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23 Days in.  We got lucky yesterday, Delta Company posted a 46 second clip on our Private FB Group Page, we were able to see him in action, a training clip...he was front and center for 2-3 seconds.  64 days until family day. 65 days until graduation.  AS we cycle half way through this week, its the final week of Phase 1- the most difficult of all Boot Camp Phases. He will have survived. He will have become a better version of himself as he continues to BECOME the BEST Version of Himself.  This is a great picture of him, one of those moments in life where you are truly happy. This was Football Friday, on his way to School, Varsity Players dressed up and he was always proud to have been a part of the Basha HS Football Program all 4 years. He went back to the locker room the first game of the year, just to say hi to the coaches and players he knew.  When he found out he was a back up shipper, he spent a couple hours at Basha with teachers, friends and coaches.  Continue your journey my Son. We'll see you soon.  The Few. The Proud. The Marines. Delta Company Dirty Dogs Platoon 1075- OohRah!  #fatherandson #rls8guy  #coolrock #chrisdunham  #marines #militaryfamily  #usmc #mcrd #veteran #teamdunham
Jake made an appearance tonight at Running for Brews in Tempe. He was just a tad bit overdressed - but won the Award for “Best Dressed Runner”  #running #runningrealtor #rls8guy #chrisdunham #mcrd #marines #marinescorps #camppendleton #semperfi
Jumping ahead to his High School years, This was taken when he was a Jr. This is day 22 on his journey.  He had been talking about the military for years, along with becoming a firefighter and/or police officer.  He enrolled in College (Chandler-Gilbert) to study Fire-science, then came home from seeing a movie with a friend and decided he was joining the military for sure.  A month later, he enlisted, a month after that, he was tagged as a back up shipper and has been gone now for just over 3 weeks.  We have received letters as have a few of his friends. He is doing great. He likes Boot Camp and continues to work hard and focus on the task at hand-becoming a Marine.  The title is NOT Given, it is earned.  Right now he is a recruit and will continue to be so until the completion of the crucible.  Only then will be able to call himself, Marine.  #coolrock #fatherandson #teamdunham #marines #usmc #mcrdsandiego
This is his 21st Day at MCRD.  Less than 70 days until we see him on Family Day.  This begins his final week in Phase 1 of his Recruit Training to earn his TITLE of MARINE.  This picture was taken while we were in San Diego, many years ago, he fell asleep on my chest for the bulk of this adventure, the sea rocked him to sleep for the most part. Nickie and Sky were "whale watching". He woke up and wanted to see the ocean, Jake being Jake, he found his ideal spot, secured by the steel wall, he felt comfortable laying down, and peering through this "port side hole" (if that's what you call it). I love this picture of him, shows his desire to explore and see the world in a different way. He sent a letter to one of his friends, they let me know they received it, and he indicated he likes Boot Camp and is doing well. In true Jake fashion, he made sure to remind his friends on what they need to be doing, while he is at Boot-camp in order to make him Proud.  Did you get that? Reminding them to continue to be stand up guys while he's away, so he's (Jake) proud of them, gotta love that.  Proud of you Son!  Your path continues to become one of the FEW, the PROUD, the MARINES!  #usmc #mcrd #fatherandson #coolrock #teamdunham #veteran #marinescorps
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Another Sunday in the books for Cool Rock. This marks the official end of week 3 at MCRD or the beginning of week 4 (I always look at Sunday as the last day of the week). This pic was taken back when I was hosting my Radio show- he’s come with me quite often- we always had a great time.  This week he has learned hand to hand combat. Fighting with Pugil Sticks. Understanding the discipline required by the Corps and the beginning of teamwork.  The upcoming week he’ll learn about water survival and continue inching closer to graduation and earning the title “Marine”  It’s not for everyone. It’s a challenge that will be a moment of glory for the rest of his life. Every Veteran I have run into over the last few days have offered nothing but respect for what he’s going through.  It’s a life long bond that no one truly understands unless they’ve been there- done that.  He’ll become one of the Few. The Proud. The Marines  #semperfi #marines #rls8guy  #coolrock #chrisdunham  #fatherandson #recruit  #teamdunham #military  #mcrdsandiego
One of my all time favorite Pictures of Jake.  This is day 19 of his journey to become a Marine. I love this action shot of him, flying down a snow covered hill on a sled. It was a day we all spent up north in the snow.  The absolute joy in his face. He was so happy and loved sliding down the hill as fast as his body would take him. He laughed virtually the entire time. Just one of those days you never forget :-) Riding sleds, building a snowman (Named Paco I think). Having a snowball fight, drinking hot chocolate back at the hotel...just enjoying ourselves and time together.  This is Jake's 3rd Weekend at MCRD in San Diego. He'll begin week 4 on Monday. Weeks 2-4 are the time they break them down, instill the Marine Corps Values, Discipline and get them on the path to earn the right to be called Marines.  This journey will not be easy, he has bonded with fellow recruits, they're team building skills will be forged and together they will make it to Family Day and Graduation.  We are 68 days away from seeing our Son since he left August 27th.  My respect for him grows daily. Knowing what he's going through, getting through it, and becoming the BEST Version of himself makes me proud.  #marine #veterans  #usmc #semperfi  #fatherandson #mcrd #family  #coolrock #chrisdunham  #teamdunham #rls8guy
Day 18 out of his 87 Day Journey to become a Marine.  When the Circus was still around, we had crazy good seats, and ended up having both kids being pulled into the show.  Now, I don't remember what the kids did during the show, but found one pic with Jake being hoisted in the air and one with Sky and a Clown. (funny how most kids liked clowns, but hated Santa Claus). The journey of life as parents is not perfect. These memories I share are obviously all the "moments" in time we were having fun and enjoying our time together.  He is nearing the end of week 3.  We have received 2 letters from him so far, his last one, dated on 9/7/19 (he writes on Sundays) he indicated he had yet to receive a letter from us (probably 30 plus mailed by now, 20 from me alone) my belief is the DI (Drill Instructor) won't share the mail until Week 5 begins as they begin to be treated like humans again, lol.  We are 69 days away from Family day and Graduation.  He will EARN the TITLE Marine and become one of the FEW and The PROUD. OohRah!  #marine #fatherandson #siblings #circus #usmc #mcrd #coolrock 18/87
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Lazy days of Spring.  Sky and Jake playing in our backyard in Mesa, with our then 4 legged family member, Johnny.  I remember these moments like they were yesterday-but they also seem a lifetime away...our kids grow up so fast.  Jake is on day 17 at Boot Camp for the USMC. This week they will learn the basic fundamentals for Close Order Drill, this instills discipline, confidence and "espirit de corps" IE a sense of pride for the group working together as a platoon.  He will also continue training in MCMAP (Marine Crops Marital Arts Program) - the philosophy behind this is "one mind any weapon"... having the combat mindset, provides them the ability to assess an act.  He'll also have his first Pugil Stick Battle (also pictured) this week. If he is consistent, we should get another letter from him next Tuesday or Wednesday.  He goes to "Religious" Services on Sundays, which allows the Recruit to have time to themselves, recharge and write letters.  I continue to write daily. If you want to send a letter, reach out and I'll give you the "rules" and his address.  We are 70 days away from Family Day. We are 71 days away from Graduation. We are 72 days away from having boots at home.  He will become on of The Few. The Proud. The Marines!  #usmc #marines #veterans #elite #fatherandson #siblings #brotherandsister #teamdunham #mcrdsandiego  #rls8guy #chrisdunham
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The 16th Day at MCRD in San Diego.  Back in 2004 I think, I had this massive client appreciation party and Jake helped me get everything organized. He has a tad bit of OCD in him, lol.  I found this is my pictures folder, didn't even know I had this pic to be honest. Cycling through folders of digital images reminds us of the memories we have of our lives with our loved ones.  This week, week 3 of 16, he is learning (among other things) hand to hand combat). He has two more weeks, including this one, until everything "settles" down a bit. Understanding, the "Marines" never really settle down-but they start down different avenues of education as week 5 is the turning point from being torn down and now they begin to build them back up (this is from what I've seen on video's and in discussion with Marines-all speculation on my end really). In hit Nickie yesterday that 'he's not coming home" he will for 10 days after he graduates, then on "leave" when he has it. But she's right, this will become his life for the next 4 years, 8 years or more.  He has chosen to be one of the ELITE. he has chosen to EARN the Title of MARINE  One of the Few and the Proud.  Miss you son. Love you, Dad.  #fatherson #chrisdunham  #marines #rls8guy  #usmc #mcrdsandiego  #veterans #mcrd  #coolrock #camppendleton
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Another great picture of Jake and his big Sister Sky. He had to be around 2-3 in this one, maybe younger- hard for me to tell when they are small.  Jake is five years younger than Sky- which gave her the true role of “big sister”. Today is day 15 on his quest to become a Marine. This is week number 3... which means it’s week number two of “Hell Week” with one more to go.  The Drill Instructors are preparing them for The Crucible. Making sure they are prepared and ready to conquer the 54 hour test to prove they have what it takes to earn the of “Marine”  He will become one of the Few and the Proud.  72 more days until family day. OohRah!  15/87 #fatherandson #siblings #teamdunham #marines #usmc #camppendleton  #mcrd #veterans
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Its the beginning of week 3 without Jake at home.  Its starting to sink in a little bit more with me that he's not coming home anytime soon. I continue to watch some of the youtube videos of what he's going through and what he will endure before earning the title of Marine.  Its humbling. You can't help but worry about your kid and how they'll do. I know he'll do the best he can.  14 Days have gone by, 73 more days until we see him at Family Day and then graduate.  This picture was from a day we were heading to meet OBJ (before he turned into an ass) and Victor Cruz.  One of those life lessons, as we were there early, got the 1st and second spot in line, only to be disappointed when neither of them showed. I remember Jake being upset (as was I-but I kept my frustrations to myself) and told him to take this is a life lesson.  I wasn't raised with a Father, so I never had anything really to base "lessons" on but what I felt was right. So we used that, came home and enjoyed the rest of our day.  The lessons he's learning daily are lessons that will ensure his safety if he is ever called into a hostile situation.  He will become one of The Few. The Proud. The Marines.  #rls8guy #marines #usmc #mcrd #recruit #fatherandson  14/87
So here it is, the end of Week number 2 for our Recruit.  Summertime in Arizona always included swimming, This was taken many years ago, under the water of course. We spent countless hours in the pool.  Its a lazy day for Jake, well, as lazy as you can be in boot camp. Sundays you can go to "Religious Service" which allows him time to himself.  His letter (first real one, that was hand written) gave us some insight to his new life for the next 16 weeks.  Nothing but love son. Noting but respect. If you want to write to him, words of encouragement are always fantastic, reach out to me via PM and I'll shoot you the address.  You can join us in cheering on our youngest as he strives to become on of The Few. The Proud. The Marines.  OohRah!  #fatherandson #recruit #boot  #marines #military  #usmc #veterans  #mcrdsandiego #rls8guy #chrisdunham
As parents of a Marine Recruit, we are part of a few Facebook Groups that give insight into the day to day training. Now, its not like the other branches, where you'll see pictures of your kid, this is the Marines damnit. Ain't no messing around here. HA.  That being said, they are really great groups to be part of. Lots of support, updates (admin folks have been running for over a decade). So every Saturday from ship date to Graduation, we are dropping "Grade Level" pictures, 16 weeks of boot, with 16 weeks of photos (1x a week). This is Jake in second grade.  This is day 12, he has one more day to officially wrap up week 2 (remember, he missed day 1 as he was a back up shipper). There will be two more weeks of Hell before they start "treating" them like humans again.  They'll still run em. They'll still train em. They'll still beat them into the ground and pull them back up again.  After all, they are training to become one of The FEW. The PROUD. The MARINES!  Love you Son!  12/87  #fatherandson #coolrock #marines #veterans #recruit  #usmc #mcrd #mcrdsandiego
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Day 11 in his journey to become a MARINE.  Kid has always cleaned up well. Time goes by so fast when you raise kids. From birth to crawling seems like 20 minutes when you look back on it.  You vaguely remember their first steps... first words... all the “milestones” blend together into one movie roll in your head.  We know he’s doing his best as that is Jake. We know he will struggle, as all Recruits do, we anxiously await his graduation day.  We continue to support and encourage- will be mailing out 11 letters today, one written for every day he has been gone.  He will become one of the chosen one.  The FEW. The PROUD. The MARINES  #marines #usmc #recruit #boot #coolrock #fatherandson
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Today is day 10 in his journey to earn the title, Marine. Graduation day is 11/22/19.  He is nearing the end of his first week in hell. He has many more ahead of him.  He will be stronger. He will be faster. He will be the best version of himself.  We have yet to hear from him- but know he’s kicking ass and putting forth his best effort. This is the journey he chose. This is the path he will take to become a member of the Nations Best.  The Few- The Proud - The Marines.  Nothing but respect son!  #usmc #marines #coolrock #fatherandson
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Always loved this picture.  The laughter - the fun they were having. Life is so simple when you’re a little kid.  As Jakob Dunham continues his quest to become a Marine.. we begin to miss him more. It’s an odd occurrence when you realize you’ve seen a person pretty much every day of his life - if not seen- at least spoke too.  When are day 9/87 until we see him graduate- thus earning the title MARINE.  Stay focused son. Win today so you can win tomorrow and continue down your path. You will succeed. You will earn this title and walk with Pride.  #coolrock #fatherandson #marines #usmc #military
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There you go Dad! A picture just for you.  Another day- another moment in time with Jake. He has been at Boot Camp for officially a week now - left last Tuesday as a back up shipper.  This week will test him. This will will push him. This week will break him down so they can start building him back up in the weeks to come.  He will succeed- failure is not an option- his journey will lead him to become a Marine- The Few and The Proud.  #coolrock #fatherandson #usmc #marinescorps  #veterans  #mcrdsandiego  #camppendleton
Here it is. His first week of hell. The next 3 weeks he’ll be ran, pushed, yelled at and made to feel like shit.  They will break him down then build him back up- he’ll be a better man for it. .  This is his 1st Grade picture.  He left us a “kid” he’ll come back a Man. The best version of himself.  One of the Few, the Proud. The MARINES  #marines #usmc #mcrd #coolrock #fatherandson  #rls8guy #chrisdunham
“Am as cool as the other side of the pillow”  The “coolness” he displayed early on is evident in many pictures of him. Today is Day 6 at MCRD.  Being cool is irrelevant now. Being determined and driven is what will carry him through this challenge.  From 87 days to 81 ... the countdown will continue and the results will be life changing- his “coolness” will develop a swagger most Veterans carry... his will be one of The FEW, The PROUD- the MARINES  OohRah  #marines #usmc #coolrock #mcrd #fatherandson  #camppendleton  #veterans
Today is day #5 for this Marine Recruit. Life is made of choices- to cross the bridge or not? He must have been around 4-5 and he wanted to do it on his own.  Excited to see how much he’s grown when he graduates in November. Becoming the BEST version of himself and serving this great country of ours.  It will not be easy- no ones gonna save him - he will become one of the FEW, the PROUD, THE MARINES  5/87  #coolrock #marines #family #teamdunham #deltacompany #mcrd #veterans  #armedservices  #camppendleton
Sort of a date night - always looking sexy as hell (her) lol. #rls8guy #rls8gal ##rls8grl #chrisdunham #chandler #family #date #datenight #justbecause #warrior #az #longhornsteakhouse #friday
Hey... I see you taking a picture of me! Silly Dad (or something like that back than) .  Today is day #3 of his journey to become a Marine. Thinking about you son!  3/87  #marines #fatherandson #coolrock