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I am looking for talented cooks to work with me & Levy Restaurants at this year’s @USOpen in Flushing, Queens. Full time commitment starting this week-September 8th! Interested candidates please send resumes to Patrick@DavidBurkeTavern.com
Sorry 😐 🙏 an apology 🙈🙉🙊 from me and my 64 rebels.  But it’s high time for me to give u my side of situation... Please read all the 3 pages u will know why and how especially those who have received reservation cancellation emails so late #gaggan #sorry #hugmeismelllikecurry
Always good to have you in the house, Chef @BobbyFlay! Thanks for capturing this great shot of brunch @BlueHen.Saratoga in the @AdelphiHotel!
Drop by @WoodpeckerbyDB TOMORROW until the end of the month for a special @CasaNobleTequila pairing menu. Won't want to miss this one. #chewdoin
Il y a 10 ans ma Quiterie... je te prenais dans mes bras... et c’était pour la vie ❤️❤️❤️ 10 ans d’amour de toi... 10 ans d’un bonheur infini... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Lion’s mane mushroom
High on smelling the first ceps of the year - and right now the sent is like a mix between a fresh baked bun and the forest after a rainfall. Sliced raw, the texture is brittle, like when you step on a thin layer of ice over a small puddle of water. Imagine that sensation, but on your tongue, uffffff. For me though, it’s the best when cooked over open fire, with just a hint of smoke. Rich and meaty. Light and juicy. Sweet and succulent. It’s the perfect food
Precision is just as important on the patio as it is in the kitchen. Pictured here with my partners @hestanhome and the 42" Hestan Outdoor Deluxe Grill. #grillwithhestan
Here we have our Lobster & Black Cod with morels, leeks, fava beans, radish & sorrel, finished with steamed lobster milk foam over @BlueHen.Saratoga!
“It vegetarian season at Noma, and they have moldy food on the menu”
@BreckDistillery is lookin' for some new line chefs. If you're in the area, or you're looking to head west, contact them about openings. #chewdoin
Final week of #nycrestaurantweek - drop by @DBTavern or @WoodpeckerbyDB to get a taste of some classic bites.
It’s soo annoying when someone gifts you a basket of clams. But then you open them and they’re full of sweet jelly:) • (This was a gift from a guest)
Dinner with a view! Only a few more months left to enjoy our outdoor seating with an ocean @DrifthousebyDB. #chewdoin this weekend?
From the menu: flatbread with flowers and pollen paste
@SeaGooch @Cache_James & @TopherJFrie are opening up shop this weekend. Good luck with @HearthlyOrganic @TheGrove_Shrewsbury in Jersey. The brioche rolls and organic soda are game changer!!
We're havin' steak tonight @SaltandChar, how bout you?
Local chiles. Who would have thought that these spicy peppers, born thousands of years ago in what is today Mexico, would become a naturalized citizen in Denmark. “what constitutes Scandinavian terroir?” Well, that depends on how far back in time you go. Cucumbers, wheat, parsley, these are all plants that were born somewhere else, and transported here by traders and merchants until they called this place home in the minds of Danish citizen’s and their cuisine. That chiles remind us of a tropical climate maybe means that we should spend MORE time cooking with them, until they’re considered as Danish as rye bread. I always say if it grows well here, it belongs here.
This pork chop is pretty grand, yeah?! 📸: @chompblog
Pleased to introduce our exclusive Thomas Keller Signature Cutlery Collection by @CangshanCutlery @williamssonoma. When partnering with Cangshan to design these beautiful knives, we focused on innovation, attention to detail and precision of craftsmanship. Link in Bio. #cangshancutlery #williamssonoma
celebrating momma chang with a bowl of 미역국 (Miyeok-guk)  @graceseo made an amazing 🎂 lunch #uglydelicious 🇰🇷
Brought this beauty (Pretzel Crusted Crab Cake) over to @OrangeLawnTC. Come check it out for yourself. Reservations available through their website.
Had a blast this weekend at @OrangeLawnTC for the White Attire Party. #chewdoin
Took a little walk in the garden
In gastronomy today, ideas move so fast that dishes can seem old before they’ve even been on a menu for a week. It’s easy to forget where dishes and ideas and inspirations comes from. It’s easy to forget where things started. In that spirit, I’d like to tell you about this dish of scallops, leeks and a sauce of cooked egg yolk from 2005. What’s special here is not the dish per se, but rather the seemingly simple and unimportant way of smearing the yellow sauce across the plate. ⠀ Today this small trick seem normal, it’ll show up on just about any food Instagram page. But as simple as it seems today, it was a real technical innovation in its time, invented by a chef, by Wylie Dufresne. Putting a dollop of sauce on a plate, using a spatula and dragging it was something he did when other people weren’t. We’ve come as far as we have at noma by learning and being inspired by brilliant people. This dish was a great success of ours twelve years ago, some say it was the moment when we started to find our cooking mojo. Would this dish have been the same without the smear? Without that inspiration? Who knows, but it would have been slightly different. And so would we.
At The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ with Mayor Andres Sayegh and his wife, Farhanna. Fabulous place, great party!
Breaking news‼️this picture today taken this morning from my future work...... on the way to work at current job ... don’t ask me what❓ where ❓how ❓when ❓why ❓... I am being watched ... 🙈🙉🙊🐒... #chefgagan ##hugmeismelllikecurry #catchmeifyoucan #mycareerin40s #theworlds50best #asias50best  #michelinguidethailand #risefrommyownashes
Our fresh Tank-to-Table oysters and lobsters are no joke @DrifthousebyDB! Give the Nauti Oysters a try, or go for a half dozen on the half shell. Won’t disappoint. #chewdoin
You may ask “Why are letting your 11 year daughter eat ants ?!” Well, to her, it’s about as normal as eating a ripe tomato. We started working with ants at noma when she was born, so in her eyes, ants are food. As a child, you’re open to the world around you where everything is possible. So I have to ask, is the disgust or shock of seeing a young girl eat an ant coming from a place of objective rightness or wrongness? Or is culture more malleable between generations than we believe? And if Arwen (@arwenlevyredzepi) can think it’s  normal to see lemony, citrus filled wood ants as delicious food, what else can we change within a generation for the better?
I ❤️ @bangbar.xyz so much Spit roasted  돼지불고기 (daeji bulgogi). Only thing that’s not korean is the cooking equipment 🔥 🎵: 📺 #glory  #uglydelicious 🇹🇷>🇲🇽>🇰🇷>🇺🇸
Have you ever heard of teeth butter? If you’re not from Denmark I doubt you’ve ever heard of the expression. In Danish we have a saying that butter should always be cut think enough to show teeth marks after a bite.  Here’s one of life’s most amazing dishes: just cooked potatoes (and PLEASE, don’t peel the potatoes), salt and cracked black pepper and of course teeth butter. Btw many Danes will think my slices of butter are way too thin to justify the use of one of Denmark’s greatest contributions to world gastronomy #teethbutter #tandsmør
Bienvenue au restaurant Louison @villalacoste Premier déjeuner pour le pop up qui sera tenu par mon équipe de @helenedarrozeattheconnaught Nous serons heureux de vous y recevoir jusqu’au 1e septembre...
Coucher de soleil sur le restaurant Louison de @villalacoste à partir de demain et jusqu’au 1e Septembre c’est avec une partie de mon équipe du Connaught @helenedarrozeattheconnaught que nous serons là pour cuisiner et vous accueillir... sunset over the restaurant Louison from #villalacoste From tomorrow until the 1st of September my team from #helenedarrozeattheconnaught will have the pleasure to welcome you in our pop up restaurant in this amazing place... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
It’s not a cheeseburger....it’s a popovich 🐖 🥚 🧀 #visionquest #takeonshute
11 ans aujourd’hui ma Joy chérie... 11 ans d’amour, 11 ans d’un bonheur infini, 11 ans d’une lumière que seule toi sais donner... 11 ans d’un lien si fort qu’il ne finira jamais... Joyeux Anniversaire ma Joy d’amour... ta marraine qui t’aime thousands times to the moon and back @joyhallydayofficiel
Art et nature... quel privilège de travailler dans un environnement comme celui du @chateaulacoste Le restaurant pop up de @helenedarrozeattheconnaught ouvre ce lundi et ce jusqu’au 1e septembre au restaurant Louison de @villalacoste What a privilege to work in a place such as #chateaulacoste ! #helenedarrozeattheconnaught pop up restaurant will open from this coming Monday to the 1st of September in the walls of Louison, the fine dining restaurant of #villalacoste #sicestpaslebonheurçayressemble
On finalise les derniers tastings @chateaulacoste pour le pop up que nous ouvrons du 29 juillet au 1e septembre avec mon équipe de @helenedarrozeattheconnaught au restaurant Louison @villalacoste Ici abricot et fenouil... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 pastry team! #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Since the opening of gaggan from very first table to the 24th August 2019 I will do my best to give same passion commitment time and effort ... to my team which is my family my customers who give us support and all my fans .. last 4 weeks will be the most emotional and nostalgic weeks of my this life with gaggan ... Thanks a lot for having trust in me 🙏 and my team  #gaggan #worlds50best #miele #michelin #relaischateaux
Du potager à l’assiette... la vie rêvée des chefs de @helenedarrozeattheconnaught qui préparent l’ouverture du pop up au restaurant Louison de @villalacoste #sicestpaslebonheurçayressemble
Après l’orage @chateaulacoste ... on se prépare pour l’ouverture du pop up by @helenedarrozeattheconnaught au restaurant Louison de la villa La Coste @villalacoste #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble #sicestpaslendroitlepluspaisibleaumondecayressemble
The beauty of a simple vodka martini. The quintessential concoction for a classic New York night at @takroomnyc #nyc #takroom #hudsonyards
On our way to take over this beautiful restaurant named Louison in hommage of Louise Bourgeois @villalacoste @chateaulacoste With few of the team from @helenedarrozeattheconnaught we will have the pleasure to cook for you in this amazing place for the next 5 weeks... opening this coming Monday until the 1st of September! #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Le service va commencer @marsanparhelenedarroze
First trial of 🥭 mangoes + Yuzu 🍊 + chili 🌶 = 💥 was soooooo good  thank you @tippyleeds for this collaboration waiting to get the next trials ... will be very limited production follow @thaitip_driedmango for more news sooo  #thaitipdriedmango #tippyleeds #gagananand #ifyoulikemangoesyouwilllloveit #hugmeismelllikecurry
@sameazy has never told a lie  Bar Wayō now open #和洋折衷 #southstreetseaport
I'm celebrating National Tequila Day with the La Calenda Margarita, rimmed with sal de gusano. Reservations @lacalendamex now available via OpenTable. #nationaltequiladay #lacalenda #buenprovecho
A room with my favorite view @takroomnyc. #hudsonyards #thevessel #theshed #nyc #takroom
🥓 & 🍳 breakfast noodles  #buffalostance  #gracewanted #uglydelicious
@nickkroll came over last night and whipped up a delicious summer spread. All of my culinary ideas from nick. He’s the special sauce at momofuku. in return, I write all his jokes. Andy Kaufman & Bob Zmuda got nothing on us
one-pot recipe lesson #88: smothered pork chops 😋 serve with 🍚  #uglydelicious  #culinarydarkarts  #gracewanted #obscuredbyclouds
The app works I look like my father !! #gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best
The ロワイヤル (sk feeling very inspired by the royale)  #uglydelicious 🎳
My last collaboration as gaggan .. lucky to host @dabizdiverxo at our labs  This is the craziest pop we intent to do his food and imagination and madness with ours will surely create something wild 😜 so all the food hippies time for rock n roll  Dates : 2nd and 3rd August  15,000 thb ++ including wine pairing  5:30pm and 9:30pm  14 seats each !! ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️ Call 0890547727 (Katya) @kataleff between 12 noon to 9 pm  Very limited seats  #diverxo #gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best
hanbāgu dip with au jus 🍀 🍑 - (au jus のハンバーグ) - I promise when you eat this ode to joy will play in your head👌🏼 #和洋
I'm lucky to travel and eat across the world. This might be an #ad, but I'm really excited to celebrate the @americanexpress Gold Card. #amexgold Card Members can now earn 4x Membership Rewards points at restaurants worldwide Terms apply. #amexambassador
Extremely proud of these young chefs who were mentored at @perseny and are now part of the next generation of American chefs. Welcome home! #legacydinner #perse #alumni
We are thankful to our friends and partners who made #tfl25 possible! We loved celebrating with you @domperignonofficial @casadragones @davidoffcigars @regiiisova @kellermannichocolate @gourmetattitude @urbanitruffles @govino and the wine community of Napa Valley. #tfl25
We are grateful for the unwavering loyalty and support we have received from our community, our guests, our friends. July 6th marked a notable milestone—an occasion that inspires us to reflect on a rewarding journey. Your friendship continues to inspire us. #tfl25
A little over twenty-five years ago, I walked into the courtyard of The French Laundry and knew where my future lay. Exactly what that future would look like was another matter. Even in my wildest dreams, I could not have envisioned the shape it would take. Thank you for celebrating silver with us. #tfl25
Hi  All in last few weeks the love ❤️ the support 🖐 the hugs 🤗 I got is amazing the fans the family (gaggan and @getwetbkk and @restaurant_suhring) has been so motivating and so touching .. I have in my extreme calm made a proposal to my current shareholders the way forward .. in this period we had some great ideas 💡 that could change my Gastronomic future .. so please book gaggan now or its never !! If we close in end of August u will be the last few to eat at gaggan if we come to a positive step forward u will have 1 more year max to eat at current gaggan .. one thing is sure gaggan won’t exists without me !! So if it’s open it’s me cooking there !!! Holiday’s with ur family is so  important it disconnect with ur work to reconnect !! #gaggan #getwet #hugmeismelllikecurry
Happy 25th anniversary to The French Laundry from Adam Sandler! #tfl25
summer of red beans & rice. If you don’t know where this is from..then you are very lost  #uglydelicious #chickenstrut #meters #spork
Nothing patriotic about the ethnic food aisle 🇺🇸...let’s get rid of it and showcase the foods like everything else... In this week’s podcast of the @davechangshow i give my opinion as fact on the ethnic-food aisle at grocery stores before bringing in the podfather himself @sptguy33, to discuss food trends of the year thus far, the pervasive changes brought on by fatherhood, how the Michelin guide failed again to understand LA, and what’s next for the culinary world...including bill’s recipe for ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ chicken Parmesan!! Link to the podcast is in my bio  @majordomomedia @ringer
What you all heard from the news about my resignation is TRUE.  I resigned as chef of Gaggan restaurant,  effective 24 Jun 2019. I'm still business partner of the company.  The condition of my resignation is still under reviewing between me and my partners. Next meeting is end of Jul after I come back from family trip in Europe.  I was hurted and too tired. But I will make sure that,  whatever the result,  all Gaggan family will be well taken care. When I say "family", it’s my staff, my customers and all my fans included. I love ❤️ u all  I will update everything when the right time comes.  Ps: I have to look for a new job soon 😂 😆 😝  #theworlds50best #gaggan #hugmeismelllikecurry #getwetbkk
Let’s get wet .... our first theme party ... Date: 2nd July 2019  Time: 8 pm onwards  Dress code : pajama or ... Limited entry : 50 🙍‍♀️🙎‍♂️ pax  To reserve  Mobile 📱: 0810875743 Line: getwetbkk 📧 email: getwetbkk@Gmail.com It’s gonna be nasty 🤡🥳🤪 Pillow fighters must practice before u come  We will make sure you are destroyed !! 🤕 It’s a whole new decor specially made for pillow fighting and jumping on a bed 🛌  No pajamas no entry ⛔️ #getwetbkk #pajamaparty #gaggan #hugmeismelllikecurry
This weekend fri 14/6 ~15/6  Those who remember my old Indian Italian dishes from red days ...I am here to bring better memories while  jamming with @so_not_rad with his Italian knowhow, small menu, and after party madness to follow 🤪 @drula9 @wine.bully1789 we need a special corner to 🤮very limited seats and portions call to reserve = @getwetbkk  #hugmeismelllikecurry #indalian #gaggan #asia50best #theworlds50best #getwetbkk
Barbecued Morels stuffed with bee pollen
Les tomates du bonheur en famille...
Family Friends Foodies and Fans time to wake up & read the facts why I can’t answer the questions and can’t tell anything on the current situation as  1. I am not authorized to talk on behalf of gag_gan 2. I am not authorized to give any comments without permission  3. I am not authorized to give any free meals  4. I cannot even say gag_gan in public (I might be watched now for saying this)  5. My chefs & sommelier are not allowed to enter wine cellar and stores without permission 6. Only thing I can do is to cook and have fun with people coming to eat at  gag_gan  7. And the last service  of gag_gan is 24th August 2019 and me and my team will do our best to be positive and not look at anything that demotivates us 8. I am only 25% shareholder of Gag_gan but I own it in my heart and brain and name 250% But but but ... read the link in bio @virsanghvi has broken the news of my new place  #hugmeismelllikecurry #gaggananand #
Incredible time with the whole (kids) crew last night. Madeline, Dillon & Connor at @TheRollingStones. Great show! 👅
In my hand are 28 varieties of plants. The plant kingdom is so diverse. In its flavours, colours, textures, and most importantly (to us at noma), TASTES. It's so interesting when you consider why too. Think about it, if you’re an animal, liable to be eaten by something else, you have legs to run away, but for plants, rooted in the ground, evolution needs to be far more clever to keep them safe. So they’ve developed a form of chemical warfare to ward off pests and molds but thankfully, these chemicals keep our human mouths entertained. From the taste of tomatoes to chiles to thistles to pine, the natural defences plants produce are the very spice of life!
A great gathering with friends for the 6th Annual Joel Buchman Charity Golf Classic to support @mentorbkb and the next generation of culinary leaders.  #mentoryoungchefs #mentorgolf
Thank you to our teams who worked tirelessly to plan and prepare for this milestone. As we celebrated @_tfl_ silver anniversary, I am gratified and humbled by many things, but nothing makes me more proud than the fact that the restaurant is and always has been so much bigger than any one person. The French Laundry is a community; one that has drawn on the contributions of so many people. #tfl25
2011-2014 these pictures mostly captured by @trip_series who always made me better looking than I actually am her photo shop works .. The rebel I have become and the rebellion I have created has always given me a high .. We all are born naked normal and innocent and then life’s teaches us lessons.. teaches us pain and happiness .. we make choices as we grow .. some make us stronger some shows the weakness in us .. I never planned to be what I have become it’s not my fault that I express myself and talk about liberty freedom and to build people around me as my family .. my ways are wrong very wrong alway questionable but I have only one choice only one way forward it’s called progressive life .. Break the rules break the boundaries say more no’s to what I don’t wanna do from my heart and yes to what I believe in this journey is incredible ... so this Monday I will be telling the world what’s my future for next 18 months ... something I decided with ❤️ and not brain 🧠.. #gaggan #theworlds50best #asia50best #hugmeismelllikecurry #getwetbkk