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So we have left on our journey...😁😁 stopped at the badlands and the drive was just beautiful. Absolutely love the open hills and farmland. Sunset lasted about an hour. . As soon as we get the chance to edit all the pictures and videos we will be uploading all the beauty that this trail entails. . . #skoolie #skoolie #buslife #travel #adventure #roadtrip #colorado #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstone #journey
Meet road warrior Chad @uncle_ricos_van! He and his van were traveling through Utah back in April. JR  A road warrior is a traveler.  Not just by road, but by land, sea and air.  More road and travel scenes coming soon.  Feel free to ask a question and I'll try to answer asap!  Jeff Read Road Warrior / Founder / Member  Photo Location: Utah, USA.  Current Location: X  Photo / Go Follow @uncle_ricos_van  Want to be featured?  Who wants to be next?  I'm looking for someone right now!  Instructions:  1. Follow 2. Use @ 3. Use #  Must do all three to qualify!  We shout you out, you shout us out.  Together, helping one another.  Feature Tips. How to get featured. Be creative. Include yourself, people, pets, vehicle, road, full background scenery. Not just close up of vehicle. Good light, color. Not dark. Make it fun, interesting. See examples on page. Don't DM images. I choose from our # archives.  If you enjoyed this, give it a like, follow and post a comment or ask a question.  RW360 stickers for sale! Want one? Ask me!  Be a road warrior!  Follow @roadwarriors360 to join the family!  Follow @jeffread360 for my personal account.  Follow #roadwarriors360 photo archives.  Use #roadwarriors360 to be featured.  Promoting life on the road worldwide.  Have a good day / night!  Hit the road!  Thank you! Jeff Read / JR  #igtv # # # #buslife #busconversion #skoolie #skoolieconversion #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanconversion #rv #motorhome #youtuber #socialmedia #digitalnomad #lifestyleblogger #travelblogger #adventure #roadtrip #travel #roadwarrior #rw360 #pch #huntingtonbeach #orangecounty #california #utah #usa #hittheroad
The dream started two years ago when freedom was on the road, and trauma caused us to rethink everything we knew.  Our family of three has dreamt about downsizing, living minimal, and getting closer to our God and creator.  Darn that YouTube advertising! πŸ˜‚  We’re currently on the look out for a #shortbus to convert! If you have any ideas about models, or if you’re selling one please let us know!  I hope you are encouraged by our story, with much more to come! We currently know absolutely nothing about construction, or converting let alone a bus!  #aboundinginfreedom #skoolie #shortbus
Help us choose the bathroom look for the Bluebird. Blue vanity with patterned tile on the floor and Subway tile on the walls or black vanity with star shaped tile on the walls and black pebble on the floor. The tile is for the shower/tub surround. #thebluebirdofhappinessbus #skoolie #busconversion
nightcrawling in the #skoolie #buslife #shadows and urban #camo
When we decided to build a home in a school bus it was to open the eyes of our community.. first that this is even possible and that you can do this in the United State and secondly to start a community of like minded individuals which we found in the #skoolielife #vanlife community. This is a light for every low income family that you can build your home in a bus.. a van.. a dome.. a plane .. a tree.. you can build it. The key word is You.. you can take 3 - 12 months out of your life and build a home on a low income if you want to and there is an entire community of people doing the same that will support you. Much love to entire Bus Life Van Life Nomad Life community we love you all. Tag a nomad life vanlife buslife tentlife backpack lifer so we can all connect and show love. Appreciate all the followers also tag a friend that loves nomad life van life skoolie life so they can follow our build . Much love and light πŸ“Έ 🚐@thefallbackup @womanofthewomb @themeditationbus
I’d call this one “A little bit of paradise on the side of the road in paradise. #taos #taosnewmexico #skoolie
This was one for the books! Love to all monsters... And humans! ♥️ . . . #mutantvehicle #burningman #skoolie #skoolieconversion #artcar
No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain't got no cigarettes.  #queenoftheroad #kingoftheroad #rodgermiller #skoolie
Set your foundation in whatever you do so you can build a structure of success that will last! 😊😊. . 7 full work bus days and one evening (tonight) and I've gutted it, sealed, pulled outside fixtures and painted, coated my roof, framed and insulated the floor and laid my subfloor. I'd say it's been a success so far
watched the sunset with minnie tonight✨ today was a busy, busy day spent mostly running around, recovering from last weekend and getting ready for this one, but just as I was finishing up I caught this. such a beautiful way to end the dayπŸ’•
Had some good times in the Windy City
Some perfect pics of just how far Rick the bus has come in the last few months πŸ™ŒπŸ» we had so much fun taking him on the road to Clemson and sharing our hard work with friends and family. Rick was a hit everywhere we went! πŸ“Έ: @ashanngra  #skoolie #skoolieconversion #skoolielife #clemson #gotigers
A lot of people have been asking about our design, floor plan, and color ideas so here are a few of the designs we’ve fallen in love with and will use ideas from. We will have a full kitchen, washer & dryer, indoor and outdoor shower, composting toilet, of course full solar, a rooftop deck, wood burning stove, bunk beds, space for our reptile, dog beds, a pantry, closet space, underbelly storage, and able to sleep 6 comfortably. Our goal is to be able to be off grid for at least two weeks at a time and be warm in sub-zero temperatures. Yes we think we have it all planned out, yes we know it’s going to be hard as hell but with 250 sq. ft. we are going to make it happen.  #skoolie #skoolielife #skooliebuild #skooliecommunity #schoolbusconversion #busconversion #buslifeadventure  #buslife #skoolielove #skooliehomes  #florida #carpentry #busbuild
Bus Life is awfully cozy. πŸŒŒπŸΎπŸ’“ Sweet dreams!
Almost like a repeat of last night on the other side!  Left front panel down and debured.  Marked for window.  Installed, glued and riveted.  Time to Celebrate the completion of all wall sheeting!
We are having a baby!!! So excited for God’s blessing, coming February 19th 2020!  Just a year ago we were about to receive painful news that Miranda was re-diagnosed with cancer. God took us through that trial and showed us how mighty He is in taking her cancer away and increasing our faith in Him. A year later we celebrate God’s goodness as He blesses us with our first child!
Update: We have gutted the walls and ceiling. Getting ready for insulation! There is very little rust on these areas so it will be  a breeze. Coming soon: New photos of recent progress.. Thanks for checking in!  #busconversion #skoolie #skoolieconversion #schoolbusconversion