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Owls Head Homestand


👩🏼‍🌾 Family of aspiring homesteaders 🥕 Seasonal veggies, flowers & herbs 🐣 Organic free range eggs 🍯 Raw local honey ☀️Howell NJ

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PSA: garlic scapes make fantastic toys
Its messy, but it’s ours! We have beautiful broccoli emerging and the over wintered shallots and garlic are looking fantastic! Our tomatoes and peppers were annihilated by deer...bummer. Any suggestions to keep them away? They didn’t bother us once last year😭
Hi friends! It’s about time you all meet the newest farmer of the family. This is Cal! We have decided to focus mainly on growing vegetables for our own consumption this year, though we always have organic eggs and raw honey available. As far as veggies, if you’re looking for anything specific feel free to send a DM and we can update you on what we have available at the time. Thank you guy for supporting us, it means the world to us💚🌿
Tilling, turning compost, making beds and tucking garlic and shallots in for the winter🍂
Here are some of our favorite dahlias this week😍
Finally, some sun! Anyone else feel like it rained for an entire month??
No filter needed for this pretty lady! Dahlia season going strong💪🏼😍
Our field is filled with monarchs and honeybees💛🧡❤️
Making meal prep Monday a thing by turning these extra heirlooms into sauce we can keep in the pantry to enjoy all year long😋🍅
It’s a beautiful thing when heart centered businesses can team up with a similar mission in mind! #supportlocal #eatlocal
All of the secrets in this universe are somewhere in these petals #dahliaseason
Our first ever Cafe Au Lait Dahlias😍😍😍
Beautiful day in Bay Head at the Farmers Market
Thank you @mrsdocloc for sharing your pic from the market last week 🌸🌿😊
Rainbow dozen of free range organic eggs, 24 oz local raw honey, squash, garlic, green beans, Swiss chard, sunflowers, zinnias and assorted herbs (lemon thyme, Thai basil, sweet basil, oregano and apple mint). All of our products are homegrown without the use of pesticides💚 #supportlocal #eatlocal #nospray #freshfood #organic #freerange #farmfresh #wearefarmers #farmlocal
Name a more adorable snack: (I’ll wait😉)
Is there anything better than dahlia season? 😍😭 I am obsessed with these ❤️ #local #pesticidefree #dahlia #dahliaseason #supportlocal #oceancountynj #monmouthcountynj