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Lovely colours yesterday evening 🍃the days are getting much shorter now 🌼I hope you are all well 🌱#colours #eveningsky #evening #sky #wellbeing #health #emotionalhealth #enjoythesky #perthshire #scotland #nature #outdoors #teaplantation #tea #blue #pink #orange #red
Healthy feeds for healthy mind #goodafternoon #emotionalhealth #healthymind #emotionaldiet #dieting #healthyfood #meditation #selfcare #required #mustdo #heavenandearth #themindsjournal #thegoodquotes #forbetterlife #nodepression #treatdepression #intuition #intuitiveminds #instawritings #wordsporn #wordshub #emotionalstrength  #keepcalm  @calm @words_for_emotions @emotional__writer_ @live.love.deepika @live.love.life_explore @gentlewomensayings @dtwellbeing @thewellbeingteamglobal @healthy.foodyss @healthy_ish @healthymindsethealthylife @healthyfittnes @healthypleasures.de
"BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER"  I know you woke up happy and ready for the day, and you started your normal morning routine,  but then you were reminded that your friend cancelled plans for coffee, and all of a sudden your world changed, and you knew something was wrong. Immediately you went from happy to sad, and to depressed.  Within minutes you were in tears, but a tsunami flooded over your whole body.  I know you are really good at beginnings, but find it difficult to keep the good feelings going.  I know you are ruled by unstable and overwhelming emotions, but I also know, that on the days you hold on one more minute, and then another minute longer, that your inner strength is finding it's way to the surface, and you finding a way to persevere. . . . #greetingcard #greetingcards #cards #borderlinepersonalitydisorderawareness #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #holdon #bpdsupport #bpdawareness #keepgoing #bpdsupport #actuallyborderline #eupd #mentalhealthmatters #bpdproblems #depressionawareness #emotionalhealth #depressionsupport #emotionalwellness #selfscceptance #selfcarematters #unconditionallove #youcandohardthings #believeinyourself #keeptalkingmh
Ich hatte früher nie eine besonders starke Libido. Sex war nie etwas, was ich besonders brauchte oder forcierte, ich tat es einfach, meist ohne viel Lust darauf.  Erst, als ich anfing, meinen Beckenboden zu trainieren, ein Gefühl für mich bekam und meine Libido explodierte, merkte ich, wie viel schöner die Welt um mich herum aussah, wenn ich Lust hatte. Dabei hatte ich nicht nur Lust auf Sex, sondern Lust aus Leben, aufs Erleben, auf die Welt. ☀️ ☀️ Eine fehlende Libido kann nicht nur eine Partnerschaft sehr belasten, sie kann auch die „Eignerin“ der Libido verzweifeln lassen. Unsere Libido ist eng mit unserer Sicht auf die Welt verknüpft und lässt uns das Leben freudiger, sinnvoller und bunter sehen. Unser Sein ergibt ganz plötzlich einen Sinn und unser Leben macht Spaß. ☀️ ☀️ Libido kann durch Stress verschwinden, durch mangelnden Respekt in der Partnerschaft, durch Medikamente, Störungen der Schilddrüse oder des Hormonsystems. Liegt hier jedoch kein Hindernis vor, ist die Libido durchaus trainierbar. Ergebnis einer trainierten Libido ist ein sonnenscheindurchtränktes Leben, in dem die Farben bunter erscheinen und der Alltag an Leichtigkeit gewinnt. Sex wird außerdem mehr “für sich” erlebt und macht damit mehr Spaß, als wenn man nur “weil alle es tun” mitmacht oder weil der Partner es will.  __________________________  ##persönlichkeit #persönlichkeitsentwicklung #körper #emotionen #frauenpower #natürlich #selbstbewusst #emotionalwellbeing #emotionalhealth #wahrheit #bodyacceptance #selfempowerment #sexeducation #femalepower #selflovetips #selfcarehacks #selfcareroutine #clitoris #libido #sinnlichkeit #sinnlich #libidobooster #pussypower
Day 262. It's the weekend. Time to get down and dirty and play a little 😜 #mud #earthing
"The way you look at life can make you big or make you give up on everything!" Follow 👉🏽 @wilsincero www.instagram.com/wilsincero . . . . . . #motivation #power #inspiration #reflection #life #thinking #goals #truth #challenge #faith #experience #overcoming #emotionalhealth #lifestyle #mindset #fitness #health #workout #hardcore👊🏼 @therock
Flower essences are a vibrational therapy that are a catalyst in unlocking your full potential, resolving negative beliefs, calming your mind and thought loops, whilst enhancing your emotional health and wellbeing 😑 I’m now offering flower essence only consults - 30min including your first remedy. They are a great complementary therapy to acupuncture, myotherapy/massage, naturopathy, physio/osteo and can be used whilst pregnant, in all ages and in conjunction with medications and supplements. 🌸 Have you used them before? Let me know how they’ve worked for you 😊  #naturopath #goldcoast #naturalmedicine  #health #wellness #floweressences #abfe #anxiety #goldcoast #wellbeing #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth
At the end of the day, you are enough 😊💖 You don't have to prove your worth to anyone but yourself & you don't have to be anything that you are not (- breathe & just be YOU). 🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ======================================== #lifecoach #justbeyou #dreams #breathe #love #stayhappy #selflove #wellness #miracles  #coaching #passion #purpose #breathe  #happiness #keepgoing #yougotthis #worthy #emotionalhealth #yourstorymatters #youareloved #youareenough
Because they do not serve you, are detrimental to your happiness and mental health and because you are worth so much more! ❤️ . . . . . . . . . .  #livingyouruncompromisedlife  #relationships #breakup #partners #colleagues #work #children #coaching #support #therapy #lifecoach #separation #hypnotherapy  #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #gratutide #mariefraser #marietfraser #empowered #empowerment #freedom
⚕️When we see certain behaviours of loved ones which we feel are not right for them, we advice them to change. But if they are not keen, our words get ignored. ▪️ ✨Sometimes, people may not accept your advice or suggestions due to their ego. At other times they may lack the power to implement your words. Do not argue with them, criticise or insist. Use your thought power to positively influence them. ▫️ ✨Remember that every thought you create for someone is energy which travels as vibrations. It transcends barriers of space and time, reaches that person and influences them. ▪️ ✨During meditation emerge that person on the screen of your mind. Send them pure and powerful vibrations of the change you desire to see in them. It could be relating to their health, happiness, habits, career, relationships, finances, anything. ▫️ ✨Even during the day, create powerful thoughts for them, for example create thoughts for someone’s health as, “He is a happy being. Every cell of his body is filled with love, purity and power. His treatment is giving him perfect health.” Your vibrations elevate their energy field and empower them to heal. ▪️▫️▪️ #motivationalquotes #motivations #motivationalwords #quotes #love #relationships #medical #doctor #usmle #neetpg #nevergiveup  #purity #power #emotionalhealth #time #mindset #motivation #positivevibes #beyou #bestrong #bebest #quoteoftheday #lifechanger #positivity #drapurvapopat
WHAT MAKES A CITY LIVABLE? 🏡 ⠀ After coming across typical Hungarian "service" this week (and getting super mad and frustrated, of course) I started wondering, what makes a city livable? ⠀ According to the Livability website, the criteria are amenities, demographics, economy, education, healthcare, housing, social and civic capital, transportation and infrastructure. ⠀ Millennials named affordability №1 criterion that they rely on when deciding where to live. ⠀ Mercer's quality of life survey considers the following criteria: recreation, housing, economic environment, consumer goods availability, public services an transport, political and social environment, natural environment, socio-cultural environment, school and education, medical and health considerations. This year Vienna has been named №1 city in the world to live in for the 10th year in a row! ⠀ Considering the fact that I don't like Vienna (no offense to the city, it just doesn't resonate with me), I wonder what really matters to me when choosing a place to live? Even though all the above-mentioned criteria are extremely important, I would put people first and then probably safety second. It is really important for me to be surrounded by good people, people I vibe with, people that can become family to me in this unfamiliar place. When I have a strong support system, I can close my eyes on some minor drawbacks of the city) ⠀ Would you like to know 10 reasons to love Budapest? (I will probably throw in a few reasons why I don't love it anyway😆) If it's a yes comment ➕ below!
🌞Morning OMies!! The gallery looks absolute fun! 👌😍 So excited to see what you all come up with today's theme.😀 I'm sharing this Baby Grasshopper Pose that speaks as an absolute beginner level for me now haha. 😅 And I'm so freaking happy about it also, I can't stop smiling.  Coz 5 months ago, even the beginner level grasshopper pose felt too terrifying to me, no seriously. You see I wasn't even able to get my shoulder past my knee and lifting my leg off the ground was an absolute nightmare for my hip pain. So I just couldn't. Yet however imperfect it looks, THIS was my best shot back then. So is today's shot. There's power in consistency that's creating all the difference. Also having said that, remember your best will always vary under different circumstances. 🙂 What matters is you give your best at the  moment! 👍That is all. So keep up with that.  Now back to the pose, those who's looking for a rather beginner friendly variation, hop in along, let's twin. 😉 If you want a video, let me know, I'll make one and share in stories. 😊 And for those who can, must check with my stunning cohosts for their funky variations.  Welcome to Day 2 of 🌸| #flexyhippilastic2 |🌸 Pose: Any pose with Hopper leg / Grasshopper pose 🌹 Your Fun Hosts: 🌼Khushi @stardivakhushi 🌼Suchi @Suchitra_rx 🌼Hemaxi @yogi.hemaxi 🌼Maria @hfm_yogaholic . 🌹 Your Fun ️Sponsors: 🎁@liforme (My Mat: Use my Code STARDIVA19 for 10% off on entire order) 🎁@kdwapparel 🎁@khormaherbs 🎁@zenpolitan  ______________________________________  #postpartumfitness#yogachallenge#igyogachallenges#yogaworld#igyogis#igyogacommunity#igyogafam#yogini#yogamom#indianmoms#india_gram#postpartumhealth#postpartumweightloss#transformations#growthmindset
🌎Excerpt from Survival Of The Earthling🌎  Is it human nature?  Declaring me unable to resist,  Insisting confession in these seething eyes that meet your breathing lies  Your miss placed lust  My stolen trust  All the souls you rob  That make me dream of murder  And call nightmares dreams.  By all means,  Insist on a title and find the cure to curb the inability to understand this pure propensity  Let’s call it human nature,  The effects of one soul’s murder  Let the culprit run,  But go ahead and call out the defiled and dark mind that pens these lines  The mind that asks if it’s human nature,  That makes it feel tormented after torrid times  Renounced as anything else but a mere object  Assured that it is merely dust displaced in nature,  Scattered around,  Yet far from grounded.  Could this be,  Dread the thought as it will,  Could it depict,  An earthling’s human nature?  Is it human nature,  Or human hurt?... #humannature #survivaloftheearthling  #literature #perfection #nature #life #aesthetic #battlewarrior #poet #poetry #writing #words #poemporn #bleedingink #whattheworldneedsislove #selflove #healing #poetofcolor #mindtothepoweroftheheart #emotionalhealth #fridayspoem #humancondition #scorpio♏ #shadow #carljungquotes #darkness #evolution #psychology #love (C)2019 M^h Wordpaintings
My writing isn’t what I want it to be.⁣ ⁣ The enemy tells me that I am not at all making a difference because of “holding back” in my wanting to have boundaries and respect for others. ⁣ What do you do when you feel like the lord has given you a huge passion and gift for something if you can’t even utilize it to the capacity you want to?⁣ ⁣ But then I remember it’s not just about the writing. It’s the discipline. Learning to talk about things openly, while also having integrity. Making sure no one feels exposed or upset about what I want to say.⁣ stewarding the little to be trusted more with the big. ⁣ Sometimes I believe that I’m just tiptoeing around and stepping on eggshells. As I sit and eat this burger outside on a random Thursday night, with so much heavy on my heart— can I talk about it in a way that means something to someone?⁣ ⁣ “If only I wasn’t holding back, I’d  make it.”⁣ ⁣ I know it’s a lie. I know and have known since I was a teenager that I was better at writing than I was verbally.⁣ ⁣ I don’t know how god wants me to use it and I don’t know what He’s up to now that will matter later in life.⁣ ⁣ But I do think I know that recklessness could look like thinking “I’m only operating in what God gave me a passion for if I can do it unfiltered.”⁣ ⁣ When in reality, I can do this while also learning the discipline of doing it with integrity and boundaries. It’s not just about the writing and letting it all out. It’s also about continually listening to what God wants me to learn about this thing I believe he’s given me an excitement for. It all works together. ⁣ ⁣ The special thing you feel like the Lord has asked you of doesn’t have to be simple and seamless or nothing at all. Enjoy the whole process and shebang. It’s supposed to be refining, whatever it is. Maybe it’s “a little right now” and “a little more later.” Just being faithful in the small.
🔵Oh look, it’s a big blue ball🔵 ————————————————— 💭 what if picking our emotional route for the day were as simple as picking something off a shelf? 💁🏻‍♀️ well maybe it kind of is ... ————————————————— I learned something this week from a work colleague who is Zulu; his uncle passed last week & my grandpa this week. A tradition in Zulu when they mourn, is to behave during mourning. Don’t display bad behaviors, drink, gamble, party — don’t start doing something that is destructive or unhealthy for coping bc when you turn to a negative coping mechanism during a time of loss & suffering it “will haunt you forever”. 🙌🏼 ————————————————— 💭 how many of us turn to a bottle, a stranger, a credit card to max out, when we are sad and lost inside? How many times do we fill voids with fast food, cheap liquor, bad quality television filled with nonsense when we are sad, down, and lost 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know I have and I know so many other who do & guess what? A lot of our bad habits come from these moments of sorrow 🙇🏻‍♀️ ————————————————— The passing of my Pawpaw has opened my eyes 👀 and I’ve driven myself into my work & into my goals this week instead of into a pub or a McDonalds. I’m choosing to mourn in a productive & uplifting way. I’m keeping his work ethic alive 🛠 ————————————————— How do you mourn the loss of someone? What behaviors do you display when you’re trying to heal that propel you forward... and more importantly which behaviors do you display in times of sadness that hold you back? 💎 there’s a way to channel happiness through loss & im here to prove it! ————————————————— #coping #mourning #innerdialogue #pickyourselfup #pickyourpoison #activewear #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #healing
What does apologising have to do with happiness? A LOT. Expressing emotions including guilt, shame and regret helps us keep our head and hearts clean and uncrowded where positive emotions can take birth and blossom.  You keep your room clean because you spend so much time in it. It’s the same with your mind. You spend close to 24 hours a day with it thus, you must empty out everything that doesn’t deserve space in it.  Who all should you apologise to?  1) OTHERS - It may be difficult, awkward or embarrassing but it is worth doing. The hardest apologies will make the biggest difference not to the ones wronged but to YOU.  Acknowledging your mistake is half the work and the other half is bending and accepting it in front of the other. It does YOU so much good. . . 2) THE UNIVERSE - how often do you blame life/this world for the problems you face, the emotions you’re unable to deal with and the questions you’re unable to answer? Do you vent your frustration and claim you deserve better? The truth is we often get so much more than we deserve but are small-minded to be able to appreciate it. . . Developing a positive relationship with the universe gives you a friend, a support system, and a mentor like no other. The universe is always on your side. No matter how much shit you go through, blaming it will not change anything. Apologising and moving forward like a mature human being will. Talk to it and seek its guidance. You’ll be surprised with how forthcoming it can be. . .  3) YOURSELF - Last but not the least, you also deserve an apology for everything you’ve put yourself through. Your body nourishes you but you often abuse it by not sleeping enough, not eating healthy, not resting when you need to or by consuming more alcohol/sugar than you should. Your mind works 24*7 and yet you curse it when it’s unable to figure things out at the speed you would like. Instead of giving it opportunities to recuperate, you ask more of it and feel no guilt either.
What did you do to make yourself proud today?  Today, I went to a class at @crunchpoughkeepsie called 30 in 30 and it kicked my ass. I haven’t been so fatigued so quickly since I did insanity.  I’m proud of this because I worry that I’m going to be a spectacle in a group workout.  Let’s all watch the fat girl jump kind of thing. The reality is that most people don’t give a damn about me and they’re just focusing on their workout.  I got over myself and went and I’m so proud I did.  It’s easy to get in your own head. To talk down to yourself. To belittle yourself. Many of us do this all the time without even noticing. This negative self-talk is horrible for our self-image and self-compassion.  It holds us back from taking advantage of opportunities and stifles our dreams. With so much discouragement in our own heads it’s easy to give up before we start. The key is to remember your value. Remember your strength. And give yourself permission to try.  I got a crystal today from the @dreaminggoddess to help me take control of my own inner narrative.  If the thing you’re most proud of today is making it to the end of this post - comment a 🌙 below!  #makeyouproud #proudofme #workwhenitshard #pushyourself #selftalk #selftalkmatters #emotionalhealth #crystalhealing #controlyournarrative #yogilou #manifestthatshit