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⁞ Doing what i do best...checking out all the plants in my surrounding. If you know what type of plant is pictured (swipe) then let a sister know please!
Last few minutes of #monsteramonday and i want to focus on the fact that one must appreciate the #roots  It takes #foreverandaday for them to start growing but without them there is no future. The second picture shows the #monsteracuttings my dad got for me and started rooting. They are in soil for a bit longer than 2 months and already the second leaf is coming out. . . . . . . . . #monsteravariegata #monsteratetrasperma #rhapidophoratetrasperma #variegatedmonstera #monsteradeliciosa #plantladyisthenewcatlady #onlinehouseplants #houseplantsofinstagram
We leave Friday out of town for almost a week, so I’m working real hard to prep as much as I can for next month’s pre sale and shop update. I’m really considering using this color combination again! It’s seriously one of my favorites! Would you like to see this combo next month?
We didn’t know .... That we could love anything as much as fresh flowers but y’all, these dried beauties have us crushing, hard.  You know we’re always preaching about the value of flowers to your life and soul. It just makes us sad when we think of flowers as a luxury but can totally justify $5 coffee and $4 donuts (and not hating on good coffee/donuts, we make the justification ALL THE TIME). It’s just our culture, we weren’t raised thinking flowers should be part of the norm. Every time we’re out with Birdie somebody comments that she looks so European, something that you see on street corners everywhere. Flowers are an everyday item in other parts of the world.  These beautiful dried flowers seem to be bridging the gap cause hey, we are Americans so spending isn’t our issue 🤪, it’s just that justification piece that’s tricky. Dried flowers last indefinitely - Bingo!! No water, no upkeep, nothing but sheer enjoyment.  So, now, building your own bouquet comes with much less pressure cause your flowers won’t die in a week or so. And, the textures of the blooms and pods and grasses, etc are 💕💕. We will be offering a couple of styles of dried bouquets for delivery (shipping coming too once we figure out how to do that carefully) and of course Birdie will be loaded to the gills (well that’s a fish term) so loaded to the wings I guess with all of this loveliness so that you can now enjoy flowers all over your home!  PS. Fresh flowers will still and always be available for delivery and at certain times on Birdie too cause: “We must have flowers, always and always”.
⠀ Dreaming about Indian Summer ⠀ . . . ⠀ Boutique en ligne en bio E-shop on bio
~~ A classic, the Stockholm plant hanger. Minimalist clean lines, and the versatility of design. Fits a 4"-10" potted plant. . Available: @ptbogreenup & @thedutchgirlfloralco . 📸: the talented @jennifermoher . . . #scandi #scandiboho #myhyggehome #hyggemacrame
Sometimes we are blind to the most precious things in front of us. . . .  #naturephotography #natureinthehome #nature_perfection #austriawanderlust #austrianature #wandernmachtglücklich #wanderlust #almsee🇦🇹 #grünau #outdoors #outdoorspace #the_daily_traveller #theglobewanderer #thehub_landscape #landscape #theearthoutdoors #the_moody_way #thevisitor #the_folknature #thehub_nature #the_mirror_of_our_souls #thebeautyisinthedetails #the_travel_lens
A  B I R D  I N  T H E  H A N D This collection of vintage school posters have just been listed in our online Etsy shop. Each poster depicts various birds, each with it's own sub category, such as 'insect eating birds' and 'Birds that like fruit'. 🐦 Measuring 53cm x 43cm these would look great in a simple black frame. Three available. 🦉 Find our online shop via the link in our bio. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #schoolposter #educationalcharts #wallchart #vintageposter #vintageposters #vintageart #birdsofinstagram #birdspotter #birdspotting #vintagedecor #interiorstyling #vintageinteriors #vintagesellersofinstagram #etsyvintageshop #etsyvintage #fleamarketfinds #fleamarketdecor #howivintage #showusthevintage #manchester #london #natureinthehome #findmyvintage #finditstyleit #justacard #vintageshop  #vintagefind #vintagefinds #vintageprint #vintageprints
Running your own business never stops, it's a lot like having a child. You worry about it a lot, there's no guide to getting it right and it means the world to you. It's exhausting and you feel like giving up at times, but it's so rewarding and inspiring too. You make so many mistakes, you doubt yourself every day but feel incredibly grateful to have it in your life every day too!  This weekend was the most exhausting weekend yet with my first ever proper photo shoot on Saturday and a market in Exeter on Sunday, but it was also one of the most exciting and happy weekends too. I've had a dream since I started These Two Hands of setting up a home in a field to photograph my designs and bring the inside outdoors as my collection is all about bringing nature into your home. And on Saturday it came true! When I saw the beautiful outdoor lifestyle shots by Bristol photographer @gem_hicks_photography, I knew she would be the perfect person to work with and we had such a great day! She was so excited about all the designs, about the meadow we were in and about the way the light hit the leaves. She even went off on a nature forage for the table and came back with beautiful wild carrot and other seedheads. I love that I get to work with such brilliant people and that I've met such a great community of creatives over the past 2 years, on here and in real life!  Every muscle in my body hurts from lugging heavy furniture into a field, but it was definitely worth it! I can't wait to share these shots and my new autumn collection with you all. It launches at 8.50am on 23rd September, Autumn Equinox!  #inspiredbynature #creativecommunity #bringingoutdoorsin #natureinthehome #meadowlove #autumnlight #smallbusiness #dowhatyoulove #naturebackdrop #perfectday #autumnmagic #autumnismyfavouriteseason
I love being a mum, the amount of times I want to squish Arlo in a day is uncountable but God its hard! The decisions we have to make around what's best for them and for us as a team is constant and I spend so much time doubting my choices. I guess that's all part and parcel of being a parent and learning how to dance the dance, and God I can't wait to learn more of the steps ❤️
Busy in the wood shop today. I’ve Got a bit of a “traveling to Cali and back in 48 hours” hangover, but I’m gonna survive it. #firstworldproblems I’ve got a bunch of signs And posters to get out the door today and tomorrow, and then it’s shirts and stickers coming to you in the Mail. So excited for you all to get your fun Saralita Goodies!!👏🏻🤩👏🏻 How’s your Monday going? . . This adorbs Sign is Shipping  out  today. Find it on Saralita.com 👍🏻👍🏻🤩
A bunch of scraps from my husband's workshop, perfect for wooden blocks. I plan to refine them or maybe I'll stain or paint a few, I'm not sure.
Każdego dnia zaczynam od nowa. O poranku plany są tylko możliwością – gdy kładę się spać, stają się przedmiotami lub ...wspomnieniami. Dzisiaj, zamiast gliny, obracam w dłoniach myśli.  MYŚLceramika zadebiutowała w miniony weekend w Warszawie. Jestem wdzięczna Targom Rzeczy Ładnych za dostrzeżenie wartości w moich nowych formach. Drobne miseczki ze zdjęcia nieśmiało wyruszyły w drogę, a ja z nimi.  Dziękuję.  ________________________________  Every day is a new beginning. In the morning, plans are just a possibility – when I go to sleep, they become objects or ...memories. Today, I'm turning thoughts in my hands instead of clay.  MYŚLceramika has had her debut this past weekend in Warsaw. I'm grateful that Targi Rzeczy Ładnych saw value in my new forms. Tiny and somewhat shy bowls in the picture set out on a journey, and took me with them.  Thank you all. _______________________________ @words_fly_high  @vacanzapermanente  @aleksandra.mecwaldowska  Barbara Szymczak ________________________________ #recznierobione #targirzeczyładnych #supportsmallbussiness #thankyouall #rzemioslo #ceramika #rekodzielo #potterythrowing #handmadeceramics #handmadeisbetter #potterylife #peoplescreate #createinspiring #propstylers #twórca #ceramiclicious #homedesignideas #natureinthehome #tabledecor #bizuteria #inspiration #atelier #pracowniaceramiczna #jewerly #beauty #myslceramika
⠀ Dreaming about Indian Summer ⠀ . . . ⠀ Boutique en ligne en bio E-shop on bio
🌞✌🏼Monday blues got nothin’ on a sunny corner. Find yours and spend as much time there as your heart desires!
The Japan takeover tank! Too much or just enough? @aquascapegods