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Instagram photos and videos at Noma

The closest we’ll get to #noma 🍽 P.s. in the background, is Amager Slope, or Copenhill - a giant incinerator turning rubbish into power... part of Copenhagen’s plan to get to zero carbon by 2025. Also, for extra functional design, the sloped roof doubles as an artificial ski slope/hiking slope... because Denmark is flat as a pancake. #danishdesign #zerowaste
Highlights from Noma: bee pollen butterfly (with ants); mold taco; mold pie; tempura flower; sunflower.
Noma_____🖤 where magic happens!  #nextlevel #noma
Each year for my birthday, Lars surprises me with a restaurant visit. Some experiences are more rare than others - I will for sure remember 41
#noma #vegetable #season
Noma, the approach: part two.
Noma, the approach: part one.
This is the third course, a serving of candied beat root wrapped in fruit lether. Don't be mistaken by it's simple description, this one bite takes many hard working hours to create.
Trot mare, trot foal 🐎  Wishing this beacon of September light a tremendous birthday and an abundance of happiness in the next year ahead. Big things will go down, I’ve got the feeling 💡
Welcome to our tour through breathtaking Noma! 🌞 #noma #copenhagen #finedining  #dreamscometrue #popłaczęsięzeszczęścia
The greenhouses of Noma. As close as I’m going to get this time. #copenhagen #denmark🇩🇰 #noma
Greenhouse goals 👌🏻
Nämen sickna små gull jag åt kvällsmat med förra veckan! 💞 #spilldeingenläskdennagång
16-course vegetable season Noma happened. Now my relationship with non-noma food and wine is spoiled  Flowers marinated with pollen Barbecued pepper  Candied beets  Chilled onion bouillon Mould pancake with truffle  Mould pie Berry soup Flatbread with medium rare cooked vegetables  Celeriac cannelloni Marigold flowers with a whisky egg-nog  Boiled new potato Wild mushrooms barbecued with pine Vegetable ragout  Woodruff and birch kombucha  Crispy bees cooked with chocolate 💕
First few seconds at Noma 🌿🌿🧐🤔🤗🌿🌿
Noma - Testet. Gå ikke glip af de nye anmeldelser til White Guide 2020 lanceringen mandag d. 28. oktober i København - Køb billetter via link i bio . Husk at tilmelde dig White Guides nyhedsbrev på www.whiteguide.dk . Følg også White Guide Danmark på Facebook .  #wgdk #whiteguidedanmark #whiteguide #noma #noma2 #nomarestaurant @nomacph @reneredzepinoma. . . . . . . . . #foodporn #foodtainment #cookingram #cooking #eating #eat #foodstagram #foodstyling #food #foodie #chef #cheflife #thebestchefsintheworld #chefsofinstagram #restaurants #tasty
This a very humble dish in appearance but is anything but, it is a roasted padrone pepper stuffed with marinated peas, confirm gooseberries, fresh coriander, and is eaten in one bite. . .. . . . #foodpic #incatonoma #foodpics #foodceleb #foodphotography #food52 #food #foodie #foodstagram #cooking #cooklife #cook #cookingram #cooksofinstagram #chef #chefslife #cheflife #chefsofinstagram
Saturday “luncheon” with the Jollys 😄  @feitastic #luncheon 😄 #foodiefriends
Wonders of the vegetables, Noma, CPH. . . . . . . . . . #nomacopenhagen #noma #cristiania #vegetablegarden #magicmushrooms #vegan #50bestrestaurants #ateljefinne #michelinguide  @reneredzepinoma
The stars of the show in vegetable season and quite possibly the best meal of my life 🤩 finally made it through 16 courses! * * Flowers marinated with pollen Barbecues pepper  Candied beets Chilled onion bouillon Mould pancake with truffle Mould pie Berry soup Flatbread with medium rare cooked vegetables  Celeriac cannelloni Marigold flowers and whiskey egg nog A flower pot of potato soup Pine barbecued wild mushrooms  Vegetable ragout Woodruff ice cream with birch kombucha Chocolate with bee larvae
One of the most unbelievable things I've ever experienced! Completely reconceptualised my understanding of food and dining and pushed the boundaries way further than I could ever imagine
Moments at Noma continued 🌿... . . . . . . #noma #danishfood #danishfoodie #danishcuisine #nyenordisk
Since we moved to Copenhagen 2.5 years ago, we've been talking about going to Noma. I became even more fascinated after reading Rene Redzepi's journals over the winter break last year. Since then I wrote a talk I've given a number of times about what we can learn from Noma in the Service Design world.  Last month Luke and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with an incredible dinner feat. beautifully balanced nordisk mad, summer berries, mold, insects, custom ceramics and knives, BIG designed architecture and excellent conversation. . . . . . . . . #noma #nordiskmad #nordiccuisine #danishfood #danishfoodie #danishdesign
NOMA ❤️ #noma #copenhagen #blownaway
Noma är liiit jag lovar #alltsomvigördetärbaralallabror
С грядки на стол🍴 ⠀ Шеф-повар как управляющий кухней должен досконально знать все процессы, происходящие в пределах его зоны ответственности. В частности, это касается и продуктов, не только их качества, но и происхождения. Сегодня многие выдающиеся шеф-повара скептически относятся к такой модели закупки продуктов, при которой ингредиенты проезжают полмира до места назначения. Именно поэтому многие прибегают к собственному производству. ⠀ Сегодня ферма при ресторане уже не столь экстравагантный ход, как, например, десятилетие назад, но все же сельское хозяйство требует много сил, времени и знаний. Чего только стоит добиться желаемого размера или цвета овощей с помощью селекции. Поэтому многие рестораторы выбирают более простой путь - находят фермеров, которые смогут подстроиться под их нужды и выращивать необходимые объемы нужного качества. ⠀ Но вернемся к ресторанам, содержащим собственное хозяйство. Закономерно, что многие из них встают на путь zero-waste, то есть стараются производить как можно меньше отходов, а органику используют для изготовления удобрений. Например,
noma seafood season🐠 🔸 seafood platter 🔸 marinated sweet shrimp 🔸 cured turbot 🔸 medium rare blue shell mussel 🔸 cod bladder simmered w/ quince 🔸 cod tongue schnitzel 🔸 boiled brown crab on flatbread 🔸 cardamom scented sea star 🔸 chocolate cod skin
At Noma yesterday. James Spreadbury, our maitre, took great care of us. Thanks Jimmy for the reccomendations. @passionegourmet @winetip_milan #chateauyquem #laloubizeleroy #domaineprieureroch #champagnebeaufort @noma_restaurant @jocelyn_tastytrip @jspreds
This has to be the most beautiful restaurant in the world. When you come onto the grounds you enter utopia. We came for the vegetable season and the first course was a butterfly constructed of nasturtium petals and bee pollen - that’s a vegetable 🌺🐝 @reneredzepinoma
New Noma with garden by @pietoudolf buildings by @big_builds and interior by @studiodavidthulstrup
And our super cute and talented waiter and guide on Noma service from Italy.
From a unforgettable afternoon at Noma.
Butterfly, Good looking but great taste as well...at Noma, Copenhagen. @reneredzepinoma @passionegourmet
Noma 2.0 Vegetarian menu #noma #restaurant #vegetarian #friends #copenhagen #denmark #experience
When you order an eight course dinner at a restaurant (me), and you are not sure you can handle it. But you eat it all because it is expensive, and too fucking good
Its a insta thing... . . . #noma #serragghiabiancozibibbovinosecco #serragghia #skincontact @nomacph
Time for my second vegetable season at #nomacph - a refreshing berry, tomato, and herb soup  #tasteofsummer
Evaporating supercritical meadowsweet extract through virgin rapeseed oil for game season desserts.
Preserved green walnuts are a delicacy in some of the oldest agrarian and complex civilizations on earth. Some of the world's longest lived continuous civilizations have persisted to this day from the Zagros mountains up to the Caucuses, in what’s now modern day Iran, Armenia and Georgia. No doubt, the harvest of nuts in ancient times was a worthwhile boost of fat and nutrients in prehistoric diets. No wonder they’d seek to preserve the treats, both late in the season and early. ⠀  If you catch walnut trees early enough in the summer, their nuts still won’t have developed their tough shell (pericarp) and the juicy, almost gelatinous centre can be eaten along with the tough outer flesh, should you know how to treat it. Being inspired by these Mesopotamian traditions, using the Danish trees we had at our disposal earlier this summer, we tried out a few different methods. ⠀  When raw, the flesh of green walnuts are extremely tannic and bitter (which makes sense for the tree, to deter animals from eating its underdeveloped seeds). As such, they need to be leeched before being processed. Poking the flesh, we tried soaking them in plain water for 10 days to ferment, while also holding them in both alkaline solutions and salt water and changing those liquids twice daily for the same period of time (which made for some very neat and colorful performances thanks to the reactions between the tannins and calcium hydroxide). ⠀  The ones held in saltwater and the base fared best. Afterwards, they were sun dried in our greenhouse for 48 hours, before being braised in various mixtures. Honey and water, pinecone syrup, pumpkin vinegar with roses—until either candied or tenderly pickled. They all had their qualities, but being candied in the dilute plain honey probably let the flavours of the walnut shine through the most, which transformed completely via fermentation. No longer were they bitter, but tones of cinnamon and allspice came out of them as if from nowhere.
Calendar year at Noma 2.0 is divided into 3 seasons. Vegetable season was our preference from the beginning. Why? Everytime we visit such a great restaurant, vegetable dishes tend to be more interesting. What we have experienced today was far beyond our expectations (we have visited Noma also in 2013). It is thrilling to see how @reneredzepinoma pushed this legendary restaurant to another level 🚀 #lifetimeexperience #noma #restaurant #copenhagen #denmark #finedininglovers #michelin #worlds50bestrestaurants #vegetableseason #gastronomy #foodtrip #reneredzepi #perfection #artofplating #traveltips #foodie #dinnerwithfriends #dobruchut #nordic #freshfromthegarden #gardentotable
Alternate covers for Foundations of Flavour: The Noma Guide to Fermentation... About 2 years ago the bang-up team of @atelierdyakova and @paulatroxler designed  samples for the look and feel of the book with @artisan_books, drawing on inspiration from classic Cold War era science texts (see the last three pictures for reference). They strived to parlay a familiar and instructional tone with a just-off-kilter and imaginative illustrative scape that captured noma’s inventiveness in a way it hadn’t been before. We fell in love with the direction and think many people out there have too. The book is something we feel will stand the test of time, which now, almost a year into its release, already counts tens of thousands of fans among amateur and professional fermenters alike, the world over and in 7 languages—inspired by the possibilities of the craft. Can’t wait to see what the future holds! (There were numbers on those mockups for a reason after all...)
@birdman hand rub
Wegetables For Dinner.
Wow! Thanks @nomacph and @reneredzepinoma  for an amazing dinner! #3michelinstars
Truly the most incredible dining experience with the best crew!  Breathtaking, stunning, thought-provoking, tears were shed.  Thank you @reneredzepinoma and the inspiring team at @nomacph 🙏! #noma #pinecone
14 hours in copenhagen. naturally, mold courses, noma, scooters, and study abroad friends were made.