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Houston International Airport- International Flights!

Instagram photos and videos at Houston International Airport- International Flights!

The start of our adventure
Dropped off my sister early this morning at the Houston international airport! She is now on her way to Tanzania! ✈️✈️✈️Be still my heart. Please lift her up in your PRAYERS as she journeys back home!  Sis, I love you so much! Super proud of you! @queenlizandrew  Text me at EVERY terminal. Hehehe. 😅 👰🏾 #frommisstomrs #mytravelbuddy #bestfriend
#happy #aviation #day from our crew✈️
Beautiful Singapore Airlines A350-900 climbing out of Houston!!😍 ——————————————- #airbus #a350 #airbus350 #a350lovers #a350900 #airbus350lovers #airbus350900  #a350singaporeairlines #singapore #singaporeairlines #houston #houstonairport #houstoninternationalairport
En route to Panama!  #houston
16 hours later and we made it to Houston!  Next stop Mexico
feel sad yet happy🧚🏻‍♀️
Vamos en camino!! .....te vamos milwakee!
Early morning flight and a beautiful sunrise. #travel #flying #colorado #sunrise
Richard's first plane ride. He was nervous. I told him to stop being such a pussy. #traveling #workhardplayhard #rooster #firsttimeflying #justforfun #humor
Hurdles... * Your destiny will always have hurdles, challenges and stretching/tiring moments. Sometimes the hurdles are larger than other times but know that no matter what size you have been equipped by God to handle it. * You are strong, able and built with the stamina to handle whatever hurdle you may be facing... So go get it! Have an awesome day and stay positive at all times :) *  #expecthope #strong #hurdles #purpose #destiny #fulfilled
90 degrees and 70% humidity at 9:00pm... I need to start traveling to some cooler locations 🙄😳✈️👎🔥#toadwarrior
We are at the airport, ready for the long trip back home with @singaporeair ! @choccy.13 & I would like to thank everyone we have met on our incredible 5 day stay in Houston. Up the Reds !! ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇾🇪🇺🇸❤️
Touch down! It might be 5.20pm here but after 14 hours of flying, it is DEFINITELY coffee time! En route to Vermont for five days training. Have a fab week, wherever you are!
Mediating #cultureshock 🍷 #onesipatatime in Texas.  Look out, Louisiana, I am coming for you!!! 🎶⚜️🤘🏽
Airbus A380. This little bird will take me back to Europe.
The pencil about to start the taxi to 15’s ✏️ ======================== ——————————————— Aircraft: B757-224 ——————————————— Registration: N14118 ——————————————— Airline: Unites Airlines ——————————————— Operator: United Airlines ——————————————— Route: Houston George Bush (IAH) - N/A 🇺🇸🇺🇸 ——————————————— ======================== #unitedairlines #n14118 #b757 #boeing757 #boeinglovers #boeing #avgeek #houstonspotters #royalsirplus #avporn
Lil Sis 40th
乗り継ぎまでコーヒーを。 #houstonairport
#sunset #travel home soon 😊
I forgot how big the clouds were in Texas.
la fine équipe + moi dans le zoo 🌐  s/o Houston c'était cool
One Sunny Morning in Houston, USA #far_from_home
non gridare bomba
Vicky and I  on our way to Montego Bay and liquor breakfast
Howdy Houston!
UN TEMITA DE ESTAS 4 VOCES UFFFF!!! ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️ ME ATREVO A PRODUCIRLO!!! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 @pushocpw @juhnelallstar @pouliryc @randynotagram GRAXX A LOS 4 POR SU AMISTAD!! AUNQUE UNO ES UN CHULETA!!! EL OTRO UN GRUÑÓN!!! POU UN LIGA LLORA CULOS!!! Y RANDY UN GPS CON PATAS!!! @canalesinc
Last week of vacation before school begins. I could have chosen better company than with those three amazing children of mine! When we are together it’s always so much fun! Rio here we go!
So far so good! Made to to Houston, Texas. After a quick quesadilla and a Starbucks it's time to do the last leg to Costa Rica 🛩️🌍 🇨🇷 #travelling #usa #costarica #onroute
It's not Polaris, but they weren't gonna have me flying peasant class all day today! 👨‍✈️🛫
En el airopuerto 🤗
Ian Alexander 8
Just hanging out in the Houston airport. Enjoying my almost 4 hour layover.
The only place we could find to eat close to our gate. Chicken taquitos it is!
Welcome to USA Mojo. Now you need to speak English 😝
Random stuff I found at the airport, lol 🤭. #randomness
Tarde-noche de espera y seguimos celebrando la vida...
Really, #unitedairlines? Can’t help but think one of yours had mischief in mind.
My travels bring so much to learn. The best part is the people I meet! Please keep Seminarian Anthony in your prayers 🙏🏼 I met him at the Houston airport getting back to Boston from his learning Spanish and visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. He attends the Seminary where she is the Patroness. We crossed paths several times in the immigration line. I saw him in full length cassock and was inspired by his testimony of dedication to The Lord! He received his first clerical Tonsure last October 2018 from our Emeritus Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz. Join me in praying for him and all Extraordinary Rite seminarians preparing to Serve Our Church!
Welcome onboard qatar air line