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It cooled off a little and it’s not raining! 🙌🏼 We love going for walk/bike rides and we haven’t had much of a chance to go this summer. It’s one thing I love about fall and I am happy this season is coming!  My older little guy says his favorite season is fall because there’s so much to do. 🏈 🍁 🎃 🎂  What is something you like about fall?  #familybikeride #familytime #boymom #momlife
Hey what’s up hello, it’s been a minute 🙃 Can I be honest? Jumping into these workouts and committing to 100 days right after my doctor cleared me has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Sometimes it’s so hard to find 30 minutes in a day. Some days I don’t and I have to double up at some point later in the week when I do have time. That’s life, and that’s DEFINITELY mom life haha! But loving myself enough to show up for ME everyday has been life changing for this whole postpartum thing. Postpartum is a TOTAL B, in case you haven’t heard 🙃 That paired with being hospitalized and her spontaneous delivery and the week that followed - while it’s been the most wonderful time of my life, it’s also easily been the hardest. And sweating it out everyday? Those endorphins? They give me just the pick me up I need. They make me a happier mom, a happier wife, and therefore I can show up in my family’s life better than I could otherwise..and I am forever grateful for that ❤️ 76 MORE DAYS TO GO!! 💪🏼 Click the link in my bio if you wanna join in 👯‍♀️
Bear River and Box Elder duel for the 99th straight year in Brigham City on Friday. Which squad wins the Battle for the Golden Spike? #myreasonwhy
#repost @nfhs_org #myreasonwhy  Participation in interscholastic activities show students what it means to be a role model for future young leaders.⠀ ⠀ "#MyReasonWhy is to be a role model and mentor to help shape the next generation." ⠀ - Charlotte R.
@nfhs_org #myreasonwhy is to preserve a place for those who want to kick, jump and fly higher this season and in the years to come.
Participation in interscholastic activities show students what it means to be a role model for future young leaders.⠀ ⠀ "#MyReasonWhy is to be a role model and mentor to help shape the next generation." ⠀ - Charlotte R.
Heyyy Fabulously Savvy Church Girl! Have you ever needed a quick daily pick me up just to get you going? Have you ever needed a quick simple reminder of God's Word and thoughts toward you? - - -  Often God speaks to me in "sound bites." Just quick simple phrases that lift my spirit and help me to keep running this race. I pulled together some of my favorites just for you in my eBook, 31 Days of Power Quotes and Declarations to speak over your life. - - -  Comment YES! if this is something you think you or a friend would enjoy and I’ll send you the link to get your copy today!
Some morning are just a drink your fat burning coffee, crush all you, help some friends get set up with their own online business and run like 🔥 kind of mornings!!
~The love between a father & daughter is forever~ . . . I work on myself daily not just for me, but for you as well babygirl. I will ALWAYS be there for you regardless of circumstance. You are my light on the darkest days. You are my reason why. You inspired me to find life within myself before you were even born - Everything about you kills me in the best ways possible inside. I never stop thinking about you & the next time I get to snuggle with you. You are by far without a doubt, the GREATEST thing to ever happen to me & I am blessed to be your dad ❤ . . . #thursday
❤️💛💚💙💜 Now you can always hold on to your love ones whenever and wherever. 💞 "My Reason Why Key Chain" is not your ordinary Key Chain you can personalized it whatever and however you like. Just click the link in our bio or Dm us so we can prepare  your personalized "My Reason Why Key Chain.  #customkeychain #personalizeditems #myreasonwhy #keychain #giftideas #happygiftsphl #allgiftswegotyou #givehappygivehappily #personalizedgiftsforeveryoccassions
Afternoon snuggles with daddy!! #myreasonwhy #family #love #myforever #luckymummy
Why and when did you start your business? For me it's quite a deep one... Before we were lucky enough to have Max, we had a beautiful daughter, Sophia, who was stillborn. When Max came along the next year, I suffered terribly with anxiety and did not want to leave him so took 2 years off. When it came to going back to work I couldn't go back to what I did previously as it was a lot of travel and I didn't want to leave him. Fast forward a part time job later and the idea of Little Lodge was born at the very end of 2016! #littleschoolchallenge #littleschoolfbusiness #meetthemaker #meetthecreator #createmakeshare #smallbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #myreasonwhy #makerslife #shopsmalllove #chocoholic #chocolatier #supportingeachother #tastespotting #cheatdayeats #cheatday #eatcaptureshare #tastespotting #foodieheaven #awardwinning #greattaste #cheshire #damnthatsdelish #flexibledieting #foodielife #foodieflatlay #eatsagram #nomnom #sustainablepalmoil
According to a Forbes magazine article, 1,700 people become millionaires everyday. Why not you?  I also recently read about an entrepreneur who made one million dollars online in 90 minutes. Why not you?  God is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one, He'll do for you. God wants to bless you financially. Receive it! ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Have you been enjoying this month’s series on money and the Millionaire Mindset? I pray that it’s blessing you! Grab the eBook for your personal library so you can rehearse these time proven principles over and over in your life!  Millionaire Mindset eBook - https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/yk1u?card
The last week has been a serious struggle. I’m hormonal, I’m emotional, I feel like I’m failing on  more levels than one, and I truly would like to crawl in a hole and hide. I’m not concerned about my weight loss progress, I know that I am and will continue losing weight by staying within the guidelines of my program. . . I have struggled for so long to find happiness. True, honest-to-goodness, joy. I’ve looked for it in the bottom of a chip bag, I’ve looked in the bottom of a vodka bottle, I’ve looked for it in another human, I’ve looked for it in a job title... and I keep coming up empty handed. I hate that depression and anxiety have such a strong hold over me. After all of this work, all of this effort... I struggle so hard. Today I have cried, too many times, over too many things that shouldn’t matter, but when you constantly have a voice in the back of your head saying you’re going to fail, you never dream of surviving. . . Today, #mywhy , had to be stronger than my #depression and #anxiety . I really wanted to crawl under the covers and cry as soon as I walked in the door from work, but I cooked dinner with my husband, enjoyed our meal with him and our daughter, and then forced myself to crank out some exercise with a 3-year-old undertow. I am trying so hard to not let certain negative things get the best of me. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.
Little Lazu Designs board members meeting in session 😎#momentrepreneur #myreasonwhy #handpaintedsigns #handmadesigns #minivanlife
STOP THESE THOUGHTS! 🚫 Too busy? Not enough time? Work 40+hours? Have kids? I’m not a priority? I’m going to stop you right there because we all have had these thoughts. We are all to busy trying to deal with this thing we call “ adulting”. If you want change, have more energy, and lose that weight you have always wanted to get rid of, then stop making excuses! The time is now to take back your life 💥
FIRST BIRTHDAY PREP. 🦄  How is my smallest baby one tomorrow? Time goes so fast. I know you’ll find every parent everywhere saying that but it’s really not till you have the 2nd, 3rd etc child that you sit back and realise how much time has passed by. With your first you feel like you can sit and appreciate every little thing they do, every milestone and every moment. Well, I definitely feel this way anyway! But as the number of children goes along, you miss every day little things that really don’t seem the big things at the time.. but then all of a sudden they’re walking, talking, having their first birthday and you realise they really were the big things! They have to fit in with your everyday that you blink and all of a sudden you’ve had an independent, mischievous little one year old monster creep up on you that you have to keep alive! Well here is to my one year old; the living room is birthday prepped, and just awaiting the arrival of a birthday princess in the morning. 👑
💖 my dog is asleep on my feet and I can’t feel my toes but I am not moving until she’s ready. Bless her cheeky little heart but she makes me happy 🍊 🌸 tell me what makes you happy? 🍕  #puresafebeneficial #cleanandgreen #onlinebusiness #homebusiness #arbonnelove #toxinfreeproducts #freeoftoxins #iammyownboss #euguidelines #healthandwellnessjourney #myreasonwhy #ruralliving #notjustforcitygirls #arbonneworkshop #skincarethatworks #makeupthatprotects #makesmehappy #healthfirst #grateful #healthyliving #bestversionofme #arbonnenutrition #arbonneskincare #improveyourlifetoday
My little weirdos ♥️ #myreasonwhy
My pride and joy, my reason for more, my everything! This is WHY I added a second stream of income, this is why I finally said yes to more. My boys are my world, and I want to make sure that all their dreams and wishes come true!!! Don’t be afraid to take a chance and add more to your life!!! I did, and would love to take you on this RF roller coaster with me. Who’s with me, let’s do this together!!! 💙💙💙
This little guy is just the BEST company at the moment. Having a few days just us two has been so precious this week- All to prepare for the emotional rollercoaster of the reality of starting school!! . . . . . . #slowdownandenjoy #preciousmoments❤️ #memoriesinthemaking #mumlife #mumoftwo #mumlifecrisis #myreasonwhy #worklifebalancegoals #laptoplifestyle #alwayswatching #dreambigworkhard #goaldigger  #workingmumlife #summer2019 #startingschool #lifeofafouryearold #bigchange #timeflys
Workout Wednesday! My time in the states has been so busy! I don’t even wanna go back home but only a few more months and I’ll be back with my sweet husband 🥰 #workoutpartnersforlife♥️ #lifestylecoaching #myreasonwhy
Are you looking for variety in your workouts? Are you needing some accountability? . .  I know I was. . .  MM100 has been a game changer for me, as every morning is a different workout. It keeps my mind and body guessing. And I LOVE a good challenge, don’t you? . .  My next virtual accountability group is starting soon, and we would love to have you there! . . I have a promo code for $10 off your challenge pack AND if you sign up with me by the 25th of this month, I’ll personally send you a little something, because I really want you to be apart of my team! You belong here. ❤️ . .  Message me ✉️ or hit the link in my bio and fill out the form! Let’s do this together. ⚡️