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Teami™ Blends


We create wellness & skincare solutions inspired by the health benefits of tea ☕️🍃! It’s not just Tea, its a Lifestyle 💪🏼 #thankyouteami

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#shelfie GAME STRONG 💪✨ with our new Skincare Fridge! You guysssss, not only does this fridge keep ALL your beauty products fresher for longer, but it's sooooo cute and sleek! All you have to do is stick your fave items inside and feel the refreshing effect of chilling your skincare ❄️😍! ​ ​. ​ ​Teami Poll: Do you put your skincare in the fridge- yes or no 👍👎?! Tell us below! #thankyouteami #beautyfridge
If you’re doing our 30 Day Detox Challenge with us, here's a little grocery list we made for you 🥗🥑🍳! You don't have to stick to this list, it's just a few of our suggestions! The most important tip is to try to eat as many FRESH foods, fruits and vegetables as possible and avoid pre-made, processed foods that have toxins and hidden chemicals! If you have any questions about different foods, just ask us 👇🙋 #thankyouteami
Periwinkle is literally the perfect shade between lavender and blue 💜💙😍! What do you think of this new teami tumbler shade? Is it what you were hoping for 🤔👇?? #thankyouteami #teamitumbler
Eek! I'm making my morning Teami Skinny in my brand NEW periwinkle tumbler 😱☕🍃Raise your hand if you made yours this morning 🙋👇! (this newww color launches tomorrow at 3PM EST!) #thankyouteami #teamitumbler
🍃TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN🍃  Not only is your skin the largest organ in your body, it's also the most unprotected. You don't always realize it, but there are chemicals, pollution and free radicals all around us which can have negative affects on our complexion 😨. Our Green Tea Detox Mask is a gentle, natural way to pull out toxins and inflammation from you skin, leaving it soft, clean and fresh 🍵! If you haven't tried it yet, you need to! PS- you can find this baby at @ultabeauty in-store & online 🧡 #thankyouteami #detoxmask
TRUTH 🙌! If your gut is in bad shape it can affect many areas of your health, beauty and overall lifestyle 😲. This is why we are SO passionate about natural detoxing ☕🍃! Let's open up this conversation, do you have questions about gut health or something you are currently going through👇?? #healyourgut
✨ REVEALED! ✨ Our new Teami Tumbler color launching this Friday is Periwinkle! This perfect shade of lavender blended with blue is sooo cute and I am 100% obsessed 😍! I can't wait to hear your feedback- what do you think of this new color communitea 👇☕🍃?!!? Love, @adiarezzini #thankyouteami #teamitumbler
These are the 2 blends that come included in our 30 Day Detox Program ☕️️🍃! But did you know that our Teami colon comes in two different flavors for you to choose from, Original + Lemon 🍋? Which flavor do you currently have at home 🤔? #thankyouteami #detoxchallenge
❓ FILL IN THE BLANK👇! Finally, a brand new Teami Tumbler color is dropping this Friday 😱! We are always reading through your comments and listening to your feedback on what new colors you want, so we can't to see what your guys think of this new addition😜 #thankyouteami #soexcited #teamitumbler
We get lots of dm's + comments on what kind of greens and vitamins we recommend to add into your routine, so here are the top 4 GREENS we recommend! ​ ​. ​ ​🍃Matcha ​💚Spirulina ​🍃Wheatgrass ​💚Chlorella ​ ​. ​ ​You can take these in powder or tablet form, or in a scoop of our Teami Greens Superfood Powder! No matter how you choose to add these into your life,  they are a great addition to your nutrition! Any greens questions, leave them 👇  #thankyouteami
Yummy New Recipe: 💚 HEALTHY GUT SMOOTHIE 💚! ​ ​. ​ This delicious and digestion-friendly smoothie recipe is a great way to get a natural boost of energy in the morning💪☀️! .  Ice ❄️ 1 Cup ​your choice of milk 🥛 ​1 scoop of Teami Greens Superfood Powder ✅ ​Handful of grapes (fresh or frozen) 🍇 ​Handful of cut up celery 💚 ​Drizzle of honey / agave / stevia 🍯 ​ ​. ​ ​ Blend until smooth and take in your teami tumbler to go 💃! It takes under 5 minutes to make a healthy, satisfying smoothie in the morning that can help you stay full, longer! Tag someone who should try this recipe 👇 #thankyouteami #teamitumbler #smoothierecipe
Happy Monday Teami Communitea ☕🍃! @parisozzie is drinking her skinny tea all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah! Where are you drinking yours from today 🤔? Comment your city, state / country 👇🌎 #thankyouteami #teamicommunitea