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Game of Thrones

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☺️ @televisionacad
“You must do the impossible, because giving up can never be an option” .... kids these days .. are pretty fucking RAD  #gretathunberg  #gamechanger
Who's been listening to my new track 'Zephyr' with @unterbergofficial? . If you’re a @spotify listener you can stream this release NOW! 🎧 . Listen by swiping up on my story!
Thanks @jimmykimmel .as always a good time in your company.
Here’s a minute of our short 7 minute film we shot in the Peruvian Amazon last week. Copy paste this and watch the full video. https://vimeo.com/360902055?ref=em-share  Thank you @undp #climateaction #unga
Fashionweek NY? Paris? London?  Pffff, my catwalk is underground and everywhere! 😎😜 #notmainstream
Just been to #paris where I attended #ammd2  it’s such a fun and intimate convention, really like it!! Incredible fans of #got aka #gameofthrones 😉 Its created by @mieritame #sheisacoollady 😄 thanks for a wonderful time.... Hope we get to hang another day! Also a huge WOW to @kimmaslowsart for making this drawing of #eurongreyjoy #perfect #nofilter
So 8 Seasons of GoT and I’ve realised that maybe to save the planet we just need to hitch a lift on the closest dragon. Thoughts?! On September 26th I’ll be going LIVE and everyone, everywhere can join in! EXCELLENT NEWS.  Ready to talk about all thrones related trivia. Top of the list: how long it takes Jon Snow to set his curls.  Maybe you’ll even get to call into the livestream and we can while away the hours IRL. 🥳 KAROKE WILL BE HAPPENING. Should I sing (out of tune) Lauryn Hill or some Amy Winehouse? You get to decide all and laugh at my attempts in the process while supporting my BRILLIANT charity SameYou. I’ll be joined by internet star @jacksepticeye (recently learned it’s pronounced septick eye- kids these days 👵) and we have a few surprises for all you donors. Click on the link in my bio or go to my @Tiltify campaign page tiltify.com/@emilia to donate and watch.  Keep checking the page up until September 26 for exclusive rewards and voting polls until we go LIVE on September 26th on @youtube and @twitch, when Jack and I will have some laughs while hopefully entertaining you all to help raise money to increase access to neurorehabilitation. #motheroflivestreams #therewillbedragons #butactuallytherewillbe
Emmy preparations
For me, style is all about self-expression. That’s why I’m loving @Reebok’s new Her Collection-- designed for woman who aren’t afraid to express their individuality and own who they are. Link in bio to shop.#HerCollection #reebok
Getting ready for the weekend
I am actually blushing ☺️ @halinareijn @instinctfilmnl @manupfilmnl @topkapifilms @filmsboutique
Kit with @salmahayek 😁
Wow, I’m beyond flattered.☺️ @instinctfilmnl @manupfilmnl @halinareijn @tiff_net @filmsboutique
#hamburg ist #braunweiß #derbysieger  @fcstpauli ❤️
Working it @televisionacad  @sonnygroo @thevampireswife @rogervivier @gregoryrussellhair @beau_nelson
I also love fishing and got to fish for our breakfast at the alto chivis community . The fisheries provide a sustainable great source of income that creates opportunities for a lot of families here in the middle of Amazonas. And. The food was delicious 😋remember to look out for our film on the 18th @imdb #globalgoals #climateaction
Thank you so much @ashfordcastle. Great craic in the west of Ireland. Sláinte!
🚨 RELEASE DAY! 🚨  My new single ‘Zephyr’ with my good friend @unterbergofficial is out NOW on Avanti! Who’s already pre-ordered theirs and listened? 😏  Get your copy here: https://avanti.complete.me/zephyr
Lovely day at @hazlewoodcastle!  Thank you @mercedesbenzuk for the rental for our road trip from London!  #hazlewoodcastle #tadcaster #york #england #beautifulcountryside #newbootsthoooo
Just hanging around 😂 #galeriapassage #hamburg @filmfesthamburg
Oh and @banicured_ did my 💅🏻💋
Horsing the shrimp ouveh! #spoilt
Looking forward to be at FACTS - Belgian comic con in Flanders Expo @factsconvention 🍗👊😜 October 19th and 20th See you!
When somebody buys you a birthday present that suggests they know you better than you know yourself. 😎 Thanks to @bexaprilmay and all my pals & folks for a lovely day. You’re all the best. Somehow. ❤️🤓
Who’s ready for my latest release? . My single with @unterbergofficial called ‘Zephyr’ is out TOMORROW on Avanti 🥳 I’m so excited for you all to hear it! 🔊 . Pre-order yours by swiping up on my story!
Such scenes last night at Edinburgh @edunistudentsassociation  at potterrow. I think that’s five years in a row now, and you always are amazing.  Thank you. Last night even featured a mosh pit ❤️ @misskittinofficial
pink drink, pink hair, pink speakeasy - what’s not to love? thank u to #conduitafterhours for hosting our party 💗
Spike island, the people’s republic of Cork. Ireland now
Piano man ? NOT!!! Photo and text by @ulrichlulu 😂👌🏻
I love chocolate. People have always lived in Amazonas. It’s only these past 50 years that we’ve lost our way a bit when it comes to the balance between what we take and what we give. I met these Cocoa farmers who have developed a way to grow their land without the need for deforestation, in a  sustainable way. And the chocolate they produce is out of this world.. ps in the video I say chocolate beans. They are not beans, rather nuts or seeds  @undp #appalar #yaneshaharuddin
When you know you’re a Queen and your curls are a crown 👑👑👑🔻🔻🔻 @nylonmag by @savannarruedy  Editor in Chief: @gabriellekorn Executive Editor and Writer: @kmiversen Fashion and Beauty Editor: @jennaroseigneri Art direction: @daniokon @lutkie Design: @freestockphotos  Photo Assistant: Audrey Melton Set design: @c.f.x.x Line Producer: @luvnidleness Director of Video: @charlottecprager Videographer and video editor: @daniokon Stylist: @jahulie Hair stylist: @naivashaintl Make up artist: @quinnmurphy Nails: @she.nails.it Stylist Assistant Kingsley Osuji Production assistant: Eliza Jouin
So much nuance is lost when a story goes viral. The Amazon on fire story is a great example. Deforestation is a massive problem.  But ‘why’ is an important question to ask. And important to try and understand so we can act. Together with @undp I travelled to the Peruvian part of the Amazon to learn. We will share what we found out on Wednesday sept18th.
This total legend @david.mumeni and his ENORMOUS HEAD (so big it almost didn’t fit in this photo 😂) has his birthday today and I have decided it should be a national (screw it global) holiday to celebrate his brilliance.  Or just eat a lot of cake. Whichever works. (We did both)  #birthdayboiii #love #friendsforsolongwemustbeold  #❤️
This kind of things happen on Friday 13th  #superstition
Scotland!! 🔥 I’m back in Edinburgh tomorrow for my annual set at Edinburgh University 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 . Here’s the crazy scenes from last time 😏 I can’t wait to be back! 🔊 . Track ID: @theandretta - Summerwave
@helprefugeesuk are launching their new shirts today .. ALL money goes towards good things to help where needed most... #chooselove GO GET YOURSELF A SHIRT @asos 💚💛💜💜🧡❤️☝️☝️☝️☝️👊💪💪💪
It’s so good you could squeeze it. (More specifically @henrygolding) @lastchristmasthemovie press tour coming to a chimney near you.... hold onto your stockings people.  #firstandlasttimeiwillstraddlemyownfaceipromise
That’s it!!! All 10 episodes of @fourweddingsandafuneral have aired on @hulu... Hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.  I’m just so grateful ❤️ #thankyou #fourweddingsandafuneral #hulu #seasonfinale #grateful
Out fishing...a perfect day with best brothers in the world!! ❤️🙏🏻
10th and final episode of @fourweddingsandafuneral available on @Hulu TOMORROW!!!! Find out how this whole mess plays out... #fourweddingsandafuneral #hulu #seasonfinale
All hail the king…Thanks to @wizards_magic for the Throne of Eldraine buy-a-box card reveal! Play now on Magic: The Gathering Arena. #sponsored #mtgeldraine #magicthegathering #mtgarena
2021 #f1 aero rules confirmed.
You think I’m banging on, your issue. #chooseloveoverfear Bring us back into compassionate thinking and move us forward. Fear is the enemy of freedom and progress. And yes I know it ain’t simple and requires thought and sustainable solution for all... in the meantime #chooseloveoverfear Try it, might give you a new perspective 🤨💗
The calm before the storm. #racingpoint #italiangrandprix #italiangp
Went on a pretty scenic walkies this morning... #theadventuresofdoggydrake #edinburgh #didntliketheplasticbottlethough #naughtyhuman #butilookcutethough #dogchild #furbaby #thegoodestboy #evenwhenimnot 😌
Always always Forever ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗
Comment your favorite Daenerys scene in Game of Thrones!
I cannot wait for this one! 🙌 . Tomorrow I’m in Hyderabad for my #raveofthrones show at @prismhyderabad, this is gonna be HUGE! 🥳
He he! This is another spinn-off I want to see: Tormund and his five twin- brothers fighting for Breienne’s attention! Its called: #gameofbreienne Video: By @stephaniemmack Repost: @kevinvclose #cosplay
Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character?
Full disclosure: I know my picture is being taken here and I’m just pretending to be caught unawares. We head home from holiday in an hour, so this MUST be the perfect time to fill in my postcard. Meaning by the time my mum and dad get it, I’ll have been at home long enough to forget I ever wrote it in the first place. 👍Thanks Cyprus. We’ve loved it. No filter- I really am this red. #holiday #cyprus 😎☀️
#breathewithme in New York at @unitednations and @centralparknyc this September 21-27!  Please join @jeppeheinartist and @art2030org to breathe together for the #globalgoals. #breathewithme at #centralpark is open to all and free of charge.  Follow the project on @breathewithmeandtheworld
A few months back I got to meet an artist with a mission @jeppeheinartist See, feel and experience his work  #breathewithme in New York at @unitednations and @centralparknyc this September 21-27!  Please join @jeppeheinartist and @art2030org to breathe together for the #globalgoals. #breathewithme at #centralpark is open to all and free of charge.  Follow the project on @breathewithmeandtheworld
NAMASKAR India. 🙏🏻🙌✌️ NAMASKAR #anandaspahimalayas this is NOT an ad, this is just two gals buzzed off our faces on India, peace, being robbed blind by monkeys, (we hardly put up a fight) the best two books I’ve read in years (#theoverstory should be mandatory reading the world over), yoga, spice, mamma earth and figuring out that all you’re ever looking for can be found within. Corny as hell but my god is it true. #breathebabyandletthemadnessmeltaway  #brainalteringjoy #roselesliehasmyheartandsoulwrappedupinhers #dontforgetthelovepeople!  #bollocksdoesthatmeanitstimetoworknow? #🙌 #✌️ #🐒 #saltwaterbook #amustread! @itbeginswiththebody
OMG CONGRATULATIONS @joejonas @nickjonas @kevinjonas 🎉 here are a few of my favorite moments from tonight! #thatsthetea #lizzoisqueen
The New Group: Cyrano
As Kit joined the Eternals, that means we’ll be getting a reunion between our Stark brothers! 😭❤️
BREAKING: Welcome #kitharington to Marvel’s Eternals!
BREAKING: Kit Harington is reportedly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Which character he will play, we’re unsure of. 👌
Happy Batday Birthman @joejonas 📸 @formerlymiked
My umbrella hasn’t left my side all day which means that summer is officially over right?! So CHRISTMAS IS ROUND THE GODDAMN CORNER BABY.... ☃️ to celebrate this here is a movie what I made @lastchristmasthemovie with my soul mates, her majesty Dame Emma Thompson (aka half of my beating heart) and his Highness @paulfeig the king of all things funny not forgetting the dream boat of all @henrygolding  Ignore the beach sunsets and get that stocking ready kids... ❤️🙏🏻 #lastchristmasmovie #hohowhosgonnagetthegeorgemichaelkareokeout? #☃️
Throwback of Rose & Kit as Ygritte and Jon. ❤️
Wearing eyewear model Larvik from OSCAR EIDE Enjoy the sun ⭐️@synsamofficial @oscareide #oscareide #ad @panoramaagency
One of my best friends in the whole world has released her new single ‘good summer’ today. Go get it on Spotify now ! @taura_taura_taura ♥️♥️♥️
Hope you are enjoying your summer! ☀️Join the club! #amexplatinumn #americanexpress @americanexpressverige #americanexpressnorway #amex #ad @americanexpress @panoramaagency
It’s better with one little fish in your hand - then a big fish in the sea... Oh yhe. Ooooooh yhe! #proud #fishermanoftheyear Photo: @grymolvaerhivju @angvikgamlehandelssted
thank you to everyone who came down for our last game of thrones comic con panel, i laughed lots and i hope you did too. i partnered #withfarfetch to create these looks and they got me feeling all kinds of 🧚🏼‍♀️ photos by @reubenselby
Over and out, SDCC.
So that’s it. The final #sdcc trip for the @gameofthrones cast is done. Thank you to everybody who came to see us, and for giving us the chance to say goodbye to the best fans we could have ever hoped for. We’ll love you always. ❤️ #gameofthrones #comiccon (styled by @hollyevawhite)
Great experience to windsurf in #leucate Here with the cracy good windsurfer @mimmodiagne at @weshfamily ‘s supernice spot:-) Thank you for everything:-) 🤙💨🌊🏄🏼‍♂️
If your ball rolls into this guy’s garden, I guess you’re going to have to get yourself another goddamn ball.
A few more Glasto shots courtesy of @daveast
Blinder of a weekend. Nice one Glastonbury🤙
white party for the bride and groom 🎉
Some might say the three steps to success are preparation, preparation, preparation. However on team UK we believe that tea, cakes and singing the national anthem so loud that you nearly faint will do just fine. Find out the result on Monday night at 12:37/11:37c on @cbstv. UK viewers tune in Tuesday night 10pm on @skyone. Wish us luck. #latelatelondon @latelateshow 💪🤞👍 #jamescorden #reggiewatts #harrystyles #benedictcumberbatch #stodgeball. 📷: @terencepatrick
Channelling the Channel Islands
Well what a day this was. During next week’s @latelateshow London run, see me and the rest of team UK, lead by our captain @j_corden, take on a US team in the charge of the inspirational @michelleobama. Take them on at what, you say? At the only sport that really matters. DODGEBALL!! #latelateshow 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥
@super___magazine X @contact.agency launch party @londonedition thank you @christopherkane for the dress 💗💗💗
Thanks to the energy team for throwing the best launch party ever. You DID that. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️
I’m ignoring the coffee. Forget about the half eaten sandwich. I’m alllll about locking eyes with you and smelling the air, the @dgbeauty #dgtheonlyone2 infused air...god DAMN that smells good. I suggest you do the same.  But you can finish your lunch first.  #dgbeauty #dgtheonlyone2 #sheistheonlyone #🤩
Comment your favorite Tyrion quote
My face when I see a #rottweiler #love #missingmine
Haven’t shared this with you but I just saw IT and felt inspired. TBT When my son did my make up 👻🤓🥰
The Hero of Winterfell ❄️
Belvelly castle with a beautiful sculpture by my friend Orla de Brí County Cork Ireland