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jerusalem + west bank
there are basic questions we can ask everyday to lessen our footprint on the planet....we are building deck aside part of the house....we had a number of contractors come and give estimates and the most beautiful wood they brought with then is called Ipe, which they import from brazil....ive walked on a number of Ipe decks here in LA and the region, its a great wood and is very popular....but what made me decide on bamboo was, though all but one of the contractors said the Ipe was sustainable, when I asked them which company logged/supplied the wood, so I could do my due diligence, they either did not know or said something like “due to company policy we do not reveal our suppliers”....so i asked myself what i would do if a restaurant refused to say where their ingredients were coming from....not eat there....i was told by the one contractor that my instincts were right, that it is very difficult if not impossible to verify when Ipe is coming from the rainforest or a tree farm 👣
nearly ran into this guy tonight! lived here two years and still getting to know the neighbors
tel aviv, jerusalem + west bank
this is of course not about politics but about about being pro or anti human....here is  today’s “its time to storm the cockpit” scenario....let us all share something on instagram regarding the amazon rainforest
from nablus and surroundings, few weeks back
These 8x10” prints of mine are available now until August 7 at @lookandseen! Link in Bio. First image: An abandoned vehicle on the Colville Reservation in Omak, Washington. Second image: PLA recruits in Wuhan, China. Third image: A ship offshore Havana, Cuba. To purchase: https://lookandseen.com/special/8x10/
“ptsd is often seen as a weakness,” says nick norris, the seal in this tim ferris’ podcast.  after some close calls a number of years back, i recently dealt with ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder). a strange thing was, like nick and others ive spoken with, it didnt hit hardest until several years after.  there is a stigma, which nick and tim discuss, that only serves to worsen the experience of the disorder. it took awhile to see through this and get past those perceptions, which had both personal and professional effects. ive been cataloging these experiences in a kind of cathartic response to be released, both for my own record and to help with the understanding.  as nick says at the end: “hopefully this is a message of hope....that in relabeling ptsd and mental illness, we may relabel them in a positive light and look at them as a currency that people have paid for great personal growth.” #repost @timferriss ・・・ NEW podcast episode is up: "Nick Norris (@nick_norris1981) — Navy SEAL and Athlete on Training, Post-Traumatic Growth, and Healing" Link in bio. Please enjoy!
today in hebron & bank environs