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Wir haben in den letzten Jahren so wunderschöne Stellplätze angefahren und auch schon oft bei Park4Night gepostet. Doch seit einiger Zeit findet auch bei uns ein Umdenken statt. Umso mehr Informationen man raus gibt umso mehr Leute fahren diese Plätze an. Das merken wir ganz besonders mit der größeren „Reichweite“, denn damit steigt auch das Interesse an unseren Übernachtungsplätzen. Diese zu teilen ist ein unserer Meinung nach ein großer Fehler vor allem für die Natur. Von befahrbaren Stränden bis entlegenste Waldeinfahrten, doch damit ist jetzt Schluss. Lasst uns gemeinsam darauf achten welche Plätze wir anfahren, denn Fehler werden wir in Zukunft vermeiden. ( bei dem Foto stehen wir auf dem Grundstück eines Freundes mit Pappe unterm Motor ) Wir danken euch 🥰💚 für euer Verständnis...
Something about working a job you love and driving a golf cart all over camp (82 acres) when practically no one is on site and blasting metal is pretty cool!  Walking back to my cabin alone in the dark by flashlight is a little strange.  #camplife #lovewhatyoudo #masteroffun #sitesupervisor #campeveryday #livingmybestlife #challengecourse #rockwall #traverse #ropescourse #newjersey #sandeverywhere #feelingcute #instacool #doyou
Life wasn’t meant to be lived from a couch, or from a desk.  If you must sit, sit on a cliff or around a campfire. If you must work, work with your friends and collaborate. If you live a life of a 9-5, make it something you’re working towards.  In partnership with @budweiserUSA to highlight the new, Budweiser Discovery Reserve. #spacebeer #thisbudsforyou #partner
Just sat on our “porch” and watched the sunset. Every day has been so different on this trip.🌅 (Also been working on my time lapses with our camera.)
Weather is changing! September is my favorite  month!💛 what’s your favorite time of year?
I learned the word “poop” in Spanish and all you have to do to get the perfect smile from kids is say it a couple times.  I probably said “popo” more than “hola” during the trip.
A night beneath the stars! 🌠 Are you a fan of stargazing? It’s sure more fun even you’re in a place as wild as this!  Share your favorite constellation in the comments below! 📸: @alexanfuso  #seekmorewilderness  Outdoor goods that protect public lands.
‘Sand & Surf III ’ 🏄 // Beach Week : This week I’ll share some of the shots I got during a recent visit to Taiwan’s North Coast. ⠀⠀ ————— Follow @frankdek45 🙌 @dronenature @top.drone.photos
Rays for days
Cook biscuits over the fire and fill with your favorite fillings!  So tasty you will ‘Wolf them down’! Wolfem.com #wolfemstick #letscamp #campeveryday #familyfun
Feeling grateful to be able to live in such a beautiful country. The colors on Guanella Pass during Autumn are to die for. 🍂
Intently watching a bee the size of a toonie and wondering if today’s the day I discover if I’m allergic to bees or not. Disclaimer: still don’t know.
We’ve seen some of the most mesmerizing night skies since we started traveling full time 10 months ago. Last night the sky was filled with millions of stars and the Milky Way was strikingly bold and beautiful. 💫 + + It’s been a nice few days of rest for us, as we’re catching up on sleep and work, and putting a little halt on the explorations. + + Tomorrow we will venture out into Capitol Reef National Park and I’m super excited! A few days of downtime and I’m itching to get back out there! Have you ever been to Capitol Reef? What was your favorite part or favorite hike?
One thing I’m bad at is relaxing. Nope, not good at just hanging around, which is an odd thing to be bad at. This dude @cassheridan is the king of it. He probably wants to kill me when we’re hanging out between shooting and I’m bouncing off the walls, but I’m learning.💆‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Welcome to Camper Rental FW48! We are excited to add this camper to our Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground lineup and MORE EXCITED to tell you it will be available to YOU from our Small Camper Rental Package Category! This means... MORE camper space, MORE Value, MORE Savings to you!! 💲💲💲 Give us a call at 941-224-4939 to hear more about this cozy, comfy camper!! We can’t wait to hear from you! 🌿  #fortwildernesscampground #disney #waltdisneyworld #disneycamping #rvrentals #rvrental #camperrental #outdoors #glamping #floridacamping #campground #familyfun #traveltrailer #camping #campeveryday #camperlifestyle #tinyhome #homeiswhereyouparkit #nature #liveoutdoors #adventure #curiouslittleexplorers #disneyvacations
Dark Days.
Mountains inspire me to reach for new heights. To go the distance. They remind me of my own magnitude in relation to nature. They stand as a testament to natural forces that are beyond human control or interference. Towers tested, weathered and witnessed by time and time alone.
Love so fully that you set others free.
Captured yesterday at 6AM. The scenic route back to Oregon paid off. I  drove 17 hours through the California desert at dawn and the baron Oregon outback as the sunset. It felt amazing to take some time alone in total seclusion on this road trip. Just me and the Jeep 4 months after our encounter with a moose. These are the tiny moments I live for.
It’s been awhile since I shot landscapes, so over the weekend I spent my days outdoors and returned to one of my favorite #waterfalls in the #northwest. I won’t mention the name because it’s popularity on Instagram has increased traffic to the site. I believe in the challenge and thrill of finding places on your own and keeping hidden places secret and sacred. My most rewarding adventures are the ones where I stumble upon these hidden gems, locking them away in my treasure box of #natural wonders.