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Matthew Kaplan


Physician, thought leader, father to 4 wonderful fur babies

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This is why I can never get work done
Dehydrated ghost peppers making a spicy wing rub
Coming soon!!!!
Ok I have the weirdest dog ever!!!!
Today is your 9th birthday as us as a couple. This pic was from your first birthday that we celebrated as a couple!! Each birthday I’ve enjoyed more because with each year our friendship has grown! I can say today I’m celebrating my best friend’s birthday. Kim you are my best friend, the center of my universe. I know we are celebrating today, but I celebrate you everyday!!!!!
Beau knows his momma needs some extra loving tonight!!! Family just knows
It’s with great sadness that I announce that we lost Arwen this morning unexpectedly. She came to Kim as a kitten in 2009 and kept Kim occupied when she was dealing with life struggles.  When I first met her, Kim hadn’t named her yet so I called her Arwen. Her name eventually evolved to baby girl because that’s what she was. Arwen moved in with me after Luke passed away and again helped someone get through life’s struggles. She moved all over the country with us. Would love to sleep under the covers, and would step on your throat to wake you up so you could feed her. She was the best cuddler and never got mad that we shaved her to look like a lioness. She was almost 10 years old and definitely passed before her time. She will be missed  RIP baby girl mommy and I miss you.
Last day of vacation and Poppi made my day. @lebatardshow best show on espn
The view from the office today did not suck!!!!!
Another year!!!!!
Fifth year in a row fishing in the keys. First stop is always @islamoradabeer best brewery in the keys if not Florida!!!!!
2 scoops for Stewart corn custard ice cream and blue corn whiskey infused ice cream
Dinner Cabrito tacos, rabbit and black puffed corn tortilla and baby elote
Pulpo if it’s on the menu it’s in my belly
Kim said “I need a cocktail”. Buena Fortuna Paloma it is
At Xochi in Houston. Off the menu had to ask for it. Yellow tail crudo
Update took second in hound group tied for his best placing yet. #beautheshowdog
Took Best of Breed beat the number 1 Ridgeback in the country #beautheshowdog