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Watch @SophieT discuss how she prepared for her transformation into the Dark Phoenix. Get #xmen: #darkphoenix on Blu-ray TOMORROW. Available now on Digital: http://bit.ly/Own_Dark_Phoenix
Kamala Khan protects the streets of Jersey City with her one-of-a-kind embiggening power. Ms. Marvel is taking on new roles in this week's #marvel101, both in and out of costume!
Gwenpool has cosplayers now, so she's OBVIOUSLY a big deal. @elena_strikes' cosplay skills have landed her on the cover of “Gwenpool Strikes Back” #5, on shelves in December!
These five heroes' plan to take down Klaw is so chill, it just might work! Watch a new #thefreshmen chapter from @AXE for more: axe.com/marvel
🔥Not even the Ghost Rider is safe from Absolute Carnage! Pick up “Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance” #1, available digitally and at your local comic shop.
#ncbd is here! What are you adding to your #marvelpulllist?
Celebrate the Armored Avenger with comedian @chrisgeth and a Lobster Corn Dog on a new episode of #eattheuniverse! Get the Iron Man-inspired recipe, and watch the full episode on Marvel.com.
Week seven of "@MarvelChampions: #summonershowdown" kicks off at 4PM ET tomorrow! Tune in to all the action: marvel.com/mcocshowdown
Silver Sablinova, AKA Silver Sable, is known for being one of the deadliest ladies alive. This week on #marvel101, she's out to save Symkaria.
Adopted pets like Nocona, Frank Jr. Jr. and Sadie are the Super Heroes we all need! Celebrate your four-legged hero and learn how to save pet lives at @petco.
What are you reading this #ncbd?
This new Loki novel by @themackenzilee is now available throughout the Nine Realms! Get your copy now from @disneybooks: spr.ly/Loki-Novel