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Happy Friday Everyone! Where are you spending your weekend? . . We're on the move again, but we're super excited because we're heading back to the coast in time for the weekend πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
SRI LANKA - climb the mountain and embrace the challenge. Enjoy the air and behold the view ✌️ . . We spent a few nights in Sigiriya and in between the rain, we decided to walk/climb/camber our way up Pidurangala rock and take in the view of Sigiriya rock.  It costs 10 times less and actually the view with the rock in the landscape is even more awsome!
SRI LANKA -  one step at a time, just you and i 🌏 . . We're currently gearing up ready to climb Adams Peak tonight in time for sunrise tomorrow. Here's us last week at the top of Little Adams Peak πŸŒ…
SRI LANKA - of course we had to go on the train journey too . .  We've been moving around allot over the last week. We stopped In Ella for a few days. Then got the famous train to Kandy and finally up to Sigiriya.
SRI LANKA - walk with me, fly with me, drive with me πŸ—ΊοΈ . . Did you know the nine arch bridge was built by the British in 1921 ✌️
SRI LANKA - we build too many walls and not enough bridges . . Last week we made an effort to visit the Nine Arch Bridge before it got too busy. A trek through the jungle later and we got there just in time for the first train to go by πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚
SRI LANKA - take my hand and let's go exploring ✌️ . . We made it to Ella for a few days and managed to get some exploring in before catching the train. We took a hike up to Little Adams Peak and took a moment to take in the stunning views ⛰️
SRI LANKA - did you know an average Indian elephant has a lifespan of 60 years 😏
SRI LANKA - the most beautiful things are memories and moments ✨
SRI LANKA - safari days are the best days ✌️
SRI LANKA - gotta get that close up look at all the animals πŸ‘€ . . Safari day at Udawalawe was so much fun, we loved getting up close to all the different animals and birds 😁
SRI LANKA - we love elephants 🐘🐘🐘 . . Getting to be this close to an elephant was unreal. Udawalawe is home to over 500 Elephants as well as Crocodiles, Buffalo's, Eagles, Monkeys, Jackals and more. Every moment was amazing πŸ‘Œ
SRI LANKA - living life in the moment with each other ✌️ . . A couple of days ago, we paid a visit to Udawalawe National Park. Something we were looking forward to so much. We had the opportunity to stay in  a luxury tent, have 5 course lunch and private candle lit dinners around a fire, and truly had the most surreal experience we could ever think of. What a way to do a safari trip. Topped off with a tour of the park and finished with the perfect elephant spotting, a family of four crossing the road in front of us with a 1 month old baby ele. 🐘🐘🐘 Thank you to @mahooratentedsafaricamps for  the experience, it was perfect. πŸ™
SRI LANKA - we left the palms behind in Tangalle 🌴🌴
SRI LANKA - do you love the ocean? . . Travelling around in different places really makes you realise what you love and don't love and what you can live with or without. We love being by the ocean, how about you? 🌊
SRI LANKA - Tom's turn on the swing, he thinks he did it better πŸ€”
SRI LANKA - we found a Sri Lankan tiger πŸ… . . It's travel day again! As we head further inland its time to play catch up with some photos while we have WiFi πŸ‘
SRI LANKA - the beaches here are just beautiful, around every coastal corner is another to take your breath away and we can't get enough 😍