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I’ve been in Maine working on a project for @glpfilms to promote tourism to three distinct regions of Maine, all of which are new to me despite having been to the state many times. So far the most rewarding part of this job has been the people we have met along the way. Portraits of them, as well as stories of their life and work, will eventually be part of videos and stories online. But I wanted to start sharing photos of this trip with one of the prettiest spots we visited in the first region, @mainesmidcoast. This is the Pemaquid Point Light which, according to Wikipedia (so this may or may not be 100% accurate), was commissioned in 1827 by President John Quincy Adams. Because of poor workmanship and a salt water mortar mix, the lighthouse began to crumble and was replaced in 1835. The original light was an Argand-Lewis parabolic reflector, lit with candles and with a visibility of 2 miles (3.2 km) but in 1856, Pemaquid Point received a fourth order Fresnel Lens. Marcus A. Hanna, the only man ever awarded both the Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal, once served as keeper of the light. The station was automated in 1934. By popular vote of Maine residents, the lighthouse was chosen to be featured on the Maine quarter in the 50 State Quarters Program issued by the U.S. Mint. Exposed bedrock descends from the lighthouse to the ocean creating a unique, scenic landscape. These imposing natural structures have made this lighthouse with its recognizable setting one of the most photographed on the Maine coast. In addition to the image found on the state quarter, an image of Pemaquid Point lighthouse is featured as a possible background in Windows 7. Pemaquid Point Light was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 16, 1985. Just before I took this, we ate blueberry pancakes next door at The Seagull Shop and they were delicious! #unscriptedmaine #mainething #mainesmidcoast #pemaquidpoint . . #mainelife #maineland #mainetheway #mainecoast
Tonight! WITHIN REACH film screening & cover release party for @markomcinnis & @joshmulcoy at my studio in Pismo Beach!  Come out for a fun evening of films a slideshow & some epic giveaways with a few of these legends! $10 dollars at the door. 7-10pm  Food truck & kombucha on hand from @whalebirdkombucha @thepairingknife 🙌🏼 .  Film by @mike_cochran  @surfer_magazine
Summertime and the living’s easy 🌅 | Watching the sun go down in the city with good tunes and even better company. The @LGUSA #lgpk5 portable bluetooth speaker has been the perfect accessory for all my summer adventures. #lgxboom #xboomgo #ad . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer  #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #alphacollective #bealpha #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
Big, heartfelt thank you to those of you who came on this amazing trip, put your trust in me, and made it so much fun to guide. I love these hiking trips in part because I see people overcome their fears and realize what they’re capable of, which is beautiful to see. I remember a few years ago I couldn’t even fathom backpacking, and didn’t understand how it could be fun. Now I crave that time in nature and love the sense of accomplishment. It’s amazing to get to share that #bmtmadventures. Hit the link in my bio to see what adventures we have coming up. #bmtmadventures
It’s complicated. As much as we all want to “help” in a situation where we see human waste affecting wildlife, the best practice is always to make sure you are first and foremost Educated & secondly Experienced when handling wild animals. For example on the beautifully healthy Sea Lion populations of Tyuleny Island - Russia we saw hundreds of thousands of seals & sea birds living extremely content & happy. But of course a few poor souls were adorned with nets around their neck & flippers. It’s easy to ask (even rather aggressively at times) why I /you wouldn’t jump into action & free that animal from its net. And the truth is that a Stellar Sea lion is an extremely aggressive animal.. these are in no way the small seals you see people manhandling to remove nets from in videos. Males are upwards of 1,000 lbs + and would absolutely attack if you approached a harem (it’s mating group). An even more important consideration is that during birthing season when the pups are young the relationship between mom and pup is crucial. Aggravating seals during this period can force them to leave their pups onshore (they cannot swim when young) while they enter the ocean, chances are they will not find their pups again. The amount of dead, lost and trampled (by males) pups we saw was really soul crushing to see firsthand. I would venture to say that attempting to remove something like this during the wrong time of year & without proper skill can and will be way more devastating to their cycle of life than wearing this net.  I share this as not only a healthy reminder but also a word of advice to those wanting to make a difference. Be careful & educate yourself as best you can. I applaud anyone that wants to make a difference but most of what we see online comes with little to no context of the backstory, history or preparation involved.. which is always important so that you are fully prepared for how YOU can make a difference. . PS- it smelled like 🌸 .  PSS -
Rippin’ through the Southwest with @PolarisAdventures 🤙🏼 | Had a blast off-roading for the first time with a group of friends this past week. We picked up a few RZRs from @brianheadrentals and set off into the mountains. It was so much fun going on a completely different type of adventure and it was such a thrill pushing these vehicles to the limit. Stay tuned for the video from our adventure! #polarisadventures #unleashtheadventure . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer  #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #alphacollective #bealpha #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
CLIFFHANGER! — Are you afraid of heights? This is a “via ferrata” route in the Italian #dolomites. Like a mix between hiking & rock climbing. You tether yourself to steel cables for safety. — Many of these routes were created during WW1, when Austro-Hungarian and Italian forces moved soldiers & weapons through the mountains. — FUN FACT: This bridge was used in the 90’s movie “Cliffhanger” with @officialslystallone! 😆 — #italy #dolomitiamo
Canoeing on one of the most blue-tiful lakes I’ve ever seen 🚣🏻‍♀️💎 | It’s always been a dream of mine to canoe on Moraine Lake. This glacier fed lake brings people from all over the world and it’s easy to see why. You can’t help but stare at the brilliant blue hues as you dip your paddle in the water. Video taken on iPhone X @morainelakelodge #jeweloftherockies . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer  #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #alphacollective #bealpha #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
Starry night 🌌 | My Yosemite fall colors workshop sold out in just 5 days. Thank you guys so much for the huge response! If you’re interested in going week 2 (November 6-10), check out the link in my bio or send me a DM! This photo was taken at my most recent workshop in Joshua Tree. We spent hours shooting under the stars each night and learned so much from each other in the process. I left feeling so inspired by everyone’s willingness to step out of their comfort zone and fully embrace learning something totally new to them. I can’t wait to see what this next group has in store! @lexarmemory #shotonlexar #lexarambassador
I’ve seen the wind rage here so uncontrollably that it blew a tent 100 ft into the air & water droplets felt like nails hitting your skin. Seeing a day this calm is hard to comprehend... didn’t even think it was the same planet.  How’s the double sun flare at the end?! @mattrfoley @benweiland @jefftaylr
Brb just landing on another planet. And of those days when you cross your fingers because the Rangers told us the wind would be strong in the afternoon, so we woke up at the crack of dawn to make her way up the mountain. This was the reward. Just the latest breeze, the perfect clarity, and green for days. Can’t tell you how rewarding it is to leave these hikes with such amazing groups of women #bmtmadventures.
PSA to announce that as I was packing for Maine and of course doing everything but packing like I should have been which may or may not have included checking my email for the millionth time and scrolling mindlessly through social media.... I somehow discovered @pattiegonia and OMG IT IS THE MOST AMAZING FEED ON INSTAGRAM RIGHT NOW. Why didn’t anyone tell me about it yet?!!!! It’s all the positivity and light and love and gratefulness and realness and sunshine and good vibes that my home feed was missing and I’m SHOOK that I lived so much of my life without Pattie in it!!!!! . Reading so many captions filled with messages of affirmation, encouragement and support right back to the community that supports Pattie’s amazing content - made me a little day drunk with the idea that I definitely spend way too much time seeing the negative side of what Instagram has become, worrying too much about how my engagement has suffered since the dreaded word ‘algorithm’ entered this space and fretting over what to post or not to post. So I’m pressing publish on this photo which I know will likely bomb because of that A word that doesn’t favor horizontal images such as this.... but screw it. This photo was taken the last time I was in Maine. It makes me happy. I was wonderfully and newly in love with Danté and feeling about as happy as a person could. . Who knows what adventures lie ahead for this visit to Maine.... . I hope your week is filled with alllllll good things and an extra dose of self love and light. 💋 #peopleworthfollowing #mainething #lovemoreworryless #createinspirepositivity #visitmaine #landscapephotographer #shotoniphone
A Sunday spent in nature. My wife & I truly cherish our family time... we have always preserved Sundays for family, an opportunity to reflect back on the week and how we could have done better & most importantly church. These Sunday’s away from home are usually the moments I miss them most. Spending time in nature, reflecting on the beauty of this planet is as close as I can get to them when I’m away.
This group was so supportive, easy-going, and awesome to hike with, just like every group that I’ve taken on #bmtmadventures which have taken us to Peru, Patagonia, Namibia, Botswana, the Alaskan backcountry, and now Iceland. Swipe to see some of the girls absolutely killing it on the trail. Do you belong in this tribe? I have one more spot for Galapagos and a few more for Patagonia. Link in my bio!
@markomcinnis I couldn’t be more proud of you for shooting this photo. I still remember you calling me out of the blue 10 years ago asking me to teach you a bit about photography.. I was still just trying to figure it out myself when we spent 2 days just talking about everything I thought I knew at the time. You drove down from Oregon & slept in your car outside my small house. I was like dang this dude is dedicated.  Watching your career blossom, seeing your dedication has at times brought me to tears & this photo stands as a testament to your dedication to the craft. Seeing this photo on the cover of @surfer_magazine gives me all the same goosebumps when I got my first cover. Proud of you, love you and will always be your fan.  @joshmulcoy you ain’t bad yourself :) .  I’m so grateful to share the film from the trip & a slideshow at my studio in Pismo Beach next Saturday the 17th.  Mark will be on hand signing prints and @joshmulcoy will be there sharing his new film. Please come out and support my brother Mark!  Details & tickets in my bio link or here https://bit.ly/2YDPdTv
from nablus and surroundings, few weeks back
Did you know that the Hollywood sign was originally meant to stay in place for only 18 months? And that it was put in place to advertise properties! When installed, it spelled 'Hollywoodland'. That phrase remained well past its intended timeframe though and became a sort of icon of greater Los Angeles. Then in 1949 the word 'land' was removed and LA’s most iconic lettered-sign entered a period of decay before a rebirth that gave us the landmark as we know it now. One that is visible from all over the city and seems close enough to reach out and touch sometimes. . To me it’s a symbol of the storytelling that’s inherent to a large part of the culture of this city. Hollywood creates stories that we gobble up. That help us escape from life for a while, that inspire us. Sometimes that help us face things. Learn things. Stretch the boundaries of our knowing and widen our scope. Those are the stories I love best. . And right now that type of story seems more important than ever. There’s so much going on in our world that I’ve learned about through documentary films and from directors and creators who I wasn’t exposed to when I was younger. It’s just one of the many ways I try to stay informed. . What are some accounts and/or people here on Instagram that are telling stories and keeping people informed, that you enjoy following? . . . #lalaland #hollywoodsignview #losangeleshistory #hollywoodhistory #historichollywood #lastory #discoverla #visitcalifornia #thisisla #thisissustainable #responsibletraveller #responsibletravel #goldenhourlight #shotoniphonexs
Sunset chasin’ 🌅 | Say hello to the new @Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch. I’ve been looking for a smartwatch that can keep up with my lifestyle, and the fully customizable Gen 5 is the perfect accessory for when I’m on the go. Some of my favorite features include the new speaker functionality, Google Fit to track all of my workouts and hikes, daily reminders to keep me on track, and Google Translate when I’m traveling abroad. Being able to access all of this right on my wrist has been a total game changer for me #fossilsmartwatch #ad
On the last night of this trip we all talked about what our favorite moment was, and mine was when one of the girls from the trip told me that she felt empowered to backpack independently after this experience - that it had built up her confidence. This waterfall was at the very end of our 6-day trek, and is only fitting that it’s Iceland’s biggest and most powerful waterfalls. #bmtmadventures join us in Patagonia in March. Link in bio! (📷: @nellek89 @chantellejade2588)
Maybe it’s just meaningless data? Or could a photo can be more than that. Often when I study photographs the more significant they seem to become.. like this image of darkness & light both competing for equal space and yet somehow there we are in the middle straddling the line. Balance in everything I guess.
Do you be-leaf in magic? 🍂 | **Workshop Announcement** - SOLD OUT. Come join me this fall for my next workshop in Yosemite (October 30-November 3)! It’s no secret that this is one of my favorite places on earth, and I couldn’t be more excited to chase those fall colors with a new group of adventurers! It’s one of the few places I can visit over and over again and still find new perspectives that leave me speechless. This workshop will be sponsored by @SonyAlpha so we will have the full lineup of the newest Sony gear available for each of you to use daily, from the entry level RX100 VI to professional cameras like the a7 series and a9, with a wide variety of lenses to try. All skill levels are welcome! If you're interested in joining, please let me know as there are only 10 spots available. Check out the link in my bio to join the waitlist. Shot on 📷: @SonyAlpha a7riii, 16-35mm f2.8 GM #alphacollective #bealpha
Lady in red 💃🏻 | For me, traveling to Vietnam was more than just another trip to capture photos of beautiful landscapes. It’s a part of a story that began long before stepping foot on any airplane. As a child of Vietnamese immigrants, I grew up with two distinct cultures that gave me unique experiences and perspectives that have shaped who I am today. I was fortunate enough to find the connection and discovery as I traveled through the homeland of my native culture for 2 weeks with @lisabao. Have you ever been to a place that you had a deep connection with?
When you realize you’re about to descend into Middle Earth (or at least that’s how @Nellek89 described it - I haven’t actually watched LOTR). Iceland is another planet. This was on day 2 of #bmtmadventures backpacking in Iceland. Swipe to see where we slept that night (Yes I hauled my drone on my back on that trip - priorities 🤪)
Kinda like a toy car left in the sandbox.
GREENLAND 🔥 — So sad to hear that one of my favorite hiking destinations is on fire right now. Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail has been burning uncontrollably, forcing some hikers to evacuate. — Many parts of the Arctic are on fire at the moment, due to unseasonably hot & dry conditions on the tundra. Not only that, but scientists reported that Greenland reached ice-loss levels last week that weren’t predicted for another 50 years!!! — It’s just yet another glaring reminder that Climate Change is a very real & serious problem that humanity needs to address NOW. Hopefully it’s not too late to save ourselves and the planet. 🌎 — VISIT MY BLOG ⤴️ to read about my 10 day, 100 mile trekking adventure in Greenland a few years ago. There’s a video too! — #greenland #climatechange #arcticcircletrail
These 8x10” prints of mine are available now until August 7 at @lookandseen! Link in Bio. First image: An abandoned vehicle on the Colville Reservation in Omak, Washington. Second image: PLA recruits in Wuhan, China. Third image: A ship offshore Havana, Cuba. To purchase: https://lookandseen.com/special/8x10/
The original frosted tips.
Kudos to everyone who has made it to day 5 of the #bemyphotomuse - today we're looking right into the camera and being fierce. This is, at least for me, the toughest because it's a fine line between looking a little angry or bored, and perfectly sultry and confident. Keep trying this one and pick out a favorite of the bunch. Can't wait to see what you guys share! #posechallengeday5
What now seems like a common tourist stop was once a great adventure during the early years looking for new waves along this stretch of coast. In many ways it still is for anyone that puts on a 5mm wetsuit & 7mm gloves to wrangle a North Atlantic beach break this powerful. I remember laughing once after a particular hairy session that while we were near drowning & getting hypothermic there was someone enjoying warm lamb soup & a coffee less than a 1/4 mile away at a gas station... wouldn’t trade places tho, some of the best times of my life.
I find posing in a photo can be awkward when I'm not sure to do with my hands. My best way of solving this is to grab a prop, like a flower, umbrella, or in this case, a floppy sun hat. #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday4 I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
Smiling is contagious  You can catch it like the flu When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too.  I turned around the corner  And someone saw my grin And when he smiled I realised  That I'd passed it on to him  I thought about that smile  Then I realized its worth A single smile just like mine Could travel ‘round the earth  So if you feel a smile begin Don't leave it undetected Let’s start an epidemic quick And get the world infected.  I saw that poem pasted on the bathroom wall of the hut I stayed in on day 2 of my 6-day hike in Iceland. It speaks so well to the #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday3 - creative smiling. It’s all in today’s pose challenge email! Link in my bio if you still want to join the party. It’s fun. It’s free!
A storm approaches. It wasn’t forecasted, but I shouldn’t be surprised. The Bugaboos are notorious for having a microclimate that brings clouds, wind, rain, snow, or lightning on seemingly a daily basis regardless of the forecast. We were lucky enough to get two clear days on this climbing/backpacking trip before the weather rolled in again, and for that I am grateful! - Rain or shine, the mountains will always draw me in, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy them in so many different ways. I’ve partnered with @backcountry for the rest of the year to keep encouraging people to pursue their passions in the outdoors, and am always happy to share my discount code (ELISE15) for 15% off an order on Backcountry.com! *some exclusions apply* Hope to see you out there! #findyourbackcountry #sponsored
Between the two small islands laid a tidal reef where waves broke off in both directions. After staring at this on maps & computer screens for years It was a real gift to see it break. There was a time where this sort of thing would keep me up at night knowing It hasn’t been surfed. But now I’m just content having seen it with my own eyes. The fact that unridden waves like this exist at all brings me such joy.
Little people, big world 🌎 @lexarmemory #shotonlexar
For the #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday2 it's all about movement. It's much easier to make a photo show your personality and feel lighthearted and fun when we move in it. Twirl, dance, throw your arms out like you’re flying or kick your legs in water. When we move, we say goodbye to stiffness and start to have fun with it!
As free as we’ll ever be. Bugaboos ✔️
Being a tiny human in a gorgeous natural setting is one of my favorite ways to show scale, add a pop of color, and to show the grandeur of a place. For today's #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday1 we're being tiny humans in our photos, because a human interest makes a photo that much more intriguing. We can see ourselves there, even when it's not us in the photo. We can get a sense of what it would feel like to be there, and when it comes to travel photography, this is one of my favorite ways to express it. You can still join the free pose challenge at the link in my bio! See you tomorrow.
AIRBNB GIVEAWAY! 🎁 — Anna & I love using Airbnb to save money on unique travel accommodation. Treehouses, caves, Airstreams, you name it! — In addition to sharing my special 10% Off Airbnb Coupon Code with everyone, I’ve decided to give one lucky reader a $100 Airbnb Gift Card to save even more on your next vacation rental.  LINK IN BIO ⤴️ for details! — To Enter: 1. Like This Post 2. Follow me @ExpertVagabond 3. Tag 2 friends and leave a comment below telling me where you’d use your gift card! — Giveaway ends on August 15th and the winner will be chosen by the 17th. — This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Instagram or Airbnb. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. All giveaway/sweepstakes terms & conditions can be found on my website. Good luck! 👍🏼
I quietly let a year of living in Los Angeles pass by without remarking on it here. But as July turns to August, I suddenly feel the significance of it so much more. The pace of year two is already on par to match and exceed that of year one. . It’s true what adults often say to kids about time and how it flies and how we shouldn’t waste it wishing for someday to come sooner than it’s going to. It’s as if a year has passed by in a blink and the almost four decades I’ve been on this planet have passed by like the rush of wind that moved my hair around as a subway train pulled into its station in New York. . In honor of taking some time to be thankful and reflect, here are a few random things I enjoy about living in Los Angeles. Things that make me so grateful @dante.vincent & I made the move here in 2018: - the traffic just isn’t as bad as people think it will be and even when it is, you’re not stuck way underground in a smelly, dirty metal tube. You’re in your own car with your own tunes and company you chose. - palm trees, so many 🌴🌴🌴 - infinitely more sunshine days than there ever was in New York - our apartment’s windows don’t look at other walls - vintage VW vans and bugs (my favorite!) are actually everywhere here, I could swear I see them every time I’m outside our apartment - we’ve found it easier to live a more green and eco-friendly lifestyle here in LA - the ability to experience & learn about other people and cultures has been easier, more accessible and somehow feels more authentic here - we spend way more time outdoors because there are more enjoyable opportunities here . ... and I’m sure I could write many more but those are the first that come to mind. . . . #discoverla #elysianpark #vintagevwbug #vwbug #igerslosangeles #lastory #losangeleslife #conquerla #conquer_la #goldenhourlight #palmtreelove #palmtreelover #sonyalphafemale #sonya7rii
The landscapes in Canada are like nowhere else in the world, but I think the thing that impresses me the most is how grand and distinct the mountains are. Simply put, the Canadian Rockies are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Every time I visit, it’s like I’m seeing them for the first time all over again. I recently learned that Canada is also home to some of the world’s most brilliant natural diamonds. Leading diamond producers are committed to water conservation and recycle on average an impressive 83% of the water used in diamond recovery. The diamond mining industry also has a relatively small land footprint due to the compact size of their operations. Globally, leading diamond miners use a combined area of 325 square miles – an area about the size of New York City. And they invest significantly in conservation efforts, protecting 3x the land they use for mining, an area equivalent in size to Yosemite National Park. @RealisaDiamond #realisrare #totalclarity #sponsored
ITALY'S CAVE CITY 🗡 — Welcome to #matera, a very unique destination in Southern Italy. Built into the side of a cliff, this village of caves was once an embarrassment to the country. — Now it's a UNESCO site, and a popular filming location for Hollywood movies! Wonder Woman, The Passion Of The Christ, and Bond 25 are a few! — I love how the canyon fills with fog early in the morning...
Spending some time in nature’s playground with @shelmatic 🧗🏻‍♀️
How can you get comfortable in front of the camera? By practicing. I used to find it so strange to face the camera and preferred to just do photos facing away from the camera, or not be in the picture at all. Then I realized all of my photos were just of the back of my head! Now I work in variety and it's clear my travel photos are of me, not some brunette that could be anyone. Since I know it can feel strange, I put together a 5-day, totally free, pose challenge with tips on how to take your own photo, how to get comfortable in front of the camera, and work your way up to the more, shall we say, 'advanced' poses looking at the camera. It's tons of fun and it doesn't cost anything. So far over 1200 women have completed it and starting on Thursday, we'll do it all live together! Sign up at the link in my bio to be part of it! #bemyphotomuse
From a beautiful afternoon where we spent one hour watching this young leopard at @andbeyondphinda in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We sure felt very lucky that day!  Leave a comment below if you too have yawned seing this series 😄 @andbeyondtravel  Shot on @lexarmemory. #shotonlexar  #theratelafricatour
This is me being 💯 transparent, I’m really just posting this because - it’s the only thing that seems to look good “in my grid” - Cape Cod has been on my mind since I heard about the tornadoes and I just hope everyone I met last month is safe + sound or will be soon - the vibes @kintravel & @action4ifaw laid down on that trip are some vibes I’m not quite ready to let go of - and yeah, that’s about it. . I relish having stories to tell. But also, sometimes I just want to post a photo that I like and has a story only for me. . How’s your weekend going? 💙
|| Brothers || Our trip in Africa has been a dream so far, and we’re only at the half of it.  We arrived in Namibia a week ago and the amount of photos I saved on my hard drive exceeded my expectations by far.  With the days here spent photographing, driving, planing, getting some rest and photographing again, there’s almost no time to edit the photos, not to mention the almost inexistant internet access outside of the cities. But somehow I managed to go through some photos taken earlier this month in South Africa, and found a decent WiFi to upload this one for you.  More photos coming up this way very soon. Get ready for some desert landscapes and lots of wildlife. What’s your favorite African animal? Let’s see if I can provide that for you 😄 #theratelafricatour
If you’re headed to Boston this weekend, or planning to be there soon, hit up the link in my profile for my guide to @seaportbos It might not be everyone’s cup of tea and there may be other neighborhoods you prefer. BUT I chose to visit and publish a guide to the area because after doing some research online, I knew I’d enjoy the mix of old and new, the plentiful public art, the constant access to water and perhaps most importantly if you’re a fellow Francophile.... the presence of a @tattebakery (If you know me well you understand this is part sarcasm but also mostly true. Priorities! 😝😂) I could have just eaten every meal at Tatte. And please someone send me their source for the floor tile because I died and went to interior design heaven when I walked in. . Now there’s no hard feelings if Boston’s Seaport isn’t for you. Nor do you need to leave a nasty comment letting me know you’re not impressed. That was more than taken care of on my last post by some super friendly locals. Plus, there are plenty of other people here on Instagram highlighting other neighborhoods that might float your boat more. See my friend @frenchieyankee if you want the lowdown on the cute and historic Boston areas for instance. . Thank you #seaportbos for inviting me to visit so I could see what the area is all about. *hosted not paid* . Now, what are you doing with your nose in your phone, check out my guide and then GET OFF YOUR PHONE 🤳🏼 AND GET OUTSIDE!!! 😉😘 Happy weekending!! 💋💃🏻
Rest days in the Canadian Rockies. I think I could get used to this. 😍 @ryan_burke11 @alpacka_raft
There’s no place I rather be 🌊
Patiently waiting for my favorite season to arrive 🍂
Got to revisit the PNW after four years away!  It’s so wonderful to be able to enjoy familiar places in a totally new way (when I lived in Washington before I knew nothing about alpine rock climbing)! On this day, we did Serpentine Arete on Dragontail Peak and took some photos for a highlight piece on alpine rock climbing for Backcountry.com! I’ve added the link in my story today if you want to check it out!  And of course, if you’re looking at getting some gear for any upcoming summer adventures, use code ELISE15 for 15% off your first order at @backcountry! (Exclusions apply) #findyourbackcountry #sponsored PC: @ryan_burke11
How do I take instagram photos? I put up a video with my step by step method from planning phase to editing and posting, with an overview of the steps in between. It's up on the blog and YouTube now. Link in my bio!
What are you doing this weekend? I’m putting the final touches on a guide to @seaportbos which I discovered during a recent hosted trip to Boston, essentially the gateway for Cape Cod. You can take a ferry, a flight or a helicopter to the Cape from the city. This photo tells the story of how Seaport is both a nod to Boston’s past and a door into its future. There’s the beautiful wood sailing boat in the foreground, which also reminds me of my childhood growing up in New England, and behind it there’s just one of the many modern buildings that give Seaport a skyline thoroughly rooted in the now. Many of said buildings are LEED-certified or come with features and amenities that are very much in support of a greener future for us all, like rooftop gardens and free bike share. . I only had 29 hours in the neighborhood but what I found was delightful! It’s an area that is ideal for quick weekends in Boston but also full-featured enough for a longer getaway. And it’s so close to the airport that if you add this on to any longer stay in the Boston area or as an add on to exploring greater Massachusetts, you’re a quick ride share away from your flight home. . I loved staying at The Envoy, with its dynamite rooftop bar and female head chef. And I’m still thinking about what I learned when I went across the bay featured in this photo, to @icaboston’s satellite location known as ‘Watershed’.⚓️ . I tagged everyone else I discovered during my stay in this post and I’m looking forward to sharing the guide with you this week. 😉😊 #seaportbos #seaportboston
BEST OF VENICE 🎭 — In February Anna & I traveled to Venice for their annual Carnival celebration. It was so much fun! — It was my first time to the city, so we did all the touristy stuff. Gondola rides, St. Mark’s Square, bought Carnival masks, pigged out on gelato, and more. Plus found time to get away from crowds too. — I just put together a HUGE blog post featuring 30 fun & unusual things to do in Venice, Italy. — LINK IN BIO ⤴️ for a full trip report about our time there! — #veniceitaly #venezia
Alberta - I 💙 you in all conditions, but I’m so happy this 5 day streak of rain is over! Tomorrow we climb! 🌈🧗🏼‍♀️
Today marks the 5th anniversary of my 23rd birthday. #foreveryoung 🎂😂 - Old portrait dug up from last year, but this time in color. Thanks for continuing to follow along! 💙
“ptsd is often seen as a weakness,” says nick norris, the seal in this tim ferris’ podcast.  after some close calls a number of years back, i recently dealt with ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder). a strange thing was, like nick and others ive spoken with, it didnt hit hardest until several years after.  there is a stigma, which nick and tim discuss, that only serves to worsen the experience of the disorder. it took awhile to see through this and get past those perceptions, which had both personal and professional effects. ive been cataloging these experiences in a kind of cathartic response to be released, both for my own record and to help with the understanding.  as nick says at the end: “hopefully this is a message of hope....that in relabeling ptsd and mental illness, we may relabel them in a positive light and look at them as a currency that people have paid for great personal growth.” #repost @timferriss ・・・ NEW podcast episode is up: "Nick Norris (@nick_norris1981) — Navy SEAL and Athlete on Training, Post-Traumatic Growth, and Healing" Link in bio. Please enjoy!
With the news that’s dominating headlines in the USA, it’s easy to get down. But every time I’m tempted, I am going to choose to remember all the people I personally know who are amazing, who choose love over hate. And there’s a lot of them.  Who do you know like that? . In all the awesomesauce that was my hosted trip to Cape Cod, it would be pretty difficult to pick just one favorite thing or moment that stood out more than everything else. Unless I get to just pick the people I experienced the trip with. Cliché answer but in this case so true. @mamacaxx is the only one I got what I think is a half good photo of with my own camera. This was taken very much on the go before leaving for my flight, after packing my room and before one last jaunt into Provincetown for Portuguese treats with @wishwishwish. I theorize that the only reason it’s any good at all is because Cāx set up this whole vignette in the dining room of our digs at @salthouseinn (which is fab btw). A fiercely talented model, a creative director by my definition and a beautiful person inside and out; she’s a good representation of everyone we were on the trip with. . Truly @kintravel and @action4ifaw put together the best of the best team and I still can’t believe I was a part of it. Rounding out the crew is: @staceyhedman, @_sunshineinjuly_, @dillon_mangs, @brandenharvey, @everydaypursuits, @swopes,  @trashhand, @jaloulangeree, @valoriedarling and @paultheprotraveler. . I can’t promise you’ll have as good a crew as I did to travel with if you book this trip for August or September - but I hope you know this particular blessing of good company at some point in your travels. It’s true that the people make the place. Whether you find people where you go, or you bring your crew with you. 💛 #kintravel . . . #mamacax #modelsofinstagram #salthouseinn #capecod #capecodma #ootdinspiration #sonyrx1rii #sonyportraits #sonyalphafemale
About to enter Namibia after almost 3 weeks spent in South Africa, Swaziland (eSwatini) and Lesotho. Probably going to be offline most of the next month or so, but will try to update this page and my stories as much as I can.  Namibia, we’re coming from you! Stoked for my 3rd visit in the pearl of Africa.  #theratelafricatour
DAY 2-4 in search of the grey gold, aka owl pellets, through Idaho and Utah.  Found in barns and cliffs, these pellets are sold to distributers and then to schools around North America for dissection in biology class.
A haiku I wrote to express my feelings about Canada... - I love you long time I must gain citizenship  Trudeau, let me in - PC: @ryan_burke11
today in hebron & bank environs
The white lions of Timbavati. . Indigenous to this region of South Africa, white lions are extremely rare, especially in the wild. According to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, there are less than 15 individuals in the wild, while there would be around 300 white lions in total counting those born and bred in farms or zoo’s around the world. . During my recent stay at @andbeyondngala in the Timbavati, next to Kruger National Park, I had the chance to see two white lion cubs within the same pride! You’re right, two of these little beauties playing together. The oldest is 9-month old while the youngest is just 3-month old. According to our guide, the last time there were 2 white lion cubs within a same pride in the wild was in 1979. . If you want to know more about the white lions and why they’re so rare, I invite you to visit the Global White Lion Protection Trust website whitelions.org or read this article of Travel+Leisure about the newest white cubs born in Ngala on bit.ly/WhiteLionsNgala. Tons of interesting information about them, about their recessive gene that makes their hair white and why they aren’t classified as endangered species and officially protected. . A huge thanks to @andbeyondtravel for these incredible memories. I truly hope there will be many more with those white lions in the coming years. #theratelafricatour
The last full day of my hosted visit to Cape Cod with @kintravel and @action4ifaw culminated in a whale watching trip. We made our way past the jetty to open ocean under a cobalt sky in perfect temperatures, leaving the clapboard houses of Provincetown behind. I couldn’t have imagined how awe-inspiring our time on the boat would be. Along the way we heard from Patrick who is IFaW’s Director of Marine Conservation, about the whales that have been feeding in the area for decades. He talked about what we can do as everyday citizens to ensure we are being the best possible stewards of the ocean. Biologists from @dolphinfleetwhalewatch, who were with us on board, have named all of the whales we saw and they shared those names with us. During each trip with all guests, they take notes and report back for research and learning purposes. Ever present was the idea that these waters belong to the whales and we were just guests in said water. Our captain often slowed, turned or maneuvered the boat so that the engines would be quiet and the whales would have less or no sound disturbance. He also explained, and obeyed, the rules about safe distances that boats are supposed to maintain so there are never too many at any one time near any group of marine mammals. It was truly a transformative day unlike any other I’ve had out at sea. If you can’t book this trip that KIN and IFaW are offering for Aug and Sep, you can do these things that Patrick recommended: • reduce or eliminate your seafood and fish consumption • eat only sustainable seafood • reduce single-use plastic at home and when you travel • try to eliminate anything that sheds micro plastics when you do laundry or when you’re in the shower or bath • reduce your water usage overall • use your vote to hold politicians accountable, push them to prioritize ocean life • above all, don’t lose hope. We can make a difference! 🐋🐬 #kintravel #pushforprogress #peopleandplanet 📸 by @valoriedarling
Hello Africa! . Two weeks ago, @delphinepolson and I arrived in Johannesburg, 🇿🇦 to start a 7-week road trip around Southern African countries. Along with a mighty fully equipped Toyota Land Cruiser 76 made for the African roads, that we named The Ratel after the invincible honey badger, we’re driving from place to place with not much plan ahead of us apart from discovering as much as we can from the land, the people and the wildlife of this part of the continent. With a minimum of 7 borders to cross, there’s sure plenty to see and not enough time to see it all, but that’s ok. This is my third time in this part of the world, Delphine’s first, and we both already know that there be will many more to come. . We’re here with @toyota.europe and the support of @toyota_sa and we’re so excited for this trip that has been in our minds for years and years. . Make sure to follow along my Stories as I’ve started sharing more insights and on-the-go content taken during the last couple of weeks. #theratelafricatour
TRE CIME DI LAVAREDO 🏔 — This is one of the iconic hikes in the Dolomites. It’s pretty easy, and gives you stunning views of the jagged Italian Alps! — Hiking in Italy is varied, with remote multi-day treks, tethered climbing on Via Ferrata, or mountain walks like this one, where you can order a trailside panini and beer halfway through the journey! Which kind of hiker are you? 🍺 — LINK IN BIO ⤴️ for a full trip report about our Tre Cime adventure. — #dolomites #dolomiti #trecimedilavaredo
DAY ONE OF A multi WEEK TRIP IN search of GREY GOLD AKA BARN OWL PELLETS filming for a doc on @alfasenturion and his friends that collect owl pellets for $$$ 🦉🤮
today in balata refugee camp
today! in beit furik
BEST MAYAN RUINS 🗿 — One of my favorite parts of traveling in Mexico is visiting all the ancient Maya archeological sites & pyramids! — New on the blog, I share some of the best ones that you should visit if you’re heading to Mexico. LINK IN BIO 👍🏼 — What are the coolest ancient ruins you’ve visited? — #yucatanpeninsula #visityucatan #mexico🇲🇽 #mayas #archeology
Congratulations @regan_bluelove_cowger 🎉 I’m thrilled to partner with @SpeckTravel {#ad} for their launch today, and to celebrate, I’m hosting a sweepstakes for one person to be entered to win a set of their new line of luggage! You all know I usually only promote brands I already am a customer of before I am approached to do work but in this case when my old friend asked me to consider Speck, I said yes because it was my friend asking and I knew I could trust him. I'm glad I did! I've taken a few trips with my Speck luggage and I love it. They really thought out the details. Three "compression bag" style accessories are included with each, there's a laundry bag as well as small built-in zip pockets perfect for jewelry and miscellany. In the case of the backpack there's a "wet pocket" for those odd things you don't want spilling into other areas of your luggage or for that gear that you need an extra layer of protection for and the whole bag is water-resistant. All include TSA-approved locks. My travel tripod fits perfectly in both the case and the backpack (which is important to me because I hate when it's on the outside and can get caught on things in airports or on planes). The pockets and included accessories help me perfectly organize my gear. This is me actually packing my Speck bags for another trip, the only thing missing is the camera I used to take this which went in the bag once I was done. These aren't bags I packed just for this {sponsored} post. Now it's your turn when you win your own set of Speck luggage by: • Liking this post & following @specktravel • Leaving a comment telling us where you’d travel with your new luggage • Bonus entry if you tag a friend . Anyone can enter, you just need a US address to receive shipment! Not affiliated with Instagram. No purchase necessary to win. Winner chosen and notified by IG DM July 14. . . #specktravel #takemorewithyou #giveaway #sweepstakes #travelgiveaway #travelsweepstakes #newluggage
That first sight of the ocean between dune grasses, the first taste of salty breeze... it has forever been changed for me, by the experience I had on Cape Cod {hosted} with @action4ifaw & @kintravel . On the 2nd day of our trip {that you too can book for Aug or Sep}, we spent half the day with Katie, Sarah & Brian at one of the IFaW centers where deployment and then later research happens whenever there are whales, dolphins or seals stranded on the Cape. Which, we learned, is quite often. The particular geography of Cape Cod that makes it such a wonderful summer vacation destination for so many here in the USA and the dramatic tides that have lent the area an air of mystery and mysticism going back to whaling days and beyond - can actually wreak havoc on the safety of pinnipeds and cetaceans that call the nearby ocean... home. That plus an increase in fishing by human beings using methods and materials that can cause dramatic harm, means IFaW works basically 365 days a year helping marine mammals as well as doing research and conducting studies to ensure that now and in the future, we can all co-exist to the benefit of all & the detriment of none. . I was naive enough to think before we had this experience that the job might not be *that* hard or the problem *that* bad. But then I saw the photos of seals and whales trapped in fishing line and rope. Photos that made me weep. And I tried to help lift a training dolphin the way rescuers might have to on a beach. Even as part of a team it was not easy. And it was just one task of thousands that they do. . Danté & I have made huge changes in our life to ensure we’re being more responsible citizens of this 🌏. We have a lot more that we still want to do. But we can’t do it all. I’m so grateful to have learned about what IFaW is doing for #peopleandplanet  Things I may never be able to do for mammals that I still care a lot about. As for you? Donate to help their work, book this same trip with Kin to learn for
“Bun dé!” That’s “good day” in Ladin. Did you know there are three languages spoken in the Dolomites? — The region was once part of the Austro-Hungarian empire until after WW1. So there’s plenty of German spoken. — Then of course Italian, because it’s now part of Italy. — But what about Ladin? Ladin is an ancient Romance language spoken by about 30,000 people here. It came first, before German & Italian. 😃
mufti, an elderly bedouin goatherd, lives with his family in a tent beside highway 90
ultra-orthodox protest draft evader’s arrest
harvesting wheat just outside nablus....the stalks grind down to a fine dust floating everywhere
A million years ago, glacier ice filled nearly all of this valley till just the tippy top of El Cap emerged.  Over time, ice retreated and melted leaving first a lake, and then an almost perfectly level silt filled valley floor that calls to the likes of people like me. And probably people like you too... Have you been to this magical place? ———————————————————— Self timer taken a few weeks ago, high above Yosemite. P.S. Ladies summer photography workshop (Sept. 5-8) still has a few open spots! Check the link in my bio!
Climbing/Skiing Mt. Rainier was kind of a dream I didn’t realize I had. I had always thought it would be fun to do, but never really put much effort into pursuing it. But now that it’s behind me, I’m actually pretty proud of myself! Funny how slogging up a mountain in raging winds can give such a sense of accomplishment. 😂 ————————————————————— Slide 1: Summit day on the way up the Emmons Glacier. Slide 2: View of Camp Schurman the previous evening. Slide 3: The skiing for the first 4,000 feet was horrible and icy, but at about 10,500 things warmed up enough for some delicious corn skiing! So fun, and so stoked we brought the skis! PC: iPhone pics from @ryan_burke11
I like the concept of reincarnation. It’s fun to imagine the past lives I could have had. Perhaps I was some lichen in a temperate woodland, or a caddisfly in a Montana river, or a great sea turtle migrating the oceans in search of the best feeding grounds... I think I’d choose to be a droplet of water in my next life. Think of all of the parts of the world you’d see! Evaporating from the ocean, precipitating in the high peaks as snow, and eventually finding your way to rivers and lakes as runoff. And maybe... if you’re lucky... cascading off of this incredible waterfall to mist the valley below. 💦😍 If you had another life to live as anything, what would you choose?
In September 2017, during my #peaksofeurope tour, I remember starring at mountaineers from the top of Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix, France, thinking that one day I’ll be one of these guys as well.  The folks at @actionoutdoors saw my IG post about my wish and contacted me about a year later to invite me to a mountaineering introduction 5-day course... in Chamonix!  Needless to say I was all in and obviously accepted their invitation.  This is how, two weeks ago, I found myself at @ucpa | @ucpachamonix to start my new journey as a mountaineer. Despite my experience and love for hiking in the mountains and having walked with crampons a few times before, I knew nothing else about mountaineering.  This first series is all about our 3 first days spent in and around Chamonix, where with a small group of 6 people and a licensed mountain guide, I learnt everything about rock climbing, walking on snow, on ice and as a roped party, all with the right necessary gear.  Absolute great memories!  I’ll soon share the second series of this journey, about our 2-day ascent to Tête Blanche, a 3,400m+ alpine summit on the France/Switzerland border.  Hope you’ll enjoy it.
WHAT’S INSIDE MY CAMERA BAG? 🤷‍♂️ — To help answer the questions about “what camera do you use”, I’ve put together a detailed list of all my travel photography gear! — Lenses, microphones, tripods, and more. There’s even a winter jacket for my camera! ⛄️ — CLICK LINK IN BIO ⤴️ to read the full blog post. 👍🏼 — What camera do YOU use? 😜
The morning fishing commute in #mauritius. 🎣 — How do you get to work? When I lived in Florida, my morning commute to Miami took 1-2 hours, depending on how many accidents there were that day. 😑 — These days I just roll out of bed, make a coffee, and sit at my desk in pajamas for a few hours. It’s much nicer! — If I’m shooting photos though, I’m often up before sunrise to reach a location before the sun actually rises. 🌞 — Early morning is my favorite time of day. Quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. Are you a morning person or night owl? 🦉 — 🚁 Shot on DJI Mavic 2 Pro
SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS 🐬 — The island of Mauritius is home to some incredible underwater wildlife. Colorful coral reefs, humpback whales, sharks, and huge pods of Spinner Dolphins like these! I think @anna.everywhere wants to be a dolphin... 😆 — This was actually my 2nd time swimming in the ocean with wild dolphins, the other happened a few years ago during an early morning surf session in South Africa. — SWIPE LEFT 👈🏼 for a short video from this amazing experience! — #mauritius🇲🇺 #dolphins🐬
Today is a big day for me! I just paid the closing costs on a small piece of land just outside of Bishop, CA. Feels good to have a little something that’s mine! #adulting —————————————————————— Pictured: Half Dome from a few days ago. Obv not my new property in Bishop.
Second and last set of photos taken a couple of weeks ago on assignment for Tourism Charentes, in France.  From Oléron to Angoulême via Cognac, we followed the Charente river and enjoyed the slow paced life in some of France’s most beautiful villages like Brouage or Mornac-sur-Seudre.  On our last day, we eventually ended up our trip in La Rochelle, a city I remember having visited with my parents when I was a child. For the last sunset of the trip, I spotted some nice sea cliffs with direct view on Île de Ré and its insane bridge connecting the island to the mainland.  I hope you’ll like this set full of positive vibes :) Summer is fast approaching in this part of the world!  Shot for @infinimentcharentes #infinimentcharentes
Back from a week spent shooting on assignment for Tourism Charentes, a region of France that I had always wanted to visit, and more specifically Oléron island, the country’s biggest island off the French Atlantic coast.  Here’s a series taken over my first day on that beautiful and wild island, where the locals seem to live a slow and peaceful life mainly made of surfing, fishing, sailing and crafting.  Shot for @infinimentcharentes & @marennesoleron  #infinimentcharentes #marennesoleron #iomn
Every year Jackson experiences some growing pains in the transition from snow to summer. Spring in other places is welcoming with sun and flowers, but here, it rains and snows and rains again and everything gets real muddy. If you’re lucky you might see the sun once or twice in this delicate two month period, but really you just have to not let the damp days stop you from getting out. Each season offers it’s own magic and, besides, if a few rainy days are the price to pay for getting to live in such an amazing place then I’m not complaining! ——————————————————————— I was asked to test Marmot’s PreCip Eco rain jacket this spring and share my thoughts about it. It keeps my dry, so I obviously like that, but my favorite thing is that it’s made from 100% recycled materials and has PFC-free waterproofing, which makes me feel good about lessening my impact when going outdoors. Sharing the link to this jacket in my bio and today’s IG story, check it out and get 25% off the entire site from until end of day 5/27! #wearemarmot #rainon #sponsored
Channeling STAN KUBY: MOON LANDING + A CLOCKWORK ORANGE + 2001 + FULL METAL JACKET. I met up with a friend of mine that’s in the military, @garand_thumb, one night a few weeks back and strapped a night vision goggle to the front of my camera and was pretty blown away by the results.  #noidontactuallythinkkubrickfakedthemoonlanding. #myfavoritekubrickmovieisdrstrangelove
I just saw that five years ago,  the first edition of Home Is Where You Park It came out.  TS Eliot once said that, "between the idea and the reality falls the shadow." Anyone thats dreamed up something and then made it knows that sometimes you get what you want and some times you miss. Here's one of my favorite photos from the project of some old road amigos.  To date,  Home Is Where You Park IT is one of the projects that I've done that I'm the most proud of the process and happy with result.  Creatively,  I've been channeling some of the themes from the  book into the scifi project that we've been working on in the studio.  The basic question of the film is that when people have the ability to live for ever and do anything what will we do to pass the time?  Spoiler alert: we're going to go on decade long road trips through the cosmos in bitchen space ships.  Anyways, I digress, Time flies.  If you havent seen Home Is Where You Park It in person or want another copy,  use the code FIVEYEARS in the link in my profile to get 25% off.
One of my favorite parts of living in van is the freedom of traveling around with everything you need to live.  That spontaneity of being able to pick up and head to a new place at a moments notice is hard to explain to someone that hasnt done it.  Now days, I spend my time working on films in the studio @moviemountain and have a lot less time to live like that.  To capture some of that same feeling, I've been escaping into the woods behind my dojo on this electric 2x2 bike.  Here's a little tour of how i have mine set up for camping. #microselfcontainedcapsule @ubcobikes
Bits and Pieces from April in Washington.  I spent the month working on projects in the studio at @moviemountain, catching up with old friends around campfires, scheming for what’s next and getting out and enjoying the change in seasons. After 6 months of rain and snow it’s so nice to finally be able to watch the sunset after 8 and wake up to warm spring days.
HERE’S AN OG STOPMO ANIMATION @moviemountain did for my dear friend @philliptannand for a project he’s working on with @jewice and @hopelord.  Can’t wait to make more shit for them.  Go check out @terpcrawford 🤘🏼🥦🦜🦚
Lando's look at forty.  I first met @landy_landzony 8 years ago in the Rincon parking lot.  I was 23 and he was 30. We surfed together in off and on for the three years i lived in my van.  When we were building the tree houses,  Lando came up and lent in a hand,  doing a bunch of finish work on the interiors of both tree houses and offering sage advice to the rest of the crew.  On the Wave's on Mars trip,  Lando crewed the sailboat and ran the galley.  Those in the Central and SoCal surf scene have probably heard his music and seen him surf.  He's an omnipresent legend.  A few weeks ago Lando came up and hung for a week,  staying in Octogone and putting in five hard fought hours in the sauna.  We shot the shit about life,  the recent passing of a family member and recorded a cover of this song. On one rainy day, I walked over to find him chainsawing naked, smoking a joint and singing this song.  INSPIRATION STRUCK and we made this video. Head over to his IGTV page to watch his cover of a Pirates Look at Forty @landy_landzony  #chainsawnaked #chainsawbarefoot #parrothead
God I Need A Girlfriend,  the short film @moviemountain made with @stefanjanoski is nominated for a @thewebbyawards under the animation section.  If you haven’t watched it yet follow the link in my profile and please vote for us 🤘🏼🙏🏻
I spent the day yesterday hanging out in the rain, reaching down and sticking the fire and watching the weather roll by.
A few years ago, I traveled to a remote section of the Southern California coastline to make a documentary about unique kind of surfing.  Training since birth, this group of surfers have mastered the art of surfing without surfboards.  Climbing mountains without ropes, child’s play compared to dynamic hydronic levitation (DHL), or “floating” as it’s called by those in the know. Here’s a short bit but the whole piece is linked in my profile @tearevor @landy_landzony @bobbersandsinkers @lebub @johannesgamble @theshelbyfoundation
EXCERPTS FROM THE LAST  FEW MONTHS and THOUGHTS FROM THE MOUNTAIN. I've focused on larger projects that take much more time and energy to come together in recent years.  Less feeding the social media monkey and more work on longer films.  Social media has evolved a lot since I first started throwing my work on the proverbial dart board.  I don't necessarily think its a force for good in the way i did 10 years ago.  Most of that has to do with how its managed by companies that have lost sight of their "altruistic" mission statements about connecting people and giving a microphone to those under represented are now concerned with getting people to spend as much time as possible locked to our phones, scrolling our days away.  There's going to be a backlash against it and its certainly something I find myself thinking about and talking about more and more these days. Here's a collection of moments that have crossed in front of my bow as well as some small things I'm currently in the middle of that I'm excite to share.
Memories from a beautiful morning at Phinda, watching the sunrise over the reserve.  Shot on #huaweip30pro. For this photo I took advantage of the 10x hybrid zoom (equivalent 270mm) to compress the background and enhance what we saw that morning. . Swipe left to understand how powerful is the zoom. The second image was taken from the same point of view, 15 minutes before the first image, using the wide angle lens of the @huaweimobilefr P30 Pro (equivalent 16mm). #ad #huaweishot #theratelafricatour
I invite you to join a new epic tour in South Greenland! Follow link in bio for details.  I've travelled in many remote areas of Greenland for last 5 years of exploring Land of Ice. But my most favourite region in Greenland is still the South! Why? There are several reasons:  I've encountered the most beautiful northern lights here 🔸Climbers call these places "Big Walls" because of stunning granite mountains like in Patagonia 🔸These places accessible only by boat - so they are super remote and unique 🔸Most charming villages of the South where locals barely seen any tourists 🔸Icebergs, glaciers, fjords, lakes and waterfalls - everything we like so much in landscape photography!  Next year I am chartering a beautiful schooner for my expeditions to South Greenland. It will be a comfortable moving home for our 10 days in Greenland, where we can charge batteries, have a shower, warm up and have a nice meal from our chef. But not only a home - a beautiful model for our photos against mountains, icebergs and glaciers!  Join following link in bio.  #link_in_bio #photographytour #greenland #tasermiut #southgreenland
After last year's flight above Sossusvlei dunes at sunset, I couldn't help myself but fly this time at sunrise. This group of dunes is called Devil's Grip by the local heli pilots. Not hard to know why. I have so many photos to share with you from that flight that I think I could start a new account exclusively dedicated to that place, a favorite of mine! #theratelafricatour
I can easy call Disko bay in Greenland a World of Reflections. Most of the days are super calm here with water like a mirror surface. #greenland #photographytour #greenlandpioneer #ilulissat #nikon #gitzoinspires #lucroit  #polarizer
I've left Greenland a few days ago and start missing the ice Kingdom already! Such a fantastic time with all my groups this year! I bet these series made Trump jealous today 😂 🙈 Danielkordan.com #greenland #greenlandpioneer #ilulissat #icefjord #nikon #gitzoinspires
On a foggy Greenland morning in ilulissat icefjord. Variety of shapes and colors are endless here... Danielkordan.com #ilulissat #greenland #icefjord #dji #djiglobal #mavic2pro
Impressive ice castles of Greenland. I took this shot on a calm night during my midnight sun photography workshop in Disko bay. Nikon D850 + 24-70 nikkor + cpl filter.  #greenland #photoworkshop #photographytour #illulissat #nuuk #icefjord #nikon #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires #lucroit
Probably this humongous iceberg is on it's way to Newfoundland in small pieces - these stunning nature's creations don't last very long... Panorama taken from my @djiglobal mavic 2 pro Danielkordan.com #greenland #ilulissat #icefjord #greenlandpioneer #nuuk  #djiglobal #mavic2pro #photoworkshop #photographytour
Nature's beautiful creations - icebergs. They change the shape every day, sometimes from castles to towers and arches made from ice. #greenland #photoworkshop #photographytour #link_in_bio #nikon #illulissat #icefjord
Since I've received my new #huaweip30pro, many of you have asked to see some photos taken with the phone. I have been honestly impressed with the overall quality of the images it produces but what impresses me the most is the powerful zoom and incredible focal range the phone has. From ultra wide angle, 0.6x equivalent to 16mm, up to 50x on digital zoom, equivalent 1343mm.  Here is a couple of shots recently taken in India using the wide angle lens of the phone, allowing me to capture any scenes whatever the space behind me. Honestly loving that feature.  Any question you guys might have about that smartphone, just shoot.  @huaweimobilefr #huaweishot #ad
These humongous arches of Greenland are like gates to the other world, to another dimension - unknown and barely explored. I'm always curious to look what's out there - that often leads me to new exciting adventures! #greenland #greenlandpioneer #nikon #illulissat #icefjord #photoworkshop #photographytour #link_in_bio
Our mission to sail the entire chain of the Lofoten islands last October, also known as the Lofoten Wall,  was met with many challenges.. specifically poor weather during our multiple crossings that were anything but smooth. You might even call them Vomit inducing 🤮. Either way we finished our objective and like all good expeditions we suffered in the process of achieving our goal. This night in Trollfjord was the calmest of the trip. There was boundless gratitude this windless for safe harbors amongst storms. Something you really learn to appreciate whilst living on a boat.
Oregon It’s been too long.  Teaching is a funny thing for me, I often soak up more inspiration from students than they ever know. There is a purity to their excitement about photography that reminds me of why it’s such an amazing gift to share.  Grateful to meet & teach so many of you at the @sonyalpha Kando event today. Sunrise till sundown Oregon delivered.
Happy Monday from beautiful @puremichigan (summer is such a special time here)! I’ve been with family for birthday and anniversary parties; and I feel profoundly grateful to have been able to be present, not having to miss a moment. There were many years when I first worked in travel that I missed out on every holiday and special occasion. . I hope wherever you are in the world right now that you too have many things to be thankful for. Let’s make every day this week count. 💚💙 . . . . #puremichigan #lakelife #michigansummer #michigansummers #summerinmichigan #visitmichigan #themittenstate #lakelife⚓️ #lakelifeisthebestlife
MOUNTAIN TOWNS 🏔 — Italy’s South Tyrol region is full of idyllic little villages, old churches, fields of wildflowers and even the occasional castle. Framed by the incredible #dolomites. — I climbed up a hill past flocks of sheep for the sunset, and was not disappointed! 🤗
Greenland is an endless source of compositions. Every day is different from each other. Some of my groups got glowing morning fog, some got the most stunning iceberg-tower, some - jumping whales 🐳 it's always a fun challenge to photograph here looking for something new and different.  Danielkordan.com #greenland #photographytour #photoworkshop #nikon #illulissat #icefjord
When you think the light can't get any better than this it's just continue to fire up 🔥 Greenland nights under midnight sun with endless sunset... These colors last now for 3-4 hours non stop! #greenland #photoworkshop #photographytour #nikon #greenlandpioneer #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar
Midnight sun light is wonderful! The sun just rolling along the horizon for 4-5 hours giving the magical golden colors entire time! #greenland #photoworkshop #photographytour #link_in_bio #greenlandpioneer
Nature is the best sculptor! Icebergs we see in Greenland are absolutely unique, you can never photograph twice the same iceberg. This one was shot on 400 mm nikkor lens during sunset - so you can see the beautiful pink alpenglow behind. It reminds me of a man looking at Fitzroy mountain :) Danielkordan.com #greenland #photographytour #photoworkshop #greenlandpioneer #nikon #link_in_bio
Today is my last day in Africa after an incredible 7-week self-drive road trip around 5 countries. I'm bringing back home with me 800GB / 19,000 images (out of at least 50,000 taken) and I'm going to go through those over the next few weeks in order to make a final selection of the 100-200 very best.  Poor internet access in Namibia / Botswana, coupled with full busy days spent driving, photographing and planning, all kept me away from sharing here on a regular basis. This is all going to change soon, and you can expect fresh content on the African land, wildlife and people posted here and on both @johanlolos and @lolosjohan (my account dedicated to help people plan their travels and photo trips) very soon, so keep an eye on those accounts too.  Although I'm sad to leave this continent, I'm also very excited for the hours of office and editing work coming up, especially when I know it hopefully won't be too long until I return to this part of the world, with some new exciting projects.  What are you most interested about? Landscapes of Africa? Portraiture photography? Wildlife? Looking forward to hearing your feedback :) Thanks for following along over the last 2 months, and a huge thanks to @toyota_sa and to my longtime partner @toyota.europe for making this trip happen. Very proud to be part of the Toyota family as a 4x4 Ambassador. It was insane driving the LandCruiser here in Africa. A dream of mine for ages finally became reality. #theratelafricatour  Shot on @lexarmemory. #shotonlexar