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Queering Harm Reduction


LGBTQ-oriented radical sex+drug education for (21+) queers and allies ⚒💊💉 queeringharmreduction@gmail.com Visualizing harm reduction futurity

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QHR Mission Statement
Quick and dirty intro to narcan (naloxone). This is the same information as the previous post, just blue for the higher quality.
So what the f**k are poppers anyway? Poppers—amyl nitrites—are used recreationally in nightlife / LGBTQ+ settings for their quick, rush-like effects that relax the muscles (particularly the muscles in and around the anus). Remember if you’re using poppers to NEVER ingest the liquid (highly dangerous), only inhale the vapors.
A quick and dirty overview of narcan (naloxone)! (Bear with QHR while figuring out resolution things on insta!)
A basic guide to beginner fisting 🤜
Snorting drugs? Use your own straw to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C!
Welcome! Queering Harm Reduction is an LGBTQ-oriented education project focusing on reducing the harms associated with stigmatized behaviors, from substance use to sexual activity and beyond. QHR believes in radical transparency of information and in providing the space for people to manage their autonomy, health, and well-being—be it physical, mental, emotional, social—without engaging in value judgments of behaviors.