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Electric cars, giant batteries and solar

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We lapped Laguna Seca @weathertechraceway in 1:36.555 during advanced R&D testing of our Model S Plaid powertrain and chassis prototype – a second faster than the record for a four-door sedan
πŸ”Š on: When you bring a gas car to a Tesla fight. πŸŽ₯ by @bella.the.tesla
Model 3 has landed in Hong Kong (who’s excited)
This never gets old - @ the person you do this to most. πŸŽ₯ by @mikepfau
Model 3 interior is now 100% leather-free πŸ„
Can anyone beat the Swiss Alps for most epic charging location? πŸŽ₯ by Rick Fish from London.
Rolling into the weekend like...
Ninja skills sold separately. πŸŽ₯ by @joel_eggimann
Model 3 earned the highest score that Euro NCAP has awarded to date in the “Safety Assist” category under their 2018/2019 testing protocols. The tests evaluate a car’s active safety features including its ability to avoid accidents, mitigate injuries and prevent drivers from unintentionally drifting out of their lane. All drivers need to pay attention and no car can prevent all accidents, but these features help make driving safer every day.
πŸ„ Sentry Mode: deterring mischievous calves since February 2019. πŸŽ₯ by @yourtesla
We’ve added more than 30 new service centers in recent months. Where to next? πŸš€
Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai after only seven months. On track to launch before the end of 2019.