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Oh hey 👋🏾 is that the weekend? I wasn’t sure if you were going to show up!  Am I the only one that is beyond happy that tomorrow is Friday? What are your weekend plans?
Today I’m thankful my legs work, tomorrow they may not. Today was longest day hike I have ever done: 15 miles up, 4000 ft of elevation gain, reaching Taft point at 7700 feet above sea level. Proud of myself for testing new limits, although the extreme pain in the last bit down had me 🤔 and then the elevation sickness at the bottom, so the drive to the hotel was brutal 😂 not sure how I will do in Peru if 8000ft gets me all 🤮🤔hmm. • • • #yosemitenationalpark #taftpoint #elcapitan #yosemitenps #yosemite #whyihike #hikingadventures #hikingbangers #hiketheworld #hikeyosemite #hiking #highalpine #yosemitenp #elevationsickness #🏔 #hiking👣
What a life it is to find myself on trails as beautiful as this! (And I even got the summit all to myself!) #hiking #coloradolife #whyihike #natureaddict #landscapephotography
let's run away 🌐
Nothing on the agenda this weekend besides hiking and watching the new Downton Abbey movie🍿🎥 . Fun fact, I had a private tour of Highclere Castle in 2015. It’s one of my favorite memories. They have a very strict policy of no photos inside the estate, which I abided by. I can attest, the inside was just has stunning as what’s depicted on the show! 😍 Swipe to see my photo in front of Highclere. #swoon #downtonabbey #highclerecastle #tbt
Hi friends! After some interest on my personal page about hikes my fam does I decided to make a page dedicated to sharing info for you and yours with hikes along the Wasatch and beyond 🥾 My goal is to help each one of you feel empowered to get out in your own back yard and up the mountain with your family! Disclaimer: I am no expert..just a lover of trail chasing. I’ll do my best to share the most updated trail info for each hike and always encourage you to pack water, snacks and a small first aid kit no matter the length of hike! Better to be safe than sorry I always say. And with that..let’s get it 💪🏽 happy trails! #optoutside #whyihike
Finally done with this crazy week! And we’re finally headed to Vancouver tomorrow. It’ll be Bannie’s first flight ever and our first time in Vancouver. Can’t tell if I’m excited or nervous right now. 👦🏻👧🏻🐶✈️
🍂Stay close to those things that make you feel most awake🍂
When that Rocky Mountain adrenaline rush has you so high you can touch the clouds. #blueskyday #blueskyhigh #itsakcountryday #headwalllakes  #whyihike #hikingmagic
I’m getting up at 1:30am tomorrow and most people think I’m crazy, but I think this is worth it. . . . . #discoverqueensland#qldparks#hikingadventures#hiking#queenslandweekender#brisbaneweekender#sheisnotlost#outdoorbella#venturebeyond#seekmorewilderness#seekthetrails#wildernessculture#alltrails#hikerhunger#mtnbabes#brisbaneanyday#adventureqld#adventureful#journeysofgirls#adventuregirls#scenicrim#adventuregirlsint#idhikethatcrew#whyihike#offthebeatenpath#thisisqueensland#lifeofadventure#hikingtheglobe#happyplace#freshairandfreedom
That Wednesday night sunset though 👌🏼
One very important thing we learned over our 3 night backing trip to Robson Pass was how important it is to work as a team and always keep your spirits up. Chocolate bars were a great choice 🙌🏼
I’ve been staring at my phone for like 30 minutes trying to formulate my feelings about the moments captured in these pictures but I’m struggling so just know that these photos make me real happy & I hope they make you happy too ok • • • • • • #pnw #pnwonderland #sunset #thatpnwlife #wonderlandtrail #mrnp #findyourpark #herpnwlife #optoutside #chasingsunrise #whyihike #peoplewhohike #shotoniphone #iphoneography #takemoreadventures #nrthwst #washingtontrails #wanderwashington #washingtonexplored #choosemountains #washingtonhikersandclimbers #sheexplores #amongthewild #keepitwild
Happy hikers! 🥾🏔#schynigeplatte #interlaken #jungfrauregion #swissalps🇨🇭
HST Day 2 ~ With a shorter hike today, we took our time on our first morning. Leaving our Buck Creek campsite, we immediately climbed up into a beautiful forest with the morning sun shining through the trees. 🌲☀️🤤 Soon we arrived at Bear Meadow Camp, which had remained closed all season due to snow levels. Improvements are being made to camp and ranger station. 😯 I was obsessed with this view!! 😋🤤We’d been walking toward this mountain range all day the previous day and now here we were. 😍 Soon we were hiking down, across the Lone Pine Creek Bridge and then up, up, up. And up some more. The canyon and its waterfall we’d been gawking at, was suddenly our trail. Then we were on top of that big waterfall. More magic. ✨ Then up again. The views were spectacular. We often just stopped and looked. No need to take photos all the time, they wouldn’t do justice anyway. Just enjoying it. 🙌🏻 More up and we arrived at Hamilton Lake. Beautiful. Clouds had hovered, then lower and lower, so we couldn’t see the top of the beautiful mountains surrounding the lake. (Photos in story) After we set up camp, we turned around and noticed the steam coming off the lake, indicating the water was warmer than the air. It called me. Yep, I went in. 💦 . . 9/10/19 High Sierra Trail, Buck Creek to Hamilton Lake: 6 miles, 2326’ gain (more photos in HST story) . . #wildernessbadass #highsierratrail #sequoianationalpark #werethruhikers #beyondgrateful #perspective #traceys_journey #mothernaturerocks #stayrad #belegendary #naturetherapy #womenwhohike #peoplewhoadventure #womenwhowander #forevershewanders #whyihike #wanderfulwomen #wwhmember #soulfulladventure #idhikethatcrew #forceofnature #dirtysweatyhappy #goatworthy #getoutstayout #liveyouradventure #wanderingwomeninc #myhappyplaceisoutside
How would you describe yourself at the end of a hike? 👇🏼⠀ •⠀ •⠀ @4manders⠀ “dusty. tired. happy.“
Who knew fog and clouds could be so beautiful? Being among the clouds is not an everyday occurrence in where I’m from. So to me there is something magical about clouds threading between mountains, covering them up, and again moving to reveal the beauty underneath. Swipe to see the full view we had this past weekend 👉🏼
Do you ever get real excited about the experiences you will collect in the next 5 years? 10 years? When I think of the friends I've made, places I've been, and things I've done over the last year I turn giddy about multiplying that into the future. 📷: @kyrahkirchner
Iceland isn’t the most eco-friendly place to travel, what with its delicate ecosystem easily damaged by tourists, and its location and climate necessitating food and resources travelling a long distance. Not to mention the emissions from our flight there (our trip to Europe was booked long ago and delayed by a year when I broke my knee). Nevertheless, it’s a magic place worth visiting, and we still tried to be mindful of reducing our impact where possible. Here are some actions we took to reduce our waste while we were there. - each person is allowed to bring in 3kg of most food, so we flew with some zero-waste groceries from home - our first stop upon arrival to Iceland is always a campsite, like the Reykjavik Campsite, easily found on google maps. They have shelves of free leftover food, fuel and supplies left by other travellers. We picked up the majority of what we ate for four days, as well as a blowup mattress for the back of our car, camping stove fuel and matches. Before we left the country, we paid it forward. - most grocery store food is packaged because of the distance travelled. The little packaging we bought, we forgave ourselves for. I took the opportunity to relish in some guilt-free packaged junk food 🤤 - it goes without saying to respect the local flora by staying on the trails and roads and following Leave No Trace - minimize and share showers if possible. In 4 days, Karl and I shared a total of about 8 minutes of shower water. - opt for previously loved technical clothing. It was raining 80% of the time we were there and our normal woolens and waxed jackets sufficed. My hat and backpack were both obtained secondhand and match by chance, not by design! - let the natural beauty of the country inspire you to keep doing good for the environment