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Green Aventurine is also a good one for general health.  You could work with a combination of the stones or with one or more of the same. Just go with what you have or with what you intuitively feel will work best for you. "Crystals for Back Pain" is by the beautiful Jen from Crystal Guidance @crystalguidance  #syringomyelia #sm #syringomyeliaawareness #syringomyeliawarrior #dealingwithsyringomyelia #dealingwithsm #mylifewithsm #howideal #chronicillness #invisibleillness #chronicillnessawareness #invisibleillnessawareness
Abtragung des Syringom-Rasen mit ärztlichem Plasma. Syringome werden oft nicht erkannt und als Milien abgetan! Wir behandeln Syringome erst mit Microneedling/Radiofrequenz jedes Syringom einzeln, um die produzierende Drüse zu veröden. Danach wird der Syringom-Rasen mit Plasma abgetragen. Eine sehr effektive Methode! #syringomyelia #potd #instavideo #eyes #medicaltreatment #lips #fillers#botulinumtoxin #botox #happypatient #beautytrends #beautynews #innovation #smile #microneedling #radiofrequency #plasmalift #
The sympathy I have received today, over having a cold, has been far more than I have ever received about my multiple chronic illnesses.  Why is that? Why does society put a common cold above chronic illnesses?  Is it because no-one knows how to react to a chronic illness? Is it because so many people think 'your exaggerating' towards someone  with a chronic illness? Is it just due to lack of knowledge of how chronic illnesses affect someone?  I hope for a time when people understand how serious a chronic illness is. I hope for a time when you can say you have a chronic illness and you dont have to then constantly explain why you can't go out all the time, why your always sick, why you aren't the same as 'the old you'. I hope for a time when having a chronic illness doesnt always come with constantly explaining yourself. . . . . #sick #cold #commoncold #chronicillness #syringomyelia #chiarimalformation #iih #sick #psuedotumorcerebri #depression #idiopathicintracranialhypertension #youdontlooksick #invisibleillness #chiariawareness #anxiety #invisible #invisibleillness #syringomyeliaawareness #arnoldchiariawareness #chronicillness #spoonie #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #butyoudontlooksick #imfine #fake #invisiblychronicallyill #fybromyalgia #chiari #spoonielife #chronicpainwarrior #starvingforacure #insomnia
Love this little rugrat
how blessed I am to be surrounded by like minded women who push each other to be the best version of ourselves 💗
I decided to do a GoFund Me account(Mariah Onawa Berry, Chico CA) to help us get a car for transportation to medical appointments for myself and son. I had to quit my job because of health issues with myself and son, because of that I couldn’t  afford my car payments and it was repossessed. If you can share that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all and remember to hug and tell your loved ones you love them❤️ #gofundme #gofundmedonations #gofundmeplease #healthissues #dontgiveup #staystrong #iwillfight #positivity #lymphedema #lipedema #chiarimalformation #chiari #chiariwarrior #syringomyelia #liverdisease
“I like to play outside and get dirty woohoo! Digging in the dirt is so much fun! I also like to find treasures and bring them in the house like this tasty apple, mmm apples.  I have some good news, I have put on more weight woohoo! Mum and Dad are very happy that I am so healthy. I even need a new harness after having the same size harness for the last 3 years. I have always been small but now Dad says I have reserves hehe. I have a good appetite and Mum is pleased that  I am easy to hand feed now. I never really felt hungry so I didn’t like to take time away from playing to eat. I still don’t want to feed myself but I let my parents feed me without a fuss. I always save some room for snacks though like fruits and veggies, mmm snacks.” Have a great weekend everyone! Love, Stuey & Family #superstuey #cav #cavaliers #cleftstrong #cleftpalate #hydrocephalus #syringomyelia #rescue #rescuedog #cavalierkingcharles
Have a magical evening and sweet dreams later on! @thechronicallyunimaginable @chronic_andy @karmablue9 @disabled_disney_princess @accessibledisneylanddreams @barely_exhisting @chronicpainprincess @beyond.chronic.pain @chronic_pain__warrior @disneylandparis @nicolethijssen62
Gistere moest ik van lexi bloed laten trekken want ja dat moet nu 1x door al die medicatie om te kijken of de niertjes tegoei blijven werken en andere organen. Nu had men dierenarts van in het begin gezegd dat ze volledig nuchter moest zijn dus ook geen medicatie we hadden om 11:40 een afspraak bij de dierenarts en om 05:00 en 08:00 krijgt ze medicatie die mocht ze niet nemen natuurlijk. Jee heb ik de hel gezien en lexi ook echt men hart doet er nog zeer van als ik aan gistere terug denk. De voormiddag ging goed want ik hielt ze zo veel mogelijk rustig en liet ze zoveel mogelijk slapen. Maar toen moest ik vertrekken naar de dierenarts het begon al de ene krap aanval na de andere eens in de wachtzaal van de dierenarts was er geen houden meer aan immens als een gek beginne krabben dat de haartjes tusse der klauwtjes bleef steken en ik kreeg ze met niets rustig rillen ook van de schrik natuurlijk staart onder de pootjes en kruipen over de grond van de schrik en de pijn grote ogen vragend of ik wou helpen maar enkel kon ik troosten en steunen ik zou het zo van ze over wille neme echt een rot ziekte is het. Eens bij de dierenarts binnen moest dat bloed natuurlijk getrokken worden ja dat was natuurlijk ook niet alles met die krap aanvallen 😞 en ik vond haar oortjes er raar uitzien dus ik vroeg aan de dierenarts of ze die ook wou nakijken en ja hoor men gevoel zat juist ook nog een bacterie in beide oortjes wat de pijn nog erger maakte natuurlijk een walm van schuldgevoel kwam op me af waarom heb ik dit niet eerder gezien waarom  waarom waarom maar goed er word nu iets aan gedaan en daar hou ik me aan vast. Eens terug thuis gaf ik haar medicatie ze was nog nooit zo snel om het in te slikken je kon er uit verstaan oooh mam Dankje voor de verlichting van de pijn dit had ik echt nodig. En de rust was terug gekeerd ik was er ziek van van haar blik van haar onrust en vooral omdat ik het niet kan verlichten hoe ik het zou willen verlichten. 30 augustus moet ik ook terug
We found our own personal lake and it did not suck. There was a little suck before... and a good deal of suck after... but there were moments of perfection which made it all worthwhile. . Also a very tolerant hiking partner @allisonrae84 . Thanks for doing what feels like 10 miles days in time, with less exciting actual mileage 😬 you’re the best! #hiking #pct #jmt2019 #recovery #slowandsteady #eatmydust #syringomyelia
38 weeks and he’s ready to meet his sister💙
My tube keeps moving around and it’s making my nose run and my throat feel scratchy🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ - - - - - - - - - - #chiarimalformation #intracranialhypertension #syringomyelia #pots #dysautonomia #eds #ehlersdanlossyndrome #shuntlife #chronicillness #rarediseases #feedingtube #tubie #ngtube #strong #strength #fighter #selfcare #healthtips #health #healthcare #inspiration #chronicpain
Last week I was at one of our local hospitals for an appointment and walked the halls I am way too familiar with. The halls Kayden had been to 3 times in 2015, and then in January every year after. Sedated MRIs regarding her chiari malformation, syrinx in her spine, then brain decompression surgery. EXCEPT NEXT YEAR!! Her neurosurgeon cleared her from the annual follow up sedated MRIs!!! With the extra risks individuals with Williams Syndrome have with anesthesia, you could imagine my excitement when her doctor told us this past May ❤️ #teamkayden #williamssyndrome #chairimalformation #syringomyelia #syrinx #kaiser #kaiseranaheim
Us today vs. us one year ago! I love you so much my soup snake, and I love you even more every day 💛💚
Holy molllyyy! I waited a few days before I posted this because I just wanted to soak it all in! (And my 21 is backwards! I’m Inproving my health not my ability to take pictures! Loll) 🌻 I am SO PROUD of the work I have put in! The numerous days that I was contemplating getting up and pushing myself through the workout! Knowing that I WOULD feel better once it was done!! 🌻  21 days of showing up for myself and proving to MYSELF that I am worth it and deserve it!!! So friend, what are you striving for? How are you gonna celebrate when you get there?!? #chiariwarrior #chiaristrong #chiarimalformation #syringomyelia #syringomyeliawarrior
My mum had an appointment with her eye doctors this morning. My brain being my brain completely got that muddled up with her having a blood test (she's been having a lot of them recently and still needs more because of some of the medical issues she has) even though we had had a long conversation about it last night, so when a few hours passed and she wasn't answering phone calls (probably because she was in the hospital) I started to really worry and boy how I was relieved when she came home, I'm not going to lie, I did feel quite embarrassed but I was so relieved that she was back. Back, safe and ok. She brought back some cake as a treat. I got a smiley faced doughnut, I do find it funny that I love smiley faced doughnuts now as much as I did when I was four. but they're delicious and fun, and in my eyes why should it have an age limit? It's just food. Very yummy food, that should be enjoyed by someone of any age. - I've been really struggling with my suspected poly-cystic ovaries recently, it has been getting worse over the course of the last few months but now among other things it has been causing severe stomach cramps/pain that get so bad they've caused me to very almostly pass out. My stomach hurts 24/7 and then either randomly and when I do specific actions (that I can't stop doing as they keep me alive) the pain gets SO bad and it causes me to get VERY close to passing out. I really hope the cramps/pain goes away soon and doesn't come back again + becomes the norm. - My mum is currently on FaceTime with my sister Megan and baby Alora, Alora just said very loud and clear “Ba Ba” she is just the sweetest. They’re going now and we’re moments away from eating dinner, it’s Lasagna. Yum. What are you lovelies having for dinner? - (P.S. Congratulations to @Daisy_Wood_Davis and @LukeJerdy, your probably not going to read this but I’m so happy for you both and I am sending the best of luck for the future to the both of you.) • • • • • •
Finally home after my date at the hospital - nerve test complete (check) roll on tomo back again for mri. Oh the joys of syringomyelia xXx  #syringomyelia #syringomyeliasucks #thewheeleddiva #syringomyeliaawareness #syringobulbia #syrinx #disabledprincess #hospitalsecondhome #nervetests #nero
step into your full potential 👏🏼 .. This has really been on my mind to share & I want to do it in the best way possible.  When we step out of our comfort zones & start something new, everyone notices. People talk. People judge. When someone goes out of their way to make fun of someone else’s success or decisions it says a lot about them, NOT about you. I think that a lot people don’t understand that this is our businesses. This is how we pay our bills. This is our brand. It’s no different than making fun of someone’s clothing line. It’s not right. It’s not productive. Quite frankly, I think it’s just mean. It doesn’t matter what company you’re from or what you do, we should never be saying hurtful & discouraging things. Social media is so powerful. Let’s use it to encourage each other & raise each other up. Not tear each other apart & mock one another. Don’t forget that people are watching YOU. Will you inspire someone today or will you use your power to try to pull someone else down? 💛#LetsRiseTogether
To anyone who suffers from constant headaches, stomach problems, pain, etc. Don't ignore your symptoms! Push for imagings, get 2, 3, 4 opinions till you find something that works for you. There are so many rare disorders that most doctors and specialists don't know about. After getting rear ended I was diagnosed with chiari malformation, syringomyelia, and hydromylia. Chiari is where the bottom part of the brain "cerebellum" is being pushed into the spinal canal. We believe this caused the syrinxs "cysts" to form inside my spinal cord which expanded but the accident unmasked all the symptoms. This week I'm having surgery in hopes of relieving the symptoms and make the syrinxs smaller. I just want to raise awareness so others start listening to their body and put their health first. You have to take care of yourself so you are able to take care of others.  If anyone who's going through this has any questions dont hesitate to DM me. You are not alone. 💜 #beyourownadvocate #blessingindisguise #chiarimalformation #syringomyelia #hydromyelia #headaches #pain #craniectomy #laminectomy #chiaridecompression #invisibleillness #awareness #findacure
I don’t want to go to public school. You go to public school mom! 📚 ✏️
Nedre Nestjønnkletten 790 moh ⛰🌤 Fin kort tur, i lett terreng 🍂 Beina holdt akkurat heile turen 😜 . . ___________________________ #nestjønnkletten #storelvdal #utpåtur #hektapåtur #tur #fjelltur #hike #hiking #hikingnorway #mountains #landscape #fjellet #liveterbestute #althåperute #norgeerikkeskaptforåsittepåræva #norway #norwegiannature #norsknatur #norgeimitthjerte #norgeibilder #norgefoto #nature_good #naturephotography #utnorge #utno #dnt #hey_ihadtosnapthat #ig_nature #youcandoit #syringomyelia
Syringomyelia is an invisible illness and I am trying my best to beat it with a little help from my crystals. :) My husband and I we sometimes talk about this aspect of SM. He is always saying how other people can't understand what I am really going through because I don't look sick and also because they are not experiencing something similar. They have no idea what is really going on inside. He always tells me how it is because he's living with me that he knows what is going on and understands me. But that other people won't easily get it.  He's right! They just don't! I am often being blamed or criticised for not accepting an invitation to a party or other social events.  Anyways, I am fighting my battle and I am doing my best to live my life and enjoy it and that's what matters.  #syringomyelia #sm #syringomyeliaawareness #syringomyeliawarrior #dealingwithsyringomyelia #dealingwithsm #mylifewithsm #howideal #chronicillness #invisibleillness #chronicillnessawareness #invisibleillnessawareness
Cuties. 💙  When my other brother decides to make an appearance, he’s not one for photos he always runs away or turns his head 🙄💕
in my element 💃🏼
Månskjæret 650 moh ⛰🍁 . . Tungt, med dårlige bein 😬 Men fantastisk å komma seg til toppen 😍😍👌🏻⛰ ________________________________ #månskjæret #storelvdal #fempåtoppstorelvdal #dntamotogstorelvdal #utno #utnorge #komdegut #liveterbestute #althåperute #norgeerikkeskaptforåsittepåræva #mittnorge #norgeimitthjerte #turjenter #aktivejenter #fucksyringomyelia #syringomyelia #youcandoit #fjelltur #hike #hiking #norway #norwegiannature #landscape #landscapeofnorway #natur #naturelovers #nature_good #koppang #utpåtur #utpåturaldrisur