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Tasting... Foie gras, lemon and seaweed macarons @helenedarrozeattheconnaught
Kitchen ambiance... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught We are ready to welcome you...
This one... mon feu follet... ma sauvageonne... notre rayon de soleil... #maquiterie #ilovehersomuch
The steaks @SaltandChar are aged like fine wine & always in season.
About roasting... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught
갈비 - kalbi - 🎵: Erma Franklin
Join us for our FIRST Wine Dinner this upcoming Wednesday, 9/25 at 6pm! We will be serving an exquisite four-course dinner accompanied by a selection of Sonoma and Napa Valley Wines.  Please email Patrick@DavidBurke.com to make a reservation.
Described by her peers as having an infectious optimism, Emily Gutierrez has experience in different fields. Raised in Poughkeepsie, musical theater & opera played paramount roles in her early years. She studied the relationship between Latina feminism and social media at Suny New Paltz and while there, Emily began working in the hospitality profession.⁣ .⁣ “Surrounded by the passion and knowledge of chefs and industry professionals, I became very interested with the nuances of cuisine, restaurant management, and hospitality.⁣ .⁣ I began at @takroomnyc as a back server which was invaluable because I developed a core foundation of the technical operations of the restaurant. With that experience, I was able to grow into my new role as captain.⁣ .⁣ TAK Room is a fluid, dynamic space that allows for extraordinary interaction between team members and guests. Our guests should feel like our restaurant is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Chef Keller spoke of his fondness for the memories of growing up being immersed in this culture while his mother managed the International Club in Laurel, Maryland. People are nostalgic for a time where simplicity and effortless glamour are interwoven throughout service. It is not steeped in any sort of pretense, rather, it greatly encourages and fosters fun. We are not reinventing any sort of wheel; we are changing the tire, utilizing the best of technique, product, and service.⁣ .⁣ Opera is an incredibly technical and regimented course of study and it mirrors the intense training and systematic routine of service. My background in performance translates onto the floor because every service is a performance, in a sense. Knowing how to navigate with grace and finesse while also being cognizant of the needs of your teammates echoes that of a musical performance.⁣ .⁣ When you wake up each morning, you are met with a series of choices that will determine how your day develops. I do my best
Mise en place @helenedarrozeattheconnaught
Back on the menu with the reopening of @helenedarrozeattheconnaught The iconic XXL scallop roasted with tandoori spices, carrot and citrus mousseline, Lampong réduction with coriander and beurre noisette... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Back in town...
Autoportrait... “Quiterie regardant les nuages” 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #myquiterie #myquiterieisanartist #ilovehersomuch
Nothing left to say @miele_com collaborating with @azumamakoto and then me putting my inspiration creates  fire 🔥 and ice ❄️ crab 🦀 curry  using incredible futuristic technology to creat beyond ordinary, to creat a uncooked crab curry on one side served and cooked with ice cream and other perfectly done dusted with same seasoning 🧂 this is the future this is generation 7000 🙏 u all everyone behind the project which made me think again how to cook and present food 😇 #miele #lifebeyondordinary #generation7000 #gaggananand
Chanterelles à la Grecque with Jacobsen Orchard Figs.
On the @davechangshow today I finally talk to @wyliedufresne, one of my good friends, an inspiration to me, and one of the most important chefs America has ever produced. His restaurants changed everything. We had so much ground to cover on this episode and went deep on culinary history. The episode is long but I love talking to Wylie and if you’re into food, there’s no one better to learn from. Listen at the link in my bio. @ringer @majordomomedia
THE chicken pie de @joiaparhelenedarroze #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Join us for a whimsical four-course dining experience by @ChefRobertCantu & myself @GrandTavernSTL to honor one of St. Louis’ oldest balloon festivals, @GreatForestParkBalloonRace. Each course is paired with opulent wine selections and will end with a one of a kind dessert - The Cotton Candy Balloon! #chewdoin
Chef’s Happiness is cooking  Cooking is An Inspiration, Inspiration is Journey, Journey from a generation to another.. Welcome to new era,  Era of Generation7000 by @miele_com where it hold the key to unlock possibilities of future of cooking. Here leg of an Alaskan crab 🦀.. Half hanging waiting to be cooked and other half inside the ice block with coconut Icecream and won’t be cooked and the ice won’t melt.. served cold 🥶 while the other half cooked to perfection.  #lifebeyoundordinary #miele  #generation7000 #gaggananand
Melon “piel de sapo” to be served @hélénedarrozeattheconnaught with roasted foie gras and sobacha and koji rice and sake sauce I just love this dish! #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Just me & a few friends hangin' out @RedSaltRoom_byDavidBurke. #chewdoin 📸: @MarisolDiaz8159
I hate when there’s bugs in my food
When 🔥 meets ❄️.. How do create a dish that’s hot and cold and cooked together? how do u create a dish that’s can be served as a ice cream cold and simultaneously served as a hot baked dish.. How can u create something extraordinary in a oven ?  How can u cook inside an ice block ?  How to answer and get inspired by @miele_com with their innovation ? Tomorrow the answers !! #miele #lifebeyondordinary #generation7000
Range, ovens, and refrigeration. Every detail in the Hestan kitchen gives you more power, more control, and chef-proven performance.
Join us on October 7th as we celebrate the life of a dear friend, Jean-Louis Palladin @TribecaGrill. He was a great inspiration to the way we cook in this country today and boy was he funny!! This will be a one of a kind experience with some of the best in the biz, so I wouldn't wait on this one! To purchase tickets, call 212.941.3910.
What do u think when u get a assignment a puzzle a situation which challenges your chef skills , if u think ur perfect it redefine perfections 👌.. a tech  that chefs are not used to A solutions to impossible from ordinary to extraordinary thankfully I was pushed to my limit by @miele_com with the  new #generation7000 kitchen appliances  to make it even more difficult we had @azumamakoto San to inspire his work on ice and flowers 💐 do u wanna know what we created ? How it all happened ?  #miele #lifebeyondordinary #generation7000 #gaggananand #azumamakoto
So guys here we announce (sorry for delay)  A thought 💭 A charity for those who make us famous on those who deserve more than just being in our daily lives, on those who really give us that joy of eating in streets  It’s an experiment to create a charity for struggling under-deserved Street food vendors to give them new or better infrastructure.  So to start this 30.9.19 Monday my conspirators @migrationology @itan and my rebels will take over a street food location and sell a selection of Indian inspired burgers 500 portions at 300 baht (U can pay more if u wanna donate) by first cum first basis.. next week the location, timings to be announced.. The money we raid e will help them by giving cash to buy better carts or to buy insurance or other means of secured life  Photo: courtesy Markwiens #helpstreetfood #gaggananand #itan #markwiens
Repost from @gavinkaysen: There is no picture to post....read below and you will understand why. Last night I sat in a room and had Sunday dinner in a formal setting surrounded by culinary legends. You know them all, or have heard of them but most likely have read about them. We went around the table listening and telling stories about how each one grew up in this profession, apprenticeships that started in the 50’s to books that changed the our lives to realizing that we all inspired one another to be there. Before there were lists, magazine covers, and social media there were these giants who paved a path that allows us to walk longer, run faster and achieve more. We are nothing without the people who came before us and provided us the opportunity to see the world the way they wished they would have found it- now it is our turn to do the same. #payitforward
Had a blast yesterday at #southorangeplayday with my @OrangeLawnTC team! We brought the bacon, met some great people in the community & played a little tennis in the street. #chewdoin
Summer might be over, but we're not stopping any time soon. Join us @DrifthousebyDB in Seabright, NJ for some fresh seafood and great views of the Atlantic. I recommend starting with our Tuna & Salmon Parfait.
A little Eggs Benny to get the weekend started in St. Louis @GrandTavernSTL 🥓
*** Michelin definition: A restaurant worth a special journey, indicating exceptional cuisine where diners eat extremely well, often superbly. Distinctive dishes are precisely executed, using superlative ingredients ✔️👌🏼🦞 #borrachotime
#tbt this is 2016 @the_gelinaz 2 in New York  have a 💥🖕🏽🔥⚡️🌶🔪 (in kitchen only)  Enjoy ur Friday the 13th try killing a watermelon 🍉 or beetroot.. #gaggananand #momofukukonyc #gelinaz2016
@sameazy is the chef at our new restaurant Bar Wayō and my guest on this week’s episode of @davechangshow. This is volume 2 of “our own worst critics” like I did with @jskenes. This time we’re turning the microscope on ourselves. Sam is a great cook and understands how to make delicious food. But as he’ll tell you, he’s had to grow as a leader and a person to become a great chef. We still have so much more to do at Wayō but I’m very proud of Sam for the progress he’s made on himself and at the restaurant. Listen at the link in my bio. @ringer @majordomomedia
Back in the kitchen on @HalCruises! Working with a great team as we head to Nova Scotia; firing some great dishes. Keep swiping to check them out. #chewdoin
Some mushrooms gets you high, some you peel like a banana 🍌
Would you know my name If I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same If I saw you in heaven? I must be strong and carry on 'Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven RIP ... 9/11 .. May hate be always answered with love .. strength and hugs to my fellow American 🇺🇸 friends and family’s we learn how to survive from you guys  #911 #gaggananand #tearsinheaven
Fiddling around with our Fall Menu! Can you guess where I am? #chewdoin
In summer 2013 we visited super important region of Varanasi and Lucknow and no it’s not about Tandoori naan bread or great Punjabi cuisine ... here it’s divided religiously into vegetarian a super dairy influenced rich cuisine with seasonal produce highlighted to create some of the most amazing street foods of India, then comes the Mughal influence of kebabs and Persian cuisine with a direct fusion with Indian spices, Muslim influenced food of India is also one of the most popular for meat lovers .. the way they cook in dum (under pressure) is phenomenal  We maybe divided politically religiously but when food comes can u divide us can Muslims sell food to Hindus and Hindus to Muslim we don’t look down to any cuisine  In India we might look poor dirty or if I may say INDIAN but some of our techniques in cooking is as advanced  compared to finest in the world .. it’s our culture !! This pop at @meatlicious has a few show offs from this region but twisted to bangkok way 📸 by @trip_series  #meatlicious #lucknow #varanasi #india #gaggananand
Name someone that has better followers
Menu ready .. Added more seats too.. Saturday & Sunday only 9 pm slot available  And Friday 6 pm and 9 pm available rest all sold out ... thanks 🙏 all  we are ready 👳🏽‍♂️🌶🔥💥🥵 Those who still wanna reserve contact @meatlicious  Reservation no : 0916986688  #hugmeismelllikecurry #gaggananand #gaggansquad #meatlicious
TBT: a trip in 2013 August one of the trips that’s changed my cooking....I wanted to Goto japan as usual but @trip_series insisted to got to India 🇮🇳 she wanted to picture India and these are her pics 📸 with my memories in Kerala : Gods own country. Professionally I learned cooking In IHMCT Kovalam a small catering colledge where I started my career in 1997 .. 22 years back.. I don’t belong  from this part of India but still the way they cook their has really influenced my cooking and probably South Indian cuisine has definitely been structuring history of south East Asian cuisine, when fellow Singaporean refer me to paratha or Malaysian to Banana leaf eateries or in Indonesia puttu @rydoanton89 (helped me in this) is a remenance of spice and South Indians migration to south east Asia Surely in my popup next weekend it will dominate the cooking @meatlicious  Ps: it’s post from past I am not in India 😃  #gaggananand #gaggansquad #kerala #spices #india #curry #ihmctkovalam
Today is #theawesomechallenge and this photo makes me feel confident and AWESOME because Hugo reminds me that I should look at everything through a child’s eyes. For every post using #theawesomechallenge @RocketsofAwesome will donate an entire back-to-school outfit to a @Baby2Baby child in need. Tag 3 friends and for every post, we can unlock more donations! @reneredzepinoma @chrissyteigen @alexinseattle
Food that jiggles • (it’s a mushroom - shaggy ink cap)
Jumped on a half day boat for some fluke yesterday. No keepers, but still had a great day on the water. Maybe next time we’ll catch a couple and make ceviche.
If all we served were mushrooms, I for one would be happy. To me, they are the perfect food. Diving into the world of mushrooms and studying them, you figure out just how vast of a kingdom of life it is. They influence our world in ways you can’t imagine, and still, we know so little about these earthly aliens. Check out this video from Natgeo and see if you can’t resist taking a free dive headlong into the world of recyclers.
Presenting curry pop up .. My memories from streets of India 🇮🇳... venue: @meatlicious  dates: 13.09.19, 14.09.19 15.09.19  Nothing to with fine dining only comfort food cooked with my mates @rydoanton89 @pjoao20 @palanil.2609 @charfung @ibag2 .. for reservations simple  Contact Line ID : meatlicious 📞 Reservation number: 0916986688 Limited tables: 6pm, 7pm 8pm, 9pm  All are welcomed.. pic courtesy 📸:@chefstablenetflix  #meatlicious #gaggananand #currynights  #chefstablenetflix
Fresh Friday Bites over in Fort Lee, NJ @VentanasAtTheModern. #chewdoin 📸: @nytcgram
Hello weekend here the true story how, why, what and when it all happened... now u will know what it take to be famous and carry that weight.. if I offended any one with reservations and closed before u could eat this read will tell the facts of the situation of our story .. link is in my bio I thank my 64 rebels who gave me that spirit the courage and the reason to brave this and start something new .. from now on I will post every thing about future of new place and not live in my past let’s leave everything behind and not behave as victims rather focus on what amazing things can be achieved in future  Lastly I wanna thank all my fans foodies and everyone who send me wishes, strength and regards it really helped me to be a stronger person and fight for what’s right and my rights  #gaggan #gaggananand #theworlds50best #asia50best #hugmeismelllikecurry #tofoofighters #bearebel
Save some room for the good stuff - Cake Pops after dinner @RedSaltRoom_byDavidBurke in the @GardenCityHotel. #chewdoin
Chef Brooks Headley is one of the great chefs of our time and my guest on today’s episode of @davechangshow. There’s nothing like his restaurant @superiorityburger. It’s tiny and idiosyncratic and extremely delicious. Brooks’s career has been unique but I wish more young cooks would copy that rather than his recipes. Listen at the link in my bio, buy his cookbook and if you haven’t been, go eat at Superiority Burger. @ringer @majordomomedia 📷: @sunnyshokrae
The @CasaNobleTequila dinner @DBTavern was a hit last week. Here we have Skirt Steak with a Casa Noble Reposado pineapple & citrus puree.  c/o @52Chefs
Mushroom season at noma. As the temperature falls and days shorten, people can sense a change on the wind. Summer turns to autumn, and any forager will know that mushroom season is now in full bloom. But why now? Why mostly in autumn? What do fungi get out of it? With colder days and more rain, nature crafts the perfect conditions for these fungal recyclers. In the forest, within days of heavier rainfall, the fruiting bodies of a much larger organism pop up, and send out their spores on the wind just before deciduous trees shed their coats of leaves. The massive fungal webs that weave their way through the forest floor, unseen, are the ones responsible for turning those leaves back into nutrients and keeping the forest healthy.  We love them, in all their variety for their taste, but also shouldn’t forget how important they are in the web of life.
TONIGHT @OrangeLawnTC we’ve got ABC Tuesday’s with Acoustic + Burgers + Cocktails. 🎶 Enjoy a two-course meal with a cocktail for $29 starting at 5pm. Music starts at 6pm sharp! If you can’t make it tonight, we’ve some sushi available on our lounge menu tomorrow night for What’s Up Wednesday!
Dotted stem bolete or Boletus luridiformis, one of the finest mushroom to eat. And it bruises indigo blue when exposed to air
Ode to late summer in the sunny Pavilion at @takroomnyc. #takroom #nyc #hudsonyards
I’ve known @briankoppelman for a long time. He was one of the very earliest supporters of @momolongplay. I honestly don’t know if we’d be around if not for Brian. 🙏 He’s one of those rare people who lives to experience things and share what he loves. Not to mention his incredible resume as a writer/producer/director. Rounders is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I’m a huge fan of Billions. I’m so proud to call him a friend and my guest on this week’s @davechangshow. @ringer @majordomomedia
Summer 丼 here kids - 🐓, squash & shisho #gracewanted 🎶: granddaddy
This magnificent ingredient is one of the most inexpensive foods world wide. Do you know what it is?
Celebrating late summer with golden tomato gazpacho at @surfclubrestaurant. #thesurfclubrestaurant #thesurfclubmiamibeach #surfsupsince1930
"Come on!" as @phil.rosenthal likes to say.  We were so honored that you spent time with our teams. Thank you for sharing stories and making us laugh along the way!  We're in awe of your appetite for curiosity. #somebodyfeedphil
almost perfect
My favorite "Oreo" for dessert. The TKO @bouchonbakery uses a special cocoa powder which results in a very dark cookie. The white chocolate filling is piped onto each bottom cookie and these become a pearled border when the cookie is topped with a second one. #yountville #lasvegas #nyc #hudsonyards #rockeats #shopsatcolumbuscircle
We’re prepping for the game season—one experiment we’re knee deep is making moldy hearts. The idea comes from the best sausage charcuterie and the white molds that typically grow on them. In this case we’ve taken a fresh reindeer heart and grown a species of Aspergillus on it to see if we’d be able to make a heart sausage without having to grind the meat, and spoil the image and texture. It may look otherworldly, but it’s not so big a stretch from the traditions that make the world of food what it is. It’s a minor shift in perspective, with a big impact on the final product #moldyhearts
Join me for a special collaborative dinner at Per Se with the team from Gaon, Seoul's three Michelin-starred restaurant, on September 12th. @gaon_seoul is known for its signature chicken dish and extraordinary ceramic ware.⁣ .⁣ Chef de Cuisine Corey Chow and I will partner with Gaon's Lucia Cho (Per Se alumna), and Executive Chef Byong-Jin Kim to showcase the cuisines of our restaurants. Courses will include classics and together, we will collaborate on a meat course with purveyor Snake River Farms highlighting Korean flavors.⁣ .⁣ For dessert, Pastry Chef Anna Bolz will prepare a twist on a classic. Chef Kim is preparing an ice cream made with rice and soy milk.⁣ .⁣ It will be a night to remember. Link in Bio for more information.
Mushrooms come in all sizes and shapes, many of them bearing strange and funny names. The orange one is an orange milkcap, and will turn your pee the same color as a gorgeous sunset. Moving clockwise, there’s also a wood mushroom, then something that is literally called (no joke) the prince. Blackening polypore at 9 o’clock, then a charcoal burner, and finally, a cep mushroom. Bon Appétit
A favorite time: golden hour at the Hoop House in The French Laundry culinary garden where we're currently growing cherry tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, cucamelons, cilantro criollo, microgreens, and garden bed starters. #yountville
Precision is just as important on the patio as it is in the kitchen. Pictured here with my partners @hestanhome and the 42" Hestan Outdoor Deluxe Grill. #grillwithhestan
‪Heretical statement:‬ ‪  I adore summer 🍅 season but I think BLT’s taste better with shitty hothouse tomatoes than perfectly ripe summer ones. Less juicy, right acidity and texturally better in relation to iceberg lettuce and crisp bacon‬. Keep that 🥑 out of there. 🧂 🍅  #uglydelicous #perfectsummerforever #kewpie
C’était jour de saucisse aujourd’hui au menu de déjeuner de @joiaparhelenedarroze Faite maison... servie avec des pêches et des cœurs de sucrine... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @fulviopischedda and team #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Tasting @marsanparhelenedarroze Maïs grillé, vanille fumée, coco et mangue... on est pas mal du tout...
Mentor young chefs by supporting Ment’or. Enter to win a private cooking lesson with me and dinner for two at The French Laundry. Flights and hotel included. Link in bio or go to omaze.com/chefkeller #onlyatomaze #mentoryoungchefs
Check it out I’m an artiste 👨‍🎨 @graceseo  #uglydelicious #gracewants
Legacies breed legacies. (If you know you know, and if you don’t know you should know)
Wild boar 🐗
My guest on this week’s episode of @davechangshow is @mzmariscal, the CEO of @momolongplay. To gain more wisdom and maturity we had to look to someone like Marge. She’s only 30 but wise beyond her years. We’ve talked about opening restaurants on the show but we haven’t talked about running them. We get into that and much more in this episode. I’m very proud of Marge and I can’t think of a better person to lead Momofuku into the future. Listen at the link in my bio. @ringer @majordomomedia