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Beautiful day today. Working with next js today. Can you guess what I’m working on? I’ve talked about needing to get this done recently!
[Day 13 100]: Drinking from a firehose! 🤠 . Gotta be completely honest, regardless of how much I want to not believe it - this week is brutal! 🥺 . 👉🏻 Not only so much the content, but also the speed. The projects are coming at a rapid pace, and my head actually hurts at times - it's great! 🤣 . I really do enjoy a challenge, but it's most definitely humbling. It's nice to push yourself to your limits, but I tend to try and do it ALL.. and quite honestly, you can't! 🤷🏻‍♂️ . I feel rather brain-dead typing this out currently, but a summary of what went down today 👇🏻 . I was working with forms in React and essentially built a form to add new members to a list, display that member's info, and also have the option to edit it. . It was a neat project, but definitely took some time to solidify the concept of editing a member. I feel pretty confident with vanilla JS, but using React to pass data around gets really messy, really confusing, REALLY fast. . What' a good example, you ask? Well think of putting wired headphones in your pocket, doing ten jumping jacks, and then taking them out... Yeah... THAT messy. 😆 . 🤯 Overall, I'm learning alot, and chipping away, but needing to constantly remind myself to take my own advice and don't get hung up on absorbing every single bit of information - were only human! . I suppose what's most overwhelming, I'm sure most of you can relate, is getting hung up on following the proper code organization. Learning a new library/framework is always challenging to ensure you have things set up like everyone else.🆘 . - How do people organize their imports? - Do you indent here, or here? - Should I place the function about this constructor, or vice versa? . A lot going on, and a lot to work on, so for now, it's back to work! . Hope everyone had a killer Wednesday, cheers to the second half of the week! 💜 . ❓ What's something you've been struggling with lately ❓ . . . . . #code #coding #codingdays
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▪️ Sweater Weather ▪️ . . Happy hump day devs, its fall! My favorite season. Spring comes in at a close second, but going from t-shirts and shorts to hoodies and jeans is the very best. 🍂 . . I’m still getting used to my the project I am on for my new job, but everything is definitely making sense to me now and I am actually contributing work so I feel really good about that. The best part about my new job is…… I am done with work when I get home. This may not seem like an uncommon thing for some of you, but for a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers, it’s very difficult to separate work and home most of the time. Most nights I would come home, get some things done, and then continue working on work-related things. However, now I can either chill out on the couch (CRAZY!) or work on fun side projects. Either way the choice is mine, the post day stress is gone, and I have never felt more satisfied and productive at the end of the day. 👩🏽‍💻👍🏼😁 . . Now that I have a much better handle on my work project, and schedule, next week I plan on being way more organized with my post-work time. I am going to get back into my bullet journal and split after work time between AWS Certification, JS education (going to resume my 100 days of code), and side projects. I plan on splitting it 30%, 40%, 30%, until my side projects start to ramp up. 🚀 . . How are you organizing your post-work time? #100daysofcode
How do you keep track of your growth & learning❓we all do it differently so, let me know! . . When you stumble across a new concept, do you stop & ask yourself🤔: . . WHERE does this concept fit in the world❓ . WHY is this important❓ . HOW I make it interesting, HOW can I make this REAL for me❓ . . Anytime I run into a new concept or feel fuzzy about something i can’t explain to others, I create an entry in my “learning repo 📂 “ . . I do my best to break down the concepts in my own words and create SMALL fully self-contained examples so when I look back (which I do often) so it’s easier to trigger the right thoughts of the concept. . . It also helps me spot patterns 👀 and principles 📚much easier in the world of software developmen👨🏽‍💻t and across other disciplines (math📐, biology 🧬, psychology🧿.. etc). . . Keeping track 📊 of your growth is fun. . . It’s hard to improve something you can’t measure. . . You can’t fool yourself with data😵👊🏽 . You can give yourself a real pat 👏🏼on the back seeing the evidence of your progress AND  tell your “self-talk” on those days it’s telling you you haven’t done much.... LOOK I have evidence of my growth so you’re mistaken! . . WHY track your growth at all❓ . For the same reason that sports teams keep score of their games! . Playing a game with no score gets boring QUICK and you lose motivation! I mean who would play a game outside for 3 hours straight at FULL intensity without keeping score❓without skin in the game? .  it’s just not as fun and conducive to helping you PUSH yourself to grow .
Quer aprender programação de um jeito simples, prático e sem gastar nada ?  Esses são alguns dos melhores canais de programação e desenvolvimento que eu sigo e recomendo demais.  São canais onde os assuntos são tratados de formas simples e com ótimas explicações.  Siga também : @luiz_ttebayo
One of my favourite quotes, that also tie in to our name! 🤓 “Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, “Make it look good!” That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs 🙏  #webdesigner #webdev #stevejobs #quote #inspiration #designtheory #design #designer #apple #inspiration #howitworks #getstarted #learning #uidesign #userdesign #webdesign #website #agency #createsomething #bizowner #designmistakes #designinspiration #marketing
My love for multicolored  wallpapers 😍😍😍 . . . .follow @kenovienadu . . . . #repost @futc.coding ・・・ Do you like the new setting? I love the natural light I now have at my desk, it used to be in a dark corner but in my new apartment I have it right in front of a huge window 😍 also I now finally have internet at my apartment 🎉 . . .  #peoplewhocode #justdvlpr #codingdays #programming #programmer #coding #fullstacklife #buildtheweb #devparadise #code #codinglife #webdevelopment #webdeveloper #webdev #programmerrepublic #macbook #worldcode #developer #dev #programmerlife #100daysofcode #robs100daysofcode #computerscience #appleandcoffee #desksetup #setupinspiration #crypto #codinginspiration
New look—Same #keyserexperience. Visit us with the link in the bio or at keyser.com  #website #facelift #refresh #ui #ux #code #site #gorg #gorgeous #web #webdesign #webdev #video #hero #computer #mac #pc #apple #mockup
"This interactive site is such a fun, enjoyable waste-sorting experience. Learn about how easy it is to cut down on waste and how eco-friendly alternatives can keep you away from toxins at the same time." -  #garbage31 #sotw #siteoftheweek #inspired #creativity #website #design #webdesign #websites #websites #web #websitedesign #websitelaunch #webdev #webdeveloper #webdevelopment #webdevelopers #agency #agencylife #digital #digitalmedia #digitaldesign #digitalagency #nyc #madeinnyc #madeinny #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #graphicdesigners #newyorkcity
First day back after a much needed vacation!🏝 Took a little bit to get my head back in the game. And, of course, I came across a bug in Chrome that was messing up the nav on my site. So, after banging my head against the desk for a while I finally figured it out.😆 All jokes aside, I am super stoked to be launching a lot of great things this week. My new website will be going live on Friday! I hope you all get a chance to check it out. I’ll also be posting my first blog post to the site on Friday as well. I’ll also be officially relaunching my YouTube channel on Friday. Yes, a lot of things to do before Friday. But I am so happy for this new journey to begin. Follow along to learn from my mistakes.😁
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