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Perfect is BORING & UNREALISTIC! It's impossible to have everything all together, all the time. As I type this I’m juggling helping the kids with homework, prepping dinner & lunch for the week, working on my virtual program and 5 other things at one time...and that's only the top portion of my To Do List that never shrinks! My hair is only hanging on because of the amazing invention of dry shampoo and hair ties. My kitchen looks like the Avengers crew came through for a practice run before a battle, and while I'm typing on my laptop my arm keeps getting stuck on the counter from honey that somehow missed my kid's bowl. I say all this because, as long as you’re working towards something, don’t worry about how you get it done or what it looks like. It’s going to be messy, all good things start this way, sometimes it’s going to be hard, like really hard. BUT, you can make it happen if you continue to push through and give yourself credit for the small wins. Allow the mess and the noise to come and go and see your outcome in front of you. It may be hard to get to where you want to go, but if it came easy, everyone would be doing it!
Monday though. #reallife  Let me introduce or re introduce myself and their could not be a better selfie to use at the moment to sum up this phase of my life, except I'd like to insert a glass of wine in my hand at the moment but it's only 10am so we'll get to that this evening.  I'm Trish, I go by the handle @keepsippin. I'm surving motherhood on coffee and cheap wine one sip at a time which is also a metaphor for me to take life one step at a time. It's going to be what it's going to be and we cant control all aspects and that's where my version of yoga comes into play; Breath. Sip. Repeat.  I'm a boy-mom of 3. I recently became a newbie mom again after 5 years since my last baby. It's a hot mess but he is our surprise-mircale babe so we are soaking up every second of these sweet newborn days.  I've also been doing life with my husband @craftbeerpours for 13 years, he makes me laugh more than anyone ever could.  I'm a New Englander, the ocean is my happy place, I love hiking, baseball fan, a cheap winer lover, and a beer enthusiast, I have a big heart and a lover of life and the simple things.  What you see is what you get. I welcome you to join in and follow my shenanigans of life and motherhood.  Cheers  #momlife #insta #instagream #babyspitup #reallife #realtalk #newbiemom #newmom #boymom #momof3 #stainremover #somuchlaundry #introducingmyself #keepsippin #wine #beer #coffee #hotmess #survingmotherhood #whatyouseeiswhatyouget #stayathomemom #sahm #itsnotglamourus
Officially hit the halfway mark on this crazy awesome fitness program!!! Day 50/100 is done!! . And how am I feeling?! 💪🏻Strong. 🙌🏻Less stressed. 🕺Like a rockstar 🎉Excited for my workout every morning. 🥗Healthier . And so pumped to do this alongside a whole group of incredible women (and even some hubbies, including my own😍😍🔥) and watch them all SLAY this program and get insane results!!! . So what are you waiting for?! Join us!!! . . . . . #stayathomemom #happy #love #busymom #boymom #loseweight #guiltfree #mom #health #happiness #nh #toddler #preschooler #instadaily #livewell #balance #happymom  #inspiration #motivation #instructor #zumba #momlife #family #funtimes #momoftwo #tiredmom #momlife #hotmess #healthcoach #momof2
Want to attend Fall Fest, but don't live close to us? We've got a solution! 🍂 We've partnered up with @towersquarehotel to offer a Fall Fest bundle! This includes a room at Tower Square, and two tickets to Fall Fest. 👍🏼 DM us for the special link!
Bless the mess, and play in the dust! . . . #kids #lifeblessings #hotmess #blessthismess #family #schmootek
My allergies are a mess, I hardly slept and am exhausted, I didn’t shower this morning, it’s Monday...mu Jewelry is the only thing making me look put together this morning 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ #hotmess #allergies #ineedsleep #throwandgo #plundermepretty
Have I figured out how to get my hair to work in humidity? Nope. I just curled it. It will be flat in an hour. Also, my body hasn’t adjusted to the humidity either. My hair will be in a mom bun in about an hour as well because my scalp sweats a ton still. 😅 I see all these mom and Texans with their hair down looking all perfect and I’m the non-native hot mess that just came from the driest high desert climate ever. Help. 😂 That being said, loving the perfect mornings and late evenings here. 💛 Mid-day can kiss my ass though. • • • • • #militarylife #moving #newadventure #familyadventure #newbeginnings #anotherchapter #familylife #movingsucks #movingshenanigans #newtothesouth #texas #thehumidityisreal  #acisnowmybestfriend #missingcolorado #hotmess
Chronological series of events start to finish 🙏 if only all lights were like the ones in the first pic... Thanks for swinging by Hannah, love you 💕 #messes #hotmess #2019 #grownupish
So I thought my husband took today off, I’m all “it’s your turn to get up and let me sleep in” at 6am. He’s like “yeah, I didn’t take Monday off this week”... and up I get at 6am. Sassy, annoyed. All for the baby who was up to fall back asleep until 7:20 😑 . My house has been utterly destroyed and the tiny humans have only been up for 2 hours. I’m still in my feejays and honestly I have no motivation to mom OR housewife today. Anyone else with me? Total case of the Mondays. . So this is where I battle sin in my mundane, mediocre life. I’m either LAZY or I’m idolizing the clean house and perfect homeschool and budget over God. . (Anyone notice the Bible on the table? Don’t let that fool you... it hasn’t been opened in weeks... it was actually hidden in the container I had washable markers in 🙄) . When we’re asked to pray constantly, like HOW do you do that? I HAVE to cook, clean, mom... I do not spend every second in prayer and honestly God, that’s unrealistic to ask of me... so then my prayer life just falls completely to the wayside. . That’s when I think I have to realize that prayer is just a relationship with God. It’s as simple and as grand as that. We don’t always have to be actively talking OR listening sometimes ya just gotta invite God into your space, your messy, your busy, and just be with each other. . So, God. I don’t have words, or energy, or big moments but I do have dishes to wash, kids to discipline, diapers to buy and change, faces to wipe... and I’m just gonna invite you in there to be with me. Giving every second of my day to you as prayer. Giving every ounce of love and kindness I spread, the patience muster... as effort in my relationship with you through them. . Thanks for somehow making yourself so tiny to want a relationship and time with little, un-grand me to try to elevate me into kinship with all deserving, completely amazing... you. . #offeritup #projectblessed #messyhomeschool
Sometimes you gotta stop taking yourself so seriously. ⁣🤪 ⁣ Enjoy the moments. ⁣ Make memories. ⁣ Get caught in the rain & 50 mph winds in a boat in the ocean 😆🙈⁣ ⁣ #makingmemories #bahamas #rain #caughtintherain #boatride #silly #workit #hotmess #reversedieting #trackingmacros #positivevibes #postpartumbody #postpartumweightloss #momof3 #reflection #selflove #carnivalcruise #nassau #swimmingwithdolphins🐬  #momcation #nutrition #nutritioncoach #healthcoach
Still trying to learn the art of not being so hard on myself. Laugh more, care less and be ok with you.
Reality hit hard today. WTF am I doing!?! Sometimes I think I'm absolutely crazy!!! I'm a mobile dweller with 12 chickens 6 of who are roosters. 3 who live I side almost full time and the rest roost at night in my studio/laundry/mud room/closet and every other kind of purposeful room u can shove in a 7x7 space. This is not glamorous people. FAR FROM IT. Everything I do has one common ingredient, LOVE. and quite frankly at this moment it's what's holding the seams together. I am just overwhelmed at my daily realities, struggling to do all that is required of me. It's so challenging to keep up this lifestyle with as many amazing beings as I care for, that's not even mentioning the "neighbors" that I feed and care for on the daily. I'm sharing this post because my mental health depends on it, because there's got to be a healthier way of dealing/celebrating life than only sharing the pretty shit.  I mean can I just do a happy dance at the face that my life feels UNMANAGEABLE and chaotic and just exclaim it proudly because it's mine and I chose this mangled mess of feathers and fur, chicken wire and trailer tires!?! That because of my efforts 12 missfit and unwanted chickens have a loving home!  Even if it's a hot mess and not the best it could be or what I want for them, but it's what I have to offer right now. Can I just dance in the uncertainty of my business, laugh at the trials and question marks that is my future!?! Is life not worthy of celebrating even in the bullshit the hotmessness that it is on any given day?!? Oh friends, this is me, unfiltered and raw. That pic right up there, is where I call home it's that and where we park it, and who knows where that will be either. One thing I keep doing is showing up, showing up for my family, here with my art and story, here to help support you and your dreams, and for myself, to keep showing up and learning as I go, and we'll making it up as I go. - - - #ifimakeitthroughtodayitsgoodenough #chickenmom #hotmess
Monday morning is all about Hiding those bags under the eyes #tired #mondaymorning #hotmess
Please be sure and share the outcome with the rest of us @bunandleggings !  I don’t know where @bunandleggings has been hiding all this time but good thing for Instagram that she’s come out to play. She’s beyond funny.  Follow @bunandleggings . . #momaf #momproblems #momtruth #momlife #momminainteasy #momlifebelike #thisismotherhood #mommemes #parentinghumor #sahmproblems #mommymemes #parentingmemes #motherhoodunhinged #parentinglife #sahmlife #mommyproblems #parentinghumor #lifewithkids #hotmess #hotmessmom #ohheymama #organicmoms #realmoms #momprobs #forrealtho #laughoutloud #momtruth #truestory #instamom
Really cute 🌸✨ . . #hotmess #piggywithwings #oldtown
Walking into this week with a solid plan and a refreshed state of mind to conquer all of my dreams, how about you? Happy Monday! #prohibitionandpearls #monslay #designer #bespoke #tryingtogetmyshittogether #hotmess
Channeling my inner 90’s last summer with this slip dress over a mustard tee. It was over 40 degrees this particular day & I was at the #avalonairshow - I looked this fresh for precisely 2 minutes after exiting the vehicle. #bestintentions #hotmess #90svibes #mondaymemories