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Anthony says...⠀ “Life in itself is a journey with many winding turns”⠀ ⠀ His life experiences taught him great lessons but more importantly reminded him that the BIBLE is ⠀ Basic⠀ Instructions ⠀ Before⠀ Leaving this⠀ Earth⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ #preparedspeech⠀ #1960northhoustontoastmasters⠀ #toastmasters #whereleadersaremade #neverstoplearning #selfdevelopment #professionaldevelopment #pathways2progress #speakingandlisteningskills
Hooray!!! Hooray!!!! Luis tells us that...⠀ “It doesn’t matter where you start; all it matters is where you wanna go and the price you’re willing to pay”⠀ ⠀ What a wonderful reminder, Luis! ⠀ As always, we really enjoyed your speech! 👏🏼 ⠀ ⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ :⠀ ⠀ #preparedspeech⠀ #1960northhoustontoastmasters⠀ #toastmasters #whereleadersaremade #neverstoplearning #selfdevelopment #professionaldevelopment #pathways2progress #speakingandlisteningskills
Our Best Speaker of the week goes to our great speaker Sepehr. He is a super achiever. We wish him goodluck as he moves to another city to pursue his dreams 💯 👌 #bestspeaker #preparedspeech #publicspeakingtraining #toastmasterspeaker #toastmastersinternationalclub #joinus #tonguetamers #missionviejo
After months of joining the Toastmaster Club of Keller, I finally decided to reach out of my comfort zone and give my first "Icebreaker" speech. This was an opportunity for me to give the first prepared talk and “break the ice.” Essentially, I shared aspects of my life to give them a better understand WHO I am and WHERE I came from.  Leading up to this speech, I was pretty nervous. Sure, it's easy talking about where you grew up, what school you graduated from, and what you do for a living but these are merely events that happened or "things" that you've achieved. Most of the time, we leave out all the details behind the stories like the struggles you faced growing up and things that you've endured.  As I was working on my speech, I began reflecting on my past experiences and the challenges that I had faced growing up like: evacuating from Hurricane Katrina and moving to a new state to start middle school, hanging around the wrong crowd in high school, and partying it off in College.  But I thank God for these situation because it molded my character of who I became and the drive that I now have. God opened my eyes to see things in a new perspective, while allowing me to try new things in life.  #kellercommunicators #toastmasters #tmi #icebreaker #preparedspeech #comfortzone #communication #persuasiveinfluence #speeches #dfw #stepup #challengeyourself #drjohnny #doctorjohnny
As Mary Poppins said "Everything is possible, even the impossible...Join Toastmasters!". Ok maybe not exactly the same quote.... :-P #erzellitoasters #toastmasters #toastmastersclub #toastmastersinternational #publicspeaking #publicspeakingtips #leadership #preparedspeech #impromptuspeeches # #publicspeakingclass #publicspeakingtips # #learnbydoing #improvement
E anche noi, con questo meeting andiamo in ferie! Chiusura col botto e achievement col botto: un competent communicator ed un competent leader in più! Ci vediamo il 28 agosto per il nostro open meeting nel parco degli Erzelli: NON MANCATE!  #erzellitoasters #toastmasters #toastmastersclub #toastmastersinternational #publicspeaking #publicspeakingtips #leadership #preparedspeech #impromptuspeeches # #publicspeakingclass #publicspeakingtips # #learnbydoing #improvement
Yesterday afternoon, the combined #raymondadvisit and #celiadivdirvisit, or rather, the mini Kampong Kembangan Toastmasters Club visit, consisting of myself, Club Advisor @juphelia, Vice President Public Relations @zhoueyy and member Kris Martis brought us to Braddell Heights 2 Toastmasters Club. We were all supposed to be Project Evaluators, but due to a last minute change of plans, I was asked yet again, to perform ‘magic’- to do a prepared speech! I’m sure whom I chose as my Project Evaluator, will be of no surprise to all!  For my Lessons Learnt Pathways Level 5 speech, I overshot the time limit by three seconds the last time I did it at EMinent Communicators Club. I decided to redo this speech, but this time round, being more mindful of the time limit.  We were treated to the incredibly insightful Language Evaluation of Lim Seh Leng, DTM, as she was extremely detailed in sharing with us how we can improve our Grammar as well as pronunciation. She chose a rather unconventional word of the day- bamboozle, which means to either cheat, or confuse. I suppose there is definitely no bamboozlement on how to use this unique word!  The Toastmaster of the Day, Area G1 @loshravi , did an illuminating job as the Toastmaster of the Day. Despite the various changes in the programme, she handled them very well, and even managed to entertain the crowd with her sense of humour and smart word play. This is exactly how a Toastmaster of the Day should be like!  A big thank you to Celia for her insightful evaluation of her speech, and of course, I will be sure to spread my eye contact better for my future speeches!  Many thanks goes to Club President Lilin Quek for her invitation!  Best Regards  Raymond Zhang, VC5, EC5, EH4 Area A4 Director, District 80, 2019-2020 Vice President Education, Kampong Kembangan Toastmasters Club  #raymondinaction #preparedspeech #impromptu #toastmasters #clubvisits
I was reminded by Division A Director @juphelia that this Division is celebrating her 10th anniversary this term. Coincidentally, the #raymondadvisit/#raymondvpevisit on this terrific Thursday evening has brought me to the 10th Division A Club that I have ever visited- EMinent Communicators Club, which is the home club of Immediate Past Division A Director @mithunmalani.  I was initially visiting as a Project Evaluator but due to a last minute change in plan, I went to deliver a Prepared Speech instead. I was only informed of this change this morning. In my usual style of accepting speech slots last minute, I completed my very first project of Engaging Humour Level 5, which was on Lessons Learnt.  Many thanks goes out to my Evaluator Marshall Cooper, who short and succinct evaluation reminded me that I need to go slower in my speaking speed, as well as Language Evaluator, Division D Director @aarontingkh for his insightful evaluation and educational segment on how we can better use superlatives.  Of course, a big thank you goes out to the President cum Vice President Education, Mithun for inviting me. I have owed him this visit for eons and I finally got the chance to visit his club. A special mention goes out to him for taking on many hats today- Toastmaster of the Day, Jokemaster, and of course, putting this whole meeting together.  With that, I would have visited 75 different Toastmasters Clubs across this little red dot, all in a span of 13 months or so. I look forward to meeting you at a club near you!  With regards  Raymond Zhang, VC5, EC5, EH4 Vice President Education, Kampong Kembangan Toastmasters Club  Area A4 Director, District 80, 2019-2020  #raymondinaction #preparedspeech #minimalpreparation #myvpedays
Congrats to our winners tonight! 🤩👍🏼👌🏼#tabletopics #evaluator #preparedspeech
To start the week right on this magnificent Monday, the combined #raymondadvisit and #celiadivdirvisit brought us to the home club of Area A1 Director @joshthebabygiraffe, Clarity Toastmasters Club. I was given the special honour of being the Toastmaster of the Day, and due to a last minute change, I was even given a Prepared speech slot. I used this opportunity to complete my very last speech for Engaging Humour Level 4. @juphelia was a Project Evaluator at the meeting.  It was a meeting filled with great fun and laughter, with many lively speeches and insightful evaluations. We were also treated to the illuminating Language Evaluation by @erictan_843 and a General Evaluation by William Tang, DTM.  A big thank you to the Vice President Education, Josh, for not only inviting us and slotting us in, but also to evaluate my speech.  See you at a Toastmasters Club near you!  Best Regards  Raymond Zhang, VC5, EC5, EH4 Vice President Education, Kampong Kembangan Toastmasters Club  Area A4 Director, District 80, 2019-2020  #raymondinaction #preparedspeech #toastmasteroftheday #claritytoastmasters
A #latepost here- last Friday evening, #raymondvpeduties beckon at Kampong Kembangan Toastmasters Club. I was tasked by President @limtonglee to be the acting President of this meeting. I had to oversee the setup of the room, deliver my opening address, and as well ensuring the smooth running of the entire meeting.  I delivered my compulsory project for Engaging Humour Level 4- The Power of Humour In an Impromptu Speech. It was definitely quite a challenge to churn out two impromptu speeches on the spot and at the same time, entertain the audience. A big thank you goes out to @juphelia for bravely taking on this interesting challenge to evaluate me, and I will definitely spread my eyes and attention more evenly across the room!  I would like to thank my external appointment holders- John Tan for taking on the role as a General Evaluator, and Tony Tan for being the Table Topics Master. John had a rather novel way of being the General Evaluator- he wrote down common pause fillers on the board and he would hit the table with a marker whenever we used such fillers. I am embarrassed to admit- I was caught using such fillers the most number of times in the room, oops! As for Tony, he engaged us with his very interesting Table Topics segment, which livened up the room.  See you tonight at Clairty Toastmasters Club, where I will be in action!  Best Regards  Raymond Zhang, VC5, EC5, EH3  Vice President Education, Kampong Kembangan Toastmasters Club  Area A4 Director, District 80, 2019-2020  #raymondinaction #preparedspeech #engaginghumour #raymondasvpe #myvpedays #raymondasad #myaddays