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#bettermatters #yourvoteyourvoice #speakwithconfidence #confidenceinthegovernment  Representing the Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Lt. Col. (Ret’d). Joseph Harmon at the Youth Power Group (Ypg Guyana)Olympics with over 1000 youth from across Guyana
🤔 FIRST TIME DOING A PRESENTATION, OR FEELING RUSTY? NO PROBLEM! 🤔⠀ ⠀ 🗣️🗣️ Veronica says: ⠀ "After volunteering to conduct a workshop on Mirror Work at a retreat, I was asking myself WTF did I do? ⠀ ...It had been over 5 years since I had to do an in-person presentation and I had NEVER done a presentation over something so vulnerable. ⠀ ...My fear of showing emotion during my speech felt paralyzing.⠀ ...I started to panic and  immediately knew I needed support. ⠀ 👉 After meeting Monika in a Woman’s Group in January and her professional experience with speeches, I knew she was 100% the coach for me.⠀ ⠀ 🙁 At first, I struggled to formulate what I wanted to say about my experience with Mirror Work and Monika did an exceptional job asking me thought provoking questions to tap into my creativity. ⠀ ...However, as I started to put the pieces together, more and more emotions were surfacing. ⠀ ...Monika’s coaching skills helped me change my relationship with emotions, to lean into the emotions with love and acceptance so that I was able to come from my true authentic self.⠀ ⠀ 💗 Without a doubt, I would have never been able to create a beautiful workshop without Monika’s support. ⠀ ...The feedback from the women was heartfelt and priceless.⠀ ...I am so grateful I didn’t allow my fears keep me from sharing an impactful message and that I had the support to push through the resistance. I am now considering doing workshops and speaking at local events! 😊⠀ ⠀ 😍😍 My heart is completely full hearing about Veronica's results. You can have this too! ⠀ ⠀ 👇👇 My scheduling link is below. Even if you're just considering starting your public speaking, let's have a free chat about what that might look like.
#bettermatters #yourvoteyourvoice #speakwithconfidence #confidenceinthegovernment  Representing the Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Lt. Col. (Ret’d). Joseph Harmon to deliver closing remarks at the Fruta Conquerors Football Club summer camp
May the melodious flute of Lord Krishna bring peace and prosperity in your life. We wish you all a very Happy and prolific Krishna Janmashtmi... . .  #phonictoons  #happykrishnajanmashtmi #happyjanmashtmi #janmashtami #coloursofindia
En Berlitz puedes aprender Francés – Nivel Básico (Máximo 8 personas) 2 veces por semana  Días: ✔ Martes de 20:00 a 21:00 hrs. y jueves de 19:00 a 21:00  hrs. Inversión: 560 Bs. (No incluye materiales) #berlitzbolivia  #sucursalalemana  #speakwithconfidence
Aquí te dejamos la información de nuestros nuevos cursos que inician a partir del mes de Septiembre. . Solicita una evaluación de nivel y aparta tu cupo llamando al ☎️ 809-412-8770. _ . . . . #berlitz #berlitzsantodomingo #speakwithconfidence
El mundo observa con preocupación lo que está sucediendo en el Amazonas en Brasil y la cantidad de especies, tanto animales como vegetales que están muriendo o están en grave peligro debido a la quema arbitraria con propósitos industriales. Nuestro mundo necesita que nos unamos y hagamos las cosas mejor como sociedad.  #clasesatumedida #clasesdeingles #clasesprivadas #speakwithconfidence #providencia #lascondes
#bettermatters #yourvoteyourvoice #speakwithconfidence #confidenceinthegovernment  Representing the Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Lt. Col. (Ret’d). Joseph Harmon to deliver remarks at the Closing Ceremony for the Ministry of Education Phase 2 work study programme
#bettermatters #yourvoteyourvoice #speakwithconfidence #confidenceinthegovernment  Courtesy call from my brother and friend Dr. Jason Renville
#bettermatters #yourvoteyourvoice #speakwithconfidence #confidenceinthegovernment  Delivering a gift from Hon. Nicolette Henry
Для тех, кто уже хоть чуток исследовал разницу между американскими длинными и короткими гласными, наверняка заметил, что слова nut и not ни разу не звучат одинаково. Короткий американский звук «А» звучит как “uh” и образовываемся в вашем горле. Русских эквивалентов, увы, нет. Самое главное правило произношения “uh” - не открывайте широко рот. Держите его в слегка приоткрытой позиции. Как у меня в видео. В каких словах есть эта гласная, huh?
Goodbye to Mohammed who finished his course today at Berlitz . Well done Mohammed we will miss you too. Here's few lines from him: 'All of my friends in Dublin . Thank you for everything , thank you for sharing moment with me , thank you for that experience that i got with you . | will never forget these days . Even the bad days and the good days . Also every moment that i spent with you . It was the best 4 months in my life . And i ' m very glad to be friend with you . But i ' m not going to say bye bye i will say see you soon and really hope that. Mohammed' #speakwithconfidence #berlitzdublin
Set out on a journey of joy and self-discovery with the 90-day happy journal. Every page is beautifully designed with plenty of white space and focused prompts to let your thoughts flow. It all starts with a self-audit to help you reflect on your purpose and set intentions. After each 10-day stretch of writing, repeating, and sketching your truth, the happy journal encourages you to look back with self-evaluation for a more focused future. #thehappiermind
🤔 Have you ever wanted to be a guest on a podcast but are worried you won't be ready for it? 🤔 🌞 Jennifer Lancaster knew she needed help with being as prepared as possible to rock her guest spot on a podcast. She and I worked together to knock it out of the park, and her results were incredible! 🗣️ 🗣️ She says: "Monika was instrumental in assisting me to prepare for my speaking engagement.  This was my first time ever speaking on a podcast so it was important to show up prepared.  Not only did my session with her greatly help me to do that, the host of the podcast said he had never had an interview flow so well as ours.  I would definitely recommend Monika for anyone wanting to show up powerful in their speaking." 👉👉 Let's get on a free call and talk about what's holding you back, and how we can partner together through the Fearless Public Speaking program to get you super visible in your business and have clients ACHING to work with you! 👇 👇 My scheduling link is in the comments. Throw something on my calendar!
🎤🎤🎤"Suona il telefono sveglia alle 3 Siri che giorno è?"🎤🎤🎤Da "Margarita"-Elodie e Marracash * * * * * @elodie @kingmarracash #margarita #elodie #marracash #lovethisong #visitbibione #corsodelsole #singer🎤🎶 #cantante#hotel #summerhotel #phone #givemeacall #calling #speaking #speakwithconfidence
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Bernadett teaches at Berlitz in Germany and joined our team in London for a couple of weeks. Thanks for your amazing energy, it was a pleasure meeting you and working with you #languageschool #languagelearning #language #studyabroad #berlitzlondon #learngerman #speakwithconfidence #immersive #communication
🤩 SO PSYCHED TO WELCOME THE BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED Bobbie Shields TO THE FEARLESS PUBLIC SPEAKING GROUP COACHING PROGRAM! 🤩 👉 Bobbie says: "I have struggled with using my voice for as long as I can remember. I am looking forward to diving deep into my biggest fears around public speaking and what’s holding me back from sharing my messages in the way I really want. I am also looking forward to tapping into the power of my content that will allow it to create massive shifts for people to think and act in a whole new way." 🔥🔥 We are so happy you are on this journey with us and can't WAIT to see the amazing results you get! 👇 My scheduling link is below to book a call and get more deets on this program. Don't miss out!
Berlitz  Monthly Saying 📍😃 When someone strongly and angrily criticizes you, they are in the middle of giving you a piece of their mind. For example, always arriving late for date night or forgetting your mother’s birthday usually result in such a scolding. What are common situations for you in which you tend to give somebody a piece of your mind? #berlitz Monthly #saying #speakwithconfidence
Goodbye to Amanda who recently finished her course here at Berlitz Dublin! Amanda made amazing progress here with her English language skills, starting in Intermediate and managing to finish in the Advanced class. Well done!! #speakwithconfidence #berlitzdublin
On my way to speak at the AMWA conference today. I’ll be sharing about the power of public speaking and how to share your knowledge with medical writers today. I can’t wait ❤️ @sarahmareemckay @AusMedWriters  #publicspeaker #publicspeakernetwork #publicspeaking #publicspeakingtraining #publicspeakingcoach #publicspeakingcourse #professionaldevelopment #mediatraining #sydneysmallbusiness #businessspeaker #sydneybusinessowners #onlinebusinesscoach #speakerslittlesecret #speakwithconfidence #speakwithpurpose
Excellent work to our most recent ConnecTEFL graduates! 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 Cindy took our in-class course, and Hunter took our self-study online course, but both did their practicum as teacher aids in our English classes here at Connect Language Center.  Bravo!!! 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻 • #connectwiththeworld #englishisthedoor #findyourvoice #speakwithconfidence
#bettermatters #yourvoteyourvoice #speakwithconfidence #confidenceinthegovernment  Representing the Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Lt. Col. (Ret’d). Joseph Harmon at a Senior Citizens appreciation party
👉 TURN YOUR FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING INTO POWER AND CONNECTION, LIKE KRISTA DID 👉 🗣 Krista Kathleen says: "I’ve always wanted to be a public speaker for as long as I can remember but felt that I wasn’t good enough to get up in front of people to talk. ...I was the good girl growing up who kept her mouth shut in fear of making others mad. ...I swallowed my opinions and never spoke up. ❓ Who would listen to me?! 😔 I’m a nobody. ...I felt invisible. 😞 My message isn’t that important. 😲 I realized these stories and fears weren’t serving me anymore and were keeping me playing small. 🤢 By keeping my voice quiet I was starting to get sick. ...I was getting cystic acne around my neck. ...I was developing inflamed and painful lumps in my neck. ...I was constantly having headaches. ...I wasn’t able to sleep that well at night. 🔥🔥 Basically the Universe was telling me that I wasn’t using my gifts or talents and the stress of it was physically manifesting. 👉👉 Something needed to change. 🥳 That’s why I signed up for Monika’s public speaking program. 😎 I needed to work with an expert who was going to understand what I was experiencing and partner with me to powerfully use my voice so I could help change others lives. 😎 It’s one of the best programs I’ve ever invested in and has allowed me to confidently deliver many speeches in front of live audiences now - something I never thought I would be able to do at one time. 💪 Standing in front of people and having their complete attention is intoxicating! 💪 I feel powerful as they are focused on what I have to say and I love when my stories can move them to tears and take action in their personal lives. ‼️ Yes, speaking to groups is my superpower and I truly believe it’s what’s going to help to create change." 💜 I am humbled and honored by Krista's story. 🤩 I know your story has the power to create change too. Let's talk about it and what's holding
🗣 Thea remembers when she wasn’t as confident in talking about her business to potential clients. She decided to do an Empower Your Elevator Pitch call with me, and she now has the confidence and excitement to talk more about her business, which has opened up opportunities for her to get hired!  AND!! 🤩 As part of the Fearless Public Speaking program, you get a FREE Empower Your Elevator Pitch call with me! 🤩 ❓ Curious to learn more and talk to me about where you're aching to get more visible in life? 👇 Throw a free call on my calendar!- the link is in the comments below.
I've had so many students who find it difficult to speak English because of their surroundings.  Watch this video to learn how to overcome this challenge.  Comment below if you're experiencing the same thing