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Oh! We’ve been expecting you!  Table for two? #sweethearttable #ilovemyjob❤️
End of the night wedding glow accented with a lil neon... because Vegas! Congrats Brie & Nick!
Another happy #mrandmrslasvegas fills my heart with gratitude! Congrats Mayra & Max! #ilovemyjob❤️
Arch arch baby....bum bum bum bum bum bum bum😉
Modern and classic can both be accomplished. Just checkout this #acrylicweddingsign for a fun #sparklersendoff ! #ilovemyjob❤️
Special thanks to @bigbluesbender for having us back out for the 6th year for the Big Blues Bender where we take 4 days of themed green screen pics for the guests.Many in which that we know...that look forward to photos every year and that often tell us their pics from last year are still on their fridge.#bigbluesbender #vegasbooths #theblues #hardrockvegas #vegaseventplanner #vegas #greenscreenphotography #lasvegasphotobooth #lasvegaseventplanner #hardrockhotel
@daniogden and @lisacolety you guys make my face hurt with happiness and full blown smiles watching this clip from the news already 2 weeks ago!  This is such an awesome and REAL life example of the energy and excitement after skydiving which is just one of many extreme and challenging activities we incorporate into Practice of Positivity’s G.R.I.T. leadership program.  @togc_stevesanders 💙 . . . Skydiving, technical hiking, climbing, rappelling, paddle boarding, and more!!!! If you can dream it up, we can make it happen!  The Programs always start in a conference room with clients, we assign accountability partners, personal and professional growth areas are discussed and then the group loads up and heads out to the adventures ahead!!!! . . #practiceofpositivity #gritprogram #grit #leadershipprogram #gritty #gojumplasvegas #skydiving #adventures  #vegas #vegaseventplanner #vegasleadershiptraining
So happy that cascade bouquets are coming back up for us! It’s a bit of extra work and stress (in the heat of Las Vegas) but so worth it! Congrats beautiful Marya and lucky Max! #lovemyjob❤ #cascadingbouquet
Our Royal Showroom is ready when you are😏Everything pictured here is completely customizable, plus so much more🥳Whether you have a couple of people in your wedding, or a little bit more than that 😉 we’re ready to accommodate and be hands on with the aspects of your wedding✨As a full service wedding venue, we partner with other local vendors for hair, makeup, dress/tux, limos, should we continue? Contact us for more details today💍🥰
Raise your hand if you get as excited for cake as you do for Friday! 🙋🏽‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Y’all know I’m a sucker for a good cake! I loved how the Bride & Groom incorporated all their favorite fictional characters and elements in the cake! And it was delicious! Orange creamsicle with buttercream frosting may be a new favorite. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What is your favorite cake flavor and what fictional character would you include on a cake? My response below! . . . Cake 🍰- @thecupcakerylasvegas
🌿🌳🌴We told you we had a surprise coming your way! Come take a look at our romantic secret garden.🌷🌸Secluded above our Tree of Love chapel, we have finally finished our newest hidden gem😍At sunset, lights guide the pathway to the love of your life as you say your vows under our special tree💍🥂Book an appointment with us by calling 📞702-780-0555 or sending us a direct message through our profile, hope to see you soon🌳🍃🥰
Too many good things going on in this pic!!!! #customevent map with all the fun #guestentertainment options, custom coloring #guestbook and our rental cardbox... what a delight!
When painting in Vegas... 💃💃💃🎨 @cosmopolitan_lv #paintyourevent #cosmopolitanlasvegas #corporateevents
We love 😍looking at the small details that mean the world to a couple, from a little sparkle✨on a wedding dress to how stunning a white rose can look against a tux. 🤵Everything will always come together for you and your significant other, our team of professional wedding planners take pride in all the little details🥰call us today at 702-780-0555 📞and we’ll make sure all of your wedding details are as special as you and your fiancé are💍
Oh hey there! 🙋🏽‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with business and life. Let me catch you up real quick. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌸 I planned two amazing events last month. I’ll share more photos soon. 🌸 I helped move my sister @janettebraggs to SoCal for an amazing opportunity. 🌸 I dyed my hair back to red! I missed this color so much. I feel like me again. 🌸 I’ve got two more events this month. 🌸 Looking forward to a girls trip next month with my @theorangecollab ladies. 🌸 Excited to have a little down time coming so I can catch up on reading. Y’all know how I am with my books. 🤓 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So now that you are caught up on what’s going on in my world. Tell me, what have you been up to? Read any good books? Any exciting plans? Let’s catch up! . . . Photo @janettebraggs
Shout out to my girl Angela @mansion54lasvegas... see you again so soon!
“Marry the one who loves your flaws and you love his. That makes you laugh and shares the same weirdness with you.” - always good to remember #ilovemyjob❤️ #itsthelilthings
We are honored to have created the unique custom stationery for this absolutely gorgeous event. ❤ What an incredible team!! ---REPOST from @silknitterevents -  Flora Farms is a spectacular 25 acre organic working farm in the Mountains of San Jose del Cabo, México. We transported guests from the beach to this nature-based setting, to enjoy the local farm-to-table dining along with fine wines, champagne, and the unforgettable fruit and vegetable infused craft cocktails! This evening was a fantastic eve of the big birthday day!  A fun tid bit, we left their adorable place mats, it was a walking tour of the farm and also pictures & names of their furry friends...buddy came up to our table for a visit ❤️ Photo: @altfphotography  Floral: @naakitifloral Custom Stationery: @agatorsoup . . . #stationery #silknitterevents #traveltuesday  #destinationeventplanner #florafarms #florafarmscelebrations #destinationbirthday #luxuryeventplanner #destinationparty #birthdayparty #destinationpartyplanner #lasvegaseventplanner #eventinspo  #birthdaypartyplanner #destinationweddingplanner #cabodestinationwedding #destinationweddingplanner #instabirthday #birthdayinspiration #inspiredbythis #cabobirthday #lasvegaseventplanner #vegaseventplanner #partyplanner #caboeventplanner #bday #vegas #lasvegas #vegaslife #whathappensinvegas #vegasevents #vegaslocals
You know how we’re called “The Lil Things” Events?... yeah they won’t be overlooked. #ilovemyjob❤️
✨Our crystal chapel is the perfect way to add just a little bit of sparkle to your special day✨Are you ready to take the next step with the love of your life💍Our team of professional wedding planners are ready to help make your day sparkle like nothing you’ve ever seen before! 🥰Call us today at 702-780-0555 and we’ll make sure all of your wedding details are as special as you and your fiancé are💍🎉🤩
Is it just me? There’s something just so beautiful about the unevenness of typewritten letters. In our organized world I think we forget sometimes that imperfect can be so special and beautiful. You are so special and beautiful just as you are... #itsthelilthings #thelilthings
My first time making gender reveal flowers 👶🍼 ! This was a very last minute order but im so glad I was able to pull it off 😊
Magic the Gathering in full effect out at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the next few days.Free pics and boomerangs with Cosplayers by the Legion Merch  and panels #mtgvegas #magicthegathering @channelfireball #cosplay #vegaseventplanner #vegasbooths
We know you haven’t forgotten them... and we won’t either. #memorialtable #ilovemyjob❤️
Since we have been getting LOTS of requests for cakes lately 🤪Here’s a super cool cake our Bakery Partners made for a special Birthday Party we planned. We do event planning too 😁  #customcakes #vegascakes #vegasbirthday #vegaseventplanner #vegasmeetingplanner #concierge #conciergelife #cakedelivery #vegaslife #bestgiftbaskets #champagnelife #champagnelifegifts #cakelife
Squad goals! Whether it’s 2 or 20 surround yourself with those who truly have your back. How big will your bridal party be? #squadgoals❤️ #ilovemyjob❤️