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He being my Lord and Savior Jesus H Christ because apparently I'm too stressful for bae too 不不不 #beautifulmess
I had a beautiful belated birthday picnic in my favorite place in the city. Thank you to everyone who wished me well, in-person or from afar, and to those I missed, I’ll see you next year! Appreciation and apologies to @chocnyc for making a mess of your delicious cake. (my deviled eggs didn’t fare much better) #beautifulmess #birthdaycake #brooklynbridge #picnic
In my mind, this chic, curated romantic office is what I imagine my tiny, stuffed, messy office looks like (it does NOT) but it does make me wonder, why some “messes” are chic, while others are just embarrassing (mine)?   So perhaps as I recover from #wnwn I will FINALLY clean my office as I don’t have an excuse for the piles, the papers, the packages, the magazines, the bags and the shoes (I have a lot of shoes)... *sigh*   : @minh_ngoc via @houseandgardenuk
Can I share something cool with you that might be encouraging?  Remember in the Bible when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist? I LOVE it that when this happens, and God says, “This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased.” because Jesus hasn’t really DONE anything brilliant - no healings, no miracles.  After His baptism Jesus did a lot of amazing things - not in order to get His Father’s approval, but rooted in the certainty of His love.  Ironically, I was reading “Liturgy of the Ordinary” by Tish Harrison Warren on the train to St. Emilion. Here, in this medieval town we found this baptismal font from around 1100 . Warren writes about how many traditions have the font at the back of the church to remind us - even before we sit down - that we are marked as people who belong to Jesus by grace alone, swept up into the good news which we receive as a gift from God. Worshipers dip their fingers in the water and make the sign of the cross, remembering they are loved and approved.  “As Christians, we wake each morning as those who are baptized. We are united with Christ and the approval of the Father is spoken over us. We are marked from our first waking moment by an identity that is given to us by grace: an identity that is deeper and more real than any other identity we will don that day.”  I pray this is a joyful reminder for someone today!
Inheritance Conference 2019. Our first women’s conference. Lives changed. .  I totally thought this was going to be a conference where I was going to fill up our journals with all the things that were said over the course of the two days. You know those moments where you say, “ohh, that’s soooo good!” *as you write down that quote verbatim* Then you look back at that hardly empty journal on the last day and see how good that conference was. .  But this conference was not like that. It wasn’t what I expected at all, actually. This conference made me more vulnerable than I ever have been or wanted to, especially with so many strangers surrounding me. Walls were being torn down. My walls. My walls that I built to protect me from everyone. And I mean walls that have been up for DECADES. I had no intentions of taring those walls down. None whatsoever. Doors to those walls have been closed and locked up so tight, that nothing was getting out unless I unlocked them. .  But the Lord had a different plan. This was the beginning of total DECONSTRUCTION. He unlocked some of those doors and helped me tare down some of those walls. And during this deconstruction, He told me that even though I grew up without parents and I was an orphan on Earth. I was never orphaned by my Heavenly Father. Now, I’m sure many of you already know this and that’s totally fine. It’s one thing to know that in your head, but to know that in your heart is completely different. Completely. I have never known that in my heart to be true. In my head, yes. But, not my heart. .  I was surrounded by so many strangers and a few people that I’ve known for a short time, who prayed over me and loved on me in a way that has never happened before. It was beautiful. It’s the way it should be. For the first time, I saw and heard Jesus- through them. And there was no judgment. No shame. 20+ years I’ve carried that shame, and for the first time I didn’t feel like an ugly mess. .  I HAVE an
This week we are @nurobistro having some of their highlights such as Hainani Chicken, Noods on Noods on Noods, Fried Pork Ribs and more absolutely delicious dishes  Thanks to our amazing host @lasvegasfill for an awesome meal滕滕 #chicken #hainan #hainanchicken #noodles #congee #asianfood #ramen #porkribs #eattheworld #eats #eatguide #eating #foodvideos #foodies #foodstagram #chef #cheflife #alwayshungry #beautifulmess #lasvegas #vegasfood #vegaslocals #igtv #igtvchannel #travelforfood #travelfood #foodtravel
NO you don’t have to have it all together like some perfectly branded Instagram influencer to be successful. Newsflash: they don’t have their ish together either lol!  And can I just say... NO you don’t need to be tied to a device 18 hours a day to make money online. NO you don’t have to quit your business to be a better mom and wife. You can have it all, but... you DO need to find your balance.  Being out of balance is not some cliche woo woo term. It’s a real thing that can affect you mentally, physically, and spiritually.  You know what it feels like, even if you don’t know how to identify it. You feel a tug in your gut that something is “off”. You’re spending family time thinking about work, and work time thinking about family. When you’re balanced, you can be presently present and enjoy both!  Are you out of balance right now? If so, my friend... STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. But you gotta do something about it.  Feel it, identify it, and make some small adjustments to correct it. Over time, you will get yourself right back on track. And it’s pretty freaking incredible what happens when you feel aligned and balanced. Love you! Photo credit to Inspiration in Envelopes
100 days of makeup  Day #71 Preschooler Art Style  Products used:  Primer:@elfcosmetics #jellypop #dewprimer  Concealer:@colorpopcosmeticss #nofilterconcealer Shade:#medium20 Eyebrows: @nyxcosmetics #jumboeyepencil Shade:#milk & @jeffreestarcosmetics @jeffreestar #liquidlip Shade(s):#unicornblood #crocodiletears #yourestillontheproperty #santababy Eyes: #jawbreakerpalette Shade(s):#lemondrop #suck #gumdrop Fingerprints: #liquidlip Shade(s):#redrum #queenbee #pumpkinpie #venusflytrap #bluevelvet #blowpony Eyeliner:@nyxcosmetics #epicinkliner  Lips: Shade:#nathan  #preschoolart #100daysofmakeup #day71#beautifulmess #letsgetmessy #preschoolstyle
It’s all in the detail • @demrirayannephoto is so wonderful at capturing the little details that go unnoticed. • Such a lovely lady to work with • Your event. Your vision. Your way • • Call today to book your next event here at 360-428-5071 •• #thegrandwillowinn #weddingdecor #allinthedetails #beautifulmess #bridalsuite #weddingvenue #dancefloor #reception #simpleyetelegant #dancing #2020dates #bookingquickly #theperfectplaceforyourperfectday #septemberwedding #wabride #skagitweddingsociety #skagitvalley #skagitwedding #skagitbride #whatcombride #seattlebride #snohomishbride #timeless #newlyengaged #soontobemarried #photography #happilyeverafter #weddingphotography #ido #bridalsuite #gorgeousgown
Next time you’re in NYC be sure to visit The Vessel. It’s 16 stories and consists of 154 flights of stairs, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings for visitors to climb.  To me, it’s a visual representation of the adoption process. So many ups and downs, never a straight path to get anywhere, sometimes you go up to go down and go down to go up. But if you keep climbing, eventually you’ll be rewarded, because difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. . . . . . #adoptionjourney #togetherwerise #motherhoodthroughinstagram #adoptionisbeautiful  #adoptionishard  #beautifulmess #familybuiltbyadoption #adoptioncommunity #hudsonyards #thevesselnyc #thevessel
Sometimes, you're just minding your own business taking pics of your bomb ass make-up, and you get attacked my a curly haired little cutie 歹 #momlife #momtrepreneur #mompreneur #beautifulmesscosmetics #beautifulmess #amateurmua
Happy Monday everyone! Did you know we will be having the best apple picking/painting event ever this Saturday, 9/21 at 11am at our FAVORITE orchard @honeypothillfarm ! Head on over to our stories to learn more about the event, and make sure to register on our website ASAP because this event sells out pretty quickly! 劾滕鳶
Design design design.. Fancy art nouveau stocking lines extending from a cover up on her ankle.  #drawing #design #tattoopens #beautiful #womenwithtatattoos #artnouveau #linesanddots #pretty #calftattoo #customart  #customdesign #graphictattoo #beautifulmess #elementtattooboz
What a beautiful mess we have made. I’m so blessed to have two happy and healthy, loving souls that decided to choose us as parents. That said, WOW life is messy right now. Time is unbelievably precious. So I do the best I can right now to listen to my heart, follow my joy, and at the same time, confidently wear my hats of mama, wifey, and entrepreneur. While there are moments that may feel overwhelming or stressful, I remind myself this is exactly what I asked for.  • 1儭0儭 years ago I was introduced to the power of my mind and it ignited a passion to learning as much as I could about our minds, hearts, habits, and intuition. • 5儭 years ago I decided to cut out any substances or activities that were inhibiting me from being truly present and feeling all the feels.  • 3儭 years ago I was marrying the love of my life and we were building our life together as well as lifting each other up to pursue our professional passions.  • 2儭 years ago I was graduating with my degree in clinical hypnotherapy and exploring full time opportunities for how to best serve my community and more powerfully impact others  • 1儭 year ago I was celebrating Riley’s 1st birthday, with Kira in my belly,  surrounded by an amazing support system of family, friends, and mamas who helped me grow personally and professionally.  • And now here we are. A beautiful family. A career that is also my passion. An ability to serve my community in a way that feels right to me.  So even when I’m not getting sleep. Or when I have a packed work schedule and feel like I’m missing a precious milestone at home. Or when I recognize that my husband and I have not had a date night in months. Or when my babies are both crying and I can’t hear my thoughts. Or when I feel overwhelmed by the mess of everything blurring together in a hazy fog. I recognize that it is a beautiful mess that I asked for. I actively created it. And I wouldn't want it
•× "The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world." ו  #fearless #beautifulmess #willpower #kindness #heartandsoul #loveyourself #selfworth #powerful #proud #metalhead #metalforlife #tattoos #darkhair #summer #hotdays #betterworld #empower #strongwomen
Gah I love these kids and I love this picture, but trust me my kids aren’t always this sweet or this clean 不. I had a woman tell me yesterday at church, “You are such a good mom. Your kids are so blessed.” Maybe she knew I needed to hear that. Sitting through a long service with these festive five can be a workout. Also with school starting it seems everyone is adjusting (including me) and we are all a little wiped out and maybe even a little crabby. What I realized is what a few genuine words from a stranger can really do. So this week I’m finding that person and I hope you do too. Don’t hesitate. Compliment them. Look them in the eye. Mean it. They need it and trust me someday you will need it too. Is there a time someone complimented you when you really needed it? Share your story below!
textural overlays : do you see the chaos, or the beauty?
The Bay Area was so fun and colorful. Thank you @brvnd77 for planning this amazing weekend getaway!
3 1/2 years ago my body was at its weakest. 5 babies in less than 10 years can do that, also not knowing how to take care of my body wasn’t helping matters.  Enter in Beachbody with its superfood shake, easy to follow nutrition guide, simple and effective at home workouts plus accountability and everything shifted.  I’m grateful for all that my body has done in the last 13 years! I birthed 5 kiddos and I am stronger today than ever.  Let your kiddos be your reason not your excuse!  If you need a shift I’d be happy to help! Reach out today and Join my “Fall in love with taking care of yourself” accountability group!  Drop a  below if you’d like more info!