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Ruthin Craft Centre

Instagram photos and videos at Ruthin Craft Centre

I’ve finally made it to Ruthin to see the exhibition of Basketry- Function and Ornament @ruthincraftcentre. It is fantastic to see my laal woven jobbies alongside the great and the good of UK basketry & very inspiring. If you haven’t seen it you still have until the 13th October to get there!
Examples of some amazing artwork by supremely talented local artists. Helfa Gelf Denbighshire Artists Exhibition curated by @veritypulfordglass at Ruthin Craft Centre. Featuring Claire Acworth Jewellery, Julia Musgrave Weaver, Penny Alexander Paper and Typewriter artist, Richard Morris Ceramics, Tara Dean Illustration and Print, Sarah Bartlem Ceramics, Margaret Carter Textiles and Verity Pulford Glass. The exhibition features the work and making process of each artist, runs until 3rd October and is highly recommended.
Open this week 'Our land' a selection of artists with @helfagelf at @Ruthin_Crafts centre from Denbighshire #discoverdenbighshire thank you @veritypulfordglass for the #curation looking forward to seeing it in detail on Friday & everyone @monkeyhitskeys @claireacworthjewellery @juliamusgrav1 @jonathan__le_vay @sarahbartlemceramics Richard Morris & Margaret Carter See you soon @helfagelf starting soon🍀☀️
Open evening for ‘Our Land’ exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre 6pm 13/09/2019. Curated by @veritypulfordglass and featuring @claireacworthjewellery @sarahbartlemceramics @magsfaraway @tadean7 @monkeyhitskeys Julia Musgrave and Richard Morris  Noson agored ar gyfer arddangosfa ‘Our Land’ yng Nghanolfan Grefftau Rhuthun 6pm 13/09/2019. Curadwyd gan @veritypulfordglass ac yn cynnwys @claireacworthjewellery @sarahbartlemceramics @magsfaraway @ tadean7 @monkeyhitskeys Julia Musgrave a Richard Morris
An exciting exhibition with artists from Denbighshire curated by Verity Pulford at Ruthin Crafts Centre. "Our Land" runs till 3 October with an open evening on 13 September at 6pm. . .  Arddangosfa gyffrous gydag artistiaid o SirDdinbych wedi'i churad gan Verity Pulford yng Nghanolfan Grefftau Rhuthun. "Our Land" yn rhedeg tan 3 Hydreg gyda noson agored ar y 13eg o Fedi am 6yp. . .  #exhibition #denbighshire  #artists #helfagelf #ruthin #inspiration
At last, thanks to @veritypulfordglass, some of my work can be found behind Perspex.  Come and have a look at ‘Our Land’ it’ll be on until October 4th at Ruthin Craft Centre.  Verity has curated 8 artists who include @claireacworthjewellery @tadean7 @monkeyhitskeys @magsfaraway Julia Musgrave Weaver, Richard Morris Ceramics, @veritypulfordglass and @sarahbartlemceramics  The show will be running during @helfagelf and explores the link the artists/makers have with the landscape around them.  It’s a ‘must see’!
More from the Ruthin Craft Centre
So inspiring such talent 😍
“Dark Tendril Bag” & a @lauraellenbacon beauty at “Basketry: Function and Ornament”, which continues until 13 October at #ruthincraftcentre . Thank you to @clerkenwell_basketmaker for this fresh perspective. #basketry #corsetboning #plaitedbasketry #basketryfunctionandornament #contemporarybasketry #basketexhibition
Half way mark for the wonderful exhibition ‘Basketry - function and ornament’ @ruthincraftcentre on until 13 October curated by @gregory2970 As I’m sure anyone who’s visited would agree - a glorious tour of contemporary basketry showcasing superb makers from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. Title pic with a glimpse of work by @lizziefarey @stellahardingart and @sussexwillow followed by my so lucky to be there two. #basketmaker #basketmaking #contemporarybasketry #fibrearts #greatcompany #bmdozen #worshipfulcompanyofbasketmakers #cockpitarts
Daisy's first proper day out 🌼✨
Keeping it summery for as long as I can with this 'Double Pyrus Flower bud' necklace.A little top up arriving at #ruthincraftcentre #jewellery  #jewelleryaddict  #rosegold #sterlingsilver  #necklace #petals #earrings #motherofpearl  #handmade
Lots of makers have shared images of “Basketry: Function and Ornament” (on until 13 October). Here is the Hairmoss Capsule Bag again, photographed by @sarah_le_breton with @annemarieosullivanbaskets glorious piece (left) and Anna King’s intricate coiled work (right). Posted @withrepost • @sarah_le_breton Great to see today the ‘Basketry Function & Ornament’ exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre in North Wales. So good to see the work of amazing basketmakers I know and exhibits by makers whose work I’ve longed to see alongside talented makers who are entirely new to me. Well worth a visit! @jennycrisp_basketmaker @blithfieldwillowcrafts @sarahparamorbaskets #basketmaking #crafts #baskets #heritage #weaving #willowweaving #willowweaver #willow #craft #weavingdreams #traditionalcrafts
No trip to Wales would be complete without a visit to Ruthin Craft Centre. There is a fabulous Basketry exhibition on at the Moment - Function and Ornament 😍
Visited the fantastic exhibitions at #ruthincraftcentre I’m feeling very inspired right now! 💡💡💡 #basketryart #craftisart #artisan #craft #artuk #artanddesign #basketweaving #artinwales #sculpture
assisting with a children's workshop at #ruthincraftcentre meaning a fun-filled day of spoon painting for me! 🥄🥄🥄
This intricate papercut, by @hf_papercuts, is inspired by embroidery samplers. Growing up in south Wales, textile samplers were a familiar sight in the homes of Helen’s relatives and so she associates these often personalised keepsakes with family and home. Still rooted in this handcraft tradition, Helen has reinterpreted the traditional designs in paper, incorporating symbols, images and words.  Would you like to create your own unique papercut artwork? If so, why not sign-up to a half-day workshop led by Helen at Ruthin Craft Centre. You could bring a photograph of your home or a line from a poem or song to incorporate alongside traditional symbols and motifs.  For further information, follow the link in bio or contact Ruthin Craft Centre on 01824 704774.  Saturday 14 September 10.30am – 1pm or 2.30pm – 5pm Ruthin Craft Centre £30 Suitable for those with no previous experience. 18+. * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** Mae’r torlun cywrain hon, gan @hf_papercuts, wedi’i ysbrydoli gan sampleri brodwaith. Wrth dyfu i fyny yn ne Cymru, roedd sampleri tecstilau’n olygfa gyfarwydd yng nghartrefi ei pherthnasau ac felly bydd yn cysylltu’r cofroddion hyn fydd wedi’u personoli’n aml, â theulu a chartref. Â hithau’n dal wedi’i gwreiddio yn y traddodiad crefft llaw hwn, mae Helen wedi ail ddehongli’r dyluniadau traddodiadol mewn papur gan gynnwys symbolau, delweddau a geiriau.  Hoffech chi greu torlun unigryw eich hun? Os felly, beth am fachu lle ar weithdy undydd o dan ofal Helen yng Nghanolfan Grefft Rhuthun. Medrwch ddod a ffotograff o’ch cartref neu linell o gerdd neu gân i gynnwys ochr yn ochr â symbolau a motifau traddodiadol.  Am wybodaeth bellach, dilynwch y ddolen yn y bio neu cysylltwch â Chanolfan Grefft Rhuthun ar 01824 704774.  Sadwrn 14 Medi 10.30am – 1pm neu 2.30pm – 5pm £30 Nid oes angen profiad blaenorol. 18+. 📷 @stephenheatonphotography
Flying visit to Ruthin Craft Centre this afternoon #ruthin #ruthincraftcentre #basketry #exhibition #juliearkell #art #craft #appliedart #makers
I promised to share some images of the 'Basketry' exhibition running alongside 'Aelwyd' at Ruthin Craft Centre. And here they are!  Curated by @gregory2970, the exhibition is 'a survey of a craft that has been somewhat sidelined in times of great technological advances, yet offers a sustainable answer to so much of our modern day throw-away habits.' Its a fascinating and beautiful exhibition, do visit if you can. * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** * *** Addewais rannu lluniau o'r arddangosfa' Basgedi' sy'n rhedeg ochr yn ochr ag 'Aelwyd' yng Nghanolfan Grefft Rhuthun. A dyma nhw!  Wedi'i guradu gan @gregory2970, mae'r arddangosfa'n cynnig 'arolwg o grefft sydd wedi ei diystyru braidd ar adegau o gynnydd technolegol mawr, ac eto mae’n cynnig ateb cynaliadwy i gymaint o’n harferion modern gwastraffus.' Mae'n arddangosfa hynod ddiddorol a hardd, ewch am dro os fedrwch chi.  Curator // Curadur: @gregory2970 Photo // Llun: @stephenheatonphotography  #baskets #basketry #basgedi #ruthincraftcentre #canolfangrefftrhuthun #basketmakers #willow #rush
I visited Ruthin Craft Centre recently to take in some bowls and other pieces to add to the collection of my word in the shop. Have you seen the current basketry exhibition there? It’s so calming and beautiful. Absolutely worth a visit, probably two . .  #tableware #jug #nibbowl #vessel #bowl  #ceramics  #chooseclay #designermaker #slipcaster #slipcast #slipcastporcelain #porcelain #aquietstyle #blueandwhite #orange #orangeandwhite #simpleandstill #capturemycraft #interiorstyle #innerfinn #designnation #juliefewster #ruthin #ruthincraftcentre #craft #shophandmade #usehandmade #buyhandmade
Exquisite glass bowl... #culture & camping trip
Curwr Drws Doorknocker . #anncatrinevans 🔥 Canolfan Crefft Rhuthun  20.07.19 – 13.10.19  Tua’r gofod mewn Cymreig cyfoes Towards a contemporary Welsh interior 🔥 #aelwyd 🔥 Canolfan Grefft Rhuthun @ruthuncraftcentre KNOCKERS CURWYR #curwyr #curwyrdrws #knockers #knockersofinstagram #doorknockers #doorknockersofinstagram #architecturaldetail #wroughtiron #blacksmithing #doorjewellery  #architecturalssculptures #forged #doorsculpture #design #gwaithgof #gofannu #orefail #haearngyr #carfluniaudrws #anncatrinevans #siopiard #strydyplas #caernarfon #strydmoch #pwllheli #cymru #wales
Some of the gorgeous samples being worked in the workshop at #ruthincraftcentre as part of the Young Peoples Summer Art School 2019.😊 #learntostitch #katebarlowembroidery #handembroidery #woven #stitchedartisart #stitched #northwales #ruthin
The first day of Portffolio at Ruthin Craft Centre today, The Young Peoples Summer Art School. A little bit out of my comfort zone but excited to be teaching young people embroidery inspired on the extraordinary Basketry Exhibition at the  centre. #katebarlowembroidery #ruthincraftcentre #basketry #handembroidery #portffolio
I can’t think of a basket in this show that didn’t inspire. It’s a really beautiful collection. These could be my favourites from  @timjohnsonartist @janecrispdm @stellahardingart amongst @gregory2970 curated exhibition @ruthincraftcentre #gosee . . #onceuponatime #glass was transported from the factories around the country protected in willow baskets #connections
Ruthin close-up — thank you to @sfp_ceramics for this photo! “Basketry: Function & Ornament” continues until 13 October. Posted @withrepost • @sfp_ceramics #ruthincraftcentre - go if you can 😍
@clerkenwell_basketmaker ‘s sculptural beauty advertising the glorious “Basketry: Function and Ornament” at Ruthin Craft Centre. The exhibition showcases the work of 30 extraordinary basketmakers, including two of the Basketmakers’ Dozen: @clerkenwell_basketmaker (Alison Dickens) and @sarahparamorbaskets  Open until 13 October 2019, curated by @gregory2970 and well worth a visit if you have a taste for baskets! #bmdozen #basketry #basketryexhibition #contemporarybasketry #ruthincraftcentre #willowbasket
‘AELWYD: mae teitl Cymraeg yr arddangosfa hon yn gyfystyr â chartref. Drwy eu deunydd, eu gwneud, eu stori neu eu defnydd, mae’r gwrthrychau yn yr arddangosfa hon yn archwilio synnwyr sydd wedi’i wreiddio’n ddwfn o berthyn a chartref.’ Teimlad hyfryd i fod yn rhan or arddangosfa hyn, wrth ochr rhai o grefftwyr gorau’r byd... Claire Cawte, Sarah Christensen, Mandy Coates, Ann Catrin Evans, Rosie Farey, Helen Flynn, Astrid de Groot, Simon Hulbert, Llio James, Sophie Schärer, Mick Sheridan, James a Tilla Waters, Neil Wilkin, Deiniol Williams, Yusuke Yamamoto. Canolfan Grefft Ruthun 20 Gorffennaf – 13 Hydref 2019 Curadur: Elen Bonner @nythuhandmade - - - ‘AELWYD, the title of this exhibition, is Welsh for hearth – a word synonymous with home. Through their material, making, story or use, the objects in this exhibition explore a deep-rooted sense of belonging and home.’ Feels wonderful to have work in this exhibition, amongst the world best artists... Claire Cawte @clairecawtetextiles, Sarah Christensen, Mandy Coates, Ann Catrin Evans @aceacmeinc, Rosie Farey @rosiefarey, Helen Flynn, Astrid de Groot @astridwoodwork , Simon Hulbert, Sophie Schärer @sophiescharer, Mick Sheridan @m.s.upholstery, James and Tilla Waters @james_and_tilla_waters , Neil Wilkin @neilwilkinglass , Deiniol Williams @deiniolwilliamsceramics , Yusuke Yamamoto @yusuke_yamamoto_silver. Ruthin Craft Centre 20 July – 13 October 2019 Curated by Elen Bonner @nythuhandmade #ruthincraftcentre #newexhibition #aelwyd #lliojames #craft #contemporarycraft #handweaving #welshblanket #luxurylifestyle #nythu #canolfangrefftrhuthun #llunllio #gwehyddu #cynnyrchcymraeg #makersgonnamake #handweaver #interiorproducts #handwoven #choosewool #bespoke
Two fabulous shows on NOW . Posted @withrepost • @nythuhandmade Here are a few photos by @stephenheatonphotography  of the exhibition I curated recently for #ruthincraftcentre. I enjoyed each and every aspect of the process and would like to thank all involved. The exhibition continues until October 13, so plenty of time to pop over to have a look.  NYTHU is sponsoring a series of maker-led workshops to coincide with the show. We kick off this Saturday with a workshop led by @clairecawtetextiles who will show participants how to make a contemporary love spoon. There are still a couple of places left, so contact the craft centre if you’d like to nab a place. Other workshops include making a bespoke papercut with @hf_papercuts and a ring nest basket with @rosiefarey. See bio for details.  Alongside #aelwyd is an exhibition titled Basketry: Function and Ornament, curated by @gregory2970. I'll pop up some photos soon. You’re in for a treat. . 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 . Dyma ychydig o luniau gan @stephenheatonphotography o'r arddangosfa wnes i guradu yn ddiweddar ar gyfer #canolfangrefftrhuthun. Fe wnes i fwynhau pob un elfen o’r broses, a hoffwn ddiolch o waelod calon i bawb oedd ynghlwm. Mae'r arddangosfa'n parhau tan Hydref 13, felly digon o amser i alw heibio am sbec.  Mae NYTHU yn noddi cyfres o weithdai dan arweiniad gwneuthurwr i gyd-fynd â'r sioe. Rydyn ni'n cychwyn y dydd Sadwrn hwn gyda gweithdy dan arweiniad @clairecawtetextiles a fydd yn dangos sut i wneud llwy garu gyfoes. Mae yna gwpl o lefydd ar ôl, felly cysylltwch â'r ganolfan os hoffech fachu lle. Bydd gweithdai eraill yn cynnwys gwneud torlun bapur personol gyda @hf_papercuts a chreu basged nyth fodrwyau gyda @rosiefarey. Gweler bio am fanylion.  Ochr yn ochr ag #aelwyd mae arddangosfa o'r enw Basgedwaith: Swyddogaeth ac Addurniad, wedi'i guradu gan @gregory2970. Na'i rannu lluniau yn fuan. Mae o werth ei weld.  @aceacmeinc @sarah_christensen_design @hf_papercuts @clairecawtetextiles
Knitted weave
Excellent exhibition
Woven complex
Beautiful baskets
Door knockers at Ruthin Craft Centre
Beautiful basketry at Ruthin Craft Centre . #beautiful #basketry #appliedarts #craft
Another go at sending these images of non basket items at Ruthin #ruthincraftcentre
Nothing from the Basketry exhibition as that has already been well documented on Ig. Some pics of other things going on at Ruthin. Sent while enjoying a pot of tea and cake in their cafe! #ruthincraftcentre #sogladimadetheefforttocome
“Hairmoss Capsule Bag” in the fabulous gallery space of Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales.  Posted @withrepost • @gregory2970 Basketry - Function & Ornament is now open @ruthin_crafts #ruthincraftcentre which I had the joy of curating. All 30 makers have come up trumps with an amazing selection of hand made functional and ornamental pieces. Go and see if you can! Thank you to everyone for making it happen. More images to come... #basketry #basketmakers #craftspeople #craft #appliedarts
Adolygiad o arddangosfa 'Basgedwaith' Canolfan grefft Rhuthun, yng nghyffiniau'r steddfod eleni sydd ar wefan y Stamp heddiw. Linc yn y bio
Glove making in the sunshine #charityknitting #relaxinginthesun #yescakewasinvolved
“Hairmoss Capsule Bag” in its natural habitat! The moss plaits up to a tweedy exterior and an AstroTurf green interior... This is on show at “Basketry: Function and Ornament”, #ruthincraftcentre in Wales until 13 October. Photographed in Applecross by amazing Annie MacDonald #basketry #naturalfibres #hairmoss #basketryexhibition #wales #scotland #byhand #slowcraft
GEOMETRY (a measure of water): the second of two open hexagonal plait/triaxial weave burden baskets for the exhibition Basketry: Function and Ornament curated by Gregory Parsons. Ruthin Craft Centre, Denbighshire, Wales. 20 July to 8 October
Lois Walpole Basketry - function and ornament Ruthin Craft Centre Visiting this excellent exhibition today @ruthincraftcentre @ruthincontcraft  #basketry  @loiswalpole  @craftsmagazine  #contemporarybasketry @twentytwentygallery