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Lax International Airport Los Angeles California

Instagram photos and videos at Lax International Airport Los Angeles California

G O A L S 🖤
Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper…
Los Angeles international #laxairport #losangelesaerial #visual #copterpilot by @erwnchow
Los Angeles international #laxairport #losangelesaerial #visual #copterpilot by @erwnchow
USA#Rundreise#beste Freunde#loveofmylife💟
& back to NY.
Do I have any more fearful fliers out there? 👀 • • •  I believe most fears can be overcome with the proper education and encouragement. My book ‘RemoveBeforeFlight’ gives an in depth look into the world of aviation. My hope is with more of an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes there will be less fear to board the plane! Be sure to grab a copy from CaptainLaura.com (Link in bio)! 💻 • • • •  #removebeforeflightbook #flywithme #captainlaura
I had a great couple of days playing with this bunch! Thanks for having me @deadrockwest
Thats the right drink for spain right?
Probably one of the only cool things in the LAX International Airport ✈️#rantover . . #travel #travelgram #dametraveller #australiabound #milehighclub #arrivals #departures #lax #airport #airportlook #airportlife #travelphotography
Stopover at Los Angles. Una escala. 入关,转机。
this a Rollie, not a stopwatch, this don't ever stop. ⏰ #onward #upward #blessed #grateful
Hello @flylaxairport from my #delta flight #losangeles #lax #laxairport #socal
Hello #la 🌴⭐️☀️ Sunny California 😍 Наконец мы тут, спустя 12 часов✈️ Уже побывав в Майами и Нью-Йорке очень интересно, какое же впечатление произведёшь на меня ты❤️Но ожидания только положительные🤪 Майами, к примеру, вообще не моё, а вот в Нью-Йорк хочется приезжать снова и снова😊
Doesn’t matter if one does or does not like who is in the jet, Air Force One is an impressive sight when taxing by.  #trekstt  #pilotlife #crewlife #wanderlust #blessed #airforceone #laxairport #losangeles
Vegas bound
Hi friends! My name is Tito the Goldendoodle- It’s about time I  introduce myself since I’ve been in my new home for almost a week now! Check out my first selfie and my first pic with Mom & Dad!  I hope you’ll enjoy following me on this adventure called life! 🐾T
Cannot believe I'm leaving already, gonna miss you LA ✈
Goodbye my Sunny Los Angeles🤗❤️ #los_angeles  #la  #lax
Impecable aterrizaje del Tigre en Los Angeles . Cazado por un Spotter . El del despegue no soy yo . Y la voz es la del FO ... muy muy muy chulo . Gracias al Spotter y al amigo que me ha avisado. #vidadepiloto #aviation #airbus330
Can you guess what airline have that tail? Easyyy one!  @aeroflot @aeroflot_va @dhlexpress  #planes #plane #aeroflot #dhl #la #laairport #airport
So much love for this beautiful soul. @kiki_lamas I'm stoked you got your shirt back. I made this one a few years back and eventually gave it to Kiki as a gift about a year ago. Hope to see you soon brother I'm holding the new one I want to give you to give it in person ❤️☮️🌈👽🏄🇧🇷
Super Shuttle 1人で待ってたら日本人の人に声かけられてトランジットで機内持ち込めないとかで新品の物くれた✨ #lax #shiseido #emiri_losangeles
Visited the Golden State just to see how they were doing after their loss to the Toronto Raptors! Thank you La La Land ✌🏽#justholdonweregoinghome
Gorgeous sunrise!
Had a special guest visit my work yesterday. I was more excited about the plane. #af1 #airforce1 #747 #lax #a380 #usgov #trumpwashere
This talented amazing girl loves LA and LA loves her!! Come back soon @pearlclarkin !! We’ll fly you out of Camarillo next time!! #pearlclarkin #nashvillegirl #lalovesyou
Off to Paris we go!
Flying on Air Tahiti Nui to Paris! The jumpseat will be my home for the next 9:50. Wish me luck!
Tour is winding down and we’ve got just a couple weeks left. I’m super thankful for these brothers and for the rest of the year to come. East coast dates this weekend. 📸 @thednsagencyllc  #scottstapp #spacebetweentheshadows #2019 #tourlife #rockandroll #rockshow #creed #la
Pierre Cardin.
Found some friends at the airport! And some @homeboyindustries lunch before my flight to #nashville !!! Trying to get some healthy greens in before all the #southerndecadence !!! 🤠😋🤗 #rfconvention2019 #nashvillebound #rfjourney #turnitup 🎉
LAX Lounge
Off to see the Queen,  Archie and the Mona Lisa - wish me wel🛫🥳
Well, as I sit and wait on my flight into MCO, I really don’t know how to put into words how I feel right now...but yep, I’m back in the States 🇺🇸✈️. All I can say is that my Good God has truly proved His faithfulness, sovereignty, and love once again to me on this trip. It was oh-so-very-hard to leave beautiful Japan and extremely  difficult to say “bye; see you again” to all who I love there. But by the Lord’s grace, I’ll be returning there soon, and it won’t just be for three months 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻✨. I can’t wait to go home to Japan; yet, I need your prayers and support to return back, so please be on the lookout (or feel free to contact me) for further details about how the Lord is working in Japan 🗾🙏🏻. (Here’s just a few highlights from my amazingly blessed time in Japan this summer + me now waiting on my flight at LAX)
Infinitely grateful #l.a
Headed East for family time [and business, of course]. First up @baayyyyy in Boston and reuniting in NYC with the rest of the crew tomorrow. Feeling so grateful 🙏 #seeyousoon
Could honestly say this was one of the best trips I’ve ever had ❤️ thank you for making me this happy @kinganthonyyyy
There’s a certain energy that comes with lack of constraints. I shared a bit of this on my story but I’d like to remind everyone to be free. A lot of us live in self doubt, fear, a pessimistic attitude masqueraded as “realism”, we remain bound by social constraints, and held prisoner of being normative. 🖤 • Breaking free is a gift few of us will ever bless ourselves with. Some people stay closeted out of fear of bullying, men refuse to date trans women because of what their friends will say, people pursue educations and careers to appease their parents; in short a lot of us “live” our life based off of other people, external persuasions. 🖤 • I hope that you find the strength to live a life for you, after all it is yours to live isn’t it? Even if that means going against the grain and all you’ve ever learned I hope you find the courage to be your most authentic self, your happiest self. Don’t hold yourself captive, make the choice to spread your wings. 🖤 • 📸: @ojanicabrera  #lib #lightninginabottle
Landed in LA. Had to take my usual bathroom stall pic in LAX 😏 if you were dating me & I wanted to misbehave right here would you 😬
#viajar me hace feliz pero regresar unos días con mi familia mas!! ✈️😁😜 #monterrey #home #familia #mexico