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"The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine. "  I don't know who said it first, but it is true. Your daily habits dictate the quality of your life.  It is hard work to be purposeful in choosing healthy habits each day, but it's also hard work being unhealthy. Choose your hard. Choose your future. Every. Day.
Quit looking at the numbers on the scales and start judging your level of fitness on your health and your happiness
cauli gnocchi forever 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I love cauli gnocchi as a way to get more veggies in & more nutrients. with all the talk about weight watchers new program (kurbo: a diet for kids 8-17 with red light & green light foods) its had me really thinking about the way I view “health & wellness”. its a constantly changing perspective as I gain more knowledge, but from my view, it is the OPPOSITE of healthy. healthy is not a size. healthy is physical but also extremely mental and requires the right mindset. - wanting to lose weight is normal & not wrong at all- being comfortable in your own skin is important. but promoting a program to kids where some foods are a “red light” just seems like a very dangerous breeding ground for disordered eating & poor body image. it is not teaching a healthy mindset, it is teaching smaller is better & that is not health :( it makes me sad to think children will look at an avocado & say NO!! because its a red light food.  teach children to be active, to put their best foot forward, that food is fuel & some will make you feel better than others, but all food is ok. eating an avocado will not make you gain weight & the best way to lose weight in a healthy way is through understanding nutrition and what you put in your body, not labeling certain things as good & bad. - so on that note, I don’t eat cauli gnocchi for less calories, but for more veggies, because its fun to try new foods for me. my motto is to eat as many veggies as possible, instead of taking things OUT of my diet, I add more nutrients IN. I am NOT a dietitian at all but it hurts my heart to hear about kids as young as 8 participating in toxic diet culture without even knowing ☹️ - rant over- on my plate: @traderjoes cauli gnocchi with @raoshomemade sauce & roasted broccoli over spinach 🥦
Our family drawer of preventative healthcare. 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼Be immune to the latest and greatest bugs, viruses, and flus like us.💚💚 Fill it with nutrients from 35+ fruits, vegetables, grains and berries.🌾🌱Sick will be foreign. #promise😀#mom #truth . Check my bio👆🏼FOLLOW @kolapsvanny on how to incorporate plant-based whole food nutrition 🌱 . . . #rainbow #plantbased #vegan #plantpower #kidshealth #habit #schoolsnacks #immune #familygoals #parentschoice #healthy #gummies #halal #kosher #nongmo #oursecret #preventativehealth #phytonutrients #realnutrition #juicing #capsules #allnatural #whatweeat #tryit #daily #juiceplus #juiceplusfamily
✨ Shine✨ Ilumina tu rostro y disfruta su delicioso aroma!!! #ereperez #realnutrition #shine #vegan #crueltryfree
Breakfast must be balanced, fresh fruits and veggies and protein are key components, to feel satisfied. 💛❤💚💜
Answer: No; but let’s make sure you’re getting the right kind of carbs.  Ask almost anyone what they need to do to lose a few pounds, and they’ll probably say: “Cut back on carbs.” As a professional in a health/fitness field, I’ve probably heard it dozens of times.  However, most folks would do best eating a moderate amount of quality carbs—whole grains (when tolerated), fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans and legumes, etc. (I emphasize moderate, of course). For men, this usually means about 1-2 cupped handfuls per meal. And women, about 1 cupped handful per meal.  Of course, the needs of each individual may differ, based on their size, activity level, goals, and genetics.  But, bottom line, carbs are not inherently fattening, especially whole food sources. And getting adequate carbs can help most clients exercise harder and recover better, optimizing progress.  Yep, this is a controversial position to take. But it works. And while avoiding carbs may facilitate rapid weight loss initially, that it’s not practical (or necessary) for long-term success for most people.  #carbs #weightloss #weightlossgimmicks #realnutrition #sustainablediet #nutritionistindia
Breakfast never has to look like “breakfast”. Of course, if I would have told that to my pre-chronic illness self I would have immediately turned my nose up to this preposterous idea! But there was a time where we didn’t have cold sugary cereal, pop tarts or giant cinnamon rolls. This has been marketed to us as “breakfast” from big food companies who are more interested in profits than our health. If you’ve grown up with those kind of breakfast options - they might serve as a comfort food that feels familiar, reminds you of home, and has just been ingrained as a “breakfast food” and changing our mentality around food is (as I’m sure we are ALL aware of) no easy feat! It can take a really big “why” and an encouraging support system to help us change habits that we have had our entire lives. So be gentle with yourself if you’re embarking on a major shift in your life! It can take time and trial/error until we reach our goals. It’s not a race sweet friends and I’ll always be cheering you on!  I have blood sugar regulation issues so sugary carbs are a big no/no for breakfast for me unless I want to feel pretty terrible shortly after that meal. I opt for a balance of protein/fats/carbs that give me sustained energy and don’t cause any energy dips. I didn’t figure this out over night and - heck - didn’t even know food had anything to do with how I felt for YEARS! Understanding there are root causes behind our symptoms has been revolutionary for my mentality around food. Instead of feeling “unlucky” that I feel a certain way and that there is nothing I can do about it... I feel empowered! I check in with myself, see how I’m feeling and see if I can pinpoint a cause as to why I feel a certain way ❤️ many times it leads back to stress, blood sugar dysregulation, or food sensitivities.  Sometimes it can help to have a doctor or nutritional therapist guide us on our journey (if budget allows, I know that’s not feasible for
Something that's been a regular on my weekly food prep this year is raw gazpacho soup. It takes minutes to make once all your raw veggies are cleaned & prepped. Just puree & store in the fridge. I find it taste even better day two or three once the spices have really marinated. If you think cold soup doesn't sound appealing yet you enjoy smoothies and veggie juices it's just the concept you're against.  Get over your misconceptions about real food & nutrition just start eating more raw food to feel the difference. Your body knows what it needs not your conditioned mind. Initially you may be fighting your unhealthy food additions & cravings. Then suddenly has you continue to feed on live, real food it becomes so easy as your body craves healthier options naturally.
First taste of this years #rastatomatoes is blowing my mind! How come the tomatoes in the store dont taste nothing like theese? I mean they are proffessionals and what am I? #growyourownfood #vegan #realnutrition #nobullshit
That mid-week large salad of mixed leftover food prep. A little bit of everything. Chickpea pasta with my sun-dried tomato & pepper paste, mixed raw Cavolo Nero, baby gem lettuce & spinach, mixed sprouted lentils & beans, various veggies; cucumber, red radish, red & yellow bell peppers, marinated herby, cherry tomatoes, last of my homemade tapenade, guacamole, sauerkraut, wheat-free, oven baked, falafels and caramelised onion hummus. Topped off with raw hemp seeds & mixed seed toppers. No dressing needed as there's enough flavour from everything else. Rabbits never eat this well so stop believing salads are rabbit food. Salads are food for life! Start living by eating more raw.
"I Love Summer“ LIFT Bundle Special Offer!  We are offering Lift by Juice Plus+ in combination with Complete by Juice Plus+ Vanilla, Chocolate and Mix for a reduced price as one time order.  Get ready for our “I Love Summer” special bundle offer, embrace and enjoy your summer to the fullest!  GET YOUR ORDER IN AS THIS OFFER ENDS 31 AUG!  #juiceplus #healthyliving #wholefoods #realnutrition #veggiecrack #plantbased #themoreyouknow #healthylifestyle #vanillashake #chocolateshake #fruitcapsules #vegcapsules #berrycapsules #boosters #juiceplusuk #omegablend #vegan #premiumcapaules #juicepluscomplete #vegetarian #glutenfree #healthyhappylife #nourishyourself #healthyeating #eatclean #plantpowered #healthyliving #startyourjourney #naturalenergydrink
Think you can’t afford our products, have a read of this • Do you grab a coffee on the go twice a week at £3.50 each? That’s £28 a month! • Do you have a takeaway every Saturday night at £15? That’s £60 a month! • Do you buy a meal deal from the corner shop twice a week at £3 a pop? That’s £24 a month! • Do you spend £30 on a night out twice a month? That’s £60 a month!  Add all that up and that’s £172 in a month!  We have plans starting from £20.50 per month!  Time to start INVESTING IN YOUR HEALTH  #juiceplus #healthyliving #wholefoods #realnutrition #veggiecrack #themoreyouknow #healthylifestyle #vanillashake #chocolateshake #fruitcapsules #vegcapsules #berrycapsules #boosters #juiceplusuk #omegablend #vegan #premiumcapaules #juicepluscomplete #vegetarian #glutenfree #healthyhappylife #nourishyourself #healthyeating #eatclean #plantpowered #startyourjourney #naturalenergydrink
Finally, smoothies have over reached saturation point on social media & most people have made & posted one. Now we can get over colourful, pretty, smoothies bowls or frozen, fruit decorated jars and look to the real nutritional content & purpose of consuming them. All smoothies are not the same, they can be a very healthy addition to your lifestyle or not, depending on what's in them and how you use them.  I personally drink smoothies as a convenient way to boost my plant-based nutrition, tailored to my particular needs. Therefore, mine are always homemade, mostly green, organic & alkaline with added seeds, super powders & herbs. This week I've been adding a tsp of fenugreek seeds, kola nut or black seeds to my green, wholesome, smoothies.  I break-fast daily with a post-workout smoothie between 12 noon - 1.30pm and I can literally taste the goodness/nutrition while drinking. Yes, our bodies know exactly what we need if only we learn to be in tune to monitor & listen mindfully.  What unusual ingredients do you put in your smoothies?
Who’s looking forward to Sunday Brunch? Something to look forward to all week. How do you do brunch, healthy or naughty?
I’m so excited to be starting on a journey to better health, and also joining a fantastic business. #healthyliving #fitness #nutrition #juiceplus  #fitnessmotivation #freetime #plantpower #realnutrition #wellness #phtonutrients #veggies #fruit #berries #cleaneating #fuelyourbody #guthealth #notadietbutalifestyle
Always choose the greener path!!🌱🌱🌱🙌🙌🙌😉😉😉👌👌👌 Picture was caught yesterday in Santa Maria, California!!📸📸📸 Green Point Fertilizers: We love what we do 💚💚💚#picoftheday #beautiful #california #beans #veggies #losangeles #madeinspain #greenpoint #greenpointfertilizers #organic #rainbow #taste #sweet #hydroponics  #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #californiagrown #growyourown #green #healthylife #healthy #healthysalad  #vegan #gym #realnutrition #farmersmarket #hot #beautiful #fitness #happy
Happy Saturday! What adventures are you on this weekend? Let us know in the comments below. 📷 @taswalkingco at Bay of Fires
It’s a #carnivore day/full day of eating! Someone wondered if yesterday’s post was all we ate in a day, and it most certainly was/is not! We do have OMAD (one meal a day) days ~every week, but those are bigger meals, with about 1300-1400+ calories. And a full day of eating is even more than that!  Here’s what we had today: 1. Started with some raw cheese, prosciutto, and cod livers (plus cod liver oil). We start our day with food now, before having our fatty coffee. So far so good; we’ve had zero Digestive Distress since beginning this routine. I think the liquid fat in the coffee just was too much on an empty tummy! 2. Next was our carnivore day coffee: strong coffee w/heavy cream, brown butter ghee and a raw duck yolk. Delicious! 3. Lunch was something new, and it was so good! We had leftover chicken meat from the freezer, warmed up with a bit of bone broth and topped with a raw duck yolk; also had some halloumi cheese and another raw duck yolk. The chicken tasted like it had gravy on it, so good! 4. Bone Broth w/ghee and heavy cream, plus a bit of the broth fat and a generous serving of @redmondrealsalt  5. Dinner was a lamb meat and beef heart combo with ghee and heavy cream, topped with leftover broth bits and two raw duck yolks. Nutritious, delicious and very filling!  And that was today’s food! Here are macros for the day: . Macros: 1948 calories | 135.8g protein (28%) | 3.6g net carbs (1%) | 157.8g fat (71%) . #ketoaf #carnivore #nutrientdense #jerf  #zerocarb #yes2meat #carnivorediet #meatheals #realfood #rawyolk  #duckeggs #grassfedbeef #realnutrition #superfood #dayofeating #carnivoredayofeating
I've just sent in my #carnivoresuccess audio to meatheals.com @shawnbaker1967 .. . I talk about my diagnosis of endometriosis and how switching from a really "healthy" diet heavy on the veg (following the standard anti-inflammatory protocols to balance my hormones etc) to a completely meat and animal based carnivore diet over the past nine months has transformed my health and given me my life back from crippling chronic fatigue and systemic inflammation. . I'm just one voice of very many who are reclaiming their health by ditching the status quo on diet going back to a species appropriate, ancestral, nutrient dense, meat based way of eating -- and proving that #meatheals and is the most vital and important part of a truly nourishing human diet.
Crazy Friday night 🤣🤣🤣 Time to catch up on some nutrition studies 👍 . . #friday #nutrition #realnutrition #health #education #fitness #fitnessjourney #learn #grow #educate #12wbt #12wbtjuneround #goals #injury #recovery #selfcare #balance #study #friday #friyay
Work with what you have right now, then slowly but surely, build an environment that’s conductive to success.