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Luck or Skill? 🤔🔥 - Follow @elitegoatt for more!🔥
Purple Passion Positive Player Posting Powerful Playmaker Points!!! The point is always have Phun {FUN} Lets keep getting it in SAINTSMAN & SAINTSMEN 🏈🔥💯‼️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #thebrotherhood #scaifeiv #footballfun
This week they lost one of their close friends. Their stories are so powerful. Some days are just so hard and emotional!  #ripchris justwannachangethehood #thebrotherhood
@alexbacchetta47 Nailing 65 yards!👀🤯 - ◾️Follow @press_fb 🏈 ◾️Follow @press_fb 🏈 ◾️Follow @press_fb 🏈
Love stories are not my cup of tea,  i'M born to make history. . . #brotherforlife #brotherhood💪 #brotherbear #thebrotherhood  #brothers
Coolest thing i’ve seen in a minute🔥Backyard Advengers🎯 - 👉🏻Follow @waveyhighlights for more sports videos like this🔥 - Use code: ballers10 @SportzCases for 10% off!🏀
Freshmen and Seniors!  One of the biggest Saints Traditons begins tomorrow with the Frosh-Senior pairing at lunch and will go all the way through Freshman Retreat next weekend!  #thebrotherhood #freshmanwelcomeweek 📸: @hunty_cm
Tag someone who’d catch this - 🎵 - Undalay by @BlaccTheKidd - Follow @brutalcatches for more
@23patrickchung underrated safety  Tag him 3x
T H E  B R O T H E R H O O D. This term is used a lot in this trade. . Have you stopped to think about it. What it actually means. Why do we use this term so freely and with so much meaning in this industry. What makes us different than any other trade or any other industry. . It’s the terms like. Pole partner or. Bucket partner. Tower partner. . It’s driving through the night talking on two way radios to keep each other from falling asleep at the wheel. Watching each others backs and saving a potential contact. Helping in any way possible to lend a hand. Strategizing as a team to save every move possible. Moving toward a common goal.  Working with your hands to physically build the infrastructure that powers our modern world. . Linework isn’t something that just one person can do. It’s a team sport. We need each other. That’s why it’s important to build a strong relationship with your team or your crew. With your pole partner. With your bucket partner. With your tower partner. . We spend countless hours together hundreds of feet in the air on pole tops, tower steel, or bucket pails. More comfortable standing on thin flat bars or tiny spurs at heights then walking your dog down the street. Entire days spent on horizontal ladders or spikes strapped to your feet. Sleepless nights fixing downed lines just to see a family smile when the lights go back on. Watching large drums of wire turn and turn. Hundreds of thousands of feet of aluminum and copper hung in the sky. Dozens of clicks on the jack. So much armour twisted that your hands won’t straight’n. . We sweat together in the summer heat or freeze together in the winter. . Our knees hurt. Our backs hurt. Hell, if you’ve been doing it long enough there isn’t any part of your body that doesn’t hurt. . The people that are brought together and the relationships forged in this industry are like no other.It’s a bond that spills over into our personal lives. . We hunt and fish together. We play
Great to hear from 3 legeNDary Dons who are playing college football at Augustana!  Keep working hard and keep dominating!  #greenblooded #thebrotherhood #donfamily #wearend 💚💙💚💙🏈
The last time we played the #dolphins, Dez ended up scoring a game winning touchdown! ❌🙅‍♀️
Let me know below 🤬 Also tag a person you’d do this too 🤣 Check my story if you play 2K20! - follow @solidhits for more!
Is @beastmode a top 10 RB of all time?😈🥴 - #truck #bighits #collegefootball
He’s Got Some Hops!!🤭👀 @nicestsnags - Follow @hdjukes for more!!🏆
If you love football follow me @thirdowns for more! 🔥 - #trucks #bighits #nfl
Good night from the #dondome, best gym around!  #greenblooded #thebrotherhood #donfamily #wearend
If The Browns Win The Super Bowl This Year I Will Buy Everyone Who Likes, Follows @saltyhits And Comments An NFL Jersey Of Choice! 😂❗️
ESPN gives Texas a 61.4% chance to win vs Oklahoma State this saturday. Thoughts? 👀🤘🏽 #hookem
Freshmen Football preparing for a big game this weekend!  Keep working hard, Dons! Your future here is incredible!  #greenblooded #thebrotherhood #wearend
He came with that drip💧❄️ - Follow @crazyjukes For More!