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Martina Navratilova


Professional Tennis Player

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Porcini has a little brother- showed up today:), Will pick him up  tomorrow...yum!
A beautiful king Boletus- cepe in French, porcini in Italian, steinpilzen in German, hřib in Czech- Foundation in the woods near Moscow:), can’t wait to eat it!
If you are in the UK and able to watch my documentary on the Trans Women Athletes dispute BBC1 @ 21 00 - big thank you to all who took part :)
My transport to junior tennis tournaments with bags out front, dad driving and me holding on:)
Lulu is sitting on the job of balldog. A cut in pay is coming soon- no cookies!!!
@julialemigova this one is for you !!
Thank you @ksolomon21 for a very nice meal #victoria #paris #sinclair
Getting ready to play later this morning
Just celebrating opening of court 1 listening and watching @palomafaith
As Crocodile Dundee said- that one on the the left, that’s not a lemon. But the one in the middle- now that’s a LEMON:)
12 mins to go - remember check yourselves ...#all new monty ladies’ night - I will have to watch it next weekend when back over in UK .... 👙😜
The verdict against Semenya is dreadfully unfair to her and wrong in principle. She has done nothing wrong and it is awful that she will now have to take drugs to be able to compete. General rules should not be made from exceptional cases and the question of transgender athletes remains unresolved.
Watch the All New Monty: Ladies Night 9 pm Tuesday 7th May - in the UK @newspresenters @julialemigova
and now for some table tennis
My plane was a little late but got here just in time #primera thank you John Coyle - great interview
Looks like Lulu got a really great pair of hands to hold her - and she has no idea! But we do! Thanks for the pic @djokernole
Lulu came to work yesterday @primevideouk