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I’m ugly and I’m proud

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I found out beer in Germany packs a little bit of a punch... or maybe I’m a lightweight? pc @tungtwister907 #germany🇩🇪
This looks like the start to a real cheesed up USAFA commercial
Ireland’s landscapes have my heart
I need to go to church ⛪️
Guinness in Ireland grew on me, but as far as I’m concerned the stateside Guinness is still 💩
Twas not water in that hydro flask
🐞-> 🇩🇪-> 🇳🇱-> 🇧🇪 -> 🇫🇷 -> 👯‍♀️ 😭 🇬🇧
You never really appreciate the vastness of it all until you’re held prisoner pc: @xaviercardinal
Looking back, taking a cooking class to learn to cook local food was the move. I’ll be able to cook Thai food for all my peeps 🐥
Thinking about how I won’t have a hut rooster wake me up at 3 am for the fourth day in a row 🐓
Been living in a hut ✌️
Am I wifey material yet? 👩‍🍳 🙄
I felt awkward
Next time I go to #airosakahostel I’m creating a fan club for wolf #wolfthecat #crepes #arthostel #catcafe
I found a stick and a flower today🇯🇵
There were a few times today the deer mistook my 🍑 for a deer 🍪
So the bunny in my matcha ice cream wasn’t styrofoam it was a waffle bunny 😋 #icecave #windcave #mtfuji #wrongoutfitchoice