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//The Broken amoretti by Sudipto Das and Aparajita Dutta// #prgifted in exchange of unbiased review. Thank you @nucleus_pr  Saoli, returns to India, to start anew after her broken marriage. She stays in her grandfather's home in IIT Kgp and found old diary belonging to Bitasta's mother Panchali. The diary has a cryptic message written in Dactylic hexameter an ancient greek meter of epics. Aware of the fact that Bitasta's mother and Parush mother was best friends the marriage didn't happen for some unknown reasons. The book delves into the reasons and pasts of a love-struck couple who were made to part ways.  To begin with, the authors have drawn elaborately in describing each of the characters which maintained that flow without dragging it. This extravagant description helped in the better connection between the reader and the book. The inclusion of an ancient Greek meter in a contemporary romantic poetry format was a risky affair but it gave a new dimension to the narrative. The most important and beautiful part was talking about the LGBTQIA+ community without any purdah is noteworthy. The way it was explored and giving how society views it was an insightful read. If I didn't like a portion of it then it was the superficial relationship between Greek mythology and Tagore and Kalidasa's works. . . QOTD-  books recommendations on LGBTQIA+ community. . . #31daysofaugust2019 #bookphotography #readersofinstagram #studygrammerindia #unitedbookstagram #bookrecommendations #bookphoto #booklover #readersforlife #instabooks #bibliophile #reader #bookish #bookshelfie #sundayfunday #romanticnovel #niyogibooks
Happy Sunday💕❤️❤️ . I haven't been reading for the past week and I'm so happy to finally start reading Ask Again, Yes. . What are you reading? . . #askagainyes #bookstagramza #bookstagram #bookstagramsouthafrica #unitedbookstagram #sareader #sthembilmreadsandblogs #bookstagramafrica #sthembilmreadsandreviewbooks2019 #bookstagramista
Read to resist. Read to speak up. Aren't books the most powerful weapon on earth! To SUNDAY BOOKHAUL! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 . . . . . #bookhaul #sundayvibes #readingaddict #delhi_gram #delhimerijaan #faqirchandbookstore #booksandbags #weekendreadingwithsonam #lifeisbeautiful #bookhoarder #bookcollector
Beautiful walks over Dartmoor yesterday - the skies were so blue. Very calming! Took some great pics which I'll share over the coming days.  Finished the day off with a BBQ - spending time with my daughter and grandson. Perfect.  Trying to finish this proofread today! It's glorious sunshine again so will have to take it outside and hope the pages don't get blown about! 😁
‘But it’s a Saturday night and the NHS runs a skeleton service. Actually, that’s unfair on skeletons – it’s more like when they dig up remains of Neolithic Man and reconstruct what he might have looked like from a piece of clavicle and a thumb joint.’ 🥼 It took me a fair while to get around to reading  this. Outlying success and overwhelming recommendations often put me off, it’s the same for film and TV too. I like to be a bit more fluid when choosing, when it just feels right. I also worried that the black humour wouldn’t be up my street. Comedy is frequently at the heart of so much of the entertainment I consume, and I’m wary of times when EVERYONE thinks something is funny, as it often turns out to be the opposite. I suppose I was also wary of whether comedy and real-life medical problems would make me feel uncomfortable. Apparently disregarding all of that, I read it anyway and man it’s a treat. I literally wept when reading - it’s the kind of book I like to watch other people reading on the train, when you can see them about to burst a blood vessel from holding in the laughter. This is proof that comedy breaks down barriers, that it’s often essential in making people comfortable enough to even bear thinking about a difficult topic. Black humour is getting a bad reputation these days, and I genuinely wonder if this memoir would be so universally praised if it were broadcast somewhere more public like TV. It’s also a really difficult thing to review - is it just a book or is it a national crisis? It feels weird to just say ‘hahaha this was so funny, great book, next I’m reading Agatha Christie’, when the book itself exists because it has an agenda to draw attention to a colossal problem. I’m not sure. Any thoughts?
I have been wanting to get my hands on this book when it first came out back in 2018 mostly because it's a version of PRETTY WOMAN (one of my favorite movies, a classic that you NEED to watch if you haven't yet) but with reversed gender role.It has been a while since I last enjoyed a romance book.Yes, I read Romance & no, I'm not even ashamed of it.But,I didn't buy it because I was on a major book buying ban! 💵 So, if you are not into reading romance,please refrain from reading further than this.save us both the time & effort. 🙏 Stella-a 30 year old intelligent & successful econometrician who finds it difficult to have a relationship. Her mother keeps nagging & pressuring her to settle down. But, Stella suffers from Aspergers' (a severe form of Autism) making it hard for her to handle social situations, relationships or sex. She is motivated to overcome all of it by hiring a male escort. 👨 Michael-is smart & handsome,who is into fashion designing, helps her mother at tailoring shop but a part time escort on Fridays. He opts for escorting so that he  can financially support his family, afford cancer treatment of his mother. He is hired by Stella to give her sex lessons, but it ends up being more than that. Stella falls for Michael, because he's the only guy who has treated her right. 🧵 Michael calls the arrangement off, refuses to take money from Stella because he's in love with her too! And runs in the opposite direction thinking she isn't deserving of her. Stella is heart broken & gives up her entire savings to fund cancer patients because she can't bear the idea of people suffering at the hands of money. She didn't like Michael selling himself so that he can pay for the treatment. 🧶 Obviously they end up together, every romance story has a happy ending. Clichés apart, this book discusses Culture & Heritage, highlights struggles of an autistic person, the struggles of economically unfortunate people.It's more than a simple love story. 💊 QOTD:
QOTD : Do you guys have a favourite online bookstore and  don't you just love #bookmail Sundays! 🦋 🐝 🦋 I am in love with @book.chor Since the first time I ordered a book and received a beautiful handwritten note with it, I knew that this store would be my favourite. I volunteered with them in January this year and they are the sweetest of the lot! 🐝 🦋 🐝 I received my #bookmail this morning. I read @ruthwarewriter 's The woman in cabin 10 and I have had my eye on this author for a long time now. Just thought this was the perfect gift I could give myself!  The note is just so sweet and perfect and that cute kitty bookmark has my heart! 🦋 🐝 🦋 This is the perfect Sunday for me. I have been looking for a good thriller to sink my teeth into, and this book just feels like the perfect fit. 🦋 🦋 🦋 #bookmail #sundaybookmail #wordynerdynupur #bookcommunity #bookstagram #mumbaibookstagram #delhibookstafam #unitedbookstagram #bookchor #thrillerbooks #mysterybooks #ruthware #trackmypost #penguinrandomhouse #harvillsecker #bookishmugs #bookworm #booksofinstagram #bookphotography #sundayreads #cosybooktime #onlinebookstores
Hallo Ihr Lieben. Falls ihr mein Buch noch nicht kennt, möchte ich es euch nochmal vorstellen.  Liana Aufbruch in eine neue Welt / Selfpuplishing  Klappentext: „Liana ist ein ganz normales Mädchen - glaubt sie zumindest, bis sie mit ihren Eltern von ihrer geliebten Heimat wegziehen muss. Seitdem wird sie von schlimmen Alpträumen geplagt, die sich bald als Realität rausstellen sollen“ °  Das E-Book ist letztes Jahr im August erschienen und wird nun 1 Jahr alt. Leider braucht der zweite Teil von Liana noch ein bisschen Zeit, weil ich nur am Wochenende (und selbst da nicht immer) zum Schreiben komme. Das E-Book Liana Aufbruch in eine neue Welt ist bei Amazon erhältlich. Auch würde ich mich freuen, wenn ihr mal auf meiner Website vorbeischauen würdet. Den Link dazu findet ihr in meiner Bio. #becauseofreading #bibliophile #bookaddict #bookclub #bookcommunity #bookfeature #bookstagram #booklover #booksofig #bookishfeature #booknerd #bookstagramfeature #booksbooksbooks #bookstagrammer #bookworm #bookwormlife #epicreads #bookwormsfeature #bookwormsunite #featuredbooklovers #goodreads #littlebookworm #prettybooks #readingismagic #readersofinstagram #welovebooks #unitedbookstagram #igreads #bookishlove
Happiness seldom comes from carefully orchestrated plans, but, like a butterfly, rests on your shoulders when you least expect it to.  I have always felt that it is easier to pursue happiness when you're not pursuing it 😊⚘🌱 . . 🌱 🌱 🌱 Thanks for stopping by. 💚 You can read my book of nature stories, now out on paperback and kindle, on Amazon. Link in bio. 🌾😊 . . . #bookstagram #unitedbookstagram #bookstagramindia #authorsofinstagram #authorsofindia #naturebooks #igreads #readersofinstagram #shortstories #fiction #litfic #bookworm #booklover #bookaholic #books #bookish #bookporn #mountains #quotes #inspiration #instareads #instareaders #bookshelf #igbooks #bangalorebooklovers
What is your most anticipated September or October release? I have a very sneaky giveaway planned regarding these titles, but I want to know if your most anticipated release is here! I am so excited for these books! I've already read The Light at the Bottom of the World and, oh my gosh this book is amazing!! And I am so looking forward to the rest of these titles! . I've felt so fortunate to have these titles that I picked up at BookExpo and some I got in the mail, which has been an amazing surprise from @prhinternational and I cannot wait to start Steel Tide next week! The excitement is real. . #books #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #lovebooks #bookgeek #booksbooksbooks #bookreviews #readmorebooks #readersgonnaread #bookhoarder #whattoread #unitedbookstagram #prettybooks #bookobsessed #idratherbereading #bibliophilephotos #usomreviews #yafantasy #yabooks #steeltide #ncparker #thebeautiful #reneeahdieh #thelightatthebottomoftheworld #londonshah #ariverofroyalblood #amandajoy #whoputthisongon #nicstone
Do you have any good nonfiction recommendations? I keep hearing good things about Sapiens,I might give it a try soon. - It's always nice to find such cute books that talk about positive things like happiness.I usually stay away from nonfiction because it's kind of...boring most of the time.It might be my fault for judging them too quickly. 😳 - #bookstagram #books #bookworm #unitedbookstagram #bookclub #littlebookofhygge #booklover #meikwiking
Day 25 of #theunknownfilesaugust. Topic today is multiple books by one author. I chose Anne Leckie, because I just love her scifi series and decided after the imperial radch series to auto buy all her other books.  How about you? Do you have authors you buy every new book?  @orbitbooks  #bookstagramgermany #germanbookstagram #bookstagramer #bookstagramchallenge #bookhoarder #bookish #bookishfeature #unitedbookstagram #bibliophiles #buchliebe #bookish #booknerd #buchempfehlung #bookishlife #instabook #buch #lesen #lesenmachtglücklich #sff #sffbooks
𝙨𝙩𝙪𝙙𝙮𝙞𝙣𝙜. I’m back👩🏻‍💻. I’ve decided to include things other than beauty on this page, so there’s gonna be study related posts too 🤓. Also I took this photo on my new camera, isn’t it pretty? 🤩
Fiction or Non fiction? Which do you prefer? 📚 📚 I always prefer fiction. It is very rare that I read non fiction. But this book Every Second Counts is something that I bought just by reading the blurb. And oh boy it was such a great read. I am so glad that I made the decision to buy this. 📚 📚 The book is about the extraordinary race between 4 surgeons to become the first person to transplant a heart in human history. The author has done such extensive research to bring us even the minute details. But more importantly, the book is written is so well that we feel the joy, disappointment and all the emotions that these surgeons go through as our own. The book kept me hooked and craving for more. I normally don't like non fiction and I don't like medicine but I loved this book. I would go as far as to say this book is a loooot better than many fiction books that I have read. Now that says a lot about the book. You should definitely give this book a go. 📚 📚 I read this book around 10 years back and haven't had a chance to reread it. But I still remember the awe I felt when I read it. I will leave you guys with something that I still remember from the book even after all these years. 📚 📚 We all know who went to the moon first or the north pole or the south pole first or who conquered Mt. Everest first. But how many of us know who did it second? Do we even care who the second person was? Whether it was pure fate that they came second and not first? Do we ever wonder what the second person had to go through? 📚 📚 #mondebooks #thebookieclub #themagicofbookstagram #avidobooks #bookstagrammer #booktography #bookblogger #bibliophile #bookrecommendations #readingnottrending #readersofinstagram #bookaesthetic #unitedbookstagram #bookrecommendations
Happy Sunday! You guys enjoying the weekend? I am waking up from a much needed nap and will have lunch before I start my Introduction to Psychology revision. The subject is very new for me, but it is as much interesting and I am putting all my efforts to familiarize myself with it. 🤓 • About my current reads, I have been struggling with both Gone Girl and The Last Wish (Witcher novel) so I decided to skip them for now and move on to The Goblet of Fire because Harry Potter novels are known for bringing one out of reading slump. I hope that works. 🙂 • Y'll got something interesting to share? Something you'd like to talk about? I am all ears today so I may help you with something, or just simply cheer you up! 🤗🥰 --------------------------------------------------------- #book #bookishphoto #booknerd #bookgeek #bookwor #bibliophile #booknerdigans #igbooks #igreads #bookgram #instabook #booklove #bookhoarder #mybookfeatures #booktography #bookstagram #unitedbookstagram #studygram #psychology #literature #fortheloveofreading #kimmersbooks
***Spoiler Free*** Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.  The Richardsons have lived in Shaker Heights for 3 generations. But their world is forever changed when Mia and Pearl Warren rent their house at Winslow.  Mia and Pearl move frequently but hope that their move to Shaker Heights is permanent. Pearl falls for Trip and becomes best friends with Moody and Lexie. Izzy Richardson takes a liking to Mia and her art.  When a custody battle erupts in town and Mia and Elena Richardson are firmly on different sides, Elena investigates Mia's past but not without consequences.  What a powerful book about motherhood and families - the expectations we have of our life and children, and the illusion of perfection some try to maintain. There is also the contentious topic of surrogacy. Ng asks the hard questions but handles the story with the right amount of objectivity and sensitivity.  The characters are so well developed. Their psychology and motivations, their dreams and disappointments are well thought out and written, that the details enrich the story tenfold.  Loved this book. It's emotional and thought provoking. I highly recommend it.  Goodreads Rating: 4.1  My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5  My rating system:  5  Stars - Awesome, must read! 4 Stars - Very Good. 3 Stars - Good 2 Stars - Umm, didn't work for me. 1 Star - Bad, just bad.  #booksandtea #bookpic
Hello all you lovely people🙋👻 . . . Sharing some of the pictures from this year's Lit-O-Fest which I attended as a #bloggerpartner on 10th & 11th of August in Mumbai.  I got an incredible opportunity to meet many  #authors #journalists and fellow #bookstagrammers 😍❤️ The event inauguration was graced by Actors Shailesh Lodha, Sushant Singh Rajput & Rhea Chakraborty. Shailesh Lodha is such a great speaker you guys, he is a magician with words❤️❤️ Many veteran & debut authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Kiran Nagarkar, Pankaj Dubey, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Anirban Bhattacharya, Nupur Anand, etc. were a part of this event. It was so interesting to listen to them, their opinions & their journey.  The highlights of the event were special performances by Mr. Rajshekhar (lyricist & poet) & Musical night with the one and only Remix King Lesle Lewis🔥🔥 The event was absolutely lit🔥 We enjoyed all the sessions and interaction with the authors and a special mention to long chats in the car with @hematalreja & @booxoul ❤️❤️ & tapri ki chai & not so tasty pavbhajii with my lovely girls @reader_viddh @bookclickdeo @wandering_diaries @adhrin_g @runawaywithme98 ❤️❤️ A special thank you to @itsrajeevpatel for this opportunity 💜💫
Let's talk about review copies . I do  review books that I receive from authors and publishing houses and it's pretty fun because that's how I get to know about new authors and it's a great way to broadcast a new release to the  audience. There are different types of genres that I explored recently ( due to review copies ) which I wouldn't have personally taken up that easily.  I also strongly believe that as a reviewer, my book  review should be honest and just .. irrespective of whether it's a review copy or not .  What are your thoughts on this ?  #qotd : do you accept review copies ?
QOTD : Do you prefer visiting book stores or online book shopping!? . . I prefer visiting book stores but I buy books from Amazon because of the discount thing 😁. . . . . The information contained in this blog is for general information and or for advertising purposes only. The information is provided by BB Dairies, a property of Huesofwords. While we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct. The admin reserves the right to change, copy or any use of the given content in this blog. Any unauthorised use of such content is prohibited and will be subject to strict legal proceedings and action.  #huesofwords #bookstore #starmark #bookstagram #bookishlove #booksmakemehappy #books #bibliophile #bookworm #unitedbookstagram #bookphotography #mobilephotography #weekendvibes #bookish #bookshelf
A fantasy that reimagines the fate of Anastasia Romanov and her family.  It's 1918, and Nastya and her family are in exile in Tobolsk, Russia. With no clue as to what the family’s fate will be, her Papa, the deposed Tsar Nikolai, gives Nastya the mission of finding the magical matryoshka doll created by Vasily Dochkin, “Russia’s most respected and skilled spell master,” which could save the family. The family is relocated to Ekaterinburg, and, throughout their confinement, Nastya’s Papa stresses the importance of kindness and forgiving their captors. She commits to following his example by befriending one of the Bolshevik guards watching the family, Zash, a young man from an unspecified semi-nomadic Siberian ethnic group who has his own reasons for hating the Romanovs. As the Romanov family adjusts to their new life, Nastya and Zash grow closer even though they know only pain can come of their relationship. Then the unimaginable happens—and Nastya must find a way to save her family. Brandes’ (Fawkes, 2018, etc.) accuracy in this retelling—the majority of the characters and events are true—and the bits of Russian sprinkled throughout are highlights. However, the second half of Nastya’s story is a noticeable departure from the well-paced beginning; it feels almost like a separate story with a forced romance and a focus on Nastya’s internal turmoil.  #bookstagram #bookish #bookshelves #bookworm #bookaholic #bookobsessed #bookshop #bookmark #bookaddict #book #booknerd #booklover #booklovers #booksbooksbooks #bookcommunity #bookphotography#books#unitedbookstagram #bibliophile#booktography#booksandflowers#epicreads#booktoday#reader#readers#readersofinstagram
“For one should make no mistake about the meaning of the title that this gospel of the future wants to bear. “The will to power: Attempt at a Revaluation of All Values” - in this formulation a counter movement finds expression, regarding both principle and task; a movement that in some future will take the place of this perfect nihilism” . 📸 @onyaolestudios  Assisted by: @mo_renikeji . . . . . . . . #jemmareads#friedrichnietzsche#philosophy#nihilism#books#bookstagram#bookstagramer#unitedbookstagram#bookstagramnigeria#wellreadblackgirl#wellreadnigeriangirl#booklover#goodreads#bookstagramfeatures#igreads#goodreads#classics
Happy Sunday, my loves! 💖 Qotd: What are your plans for today? Are you having a lazy/cozy Sunday, or is it gonna be an exciting one? ☺️ A: I’m visiting my bff, and I’m excited to just stroll around town/eat great food/do bff things all day long! 👯‍♀️💖 • • • • • #bookstagram #booknerds #instabooks #instareads #vscobooks #bookstagramfeature #bookstafeature #bookstagrammer #bookishlove #bookster #culturetripbooks #onthebedproject #bookishfeature #bookishlife #bookishgirl #booknerdigans #vscoreads #libraryofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #momentsofmine #booksandcoffee #epicreads #becauseofreading #thatsdarling #mybeigelife #hygge
Do you prefer to read series or standalones? • 🇬🇧 I bought this book recently and I’m dying to start it! I still haven’t read The Mortal Instruments, but the spin-off series have been slowly capturing my heart. I can’t wait to read about Tessa and Will and I hope I like this book as much as I did the Dark Artifices. • 🇳🇱laatst kocht ik nieuwe boeken en dit was er een van. Ik kan niet wachten om te beginnen met lezen! Ik heb nog steeds The Mortal Instruments serie gelezen, maar de andere series in deze wereld vind ik hartstikke leuk! Ik kan niet wachten om over Tessa en Will te lezen. Ik hoop dat ik dit boek net zo leuk vind als de Dark Artifices! • • •  #becauseofreading #bibliophile #bookaddict #bookclub #bookcommunity #bookfeature #bookgram #bookishfeature #bookishlove #booklover #booknerd #booksbooksbooks #booksofig #bookstagramfeature #bookstagrammer #bookworm #bookwormlife #bookwormsfeature #bookwormsunite #epicreads #featuredbooklovers #igreads #littlebookworm #goodreads #prettybooks #readersofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #readingismagic #welovebooks #thelogophist via @preview.app
I finally did it! After resisting for so long, I saw Where the Crawdads Sing in a store today and just had to grab it. I'll be moving it high up my #tbr list. I waited until my hubby had left the shop to get it because I was on a self-imposed book buying ban. But it was such a good price that I just had to get it. I've been wanting it for ages, especially after my bookish bestie @the_enchantedlibrary said she loved it 💕💕. . . . 💕🎀🎁🎂🍰 Also today is the birthday of Linda @silvenstrom. Linda is one of the nicest, loveliest bookstagrammer's I know. Her beautiful pink photos and funny DMs always brighten my day. We live just about as far apart as you can imagine (I'm in Australia, Linda is in Finland). But I definitely feel like we are kindred spirits. . . . 💕📚 QOTD: What's a book that you've been wanting for a while and finally picked up recently? . . . . . #bookaholic #alwaysreading #aussiebookstagrammer #aussiereaders #allthebooks #booklover #booksbooksbooks #bookblogger #bookdragon #bookobsessed #wherethecrawdadssing #toberead #newbooks #currentread #unitedbookstagram #readallday #bibliophilelife #booksbooksbooks
(Unbezahlte Werbung) Kürzlich zogen diese Bücher von #karinslaughter bei mir ein, da ich sie bei einem Gewinnspiel von @harpercollins_germany gewonnen hatte. Vielen Dank nochmals an den Verlag an dieser Stelle! 😊 Bisher habe ich nur eine Leseprobe zum neuen Buch der Autorin gelesen, die mir aber gut gefallen hat. Ich hoffe ja, dass ihre Bücher nicht all zu blutig und brutal sind (wobei einer der Buchtitel ja auf eher blutigen Inhalt hindeutet 🙊). An alle Experten: Gibt es eine bestimmte Reihenfolge, in der ich die Bücher lesen sollte?
“Every time you open a book, a little magic falls out.” . . Every time you turn a corner @visit_portmeirion your eyes are treated with even more magic, your spirit is lifted with a sense of fun. . . Earlier on in the day this pool was alive with children’s delight, at the opposite end a huge chess set, there’s a concrete boat near the estuary and numerous other nooks and crannies to explore. . . .  Story behind the photo. . . Why I use a book as a prop. I may have mentioned it a few times... I am a bit of a book worm! . . In these little squares, it can be intimidating when you see amazing creative photos, beautiful landscapes and all the beautiful people. . . I am not “creative” ~ photoshop is too much for my little brain cells to comprehend. Instead I take you on my travels, capture moments, invite you in and share my stories. A book or a cup in my hand is like having a safety net. . . Always incredibly grateful that you guys are so encouraging.  Hopefully you are still enjoying my five week holiday in one day, as much as I am enjoying sharing my experiences with you. . . . . #communitywhp_bookish @communitywhp_ @frombeewithlove