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Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour

Instagram photos and videos at Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour

rosemary, thyme, parsley 🌿
🐍Based off client’s design. Got openings next week. Dm to book,  apprentice rates.
Wolf 🐺 / Lupus constellation
🔥AVAILABLE  DESIGNS! 🔥 NYC 🇺🇸 OCT 1st - 15th.  DM or email vytautas.tattoo@gmail.com  I would love to know which one is your favourite? 🤷🏻‍♂️♥️ I will be sharing quite a few more in the future. Don’t miss it 🤫  #tattoodesigns #tattooideas #flashtattoo #tattooflashsheet #flowerdrawing #minimaldrawing #sketching #sketchingart #drawing #rosedrawing
♥️🎠 thank you sm @girlknewyork for creating this beautiful piece in honor of my all time favorite book ....... ur truly so kind n special wow ~ " anyway , i keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all . thousands of little kids , and nobody's around – nobody big , i mean – except me . and i'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff . what i have to do , i have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff – i mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going i have to come out from somewhere and catch them . that's all i'd do all day . i'd just be the catcher in the rye and all . i know it's crazy , but that's the only thing i'd really like to be . i know it's crazy . ” ~
Thanks @barisyesilbas 🙏🏼can’t wait to finish this piece
Hey man...
Creation of Adam
That dot work, though 👌🏼 LOOK AT HOW FREAKING PRETTY THIS IS!!! @briansold is my hero #amicoolyet #flowertat
I have so much gratitude for @evakrbdk for crafting this beautiful magic on my arm, and for @hashtagabuser for being my faithful sidekick and letting me squeeze the 💩 out of your hand for 5 hours. #firsttattoo #botanicaltattoo #pleasedonttellmymother #justkiddingsheknows #shemadtho
More flowers please!!!! @📩 briansteffeytattoo@gmail.com #brooklyn ✌🏻 #newyork
A smol reminder to myself Thank you sm @yapmanbahar 💖✨
Edward Hopper/The Long Leg
For Natalie🌸 Got openings next week. All tattoos priced at apprentice rates. Dm to book.
I really enjoy doing unique design tattoos. I haven’t seen many of marmaid man tattoos before 🧜‍♂️🖤 Thank you Elvis and it has been a pleasure to work with you as always! 🔥 Swipe to right to see the DETAILS🤫  Tattoo enquiries: vytautas.tattoo@gmail.com  #dotworktattoo #dotwork #tattoo #blackworkers #blackink #mermaid #mermaidtattoo #mermaidman #newyorktattoo #madeinbrooklyn
Skeleton hand for Sharon.🔥 Got a last minute opening for tomorrow. Apprentice rates. Dm/email to book.
camellia sinensis (tea plant!) third piece on one of my monogamous clients @anne.visca 💞💞 ILU HUNNY THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME WITH SO MUCH SKIN 💞💞
Can you recognise it? 🤔 Had a honour to do my interpretation of one of the most famous Italian artist Sandro Botticelli “The Birth of  Venus” made in mid 1480s! Swipe to right to see the original 🤫👉🏻 #tattoo #newyork #thebirthofvenus #blackink #blackwork #blacktattoo #equillatera #blackworkersubmission
#levoyagedanslapeau Quel plaisir de vous présenter le portrait de l'impressionnante tatoueuse Laura Martinez aka @nothingwildtattoo à la tête des shops @fleurnoiretattoo à #nyc. Cette française au destin peu commun vit ses rêves à fond aux côtés de son mari et des ses amis. Un parcours à découvrir dans notre livre et sur le podcast @lavoixdelencre où elle s'est confiée.  #tattooist #tattooer #inked #frenchtattooartist #tattooartist #inkedgirl #tattooart #tattoolife #fleurnoiretattoo #tatoueuse #tattoonyc #geometrytattoo #blacktattoo
Jane and the GIANT peach!!! Booking @—— www.briansteffey.com ———-
From my flash. Thanks Floriane! Been working on some new designs, hope to finish in the next day or so. Meanwhile 2nd photos are a few  pieces I never got around to posting. All priced at apprentice rates. Dm /email to claim.
i can’t even begin to thank you enough @girlknewyork - i will be forever honored to wear your art ✨🌿
I rly love my job thank u very very much
☀️ 🌞 ☁️ 🌊 Solar phases..
Thanks Daniel! Scheduling now for the end of August/ early September. Dm/email to book. Apprentice rates
Healed one 😍
freehand flowin floralssss @peacefromnat 🌸
thank u @girlknewyork for my new lil gal. I’m so0o0 in luv ✨✨✨
Thanks Ciara. Always great seeing you. For appointments, dm or email. Apprentice rates
Big cat energy
legends never die! thanks to @evgeniitattooer for eternally capturing Lola’s essence. now I get to take you everywhere with me 💙
thank you to the amazing @emrahozhan
Traveller.. (some parts are fresh, some healed)  Done @fleurnoiretattoo
Moon phases for Marcella! 🌙 I’ve been tattooing this girl for 5 years since I started in the West village, to Fleur Noire main shop to the private studio. Thank you for supporting me with my art all those years ! It’s awesome to be able to watch each other’s growth through your ink ✨ . . . . #moonphases #darkartists #blacktattooart #tattoodo #radtattoos #serpent #tattoo2me #btattooing #skinartmag #inkjunkeyz #thebesttattooartists #taot #tattooideas #snaketattoo #faith #onlyblackart #tattrx #moon #loveyourself #tattoooftheday #moons #moon #lune #lunetattoo #sternum #sternumtattoo #fleurnoire #fleurnoiretattoo