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ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ 🐾❤️


hi fur-ends!🥰 lets have a pawsome & pawfect time my barkday is on the 12/1/2019

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just lying here thinking about life
goodnight furends! 💕
chickwen and pawtato
guess what i'm looking at 🐥
soooo coldddddd😖
awh stawp making fun of me! PWEASE GIMME ATTENTION PWEASEE!!! ☹️☹️
i tried persimmon for the first time!! 🥰🥰
i want pwease gimme 🥺🥺
before vs after..😴😪
so windy🌬🌬
i'm in space now everywon!! 🥰🥰
oh i lost my bone, can chu find it? 🦴
who wanna play fetch wif me!!!
dis so comfy to be in, after a baff!🥰
inwoof with this new vacooom, finally it can clean all my fluffball, thanks to @boschaustralia  @boschhomeau 🐾❤️
hwello everywon! 🥰🥰
i luv fewdddd 😋😋😋
feelwing sad cos its monday so less playing! 🥺☹️