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Someone’s glad we’re back 🧡#muddthebracco
Stoked when my clients send me healed pictures of their tattoos. Can’t wait to continue this man. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary this is a phone picture.
Please, vote for the best  #watercolor flower : 🌷🌾🌺🌌 1. Tulip  2. Lavender 3. Hydrangea  4. Peony  5. Petunia Night Sky
@stencilanchored #veganblue have you tried it? Go to my story to buy a case and become a distributor. Also the website has distributors from around the globe 🌎 video by @baronesseast
Added this small castle to this @disneymaleficent half sleeves can’t wait to continue this on the inside. About 90% of this is healed. Only thing fresh is the castle. @fusion_ink @bishoprotary @stencilanchored @blackanchorworldwide let’s do some rad portraits get at me to make some magic.
Wifey made me give her a lil snake too, she takin advantage of this port life @jayme.free.woo 🐍
Small start. Can’t wait to finish this piece up. #hella #avengers #marvel @marvel @fusion_ink @bishoprotary @stencilanchored @blackanchorworldwide
The Space Voyager 🚀 #characterdesign #illustration #surrealism
Fun ones on some cool siblings...his godfather’s sword on @andreasadavid  and a sea urchin shell for @ymd.photos thanks again guyzzzz🙏🏼 #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Limited edition face tattoo for Coca- Cola Vanilla 🌅🌹🗡🔥 Питер, не пропустите крутую летнюю вечеринку в стиле Coca-Cola Vanilla на ARTPLAY SPb 16-го августа! Регистрируйтесь бесплатно по ссылке в био @cocacolarus 💖  #откройсвоюcocacolavanilla
Candy land. @leonardodicaprio
How old were you when you recognize that Black Panther is doesn’t exist? #panthertattoo #blackpanther 🖤🐆
Adding some goods and accessories here by the SEA  #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Available for tattoo 💥 #maskillustration #characterdesign #tribalmask
Finished this piece a couple days ago and forgot to post it. So fun getting back at it and starting some new projects. Face is healed parts of hand and shirt fresh. @leonardodicaprio is a bad ass actor. Did you watch “Once upon a time in Hollywood? What are your thoughts? Calvin Candie: Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
☀️ 🌞 ☁️ 🌊 Solar phases..
Healed one 😍
I’m happy if they’re happy 🙏🏼 ya digggg ✨✨💙
Available for tattoo 🚀 I will publish more custom characters soon 🌞 if you are interested please contact me via e-mail 💫 #illustration #fantasyillustration #characterdesign #surrealism
🦉💐Gucci The Alchemist's Garden: Gucci's First Haute Couture Perfume Line  @guccibeauty #guccibeauty @letoile_official #letoileofficial
Available for tattoo 🚀 I will publish more custom characters soon 🌞 if you are interested please contact me via e-mail 💫 #illustration #fantasyillustration #characterdesign
Black Anchor Worldwide is looking for established tattoo artists to join our studio in Hesperia.  We are looking for artists with an already established clientele who would would like to be part of a creative and unique work environment that will allow you to grow. We are a family oriented shop and are looking for like-minded people with a positive attitude.  Working at Black Anchor has great advantages: * Work along side some of the best artists in the industry * Ability to attend hard-to-get-in conventions under that Black Anchor banner * Excellent opportunity to meet and work with a variety of artists that come to guest spot at the shops. * Attend classes and workshops through Black Anchor Academy at no cost * Participate in art shows and other community events  Please email us why you think you would be a great fit for Black Anchor along with your Instagram account to blackanchorbynikko@gmail.com
Family zodiac compass for Bea !✨✨✨ ♐️♒️♋️♈️ #hideawayatsuitex  Porto Cervo #slimneedle
Family Symbols 🦍 🦁 🐯 🦉 🐦
Available for tattoo 🚀 I will publish more custom characters soon 🌞 if you are interested please contact me via e-mail 💫 #illustration #alienillustration #space #aliens #fantasyillustration #characterdesign
My Project for @official_rosenthal at  MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT @miamidesigndistrict  Thank you so Much❤️❤️❤️ #pietroseddaceramic #pietrosedda #rosenthal #cillamareapietrosedda #cillamarea #proud #iwishiwasthere photo  by @isottapage
What is your favorite dog breed? #corgi #corgitattoo #sashaunisex
Schedule pretty packed here in Porto Cervo, but had to squeeze in some tiny ones for our tiny ones on this special ladyyyy.... @jayme.free.woo 🕷🖤🕷
It’s about that time , my studio merch @hideawayatsuitex  is now live 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 quality goods made around the world shared around the world, thank you for all the support 🙌🏼
The headphones of the man, on the man @gianlucavacchi 🎧🦁🎧 #hideawayatsuitex  Porto Cervo #slimneedle
1, 2, 3?  Me by @martasyrko ❤️
This child in this picture might as well be me 30 years ago. My father and many family members came here “illegally” and made a life. But let’s get this straight. I’m Native American/Mexican so the truth is my family tree has been here from the start of humans living in North America. When people say “Christopher Columbus discovered America he didn’t we were living here way before then in peace with nature. Fast forward today we are being called illegals because we lost a war and lost our lands we open our arms up and lost and now we are losing more. Family’s being ripped apart and brown people being targets of hate crimes. Really take a step back and think about this. What if this was your child or better yet you as a young person how would this break you or effect you. I’m a proud Mexican American male and I want you Mexicans and natives to know we are royal blood and descend from Kings and Queens. Never forget this. We are strong and we will not let racism break us. I love all races and back grounds traveling the world I am a child of the world. Remember  Martin Luther King Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Latin Americans are some of the hardest working people I have ever met. I am proud to say I pride my self on being a hard worker. The art work I am working on is for you! My Latinos my blood my family! El Paso my love goes out to you guys and the loss you guys have endured. R.I.P. we must wake up and be aware. Be safe out there. I encourage anyone in tattooing or in art or if you follow me post about your thoughts and feelings. Be strong let people know they are not alone and that we have people like us to look up to. To the young boy and girl that has nothing keep your head down work hard you are the future and you are the change. You know what’s right and what is wrong. Be the light not the darkness of the world. The truest change we can make is through
Found a healed friend on a friend by the ocean out here in Porto Cervo @nabildo  #healedneedle
Limited Porto Cervo T made right here in Italy , come grab one at @hideawayatsuitex  in @promenadeduport
Lovely LA! I had such an amazing time and am so appreciative of the inspiring people I got to work with. I'm so humbled by the amount of responses we received after opening availability here and wish I could have accommodated more of you on this trip! This is only the first step in my collaboration with VADERS.DYE  and @xoxotattoo 💐 I couldn't be happier than to be building towards our future together here in this amazing city. A special thank you to all the talented artists who have already graced us here in the studio, it's been an absolute joy working with you all. 🙏🏼 So now it's back to NYC and my home....but don't worry LA, you have a special place in my heart (see you in October LA!)♥️ And thank you my talented friend for these awesome photos @devblaskovich  Check out our collabration studio @vadersdyexateliereva
@hideawayatsuitex  Porto Cervo in full effect, one for baby Matilda on her dad Mr. Lenzi ✨✨✨ #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Welcome to the vibe 🐠🐟🌞 #stillworktho
What was your first tattoo and what do you think about it now? 🦊 #foxtattoo
A fave 🦋 ✨✨✨ #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Was watching a video about @miketyson and really felt inspired by him and where he is now in his life. As a young man I remember watching him knock dudes out in seconds. To see his growth as a human is amazing. Thought I’d share this progress shot of a tattoo I did years ago while on vacation. @stencilanchored #veganbue
Life...What does it even mean? 38 years on the planet (it’s not my birthday I’m just rambling) and I still don’t know what I’m doing or how I’ve even made it this far. I remember being in my late teens and early twenties and thinking I would never make it pass thirty. I don’t know why I felt this way but I did. I’ve been blessed with a hard working ethic and only within the last few years I’ve really taken time to stop and smell the roses. This picture sums up what I’ll be doing for a week. My battery was on empty and I need to recharge. Family and silence is the most important thing to me for a rebuilding of my spirit. Hawaii is the perfect place for me to do this. Remember in order to go further you must take a step back from everything to have clarity. Even though I may not be working or making progress on business I am searching my spirit and the energy around me for answers on the direction I want to take my life. Well enough rambling I love all you supporters and I hope this finds you guys well and healthy. Remember if you can look up you can get up! Have a beautiful Saturday. P.S. this is the biggest pool I’ve ever been in. It spans the whole word. It’s a bit salty though!
Out here in Porto Cervo showin off a cool lil project the @lamborghini fam and I had lots of fun with.  Thanks again to everyone involved, couldn’t  have done it without y’all! Feeling blessed to be able to share what I do across all platforms 🙏🏼🙏🏼✨✨✨💛💛💛💛💛
melting time in Urfa #40degrees #desert #urfa #pietrosedda #ilovemiddleeast #summer
⚡️ Ziggy Stardust ⚡️ #davidbowie #davidbowietattoo #ziggystardust #tattrx #tattoodo
Vote for best Wendy’s look! 1-5 🌈 @veryimportantwhippet #whippet #whippetsofinstagram
buona estate a tutti❤️ #pietrosedda
Hi! I haven’t been posting for a while ⚡️ but there is Perun - Slavic God of Thunder ⚡️ #slavicmythology #slavictattoo #peruntattoo #perun #tattrx #darkartists
Hi! I haven’t been posting for a while ⚡️ But now I’m back in the game 💥#deviltattoo #witchcraft #evil #darktattoo
Hi everyone! How long have you been following me and why? Thank you for all your attention and support! 🌹🌹🌹
🎉GIVEAWAY TIME!🎉 I’m going to give away my summer temporary tattoos. Just make sure you follow these rules: 🦜Like this post and my previous one 🦜Comment «I’m ready to win» 🦜Tag some friends so they can enter too 3 winners will be announced on my insta story 20th of July  #giveaway #goodluck
I WISH YOU ALL A GREAT SUMMER❤️❤️ Thank you Ivan #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattooing #thesaintmarinerprofessionaltattooing #milanotattoo #thesaintmariner #seatattoo #nerotattoo #summertime #imonholiday @ivanprelli
thank you Keefer ❤️ thank you Sam 🖤 #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattooing #thesaintmarinerprofessionaltattooing #milanotattoo #pietroseddaheads #blacktattoo #nerotattoo
GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE SUCH AMAZING MAGAZINE GAVE ME SO MUCH ATTENTION 🖤🖤🖤 Grazie @bibipix🖤  not just a magazine but an opera about art food wellness culture respect science  #ossigeno_elementsoflife @ossigeno_elementsoflife #pietrosedda
Grazie caro wally 🖤🖤 @uolt #pietrosedda #backpiece #thisisnotacoverup #blacknovelsforlovers #thesaintmarinerprofessionaltattooing #nerotattoo #milanotattoo #nerobluepietrosedda #thesaintmariner
Grazie @matteo.parachini 🖤🙏🏼 Big Skull free hand #backpiece #pietrosedda #thesaintmarinerprofessionaltattooing #nerotattoo #skulltattoo #engravingtattoo #milanotattoo #pietroseddatattooing #thesaintmariner #etchingtattoo  with respect 🖤 @valeriocancellier
I’ll BE AT LONDON TATTOO CONVENTION 26/28 September 2019 FOR INFO/APPOINTMENT: PIETRO@PIETROSEDDA.COM #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattooing #thesaintmarinerprofessionaltattooing #thesaintmariner #londontattooconvention2018 @londontattooconvention
A little video of the #angelinajolie @disneymaleficent tattoo. All of it’s healed except for the castle. I’ll take healed pictures ASAP. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink
Saint Alexander of Comana🙏🏻
The choices we make despite the knowledge that it will kill us over time. Something new on the easel.
Edward Hopper/The Long Leg
Elegant raccoon for Austin ⚡️ #raccoontattoo #raccoon #tattoodo #tattrx #tttism
See you again soon LA! 📸 @devblaskovich
🐝bright, 🐝beautiful, 🐝yourself! @guccibeauty #guccibeauty Already on sale 🌸@letoile_official 🌸#letoileofficial  My favorites: 25 Goldie Red Voile 25 Goldie Red Satin 2 No More Orchids Please, share your favorite lip shade, if you are a lipstick lover👄💕
ss20 collection ready @saintmarinerclothing  #pietrosedda #readytowear #madeinitaly #saintmarinerclothing #tshirt #sweatshirt #summer2020 #streetwear #riccardograssishowroom @riccardograssishowroom @riccardograssi1 @rgman_showroom