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Ladies night WOD and Wine event was a blast and a night of bonding-sharing, inspiring and laughing!  Thank you to our amazing CFVH TEAM @csulli987 @megrhodes622 @hpersona34 @bobbimfsmith for the amazing set up and beautiful displays for this event! You guys went above and beyond the calling!  Thank you to @ivabellasalon foe the awesome prizes and to our special members and friends for sharing your story and inspiring others in their fitness journey with courage and strength!  We love our cfvh fam!👏🏻 #cfvhtribe #fitfam #strongwomen #mommastrong #ladiesnight #vinthillfit #crossfitvinthill #vinthill #fauquier #warrentonva
GIVEAWAY + Restock! ✨⠀ ⠀ IT’S TODAY!!! FINAL Summer Design Restock! This is the last time this year some of your favorites will be in the shop including Crop Tops, Vintage Cotton Kimonos and Kantha Vests! 🌿 (link in bio)⠀ ⠀ Share this image in your stories + tag a few friends in the comments! I’ll be choosing 2 mamas to receive FREE SHIPPING AND 1 person will receive a full REFUND of their order!!! Yes, all those mama dreams can come true! 🙌🏼 ⠀ ⠀ P.S Shoot me a txt to 31996 with the word KANTHA so I can remind you when the restock goes live. These will go fast and I don’t want you to miss out on your faves. 💛
When you get your new 12 pound weights in and don’t have to rig them up anymore with your ankle weights on the 10! 🤣 Super Duper excites! Lol 🤪💪🏻
#mommastrong #lakedays
I always tried to show @xena1305 that she could do anything, and she's way braver than I am, and more beautiful. #bravegirl #strongestwomaniknow💕 #lovethisgirl #mommastrong
#momstrong #mommastrong # motherload #whatdreamsaremadeof
Mornings can be tough, but try not to take them for granted ❤️
// Calmness is a superpower \\ Artistic Jasper for nurturing & creativity paired with Bodhi seeds.. aka “enlightened seeds” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #mindfulmoments #meditate #healingstones #reikihealing #reikiinfused #reikiinfusedjewelry #malas #malajewelery #malamaker #crystals #momentrepreneur #mommastrong #liveagoodlife #balance #mindfulparenting #healthyliving #yyc #drumheller #alberta
Sometimes as a Mom I doubt myself. I worry I am anxious. ⁣ I stay up late and question my decisions and struggle with feeling like I am enough. ⁣ Truthfully my kids love me. ⁣ Cant get enough of me. ⁣ Not always sure why or how but that's extremely empowering. Knowing I am enough. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ For all you Mothers who might need to hear it. You are enough. Just you. not what you can buy them or offer them or teach them even. You are enough.⁣ ⁣ You brought them into this world. You care for them and feed them. Even wipe there little butts. ⁣ I know it may seem hard. You are not alone and you got this Momma!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #momlifebelike #momof5kids#mommastrong #mommylife #momstruggles #mombrain #motherhood#youareenough #hugyourkid#youareawesome #youareabadass#selflove #dontforgetyoumomma #momloveyourself #momtherapy #momprobs#momrelaxtime#motherhood #motherhoodishard#motherhoodishardwork#beingamom#beingamomishard#somedaysarebetterthanothers
How I’m going to miss these days when my babies still fit in my arms 👼🏻 and my biggest worries for them are nap time and keeping them fed.  I know these days are fleeting and will be replaced with much bigger decisions and worries. ⁣ ⁣ As exhausting as it can be to have babies and toddlers, I try to soak it up when I can and store these memories for when life won’t be as simple ❤️
Morning walks are the best.. They give me the chance to reconnect, regroup and burn out all the stress going on in my life! It doesn’t have to be fancy..just get your body moving!  It’s called self-CARE ..NOT self-ish😉
THIS silly little picture of my laptop screen is feminism in action. Momma Strong, the company behind the video pictured, is a fitness program for women, especially moms, and I love it a lot.  Almost six months ago I threw my hands up in frustration at the fitness industry. I was only 13 weeks pregnant but dealing with diastasis recti, an umbilical hernia, and SPD. I’d been modifying my exercises for DR for over a year, but I was feeling increasingly cornered in by physical limitations that these online trainers didn’t acknowledge. With self-prescribed modifications layered on self-prescribed modifications, I was always wondering, “Is this right? Am I making things worse?' The problem is that issues with my core, pelvis and pelvic floor are NOT a trick knee from playing basketball. It’s not a sports injury or an issue caused by aberrant physiology. Every woman on the planet’s strength and functionality is connected to her core and pelvic floor. About 70% of those women will bear a child, which will profoundly effect how her body functions. When trainers and fitness programs shove off female anatomy and the effects of childbearing onto pelvic floor specialists and other remote corners of the fitness world, they’re refusing to see a massive percentage of the population. If you can only train a woman if you pretend that physiologically, she’s a 20 year old man, are you training her or setting her up for a failure that she’ll inevitably lay upon herself for being “unfit”? I’m passionate about Momma Strong because (1) fitness-wise, it completely changed my pregnancy, aka it actually works, and (2) this is a place where the whole female body is acknowledged, and at every stage of its biological possibilities. Which feels… awesome. When a friend of mine recently posted that she was having a lot of trouble with SPD, I was like, “Why am I not telling more people about this?” So this me telling you. Get you and your pelvic floor to a living room
I almost forgot its #flexfriday💪 ,have a fun weekend.
I’m seriously LOVING 🥰 this routine!  It isn’t required to be done in the morning but the benefits of doing so before anyone is up (sometimes 😉😋) is worth it! #becomingamorningperson  Seriously the way it has all made me FEEL is indescribable! It’s also making me question WHY isn’t anyone wanting to try this with me?! #decidecommitsucceed  What’s the worst that will happen? You lose the negativity in your life? You gain some energy? You feel amazing? What is stopping you other than yourself and your excuses?  Are you ready to feel all the good feels? Are you ready to reach for your potential?  #fillyourcupfirst #mommastrong #momlife #sahmlife❤️ #happyboy💙 #workoutbuddy #startnow #feelbetter #liveyourlifenow
This has been my mantra for he past few months. Want to be a better runner? Make it happen. Want to change careers? Quit whining and do something about it. I'm exploring my options and leaning pretty heavily towards a software development degree through WGU! It'll be tough working, taking care of my family, running, AND working on a second bachelor's degree, but hey, you've gotta build the life you want, right? . . . . . #buildthelifeyouwant #goalchaser #goaldigger #trailrunning #motherrunner #mommastrong #bamr #getit #goals #wgu
My whole world 😍  He's the whole reason I'm on this journey. Not every day is easy but every day I get to show up and love him with everything I have. I never want him to wish he had a mom who wasn't too tired to play with him every time he asks. I would do anything for him and that's why I choose to take the time to care for myself so that I can better care for him 😊  #8monthspostpartum
Tired, under-fed, and cranky, but I put some work in today for power day. Worked up to 88% on back squat (current goal is to hit 200 on max day) Worked up to 73.5% on deadlift (goal is 250 by max day)  Forever annoyed that heavy squats move better than heavy deads, but it’s whatever 🤷🏼‍♀️ Following my own programming for lifting seems to be doing its job for now. Thankful for @streetparking’s programming for metcons and mobility to go along with my lifting and non-lifting days 🙌🏻 The garage gym life is the best life.  Workout anytime, no waiting for a bar or weights, no drama, and no fees! 👏🏻 #powerlifting #momswholift #mommastrong #postpartumfitness #9weekspp #garagegymfit #streetparkingmembers  Oh and obviously, I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY OF THIS MUSIC!
Momma run. Momma drink lawn clippings. #mommastrong
Getting down is easy, getting up is hard 😄  It's about making a choice before so that when the hard comes you know what your going to do.  Choosing to get back up again, and again, and again 💪  #choosehealth#getbackup #mommastrong #getitdone #workhardforwhatyouwant #focusedmindset #itsaboutthemindset
10 weeks postpartum! With each giggle and smile, I feel things beginning to shift in both Wyatt and myself. And I know it’s partly because of the tail end of the fourth trimester drawing near, but it’s also because I’ve been living in the solution - which is new for me. I love to stay idle in chaos and distress, as if somehow I feel safer living on sandpaper rather than smooth ground. But, living in the solution means that I must do the opposite... I must opt for that smooth ground even when it feels like a very far way away. Recently, the way I did this was by going to a PPD support group, which - GAH - was entirely free and not scary. Ok, it was a little scary. Maybe a lot. And I’ll tell you what, I really think the courageous act of going was the biggest part of therapy. Yes, there was tons of incredible content in the group, but - for me - something entirely magical happens when I disturb my habitual responses to depression. Being among other people, being out of the house at a potential nap time, being with a most likely fussy baby... I went in spite of all those variables. It felt instantly freeing. And as I drove away, I was filled with this notion that maybe I’d use my postpartum experience to let go of all my people-pleasing ways and my high functioning ability to take care of everyone except myself and my inability to speak up for my likes, dislikes, and needs. Maybe birth is meant to be a shattering of the woman I used to be and an opportunity to say FUCK IT and live on my terms more than I have before. I’m sure this opportunity presented itself in my prior postpartum periods, but I know I chose to DUCK IT instead. Something feels different. This picture happened just after that moment, when at my favorite restaurant and ordering my favorite burger, the counter cashier asked, “Do you need my assistance in carrying your tray?”... I replied, “Yes, I do.” That might seem ridiculously easy to some, but it is new behavior for me 🙂
Happy Friday!! Woke up n crushed my workout this morning!! Believe me I stayed in bed for a little bc it was so cold in my house lol!! Hubs likes it cold at night!! But I knew I needed to get up n workout bc it’s just an awesome feeling that helps me start my day!! It’s my me time lol!! #shhbabiessleeping Was amazed didn’t really need to modify today #strongerthanyesterday That’s the coolest thing about these programs there’s always one maybe two modifiers so it’s been awhile for you no worries start slow n you’ll get stronger!!! Check out my move of the day in my story, I used to have mod but now I’m killing it 🙌!! If you need a coach n someone to help push you, motivate you, or just listen I’m here!! #coachlife Have a great Friday!! Your beautiful, brave, and unstoppable!! #fitlife #medicalassistantlife #mommabear #mommastrong #yougotthis #makeyourwaves #betteringmyself #commitment #fitfam
Today one of my best friends let me borrow her babies for the day! I got to practice having three kids.....it is no joke! 😂 . She thinks I was doing her a favor, but really she was helping me. You see....my friend is one of those people who just does and does and does for everyone else. So when she asked me to do something for her I JUMPED at the opportunity. . As moms we kind of LIVE to be needed. Like I legit thrive on people needing me. We take care of people. It’s what we do. So I got to fulfill my need to be needed today PLUS when someone trusts you with their children it is basically the biggest compliment you can get as a mom. I really hit the jackpot today ❤️ . . . #momlifeisthebestlife #friendswithkids #mamahood ##thisismotherhood #instamoms #momtribe #mamalife #momlifebestlife #momlifekeepingitreal #realmamalife  #scarymommy #momsquad #realmomsofinstagram #mommahood #blessedmommy #blessedmama #mommastrong #strongmomma #physicianassistantmom #slowmotherhood  #momlifeunplugged #momlifeunfiltered #mombod #singlemothers #b1withmoms  #messymotherhood #motherhoodinspired #boymomlife #summergoals #lovethesekids