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One of best honeymoon resorts… with a heart 💞 Wolwedans in Namibia @wolwedans 🦁 Wolwedans defines itself as a collection of dreams – not a simple hotel, but a conservation-centered, sustainable tourism example. 🐒 It’s no surprise if we chose it among the best honeymoon resorts with a beating heart 💞
Big, heartfelt thank you to those of you who came on this amazing trip, put your trust in me, and made it so much fun to guide. I love these hiking trips in part because I see people overcome their fears and realize what they’re capable of, which is beautiful to see. I remember a few years ago I couldn’t even fathom backpacking, and didn’t understand how it could be fun. Now I crave that time in nature and love the sense of accomplishment. It’s amazing to get to share that #bmtmadventures. Hit the link in my bio to see what adventures we have coming up. #bmtmadventures
really concerned I didn’t take enough pictures in front of waterfalls tho 🇮🇸 #chasingwaterfalls #bmtmadventures
Brb just landing on another planet. And of those days when you cross your fingers because the Rangers told us the wind would be strong in the afternoon, so we woke up at the crack of dawn to make her way up the mountain. This was the reward. Just the latest breeze, the perfect clarity, and green for days. Can’t tell you how rewarding it is to leave these hikes with such amazing groups of women #bmtmadventures.
This group was so supportive, easy-going, and awesome to hike with, just like every group that I’ve taken on #bmtmadventures which have taken us to Peru, Patagonia, Namibia, Botswana, the Alaskan backcountry, and now Iceland. Swipe to see some of the girls absolutely killing it on the trail. Do you belong in this tribe? I have one more spot for Galapagos and a few more for Patagonia. Link in my bio!
On the last night of this trip we all talked about what our favorite moment was, and mine was when one of the girls from the trip told me that she felt empowered to backpack independently after this experience - that it had built up her confidence. This waterfall was at the very end of our 6-day trek, and is only fitting that it’s Iceland’s biggest and most powerful waterfalls. #bmtmadventures join us in Patagonia in March. Link in bio! (📷: @nellek89 @chantellejade2588)
When you realize you’re about to descend into Middle Earth (or at least that’s how @Nellek89 described it - I haven’t actually watched LOTR). Iceland is another planet. This was on day 2 of #bmtmadventures backpacking in Iceland. Swipe to see where we slept that night (Yes I hauled my drone on my back on that trip - priorities 🤪)
Look Out Crimestoppers‼️Here We Come‼️ #safecity2019 #dancefamily #bmtmadventures #royalfamily #s2dcfamily #crimestopperstoronto
Que ce soit depuis les hauteurs de la Vallée Sacrée ou plus modestement de La Croix des Autrichiens, “La contemplation est un acte de solitude. On est seul(e) avec son regard, comme on est seul(e) avec son âme.” (Fernand Ouellette - Nella Notte, Il Mare et altre poesie) (🙏Merci à une grande sportive @Marion_on.air et une voyageuse au longs cours #bmtmadventures ).
Throwback to the O trek in Torres del Paine #torresdelpaine #patagonia #chile #travel #hiking #bmtmadventures
One of the many amazing memories, and one of the many reasons I love our Sui2 Crew! #danceshowcase #bmtmadventures #dancefamily #sui2dancecrew #s2dcfamily #danceoff #damnshegood #shewontho 😊
One of the many amazing memories, and one of the many reasons I love our Sui2 Crew! #danceshowcase #bmtmadventures #dancefamily #sui2dancecrew #s2dcfamily #danceoff #damnshegood #shewontho 😊
One of the many amazing memories, and one of the many reasons I love our Sui2 Crew! #danceshowcase #bmtmadventures #dancefamily #sui2dancecrew #s2dcfamily #danceoff #damnshegood #shewontho 😊
It’s That Time of Year💕‼️👯‍♀️💃🏻🕺🎶 BMTM Dance Showcase #dancefamily #cheersquad #royals #bmtmadventures #sui2dancecrew #s2dcfamily #luauparty
It’s That Time of Year💕‼️👯‍♀️💃🏻🕺🎶 BMTM Dance Showcase #dancefamily #cheersquad #royals #bmtmadventures #sui2dancecrew #s2dcfamily #luauparty
It’s That Time of Year💕‼️👯‍♀️💃🏻🕺🎶 BMTM Dance Showcase #dancefamily #cheersquad #royals #bmtmadventures #sui2dancecrew #s2dcfamily #luauparty
It’s That Time of Year💕‼️👯‍♀️💃🏻🕺🎶 BMTM Dance Showcase #dancefamily #cheersquad #royals #bmtmadventures #sui2dancecrew #s2dcfamily #luauparty
In March, I had the opportunity to travel to Chile with my favorite Travel Blogger (Be My Travel Muse) and it was incredible. I came to Chile to try to capture the natural beauty of the country and to push myself both physically and mentally. 16 women, and 2 tour guides hiking in Patagonia for 9 days. This was my first experience with overnight backpacking and I am hooked! Although we had the luxury of having our meals and tents prepped for us at night, this was a good insight to the real deal. Luxury backpacking is maybe how I should refer to it... however you wanna call it, this backpacking trip was eye opening. I can overcome a lot more than I think I can. I am strong, I am brave and can do a hell of a lot when I want it bad enough. Big adventures are ahead and I cannot wait.  We hiked, we laughed, and we bonded.  Check out my friend Kristin at BMTM for travel insight and inspiration.  #bmtmadventures
Anyone planning a trip to London this summer?? If you so, YOU MUST GO TO WINDSOR CASTLE!! . During the months of August and September you can add a Conquer the Tower tour to your trip to the castle. The second pic is of the Long Walk leading away from Windsor Castle that we took at the top of the Tower.  It was FANTASIC!!! As well as a workout climbing all of the steps to the very top!  The State Apartments, St. George's Chapel, Changing of the Guard, and Queen Mary's Dollhouse are all included in the regular ticket to the castle. . For all the history buffs it is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It is where 39 monarchs have called home and the favorite weekend spot of current Queen Elizabeth. . Two very small weddings 😂 took place in 2018 at the Chapel on the grounds, may have heard about Prince Harry & Meghan as well as Princess Eugenie & Jack having their ceremonies at St. George's Chapel. . Above is why I love traveling with @tom_nica.  He appreciates the history of places, how they were significant in wars or certain periods. I appreciate the love stories both tragic and great that took place within the walls and surrounding towns.  We both walk away from our travels appreciating people and culture that have been shaped the events of the past. So grateful to touch places that are no longer just pictures in a book or on Instagram, but are now a part of our story, our history.  So go!!!!! Go travel to the place you want to touch, a place you want to make a part of your story❤. . . . . . #travelsomeplacenew #travelwiththeoneyoulove #traveltips #travelstories #justgo #bucketlist #travelislife #shutupandgo #wanderlusttravels #amazinglifetravels #tlpicks #tourtheplanet #travelgirls #bmtmadventures #travelawesome  #womentravelphotographers #wtpspring #wearetravelgirls #windsor #windsorcastle #london #visitlondon #lovetheuk
These tulips along Zhong Shan Dong Yi Rd On The Bund in Shanghai make me smile🤗 . Hope everyone has a great weekend!
SHSM students off to Canada's Wonderland for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship! #learningmadefun #bmtmadventures
Grateful.... 🤗 Grateful is how I am feeling today Grateful that I got to visit the amazing Maldives and spend a week @finolhu_maldives. 🤗 It was magical and can't wait to figure out how talk @tom_nica into going back! 🤗 Grateful that @tom_nica also followed me around all the different areas of the island at different times of the day to snorkel, explore and take pics. 🤗 Grateful that I have at least started laundry and began to unpack so that I might be finished by this weekend😂😂 🤗 🤗 #travelwiththeoneyoulove #travelsomeplacenew #islanddreaming #wanderlust #maldiveislands #maldives  #unlimitedmaldives #finolhu #baaatoll #justgo #islandlife #bucketlist #shutupandgo #womentravelphotographers #beachesnresorts #bmtmadventures #amazinglifetravels #luxurytravels #thedreamytravels
#repost from @bemytravelmuse with @regram.app ... The perfect Halloween spot. Standing next to skeletons of trees in a rare moment when instead of blazing sun and crystal clear skies, we had a sandstorm which whipped up the dust. It was so cool to see it in this state! I kept going ‘nobody has photos like this of Deadvlei!’ I think my enthusiasm caught on with my #bmtmadventures group. Yeah, naw? 😂 (📷: @alex_elise29)
#repost from @bemytravelmuse with @regram.app ... I haven’t let a year go by without returning to Africa since the first time I came. It’s a continent that I just can’t stop exploring. It’s like the sunrises and sunsets are more stunning, the landscape is harsher but also more beautiful and raw, and each place you reach you have to earn, because the travel is never easy and uneventful here. Yet that’s what keeps me coming back. There’s a feeling you get here that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It’s no surprise that this is where humankind originated. Coming to Africa feels like coming home. #bmtmadventures (📷: @peytonmcclure)
Thanks to all the ladies who came to Patagonia with me. I had so much fun exploring it all again with you - the nights we squealed with delight while taking star photos, the way it somehow never rained on us, the feeling of accomplishment each day, and the inside jokes we now share. These trips are so amazing to be a part of. I only have it in me to do 3 per year due to all the planning and organization but I wish I could do them all the time! Can’t wait for Iceland (link in bio) #bmtmadventures (📷: @ashleycook62)
Good morning @finolhu_maldives 😎 . . Had lucky timing this morning and caught a shot of the first seaplane of the day arriving! . . Snorkeling today!  Trying out the Go Pro... we will see if @tom_nica is coordinated enough to breathe, swim, and take pics 😂 Thank you @tabithaash for letting us borrow it. . . #travelwiththeoneyoulove #travelsomeplacenew #herefishyfishy #seaturtlesorbust #justgo #shutupandgo #islandlife #islandplayground #unlimitedmaldives #maldives #finolhu #bmtmadventures #womentravelphotographers #bucketlist #thedreamytravels #luxurytravels #beachesnresorts
Good morning Finolhu 😍 . . Everywhere I look is a picture.  I can't get over how breathtaking this atoll and resort are!! . And....... I hope I brought enough sunscreen 😂😉😂😉 Seriously though...... . #imthatpale #gingerproblems #weburn . #travelwiththeoneyoulove #travelsomeplacenew #islanddreaming #islandplayground #islandlife #unlimitedmaldives #finolhu #bucketlist #wanderlust #womentravelphotographers #bmtmadventures ##bucketlist #travelawesome #luxurytravels #beachesnresorts