decore  #designsponge  #instahome  #sodomino  #mycovetedhome . . . (Other gifted items tagged)
Is it Friday yet? . Said every teacher at the end of the first Tuesday after 6 weeks off. . This is an old pic because my feet hurt too much to wander round the house finding a clean spot or any decent lighting. Pretty sure I wouldn’t find both. . Anyway. Stick a fork in me I’m done!
Things I tell to fuck off on a daily basis: . • my alarm . • flies that buzz really close to my ear • my kitchen door when it slams shut •my bra when I take it off •anything I drop on the floor ever
‘Nothing ever runs to plan does it?  The Cherry Laurels were meant to arrive Friday, and arrived Saturday- but only half of them- the others are ‘missing in transit’. . The joiner was meant to come Saturday but the glass for one of the jobs arrived too late. But thankfully he’s giving up is Sunday so we can get this gorgeous reclaimed cladding up! . . At least with the brands I work with through Instagram I am never disappointed. I always research the company, visit their warehouse if I can and I ask myself ‘would I buy this myself’ and if the answer is yes. It’s a winner! . Therefore the quality is never an issue. Delivery people however - always an issue! . . Swipe left to see an inspirational cladded wall from @themaincompany and some gorgeous reclaimed flooring they provide that I desperately want in my bedroom. . . .  #themaincompany #madeinyorkshire #rustic #reclaimedwood #festurewall #cladding #wood #industrialdesign #rusticdesivn #makeover #interiorproject #renovation #decor #gifted #ad #diy #upcycledfurniture #bedroom #livingroom #loveyourhome #myhousebeautiful #decor #interiors #realinstahimes #inspo
So here’s the middle son’s bedroom. . It was previously a shrine to MARIO (keep swiping to get to the only before pic I took 🤦🏻‍♀️). . But we wanted a more grown up room and @worldofwallpaperuk kindly gifted me some wall paper and I chose the brick effect because in his own words ‘it’s awesome ‘. . The prints were gifted by @graphicprintcompany and are his fave films and a NYC plane ticket as that’s where he wants to visit one day. And finally the arrow as gifted from @litecraftlighting, . 2/3 boys bedrooms done. Hopefully room 3 will be featuring on the feed next week!
Even though our current situation is sat inside the tent listening to the rain. We have had a gorgeous walk (apologies for the waterfall spam on stories) and the booze is flowing, the girls are keeping me entertained, the kids love it regardless and I’d much rather be here gossiping with a tin of cider, listening to the kids giggle than sat home procrastinating ‘back-to-work’ jobs. . And also their was an incident with the wind and a tent and a under the breath swearing! But we were on it - used the 6 kids as anchors and we nailed that bad boy down! No tent will turn into a kite on our watch! . Told you I was in safe hands! Camping pros!
I’m off camping again... . This time leaving Mr Gaff behind and going with some friends and their kids. . This one should run  smoother as Elaine was in the and Army is incredibly efficient at everything (and nails obvs) and Emma is competitively good at everything she does. . So I’d like to say ‘I’m in safe hands’, they’ll be no dramas etc etc. But it is me (a clumsier, less middle class, version of Bridget Jones) so there’s never a guarantee a pickle won’t arise!
So many apples!!! . I love having trees - and fruit trees are so pretty! But we are useless at making the most of them. Seriously, at  the end of August are kids hate us as their daily chore become picking up the apples  or plums in the garden. And it is relentlessly soul destroying. And today When Mr Gaff and I were reading in the sun we jumped a freaking mile when one thumped down between us. Because when apples fall it does feel like someone is sat in the tree throwing them at you. . We also have two hedgehogs living in the garden - they’ve made a den in the over grown aptly named ‘thistle corner’. And when Mr Gaff came out to collect the cushions in last night. He caught a Mr and Mrs hog having a nibble on our plums (not a euphemism). So at least they are making the most of them. . I’m never going to bake - but maybe I could make home grown cider! Oh who am I kidding I’ll struggle to make toast next week when I’m back at work. . Anyway... if anyone wants some rather tangy apples, usually come with an insect or hedgehog dized nibble in them - I’m your gal!