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Sneak peak into my Monday morning 🙈  #workingmoms #mumsfitness #mumsofperth @elevate_training_lab
Germán au pair Kati reunited with her host family after a year and was surprised to see how much her host kids changed ! 💜🇺🇸🌎 www.culturalcare.com/lcarey . . . . . . . . . #america #aupair #aupairlife #newyork #momlife #caregiver #childcare #travel #explore #mommyhelper #culturalcare #friends #like #follow #mom #kidsofinstagram #babies #momsofinstagram #parenthood #parenting #love #workingparents #workingmoms #bropair #like #follow #children
A little Sunday night humor because if I don’t laugh I’ll cry. The stomach virus has hit our house and I’ll be staying home/working from home  tomorrow with my middle and youngest kiddos. This means missing a couple of important meetings which I will have to rely on my staff to handle. I know everything will be ok at home and at work but I still don’t like it.  #workingmom #workingmoms #careerwoman #careerwomen #career #momlife #truth #backtoschool #germs
I have been a stay at home wife, mother for most of my life except for having a massage business and our rentals which required to be a master of trades… Then before I knew it we were in the world economy crisis, I was sick (private clinic ),no work in the oil and gas sector which meant that my husband didn’t have a job… And two mortgages over our heads in retirement, and all those years that we saved for a better retirement slowly disappearing. Then I met a lady that showed me a different way of how to do business which gave me hope again and the ability to  cover our bills and move forward in our life.  These folks in the picture are people that are working together for a better future without having to do a 9 to 5 job, working from home, and loving what we do..#workfromhomemoms #stayathomemomlife #workingmoms #betterlifestyle
Eeek I am looking for ✌️ more motivated uplifting women to join my team this week! Seriously look at the products you get for 🆓 in the kits! Not to mention absolutely NO hidden or monthly fees or requirements! Who is willing to have a talk about this with me? I'll buy the coffee 🙋 #workingmoms #lovemakeup #beyou #believeandyourhalfwaythere #themission💜 #letmeshare #thisischanginglives
TAG all the moms you love!🤱💪 ⠀ ✨Join our community @workingmomkind for advice, features, tips, and support!✨ ⠀ 🖊 by the amazing @hallmarkbaby
This is a super quick 20 min recipe for a hearty Homemade Vegetable soup packed full of superfoods to keep you healthy in the germy days ahead! 😁👇 http://www.nicoleblessthishome.com/b/blog/quick-tips/hearty-homemade-vegetable-soup.html  #soulfood #soulfoodsunday #soup #heartyveggiesoup #veggiesoup #vegetablesoup #comfortfood #comfortfoods #quickrecipes #workingmoms #workingdads #toronto #durham #gta #pickering #ajax #northyork #scarborough #markham #newmarket #richmondhill #downtowntoronto #homebuyers #homesellers #nicoleblessthishome
SUNDAY VIBES... . As I sit here on Sunday evening, preparing for the week ahead, I’m reminded of a quote that went viral last year ... . Women are supposed to work like they don't have children and mother like they don't work outside the home. . Now, of course I love my husband and kiddos. And I also love working. . I feel like I’m a good mom and wife (most days—I’m human!). And I’m pretty great at my job too. I truly believe you can love your work and love your family. It doesn’t have to be one OR the other. . My motto as a working mother is that “good enough” is everything. Let me explain. . 🛑 I had to stop being a perfectionist. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I had to be okay with not knowing all the answers. 🙏🏼 I had to get comfortable with asking others for help. ☺️ I had to find joy in each day. 🙅🏼‍♀️ I had to quit trying to prove myself to everyone. 💪🏼 I was stronger than I realized. . . Moms are expected to be 💯 percent mother and 💯 percent worker … . The reality though, is that most of us fall somewhere in between the two. . In both instances, we tend to put pressure on ourselves to be fully consumed with parenting, or to be that employee who’s always available in a competitive work environment. . What’s the BEST way to handle this? What can we do? 🤔 . 🗣 TALK ABOUT IT 🗣 . Talk about parenting wins and parenting struggles at work (it also helps to work with other parents) . While I understand that a true solution will take a HUGE societal and social shift, just imagine how TALKING and being open about your struggles can help even one other mom feel more supported in their quest to balance work and parenting. . Tag a hard working mother you know
No selling here... Just sharing a phenomenal product with a great opportunity that could change your life! .  #bebeautiful #bebrillant #becolorstreet #directsales #colorstreetopportunity #workingmoms #njworkfromhome  #workfromyourphone #joinmeorwatchme #tipsygirlnails
There’s a common misconception that working out is only for those looking to lose weight. . . Well, I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not always the case. From childhood, I’ve always had a tiny, thin frame- I was born this way🤷🏼‍♀️ . . I was bullied, called awful names and often heard the joke “eat a cheeseburger.” Although I loved myself, STILL DO, it made me self conscious at times. . . Becoming a momma is and will be the single most important job I’ll ever have for the rest of my life. I loved every second of being pregnant, carrying my daughter, and was amazed at what my body was doing. Post-partum Ashley, well, was a little trickier... . . My body is different now. My body is both stronger and weaker. I workout to strengthen my body. I workout to put on muscle and add definition. I’m not your typical transformation story but I’m on my own journey💪🏼🙌🏼 . . Be kind to everyone, we’re all fighting our own battles each and every day. . . Keep working towards your goals and don’t let anyone EVER tell you “you can’t” or “you won’t.”
Teacher Mom life.... . . 🔥 There is always a fire that only you can put out 🧴 Dry shampoo is the norm 👀 You can never find what you’re looking for
☮️ Going to the bathroom for a minute of peace 🖐Tripping over little humans because they NEED to touch you to talk to you 😴 Staying up all night planning for the next day 🦷 Did I brush my teeth today? 🤒 Do I have adequate sub plans? 🤯Data, IEP, PLC, LLI, ELL, KWL, RTI, SEL, 504, ADD, ADHD, BIP, FBA, OT, SLP, SLD . 🗣I can't do it!⠀
🗣Can you help me!⠀
🗣It's not working!⠀
🗣I can't find it!⠀
🗣He's being mean! . 
Hands up if you can relate!🙋 . ⠀
You are the human taxi🚕⠀
The custom order chef👩‍🍳⠀
The maid 🧼 
The boo boo fixer 😢 
The comforter 🤗
The best playdate friend ♟  THE TEACHER 👩‍🏫 . 
You are everything to everyone and at the end of the day... there is no energy for you. 👎 .  Teachers  and moms let’s support each other. How can you find time for self care? . 
Do you want to be a part of my self care support group? . 
I'm kicking off the fall fitness bootcamp and I'm ready to teach you my teacher mom life ways! .  I am going to be focusing on:
Family friendly recipes⠀
Keeping it real and dealing with life together!!! .  Comment below 🙋‍♀️ OR DM me for the link to the group.
Sunday nights....⁣ -⁣ I used to spend Sundays getting all worked up because I had to go to work the next day. "A case of the Sunday nights...."⁣ - ⁣ Today, I decided to throw that mentality out the window. I got all I needed to get done (laundry, lunches, organizing the kitchen and dining room, cleaning my own bedroom) instead of worrying about what tomorrow will bring.⁣ -⁣ If my week is not planned, then nothing will get done anyway! Sundays are now to be used for being productive! Sundays are now for organizing for a successful week ahead! ⁣ -⁣ No more case of the Sunday nights! Sundays will be exciting and a cause for a celebration for the week ahead! Who's with me?!⁣ -⁣ #positivitywins #momsofgirls #workingmoms #sahm #sahd #workingdads #sundayfunday #letsdothis #coffeefiend #lovemygirls #happywifehappylife #consistencycrew
Baby boy has been sick since trying to get use to daycare(lack of posting pics). Only a few more months and we won’t need to worry about daycare little bean. . . Z#. . . . . . . . . . . . #babyboy#daddydaycare#sickday#stayinghome#homewithdad#sickbaby#allbetternow#hesok#sillydad#sorrybaby#daycaregerms#vlog#daddyandme#blasian#asiandads#blasiansons#blackbabies #asianbabies#babybabble#workingmoms
I'm sharing this post after bedtime... I actually made this little tossable F-Bomb while I was breastfeeding... I needed something more substantial to throw at my snoring husband at 2 am #nojoke⁣ .⁣ .⁣ But then I gave one to all of my family for Christmas and learned that they threw them around in their offices at work while watching football and so much more!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ So the #fbomb makes a great versatile gift for everyone in your home! They come as singles or in an 8-Pack,⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #stockingstuffers #dadgifts #boyfriendgiftideas #giftsformen #breastfeeding #workingmoms #christmasgifts #giftideas #giftsforhim #uniquegifts #gifting #giftideasforher #newmomgift #giftformom #giftsforher #giftsfordad #giftsformen #giftforhim #giftfordad #giftforboyfriend #giftforhusband #giftformen #giftsforall #giftsforfriends #christmasgiftideas #giftingideas #perfectgift #etsygift
After thinking it must have been an accidental DM and responding anyways 🤷🏼‍♀️ then realizing it wasn’t 😬 I’m stoked to announce I’ve been selected by @redken to be one of their national Shades EQ advocates! Check back in and watch my insta stories for more details over the next few weeks! This week I’ll show you guys what’s in the surprise package they’ve sent out as well as posting the details about the Shades get together in Toronto at the end of October!  #shadeseqsquadcanada #redken #colorobsessed #redkenshadeseq #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkentribe #babessupportingbabes #licensedtocreate #knowledgeispower #workingmoms #theresroomforallofus
“Nobody will ever look back at their lives and think that they have spent too little time in the office.💻” ⠀⠀ This is especially true when it comes to maternity leave🤰🏼. ⠀⠀ I took this picture in the gym shortly before the start of my maternity leave. I can remember that the thought of going on leave made me nervous. Like many of us, I love my work. I truly enjoy going to the office 🏢 every day, working with my coworkers and pushing myself on challenging problems. I had never been on vacation for longer than 3 weeks, and now, I was about to close the door to my office and not open it until 5 months later. And I was asking myself if I should really take those 5 months or return to the office at an earlier point. ⠀⠀ Looking back, I’m glad that I took the entire 5 months of maternity leave offered by Microsoft. It was a ✨ VERY special moment ✨ in my life and I strongly encourage everybody to take the full maternity leave offered by their company – if their financial and life situation allows it of course. ⠀⠀ ➡️While the thought of being out of the office for months can be scary at first, you will be surprised by how quickly the time flies by and how much fun it is to be home with your little one 👶. ⠀⠀ ➡️Taking the entire amount is not just your right, but you’ll also continue to establish longer leaves as the normality in the workplace – like it is in many European countries – and pave the way for future mothers. ♥️
When you fully decide to become the professional You finally understand the truth about decision  You see, decision can be a one time event  But most likely, 99% of the time... Decision is an every single day event  Meaning you have to recommit to show up to your purpose, your dream, the life you truly desire  Every single day ‘Cause every single day the professional KNOWS the moment she wakes up She will be faced with her Demons  Her doubt Her Insecurities Her procrastination  Her RESISTANCE  And she knows she must still rise and slay  Slay the demons And show up for her art, her work  And act as if she ALREADY was what she desires M  #manifestation #creatingalifeyoulove #soulpreneur #successmindset #successminded #powerofdecision #bossladymindset #girlboss #ladyboss #mamaboss #workingmoms #makeithappen #riseandgrind
Monday mood booster 😍 buat mommies  Kira2 apalagi yg kurang dr list di atas?  Tag supermoms lainnya 😉  #tipsparenting #bumil #workingmoms #resepmasak #mamahebat #moodbooster #makanenak #makanmakan #ibudananak #mama
Monday mood booster 😍 buat mommies  Kira2 apalagi yg kurang dr list di atas?  Tag supermoms lainnya 😉  #tipsparenting #bumil #workingmoms #resepmasak #mamahebat #moodbooster #makanenak #makanmakan #ibudananak #mama
If I was on the outside looking in at this gig I call coaching I know I would be way too nervous to ask questions... . When you talk about “Team VIP” what does that even mean?! . — my team is made up of other women that I am helping to build their own business while working on their own health, fitness & mindset journey. Together we are better. We have the most fun and the best relationships. ❤️ . Is that something anyone can join?! . — yes! I have coaches of all ages, living in all locations, different fitness levels, & educational backgrounds — most of which also hold a full-time job (at least until they’re coaching long enough to have the opportunity to choose if they want to keep working outside of coaching 😜) . What does a coaching business mean? . — you work on creating your health & fitness lifestyle, you share it as you go (the good, the bad, the fun) & you help other women use the same tools your learning how to use. Legit you get paid to take care of yourself. #seriouslytho . What do you need to be successful? . The desire to change yourself or your situation. The willingness to be coachable. The discipline to show up everyday. I can give you every tool to be successful but it only works if you do! 👯‍♀️ . There is no specific skill set required in order to achieve success, you do not need to be at your goal body or feel like you “have time” to do this. If you can show up everyday, I can help you reach your goals. End of story. . If this is something that you’ve been feeling pulled to look into, let’s chat! I’m an open book and would love the opportunity to work with you my team! . Drop your favorite emoji and I’ll reach with more info.❤️
Welcome to "anywhere". One of the best parts of the job is being able to work remotely. We are always trying to figure out ways to add work to our play. . . . Yes, we packed the laptop, a few products(just in case a sale presents itself) while visiting the great state of Tennessee. . . We enjoy breaks but we still have lots to do. . . Oh, Nashville is a great place to visit. We are enjoying our stay😘 . . . #workingmoms #playdate #weekendvibes  #sunday  #funtimes  #travelnoir #titans  #lovewhatyoudo  #theview #iambecoming #networking