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Rene Redzepi


Chef/co-owner: @nomacph • Our non profit dedicated to a better food world: @themadfeed • Our new book on fermentation now available for purchase 👇👇

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Some mushrooms gets you high, some you peel like a banana 🍌
Name someone that has better followers
Food that jiggles • (it’s a mushroom - shaggy ink cap)
If all we served were mushrooms, I for one would be happy. To me, they are the perfect food. Diving into the world of mushrooms and studying them, you figure out just how vast of a kingdom of life it is. They influence our world in ways you can’t imagine, and still, we know so little about these earthly aliens. Check out this video from Natgeo and see if you can’t resist taking a free dive headlong into the world of recyclers.
Legacies breed legacies. (If you know you know, and if you don’t know you should know)
Wild boar 🐗
Mushroom season at noma. As the temperature falls and days shorten, people can sense a change on the wind. Summer turns to autumn, and any forager will know that mushroom season is now in full bloom. But why now? Why mostly in autumn? What do fungi get out of it? With colder days and more rain, nature crafts the perfect conditions for these fungal recyclers. In the forest, within days of heavier rainfall, the fruiting bodies of a much larger organism pop up, and send out their spores on the wind just before deciduous trees shed their coats of leaves. The massive fungal webs that weave their way through the forest floor, unseen, are the ones responsible for turning those leaves back into nutrients and keeping the forest healthy.  We love them, in all their variety for their taste, but also shouldn’t forget how important they are in the web of life.
Dotted stem bolete or Boletus luridiformis, one of the finest mushroom to eat. And it bruises indigo blue when exposed to air
This magnificent ingredient is one of the most inexpensive foods world wide. Do you know what it is?
We’re prepping for the game season—one experiment we’re knee deep is making moldy hearts. The idea comes from the best sausage charcuterie and the white molds that typically grow on them. In this case we’ve taken a fresh reindeer heart and grown a species of Aspergillus on it to see if we’d be able to make a heart sausage without having to grind the meat, and spoil the image and texture. It may look otherworldly, but it’s not so big a stretch from the traditions that make the world of food what it is. It’s a minor shift in perspective, with a big impact on the final product #moldyhearts
Mushrooms come in all sizes and shapes, many of them bearing strange and funny names. The orange one is an orange milkcap, and will turn your pee the same color as a gorgeous sunset. Moving clockwise, there’s also a wood mushroom, then something that is literally called (no joke) the prince. Blackening polypore at 9 o’clock, then a charcoal burner, and finally, a cep mushroom. Bon Appétit
Barbecued Morels stuffed with bee pollen