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#greenlifestylechallenge Day 83: Know how to spot greenwashing . . So, you're trying to do the right thing and want to buy products that are eco-friendly. But as you walk down the grocery store aisles you don't even know what's actually sustainable and what's just misleading and clever marketing. Don't worry, you're not the only one who is frustrated by corporations making their products seem greener than they actually are. This issue is so prevalent there's even a term for it: greenwashing. . . According to wikipedia  greenwashing is “a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception an organization's products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.” . . Here are 5 tips to help you see past these sneaky marketing practices . 1. Be critical of language like “eco-friendly,” “all-natural,” "naturally-derived," or “green.” Lots of harmful products are naturally-derived! . . 2. Look for respected, third party certifications on the label such as FSC, USDA Organic, or EPA's Safer Choice. . 3. Be aware of more subliminal marketing strategies such as images of grass, flowers, farms, etc. on the packaging.  Keurig's Green Mountain's coffee pods are a perfect example. What's sustainable about that product? Nothing! . 4. Just because a company prints their packaging in green or earth tones, doesn't mean it's environmentally friendly. Next time you go to the grocery store, notice how much of the poultry has a green label on it. . . 5. Know your laws. We laugh every time we see companies market products with phrases like “No Hormones Added” or "CFC-free." Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry and meat, and CFCs were banned forty years ago! So, basically they're just saying their product is legal. . . We're not trying to be Debbie Downers, but so many products that are presented as green really aren't, and we don't want y'all falling for the illusion that the packaging presents
Costa Rica has received a 2019 Championship of Earth award. . The @unitednations highest honor and this will recognition will be given to our president @carlosalvq next Sep 26th. . Definitely this is a huge motivation for a lot of organized groups, companies, NGO’s, people, etc ... who have several goals in common like being a Zero-Carbon and world leader country in sustainability!
a new post 🕊☺️ a second post just published up on care natural b (@carenaturalblog) about a couple of care tips for helping to soothe the nervous system noted in an email by dr libby (@drlibby) 🕊🌸 a couple of the care tips noted include acknowledge, accept and amp up (careful breathing and intake of fresh and whole foods with a lot of nutrients) and hope the post could be helpful in case you could be sensitive too and could sometimes feel overwhelm or anxious thoughts (a link in bio !) 🕊☺️✨ please note all of the words in the body of the post were all written in an email by dr libby (@drlibby) and cited as carefully as i could 🌟 #lightpink #kind #care #selfcare #caring #anxious #drlibby #beautycare #naturalbeautycare #naturalbeautyblogger #naturalskincare #cleanbeauty #cleanskincare #ecobeauty #ecoskincare #bblog #bblogger #bbloggers #ecoblog #ecoblogger #ecobloggers #post #blogpost #allthingslove #allthingslovely #darlingdaily #pursuepretty #beautyblog #beautyblogger #beautybloggers
Easy Zero Waste Swap no.18  I pack my lunches every day. I have been using plastic Tupperware-like containers for years. I am also frustrated by using plastics so much as there are a lot of studies linking leached chemicals from plastics into our food. So, I LOVE the Japanese traditional wooden Bento boxes - environmental reasons no plastic! Very happy with this and glad to be off plastics and disposables🙂I think metal ones are also nice ! ( not easy to get here 😑) . . #zerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #zerowastelifestyle #zerowasteliving #zerowastetips #zerowastegoals #plasticfreeliving #sustainableblogger #greentips #ecotips #環保  #zerowastejourney  #ecoliving #ecofriendlyliving #ecoblogger  #wastefreeliving #sustainableliving #plasticfreeparent #naturalliving #waronwasteau #环保 #減塑生活 #零垃圾生活 #环保 #제로웨이스트 #zerodechet  #нольотходов #ลดขยะก็คูลได้  #bentobox
Der Klimastreik am 20.09.2019 ist vorbei. In meiner Stadt Frankfurt waren wir über 40000 Menschen. Richtig toll, das so vielen es wichtig war, an diesem Tag auf die Straße zu gehen. Ich war auch trotz Erkältung dabei, wollte nicht deswegen darauf verzichten mich zu engagieren. Fridays for Future hat gezeigt, das was geht und nicht nur Junge Leute auf die Straße gehören. Wir alle müssen was tun. Das war diesmal eindeutig der Fall. So viele ältere Generationen, waren diesmal am Start und das hat mich persönlich sehr gefreut. Das ist ein Grund zu feiern. Was das Klimakabinett beschlossen hat im Endeffekt, ist auf jeden Fall nicht das, was ich erwartet habe. Da muss viel mehr gehen, wenn die angestrebten Klimaziele erreicht werden sollen. Alles für den Planeten und nicht nur für den Profit. Was ist deine Meinung? Freue mich auf dein Feedback.
The purest of pure water! . . .  #freshwater Conceptual Images for all your #health, #sustainability & #wellness #advertising, #marketing & #socialmedia. . . .  More Images available in my Portfolio. See Link in Bio. Search #lazingbee & #water
Save voor later! 🧜‍♀️ ​- ​📸 @vostersolivier ​- ​😴 Wil jij graag een betere nachtrust? ​- ​DOWNLOAD dan nu de gids '5 Yogaposes voor een Zalige Nachtrust' via de link in bio. ⤴️
📍Para todos los que esperan ansiosos el día del shopping🛍... 🌱Y si compramos menos➖ e intentamos alguna de estas alternativas?➕➕ • • El ❌fast fashion está acabando con nuestro hogar🌎 • • 🙏Hagamos compras con consciencia • • #ununa #cuidayconecta #fastfashion #slowfashion #modasostenible #zerowasteliving #modasustentable #modaconsciente #zerowaste #consciouslifestyle #ecotips #ecofriendly #ecoblogger #noplastic #basuracero #sinbasura #sustainableliving #reduce #reusa #repara #recicla #vidasostenible #vidaconsciente #plasticfree
🚨OUTIFT REPEAT ALERT 🚨  psa: literally no one cares if you wear the same thing more than once! And clothes should be worn time and time again! 👏🏼 In the space of a week I had a christening👼🏻 and civil ceremony 💍and as I only have one formal dress I wore it to both- why not!? The disposable attitude towards clothes is the real alert 🚨  p.s. the beaut toilet made its insta debut
•NATURAL DEODORANT• Raise your hand if you’ve tried your fair share of natural deodorants that DIDN’T WORK. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ 👃🏼 We all know that most store-bought deodorants are toxic and can lead to allergic reactions, cancer, etc. etc. But natural deodorants just lead to pit stains and smelling “like perspiration” (as my mom pointed out to me one day in a car). 👃🏼 Wouldn’t it be great if you could just avoid it all? The toxins, the excessive sweating, AND the “perspiration” smell?? So far, I haven’t found a deodorant that does this. Have you?? Help a girl out and leave your suggestions in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️
💚no tips today. Just this picture... I attended the @youthstrike4climate in Nottingham yesterday and I’m still reeling from all the things I learnt from the experience. • At 32years of age I’m learning from 10 year olds what damage I’ve done to this planet. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old who I will have to answer to one day. • 🌱 My first blog piece is coming once I figure out all the stuff in my head. I feel an action plan coming on.
Hoy fue el #worldcleanupday2019 y gracias a este día me animé a hacer algo que no pensaba lograr hacer.  He de confesar que para mí un lugar limpio no es el que más se limpia sino el que menos se ensucia (con esto no me refiero a que no hay que limpiar para nada), y que pienso que cada quien es responsable de su propia basura así que limpiar el tiradero de los demás no es algo que me agradara. Si las calles están sucias es porque hay gente a la que le vale y no pone la basura en su lugar. Y eso es algo que me molesta DEMASIADO. Así que este fue un verdadero reto para mí.  Decidí salir hoy a caminar por el boulevard frente a la playa y mi meta en el marco de este día era precisamente recoger la basura que me encontrara. La verdad es que no hice la limpieza de que uuyyyy hice un cambio drástico en Saint-Cast porque nada que ver, cabe mencionar que aquí la gente es bastante limpia y educada además de que hay botes de basura del ayuntamiento cada 100m. Así que lo que más encontré fueron colillas de cigarros, una que otra botella o bolsa de plástico, corcholatas y servilletas.  El reto estuvo en cambiar mi perspectiva de la basura que encontramos tirada, así que quise que no quise me puse un guantecito 🧤 y lo que recogía lo ponía en el bote siguiente hasta que agarre el ritmo. Y acepto que hasta ganas me quedaron de hacer #plogging en los siguientes días .. me motiva hacer dos cosas a la vez (correr mientras recoges basura) o en algún momento hacer el #basurachallenge ya veré.  Ustedes pensaban como yo? O si son de recoger basuras ajenas jeje ?  #zerowastemx #zerowastemid #zerowastechallenge #lesswaste #sindesechos #ecoxec #vidasustentable #ecoresponsable #sinplastico #ecoblogger #sinempaque #viveverde #susteinability #ecologia #nature #naturaleza #vidazerowaste #zerodechet #plasticfree
It’s been 10 hours since we left London and we finally made it to our hotel in Paris. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe our experience! 😩 . Apparently there are riots going on in Paris today, and the area of our hotel was being closed off by police. . We came face to face with police in barricades and objects being burnt on the streets during whatever protest was going on. . I was starting to feel very unsafe, and had no idea how to get to our hotel at this point since the metro wasn’t running in this area because of the riot, or the buses, or even taxis. . Some French ladies realized we had no idea what was going on (I mean, we are walking by a riot with suitcases and a child!) and spoke to us in English to explain we needed to get out of there. . This one lady, who to me was an angel, started trying to call taxis and walked us to a safer area. . She then continued to call and flag taxis as they drove by, but no one was stopping. . Finally, a taxi stopped and dropped off people right by us, so she ran to them and  spoke to the taxi driver in French, explaining where we wanted to go. He agreed to take us there. . We gave her a big hug and got in the taxi. Now my emotions came rushing out and I was feeling the tears rushing down my face. But at least I felt safer. . The ride to the hotel should have been 5 minutes, but it took us another 20 to get there because of all the street closures. But we made it. . The hotel is beautiful and the neighborhood is adorable, full of life with people walking everywhere and eating on the sidewalk cafes. Everyone completely unaware of what is going on on the south side of town it seems. . We enjoyed a lovely Indian meal and are now we are back at the hotel, ready to call it a night. . I hope Paris will be gentle with us for the rest of our stay. Somehow I’m still happy we are here. . . . . #crueltyfreeliving #crueltyfreeblogger #ecoblogger #ecoblog #ethicalblog #greenliving #greenluxuryliving #ecoluxe #ecoliving
#freiezeit | Samstag. Wochenende. Keine Termin. Keine Arbeit. Nur ein paar ToDos abhaken und Handarbeitszeit. Das wars. Eigentlich wollte ich heute noch ein DIY machen und noch etwas tolles für den Workshop mit @maedelskramladen_susi im Januar. Aber das wurde auf morgen verschoben. Es gibt manchmal Dinge und Momente, die dann Vorrang haben. Prioritäten setzen und Zeit mit bestimmten Menschen verbringen ist dann einfach wichtiger. Ich hoffe, ihr habt das das tolle Wetter heute genossen. Habt es fein und genießt den Abend.  ___________ #gogreen #lesswaste #lowwaste #nachhaltigerkosnum #öko #eco #ecoblogger #thereisnoplanetb #wenigerplastik #lessplastic #wenigermüll #nachhaltigeralltag #greenlife #nachhaltig #nachhalitgleben #greenblogger #greenway #slowlyliving #slowlylifestyle #mindfullness #greenlifestyle #dailyinspo
Patch making with @extinctionrebellionnottingham at @nottmgreenfest! My full blog post about Nottingham Green fest is up now, so if you wanna see lots of photos and read all about Nottingham's own vegan, Off grid, green af festival then click the link in my bio! 💃🏼🌳🌿
On September 20th, the hundreds of thousands of young people who took to the streets in over 150 countries in 7 continents for the global #climatestrike were called "warriors". Why were we called WARRIORS?  Because WAR has been declared on our planet. We have to fight them with every ounce of strength that we have.  I took part in the climate strike led by @gretathunberg in NYC and felt so much energy and solidarity being around these individuals. We were all together because we care about the future of our planet and because we want our voices to be heard.  Today I join more than 1,000 youth #climateactivists for the @unitednations #youthclimatesummit to discuss the work we as #youngleaders are doing, and also determine what else needs to be done to effect change.  TL;DR? We are in a global climate emergency. Young people are not staying silent anymore because we see our home and our future in peril. We are calling out and expecting our elected officials to take solid #climateaction.  #climatecrisis #climateemergency #strikewithus #youthvoices #youth2030
🌊🌊🌊 Some really good reads in this! This is my first copy of Be Kind magazine and it highlights some extremely important issues. • • • #wasteless #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #sustainability #ethicalstyle #plasticfree #sustainableinfluencers #lifestyleblogger #nature #consciousconsumer #ethical #ethicalinfluencers #blog #blogger #ecoblogger #mindfulness #selfawareness #bekindmagazine
Love this so much. Comment below one thing about your body that you have taken for granted when you were healthy ❤️ Author: @rupikaur_
Hace algunos meses vengo armando ecoladrillos. Tal vez muchas personas no saben a que me refiero cuando hablo de “ecoladrillo”. No se preocupen que la primera vez que escuché este término tampoco entendía nada. . Un ecoladrillo es una botella plástica (PET) rellena de residuos limpios, no reciclables y no peligrosos. Los ecoladrillos sirven como elementos de construcción de casas, viveros, estanques, centros comunitarios, etc. De esta manera, desechos muy contaminantes se vuelven materiales útiles y de bajo costo para construir algo nuevo. . Como muchos saben, el plástico demora muchísimos años en biodegradarse. Al introducir plástico en un ecoladrillo, no solo estamos reutilizándolo sino que también estamos contribuyendo a reducir la contaminación del medio ambiente. Es importante mencionar que para que el plástico que se encuentra al interior de un ecoladrillo no dañe el ambiente, debe estar correctamente sellado con la tapa de la botella . . Pero ¿qué tipo de desechos podemos introducir en un ecoladrillo?: desechos de aluminio y plástico como envases de galletas, cornflakes, cubiertos desechables, papel film, tickets de compra y todo material que no pueda ser reciclado. . Hace algún tiempo conocía a Andrea de @ecoladrillos.peru y quedé encantada con el mensaje que difunde. Ella no solo enseña y promueve la construcción de ecoladrillos, sino que está comprometida con hacer de este mundo un lugar más limpio. Para conocer los puntos de acopio de ecoladrillos, sigan su cuenta. . Antes de terminar quisiera decir que como mamá considero que es muy importante enseñarle a nuestros hijos desde pequeños a hacer todo lo que esté en sus manos para cuidar este planeta. El otro día estuve metiendo desechos en un ecoladrillo y Benjita me estuvo ayudando. Estoy segura que poco a poco Benja va a empezar a ver los ecoladrillos como una práctica cotidiana y cuandoj crezca va a practicarla con naturalidad. ¡Intenten construir ecoladrillos con
Kämpfen. Umfallen. Aufstehen. Weitermachen.  Ungefähr so ist mein Rhythmus momentan nach der Arbeit oder nach den Demonstrationen. Oft bin ich müde. Oft bin ich nachdenklich. 💭Manchmal habe ich sogar Angst. Gestern zum Beispiel wieder. Nehmen uns die Politiker*innen ernst? Selbst einige Gespräche gestern auf der Straße waren ernüchternd. ‚Glaubst du, dass das hier was bringt?‘ fragt ein Mädchen ihre Freundin. ‚Nein, ich glaube eher weniger.‘ antwortet sie.  Ich meine doch. Denn ohne Fridays for Future wären Themen wie Klimawandel/Klimaschutz niemals so intensiv in Diskussion geraten. Und nach meinem heutigen Vortrag atme ich erneut auf, weil es weitere 30 Menschen sind, die unfassbar interessiert waren sich auszutauschen, Fragen zu stellen - und nun im Idealfall sogar etwas umsetzen. 💪🏼💚🌱 Die Aufklärungsarbeit ist das, was momentan viel zu kurz kommt!! Was gibt es für Lösungsansätze? Wie handle ich selber am sinnvollsten? Ganz ehrlich - wir müssen viel mehr reden. Wir müssen mehr diskutieren. Und ganz wichtig: Wir müssen irgendwo anfangen. 🙏🏼💚 📸 by Yasemine Lieske ( @mieskeee ) ••• #coastalcleanup #klimastreik #klimawandel #klimaschutz #umweltschutz #umweltbewusst #nachhaltig #nachdenken #nachhaltigkeit #sustainability #ecoblogger #ökologisch #umwelt #klimakrise #allefürsklima