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Monterey Bay Aquarium

Instagram photos and videos at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Beyond the sea...
Yay Aquarium Friends!
Went to the Aquarium, as part of @kafiyakordahab’s good bye to California. #wewillmissyou
Sleepy otter 😴
Haven’t been to this museum since I was young, seeing the jellies still blows my mind🤯 and was my favorite part! • • • #montereybayaquarium
If you ever pass through Monterrey the aquarium there is incredible. Steinbeck also wrote about Monterrey but I saw the clean modernized version of cannery row. Yet his version was very alive in my mind #travel #monterrey #california
Guys. I met cuttles today. Finally. I met 'em.  I cant even.  Look at those chromatophores!  I love them. So cute. So weird.  #cuttlefish #cephalopod #cute #aquarium #montereybayaquarium @montereybayaquarium #ocean #animals #marinelife #lovethem
He said, you don’t need a caption just put “JELLYFISH”! Voilà, monsieur - - #montereyaquarium #jellyfish #mralwaysright #water #life #thegoodofanother #athénacôté #california #ca
Natural beauty.
“Estoy mirando, oyendo, con la mitad del alma en el mar y la mitad del alma en la tierra, y en las dos mitades del alma miro el mundo.” —Pablo Neruda
hi guys (。・ω・。)
Absolute peace and Tranquility
it only cost $40 to have people block my view of the sea otter exhibit
Love this place 💙
80’s sleep over at the aquarium had 0 kids & it was glorious 🥂
Straight pimp!!
Went to the aquarium today
Beauty at its most #montereybayaquarium #monterey
Kelp-y kisses at the aquarium
The kelp forest is hands down my favorite spot in the aquarium. I could sit there for hours and just sway with the kelp.
Fish are friends, not food! 🐠#NevinsFamilyVacation
Monterey Bay kelp forest habitat. Doin it right. 😍
The interaction with marine life is amazing! 😭  If you’re in Cali @montereybayaquarium is a must!  @georgiaaquarium you’re next on my list!
Road trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium
Nice trip to Monterey.  We love the Aquarium! 🐠🐙🦈 #montereybayaquarium #jaxandzoe #trej #zoemoanarey #ohana #mixedbabies #hapababy #siblings #welovetheocean
Doing a little mini vacation in Monterey.
Hadn’t been here in a minute but it was really cool to go to the aquarium after diving a little bit deeper into biology over the past 3 years. And so damn happy I got to spend quality science nerd-out time with my anchovy homie @chillmadi
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” —Albert Einstein
Can’t go to Monterey without going to the Aquarium. #iwdheo
🐠Fish look hella weird🐠
The otters are so quick that I could really only get them on video!
Fish are friends, not food! . A great experience getting to sleep inside the @montereybayaquarium for their 35 year anniversary party with this group of fishy friends!  Thank you @cmeznarich for the amazing surprise. . #montereybayaquariumsleepover #montereybayaquariumslumberparty #montereybayaquarium80sparty #montereybayaquarium #fisharefriends
A real thing.
Hold the anchovies #montereybayaquarium
Jordan is the creator of Keith The Cuttlefish (Google it)... so was super excited to see this real life exhibit today! #lifeisgood
Ever wonder what a real life KTCF looks like? We saw them today.
Another "Jordan's Escaoe From LA " punch list item checked off...
Monterey Bay Aquarium was a reminder that there are less visible creatures who also call this planet home
Nothing better than the whole place to ourselves 😎 @montereybayaquarium @nberry123
Slumber-Party Squad • “Sweet Dreams are Made of Seaweed” @montereybayaquarium 🐚 Love these ladies so much, I’d bunk with them anywhere. #monterey #montereybayaquarium #sleepover #squad #friends #vibes #weekend #california
The source of your pain is the source of your power. . This may not resonate with everyone but it definitely does with me. . How do I put this into words? . My wounds become my superpower. What I've allowed to hurt me before becomes my source of energy to create change around that. I don't let that situation define me, but I let it transform me by transforming it - the story around it, what it did for me at the time, and what I do with it moving forward. Where I've been hurt becomes where I get stronger. Where I've fallen off, I get back up, learn the lesson from it and go higher. . Turn the failures into lessons, opportunities for growth. You didn't fail if you learn something from the situation- whether it be a past relationship, a loss, a missed goal, an injury, a difficult event. You only fail if you don't see the lesson and integrate it into your future. . What was your last "pain" that you turned into "power?"
Here again.🌊