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Riley Goltz


Musician, producer, all around average dude. Link to my post-rock album, also on Spotify and Apple Music:

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Donut season
My wife loves pineapples
No pants zone
This sandwich was not very good but the view was very good
Cool like cucumber
Album is now up on bandcamp! Flow link in bio!  #postrock #postrockdiscovery #postrockcommunity #newmusic #postrockmusic #postrockband
I was told to nuzzle. I did my best.
20/20  Diving back into real life.
19/20  Three pals in the mountains pt. 2
18/20  Wrapping up things here.
17/20  Lounging
16/20  Thirsting for righteousness with @natethebaker
15/20  When ur sad
14/20  We hit the mountain, the mountain hit back.
13/20  Incredible views.
12/20  Three pals in the mountains!
11/20  This country never ceases to amaze me.  We have an incredibly powerful and imaginative Creator who makes amazing things!
10/20 “And like they say, every dog has its day. And like they say, God works in mysterious ways. So I pray, remembering the days of my youth, as I prepare to meet my moment of truth” - Guru