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Ferrari at Goodwood festival of Speed 2019  #goodwood #gfos #goodwoodfestivalofspeed #cars #goodwoodfestivalofspeed2019#racing #ferrari #car #f1 #formula1 #like4like #follow4follow #f4f #follow4followback #l4l
Goodwood Festival of Speed | Part 26 | The level of detail and love that is shown to these 80+ year old motorcycles was beyond inspiring. Each one was and still is lovingly cared for. The hand painted logos is what really spoke to us. It makes these machines almost more individual, no two will ever look the same. The shapes that people managed to pull off back in the day with metal just makes you realise it was a workforce of craftsmen not assembly workers. Then, these are race bikes. Built prove what each manufacturer could achieve on the board/dirt tracks of America in the first third of the 20th Century. They are simple in construction yet complex in their engineering. Managing the bike while also keeping it fast is something I’m still trying to get my hand around with the ignition cut, no brakes and a throttle essentially wide open or closed. We’re always into older motorcycles, doesn’t matter where from or what year there is just something about them that speaks to us. Whispers in our ear and captivates our very souls. It would seem that @20thcenturyracing and @matthewolsen have the same invisible guidance. The time I spent with this inspiring couple has made me appreciate a lot more things and made me realise and focus on what I’m actually after in life, in terms of automotive achievements. These bikes are well and truly committed to my memory. If I could have something like that little ‘28 @indianmotorcycle to ride everyday, you can sure as sh*t guarantee I would. Or that beautiful blue @harleydavidson racer. When you’re surrounded by super positive and inspiring people, it becomes contagious. It is no longer an option to be anything but upbeat and committed. Meeting Matt and Brittney at @fosgoodwood this year was genuinely a highlight for me. I had been a fan of theirs for many years so it was amazing to know that sometimes it’s good to meet your heroes. Hopefully we’ll see @20thcenturyracing and @matthewolsen back again in the West Sussex
Goodwood Festival of Speed | Part 25 | Sometimes life takes you on turns that lead to somewhere even better than you were before. Sometimes it leads you down a row of tents culminating in meeting 2 of the most awesome people you’ve ever had the honour of meeting. We’re talking about the unforgettable @20thcenturyracing and @matthewolsen. The light was fading fast on the West Sussex countryside. As the sun dipped below the wooded horizon, me and @aurimasrm decided to go and check out a collection of awesome old bikes we’d seen on the Wednesday during the build just on the off chance they were still there or like around us, it was merely an empty open sided tent with only a few oil stains to commit to memory that some serious racing machines were there. Matt and Brittney were possibly 2 of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The most welcoming, enthusiastic and hospitable duo I can think of in racing. We talked with Matt as he prepared an old Harley for transport back stateside, he seemed calm but meticulous in his work. Brittney was preparing all her racing gear into an old suitcase as we began to chat. You could clearly see that these amazing people were in it for the passion, that’s how you become a 5 times Vintage Motorcycle champion. It’s through hard work, determination and passion. While we talked I couldn’t help but notice what was quite honestly the most beautiful old @indianmotorcycle that stood on its handmade stand. It’s lines were so pure and organic. I fell in love. It was the perfect accompaniment for a photo with queen racer herself. We snapped a few photo as we talked and laughed about everything under the sun for a few hours until the sun had well and truly travelled West like these fine people had to the next day. It was an atmosphere I’ll never forget, but the story was only just beginning. | 📷 by @aurimasrm & 🖊 by @skinnernick93
Porshce  Cam Am Car  #porsche #camam #goodwood #gfos #goodwoodfestivalofspeed #cars #goodwoodfestivalofspeed2019#racing #fold#car #f1 #formula1 #like4like #follow4follow #f4f #follow4followback #l4l
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Goodwood Festival of Speed | Part 24 | There it was. The only @porsche 917 to have a number plate. Of course what lay in front of us was the infamous Count Rossi car. Most petrolheads are familiar with the chassis unique and winding story, but few have got to see it in such detail. It is, bizarrely, a bit rough. Not the bodywork or anything mechanically but it’s interior just looks a bit sh*t. Our guide was telling us how back in the day, the count simply took the switches out of a Fiat 800 and just went “yeah, that works” and so they remain to this day. When we say about the interior being a bit crap we just mean the fit and finish isn’t what you’d imagine with a car like this. Then, you remember it’s an ex-racecar that’s been “converted” for road use. Why is that in quotations? Well, a lot of the car is still very much a race car. Nothing to the chassis changed. It still runs its original tubular space frame and much of its original fibreglass bodywork, everything that comes along with that. The biggest changes were some mechanical alterations. It now runs a 4 speed gearbox as opposed to the savage 5 speed fitted to its track purpose brethren. The fuel tanks had to be shrunk in order to allow for more passenger space. According to our “informant” the car is fine for about 100KM then you have to fill it back up. The most shocking part of this story was when our new friend told us the cost of a new block... there were 2 prices. A brand new machined “replica” block for around 50,000 to 75,000 euros or... a real block. Only a few are left around... and each has a value in the millions. This thing left me in absolute shock and awe. The three 917’s we managed to spend time with just happened to be 3 of some of the most important chassis’s that were built in Stuttgart. The Count Rossi 917 as this one is known blew our minds. The front cover had been taken off allowing access to its inner workings too. What shocked myself and Moose was the
Would you drive this car? What are your thoughts? Photo by @j.b_photography
#repost @janko.lind ・・・ Vacation is over! New episode 15th Aug at 16:00 (CET +1). Me, @mike964_61 and @renneleven experiencing @fosgoodwood  https://www.youtube.com/c/jankolind . #janko_lind #jankolind #youtuber #porsche #porschecenterstockholm #porschestockholm #porschesweden #tagheuer #nortimewatches #porschelife #porschepix #instacar #michelin #porschedanderyd #porschecenterdanderyd  #goodwoodfestivalofspeed2019 #goodwoodfestivalofspeed #theartofdriving #michelinfos #porschefos #fos
Vacation is over! New episode 15th Aug at 16:00 (CET +1). Me, @mike964_61 and @renneleven experiencing @fosgoodwood  https://www.youtube.com/c/jankolind . #janko_lind #jankolind #youtuber #porsche #porschecenterstockholm #porschestockholm #porschesweden #tagheuer #nortimewatches #porschelife #porschepix #instacar #michelin #porschedanderyd #porschecenterdanderyd  #goodwoodfestivalofspeed2019 #goodwoodfestivalofspeed #theartofdriving #michelinfos #porschefos #fos
Time for another one of my favourite Ferrari’s, a car that I’ve always wanted to see which I saw for the first time at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.  Michael Schumacher’s 1997 Ferrari 310B is probably most known for controversy after the season finale, however it was a great year for Schumacher.  What I love about this car is it was talked about so much as I was just getting into F1 and to see it was almost going back to my childhood. What a fantastic car, livery and time for F1.  #f1 #formula1 #formulaone #michaelschumacher #schumacher #keepfightingmichael #ferrari #ferrarif1 #scuderiaferrari #maranello #maranelloferrari #italy #fiat #1997 #goodwood #goodwoodfestivalofspeed2019 #goodwoodfos #fos #fos2019 #2019 #auto #autocar #motorsport #racecar #singleseaters #gripping