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Affirm that you want to attract. ✍️ An affirmation is really anything you say or think. A lot of what we normally say and think is quite negative and doesn’t create good experiences for us. We have to retrain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives. An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.” 🙏 •••• #healing #massagetherapy #wholistichaven #selfcare #selflove #forgive #wellbeing #liveinspired #mindandbody #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #healthyhappylife #nourishyourbody #justbreathe #lookwithin #ocmassage #mindbody #mindbodyspiritsoul #mindbodyconnection #mindfulness #affirmations
🙋‍♀️ Hands up, who loves making their own homemade lemonade 🍋 or even just making “potions” like when you were younger and playing with your friends. 👫 This is the perfect recipe to get the best of both worlds 🗺 whilst reminiscing.  Get yourself some added health benefits whilst using these immune boosting lemons 🍋 and dōTERRA essential oils 😊 🍃Basil is great for: 🍃 Strep throat 🍃 Bug repellent 🐛 🍃 Candida and so much more, and... 🍋 Lemons are great for: 🍋 Energy 🍋 Detoxing 🍋 Sore throat and so much more.  Wanting to learn more about essential oils? Check out this recipe and so much more in Advanced Oil Magic book 📖 it comes highly recommended. * Info courtesy of Advanced Oil Magic —————————————————— #homemaderecipes #lemonaderecipes  #lemonadestand #healthydrinks  #goodforyou #goodforyourhealth  #deliciousandhealthy #tastydrinks  #essentialoilrecipes #oilmagic  #lemonrecipes #basilrecipes  #oillife #oilylifemadesimple  #oilymama #essentialoillife  #naturalremedies #naturalhealth  #naturesmedicine #naturallywell  #southshields #sunderland  #northshields #newcastle  #theessentialsarah #theresanoilforthat  #healthandwellness #healthyhomes  #healthyliving #healthyhappylife
How do you know what type of diet will work for you? There are a shit load of “diet” trends right now, so how are you supposed to choose the right one that you can FINALLY stick with? Your best friend swears by keto, your coworkers have gone paleo, and that influencer you follow preaches about intermittent fasting. 🤔⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💥Here's an idea for you.... DON'T GO ON A DIET!💥⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💛What will REALLY allow you to progress toward your goals is NOT confining yourself to tricks you hear on social media or a diet that you think is your “quick fix.” What these diets neglect is YOUR specific goals and lifestyle... isn’t making these daily decisions work for YOU more important than what your neighbor is doing?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do you know how many diets say NO SUGAR, NO CHOCOLATE, NO DESSERT?! 😲 I say F**K that! MY healthy lifestyle definitely includes desserts, and I have jazzified many traditional dessert recipes to be lighter and still delicious! (Hence this beautiful picture of my [disorganized but organized] baking pantry.) 🍪⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Rather than looking for the quick fix that you don’t stick to anyway... It's time you allow yourself the freedom (and the PERMISSION) to LEARN how to create healthy eating habits that you can stick with for the rest of your life. 👏 Yea, don’t forget these “diets” sure don’t keep sustainability in mind, do they?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's no wonder so many people continually start over and over on a "diet." ✋ Without the freedom to experiment with what works for YOU, it’s impossible to see your healthy eating journey as an opportunity to make lifelong changes -- and that does NOT happen from a diet... that happens by using the right resources and being surrounded by a
Definition: "Characteristic of good health, or a sound and vigorous mind: a healthy appearance; healthy attitudes. conducive to good health; healthful: healthy recreations." When we have Health and Happiness we really have two of the most essential things we need in our lives.. We always want more and constantly strive for something better, more money, better car, new clothes etc. Ambition and goals are good to have, but if you tear down your health chasing material things, what good will it do if you can't enjoy it at the end of the day? Take a moment and think about it. Without your health, most things that brings happiness won't mean as much.  If you are lucky enough to possess the value of good health, don't take it for granted, nurture it and give it the same attention you give your drive for making money and chasing material value.  Health + Happiness = Real Life Value  #healthiness #healthinesswithin #health #happiness #lifegoals #reallife #reallifegoals #reallifegoals #reallifestyle #keepingitreal #goodhealth #value #reallifevalue #valueofhealth #healthylifestyle #healthylife #happylife #healthyhappy #healthyhappylife #healthyhappylifestyle #healthyhappylifetribe #healthyhappiness #livewell #livewellbewell #livelifetothefullest #livelifehappy #livelaughlove #body #mind #soul
Vi ersatte en vanliga korvstroganoff med ”Pärsons middagskorv” istället för falukorv och ”oatly imat fraiche” istället för grädde. Resultatet? En vegetarisk korvstroganoff som smakar precis som originalet, dvs supersmarrigt 🙌 detta serverades med gurkmeja quinoa och vitkålssallad!  Vi förespråkar naturliga råvaror snarare än processade (korven i detta fall) men ibland slinker en och annan korvstroganoff ner, för vem kan förneka att korvstroganoff inte är livets gåva 😋
I am  I am a woman who likes to lift weight I am a woman who likes to have muscles  I am a woman who puts in hard work for her body and has no problem showing it. ▪️ ▪️ People always have so much to say about a girl who post her body.. whether is “she’s too muscular” “she’s too small” “she’s showing too much” “she’s too into herself”  Whatever it is that people have to say about what I post or what you decide to post, let them. Let them all talk and say what they want because at the end of the day it is YOU that is living YOUR life, no one else. It’s your choices that matter, it’s what you want that matters. At the end of the day all that matters is what you think of yourself and that you are happy with who you are.  Whatever you decide to put on a social media platform, just be real with it and be you.  The real ones will show up for you as long as you keep showing up for yourself✊🏽 • • • • • #fitnessmotivation #fitgirls #goalgetter #bodybuilding #figure #ladyboss #girlswholift #passion #gymlife #healthyhappylife #mindset #workforit #bereal #beyou #authentic #confident #bodypositive #selfloveisthebestlove #independent #strongsexywoman
Here's a friendly reminder that you don't need a six pack to wear your sports bra at the gym. Sis, it's hot when you're lifting weights 🤷🏾‍♀️
Sunday’s are my day for productivity. I REALLY like to start the week off on the right note with fresh sheets, laundry done, clean kitchen and maybe a face mask if I’m lucky 😹 working around and prepping meals for the week makes me not want to cook an actual Sunday meal 😬 easy frozen black bean burgers are where it’s at ☝🏻⁣ ⁣ I depend so much on frozen goods because life is BUSY and frozen is convenient 😽 for lunch like this just heat up a black bean burger and add whatever leftovers you have as sides! I had Japanese sweet potato noodles and some greens 🥗⁣ ⁣ What’s on your Sunday to do list? Tell me in the comments 💜
Check out my recent photos on my model profile @divinity.ab ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #lovinglife #lovewhatido #amazing #liveinspired #mindbodysoul #healthyhappylife #lovethis #inspired #loveyourbody #liveyourbestlife #socialmedia #model #modellife #inspiration #insirationalquotes #motivation #motivationalquotes
Y’all know my fav motto FOOD IS MEDICINE. Food has the power to make us feel good which I’m alllllll about. 🥗🥒🍋🥑🥕🍠🍌🍎🥝🍅 This BOMB whole food salad is simple, easy, delicious and packed with healing properties. * bed of greens (y’all already know leafy greens are one of the best foods for us) * cucumbers - hydrating, cleansing, reverse liver damage * tomatoes - cancer preventing, reverse diabetes and immune support * mushrooms- also cancer preventing and an anti inflammatory that reverse asthma, allergies, RA and just body inflammation. * avocado - healthy fat, strengths the heart, slows down the aging process * sprouts - support the brain, remove heavy metals from body and reverses brain fog * green onion - stabilizes blood sugar and purifies the GI track * quinoa- nutrient packed carb option  I then love to top the salad with garlic, pepper and little splash of extra virgin olive oil. This salad will get you FEEL GOOD and taste buds dancing for joy.
Gathering with my oily friends.... . Alhamdulillah, another fruitful weekend. Terlaksana sharing about essential oils for kids and belajar tentang Vitaflex technique. . Hope this sharing is beneficial to everyone, since this topic is close to every mom’s heart. Always remember the rules of thumb. Start LOW and go SLOW.  Find reputable resources if you want to go deeper. And let’s start practising Vitaflex to our kids :) .  A small sharing/class like this is not just about to gain knowledge about essential oil. It is beyond that. We meet new friends, we learn from each other and we inspire each other in many ways, be it as a mom, sister, daughter, housewife and working mom. .  We may come from various background, but we have the same goal, a collective mission- to better our health and wellness :) .  I feel blessed and grateful...alhamdulillah . Think you wanna have that experience? . Take a leap of faith. Hear me out.  #oilyfamily #essentialoils #aromatherapy #essentialoilsrock #essentialoilsforthewin #healthyhappylife #holisticwellness #organiclifestyle #wellnessblogger #marvelousoiler #linieyleo #younglivingpenang #younglivingsungaiara #younglivingbayanlepas #younglivingdamansara #younglivingshahalam #younglivingmelaka #younglivingutara
A fresh start... I’m joining the @createthelove community and book club... there is always room for improvement and learning to communicate better can only be a good thing. The next 8 weeks will be interesting... . . . # #healthymindset #highvibelife #highvibes #lawofattraction #manifest #manifestyourdreams #positiveintentions #powerofthemind #positiveliving #tribevibes #selfgrowth #personalgrowth #positiveattitude #positiveminds #selftalk #thinkhappythoughts #healthyhappylife #healthmatters #liveinspired #mindandbody #mindfulliving #selfloveclub #wellnessjourney #ipreview via @preview.app
“He looks for persistence, not perfection.” The last time I took notes in my church journal during a sermon was the month before Liam was born. 14 months ago. I mean for real, pen on fire, can’t write fast enough kind of notes. That’s hard to admit. Shameful, even. And it’s changing starting today. I am thankful for a merciful Father that finds me where I am, even when I don’t find Him first.  Stepping into this new season of work, school, motherhood, marriage and home making all rolled into one is daunting. I know I’m not going to be able to do it alone. After lots of prayer, reflection, and good conversations, I’ve come to know this is one of those things where it’s either “seek me and trust me” or fall on your face. 😂 (isn’t everything that way, though??) I’ve not been exactly the most diligent with getting into the Word on a daily basis. Not that it isn’t on my heart, but seeking His knowledge and truth beyond the 365 reading plan (we’re in Numbers) and what I already know. Listening to our Pastor this morning (@rlpastorj always on 🔥 @reallifefl , listen online at real.life!), going back through all my sermon notes, mannnn I’m filled with the spirit and ready to MOVE! Back to the grind. Putting His Word first. Whatever His Will, let it be done.  Let’s do this. 👊🏼
'Where you are today is because of the habits you've picked up along the way'. Growing up (I'm the curly haired little one in the middle) we had dessert every night and at school I always had a little brownie or cupcake for dessert when I was done eating too.  It's not a blame time when you realize that little habits like this growing up affect who we are, how we feel, and what we do today.  It's just time to start learning to replace those habits with ones that will help heal you and make you a healthier and happier version of yourself.  I used to eat ice cream every night. Ask anyone that knows me... ice cream back in the day was a serious thing for me. I played so muchbaoccer, ran cross country, ran on the track team.. I could eat a LOT of ice cream and I did.  Just start looking at your habits that you know need some TLC and start giving them the attention they need.  I still have ice cream on occasion but I've learned to love fruit (through exposure & consistency) and now when I crave sweets, I crave mangos or berries. But the thing is I don't crave them that often either.. so it works out now but it was a hard habit to replace.  Some habits were obvious like this one but then others not so much... Some habits are this easy and some are a very complex + hard emotionally to do.  However, every step in the right direction and every time I invested in ME... I slowly became the woman I am today.  It's subtle changes but with a positive mindset, you can do anything.  You just have to take those steps.  4 nutrition breakthrough sessions left for this week. DM if you're needing to learn your new habits that will help you feel like you but with energy and happier moods. ✌  And P.S.  the Health Reset Academy is opening up for enrollment soon. 🥳 keep your 👀 +👂 open
Each day, in some small way,  seek to amaze as much as be amazed. Remember, you are energy. You are a wave!
Self Care🌾 ✧ Taking up space :: this has been a HUGE theme for me personally. I am recognizing how uncomfortable I am with exposing my vulnerabilities due to childhood patterning + belief systems about weakness. Layer upon layer, the truth keeps revealing itself, the illusions become more obvious + less alluring. It is so beautiful. I am recognizing time and time again how much strength it takes to be an empath in this time.🌫 ✧ Everything happens for a reason, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot recognize that things can be insane lol. Balance in all things. Self care, and feeling safe to be oneself is of vital importance for our expansion.  With this comes the importance of self care + feeling comfortable taking up space. ✧ What does this mean exactly? Taking up space refers to being comfortable being oneself, not feeling the need to shrink or be small to make others feel better or at ease. You chose to come into this world exactly as you are. The universe needs you as you are. Not all of us were encouraged to be ourselves growing up, and with the society of comparison + competition it’s no wonder. It is not their fault per say, but it is now up to us to help ourselves feel at ease + at peace in ourselves.💫🌈 ✧ So how do you do this if it’s not something you’re used to? Well when I start to drift away from myself, I begin to pull the things that light me up closer to me + engage myself in those activities that make me feel alive! Currently those are the park + singing (and horses!!). What makes you happy? What enables you to let go and feel truly happy? Do that! ✧ For personalized insight + healing on all things inner child, energy + self care, book a session via Email or DM! ✧ #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #hippielifestyle #nourishyourself #nontoxichome #nontoxicliving #energyhealing
Good afternoon to you loves! Yesterday I did not post, I wasn’t really on my phone & just enjoyed the time being spent!  I took this picture on my last trip to Florida in the Wynwood district! I take traveling as an opportunity to reinvent my thoughts & outlooks. Sometimes we can’t have the luxury of traveling all of the time so taking pictures can be nostalgic for me. Having an image can remind me how I felt in that moment and what inspired me. Life is truly about reclaiming new perspectives and ways of developing yourself. Test out some new hobbies & see if in anyway you are re-inspired!  Thanks for readying, with love Xo ◌ ◌ #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #holistichealing  #nourishyourself #nontoxichome #nontoxicliving #nontoxicskincare #organiclifestyle #spapreneur #organicbeauty #integrativenutrition  #fitforme #justbreathe #lookwithin #mantramonday #moveyourbody #hippievibes #inspirationdaily #cleanliving #cleaneating #dailydetox
Never. Fails. 🙄 🧦 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #laundrylife #sundayfunday #laughterismedicine
Lavender and Frankincense ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This combo is so dreamy in the diffuser. Good night's sleep for a Sunday night, ready to tackle the world!⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingeo #yleo #yleotips #oilymama #theresanoilforthat ⁠⠀ #nontoxicliving #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #hippielifestyle #nourishyourself #nontoxichome #essentialoils #aromatherapy  #natural #wellness #essentialoil #desertwillowwellness #lavenderessentialoil #frankincenseessentialoil ⁠⠀ #plantlady #plant #plantbased