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Этот странный ракурс - вид на Дэнино автокресло сзади, в щёлочку подголовника 🚙 ... те редкие минуты, когда он не ноет в пути и просто глазеет по сторонам. Наш мальчик отвратительно ездит, что сводит его шансы путешествовать с родителями на машине к нулю)
Soar _2017
My daughter Lu this evening, in the sun, eating a biscuit.
This cart belongs to TJMaxx. Art found in Hillcrest, San Diego.  #artisart #art #theartfound
As simple as that.
What does it really mean to be safe ?
SWIPE to discover the mini serie. READ if you want to know more.  Tak Bat ceremony. . Every early morning, Buddhist monks silently walk along the streets to collect offerings, mostly sticky rice. In exchange, the almsgivers receive spiritual redemption. . It's a sacred, respected and beautiful longstanding tradition that can be seen in Laos and Thailand. . However, in big cities like Luang Prabang, it turned into a tourist attraction. I read some unpleasant stories involving tourists considering it as a show. In the tiny village of Muang Ngoi, I attented the ceremony a few times, "hidden" or from far away. One morning I was the only foreigner. Another morning, 2 "photographers" were following them, almost attached to them and shot hundreds of pictures. I felt ashamed for them. If you ever witness a traditional ceremony in Asia (or anywhere else), please remind yourself to stay at a respectable distance and always be mindful. It is so easy to be tempted to bring back some exotic photos but at what price? . . . . . . . #photodocumentary #reportagephotography #xphotographer #streetsansfrontieres #humanity_shots #people_infinity #faces_of_streets #gettyimages #lensculture #loves_united_people #remotexpeditions #reportagespotlight
Moments from February 2019. #35mm #rollei35
Out of the #archives.  #kodakfilm #rollei35