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I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that baked potato  #truthdoesnthurt
#somnium catching the ☀️
おやつの時間ですよー! Udo&kamukamu& donut
Remember that time I got caught skateboarding in the house? #imstillgrounded #worthit #soundon
Don’t like Monday’s 😠
Autumn is coming soon🦔🍁✨ ・ ・ ・ ショパンのアトリエも模様替えしたいな〜👨‍🎨✨
ゆうきくん、うちの子記念日おめでとう🎉 @yuuki20140915  2014年夏の保護猫だったゆうきくん。 一味がとても可愛がっていたのを思い出します😌  まろ、レオ、ゆうき、でんすけ兄弟の中で一番おっとりマイペースでした🤗 (ちょうど、その頃の写真を整理していたのでアップ!) #tbt #ぽんちゃん保育園 #ぽんちゃん保育園園児 #わさびちゃんち
写真整理中なので #tbt 失礼します。 Densuke & Ponzu  #cat #cats #blackcat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #黒猫 #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #goldenretriever #犬 #猫 #ゴールデンレトリバー #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園
The little river by our camping spot
just checking in to see how you guys are doing. #jonshusky
When you get off work and all you wanna do is take off your bra. #tgif #ihateunderwires
Brush your teeth🦷🎶✨ ・ ・ ・ 1分弱ありますが、ぜひオチまで見ていただきたい🤣 音楽も好き〜🎶✨
ラムちゃんだらけ気味  rum & Shibafu & kyuri  #今日の仲良しコーナー  #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園 #猫 #cat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #dog #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram  #犬  #シーズー #shihtzu #黒猫 #blackcats #キジシロ
‘MY BALL’ 👿 honey is very protective of her ball 😂😂#throwbackthursday
Even though sissy is around, I am still their oldest baby. #andalwayswillbe . 👕: @clubhuey
Chopin in Wonderland🦋✨✨✨
Hello... is there anybody in there?
When you find out it’s only Tuesday. #urkiddingright #sickjoke
Mmmmm honeyb loves the crumbs that this little human leaves everywhere 😂😋 #tongueouttuesday
New friend🐷🙌🏻✨ ・ ・ ・ IKEAのブタさんが可愛かったのでお迎え😊✨ 仲良くしてくれるかな〜🐷🦔✨
Sissy held me during some of those intense moments of the game but I told her it’s gonna be okay! In Russ we Trust! #gohawks!
I think they are ready for a Sunday morning walk 🤔💙💗
I woke up like this 💁‍♂️ #eyeboogers
Otie bear
it’s friday!! here’s to your weekend looking just like this. #tgif #lazyfriday #jonshusky
“Mom. Mom. Mom. Stare at me while you’re driving. Mom. Mom.” ❤️ #literallywhatgoesthroughhishead
OMG‼️It’s me🦔🇩🇪✨ ・ ・ ・ またまたドイツの新聞にショパンが登場しました🦔✨ にこにこ笑顔を世界中の方に見てもらえて嬉しい😊✨
What a long strange trip it’s been of living in the bus for the past two years #busaniversary
When Pudge was sunbathing in our @saintgeorgetoronto hotel room during @meowfestival 😌 Pudge immediately makes herself at home, on the bed when we travel ❤️
Heard snoring from the next room over; walked in to this. #pudgespillethover #pudgepod #pudgesnorezzz
I miss this little guy so much 💙 #sullysunday #schipperke
we wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have commented, messaged and sent thoughts our way on Jack’s passing. we are working on writing back to all your comments, but it’s a little raw still. know that each and every one means the world and warm our hearts during sad days. thank you to those of you who’ve stuck with us on this journey! we have some big things planned to memorialize our little jack pug 💛 #jonshusky #thepugandthehusky
Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s just a bird outside the window.
I wish I were posting with happier news. I’ve been dreading this day for some time now. Jack passed away 3 weeks ago. 😔 Sorry for not posting sooner, but I honestly haven’t been able to bring myself to log onto this account. The grief has just been too much to bear. 💔 We’ve kept Jack’s health struggles this past 6 months private. In January, Jack was diagnosed with leukemia. We’ve been doing treatment until last month when it stopped helping. We made sure his last days were filled with extra treats and meals and lots and lots of snuggles, his favorite things. He went downhill very quickly, as he was doing ok one evening but by the next morning he didn’t want to walk or eat. For those that know Jack, know he’d never miss a meal. That night, he passed at home, in his bed surrounded by his favorite toy. I was right next to him, petting him as his little body gave up. 💛 The world feels a little bit darker. The grief is indescribable. We (my husband, his brother, Jon, and I) miss him so so much. But we feel so lucky that he chose to be a part of our family as it was truly the happiest years of our lives. 💛 A huge thank you to @alyssastrongarm for graciously taking the family photo days before he left us. 💛 And finally, the biggest thanks to all of you who have followed us and loved this silly one eyed pug of ours. It means the world to us. He was truly a special boy that touched everyone he met in person or online. If you haven’t aIready, we’d love to hear any stories you have about him or how he brightened your day. I plan to put a book of them together someday. 💛 As for this account, we miss sharing Jack’s personality with you all and hope to still share photos (we have so many) highlighting his life. We will continue to support rescuing dogs in Jacks memory. Also, Jack’s brother, Jon has agreed to make an appearance from time to time. We hope you’ll stay on this journey with us 💛
#somnium 🐢🌞
#ad When you show up to the party and you don't know anyone so you just stay in your box... Happy National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!! Sam clearly doesn't enjoy the experience as much as his friend over here, but that doesn't change how important it is for us to make sure he gets preventative care. We've partnered with @RoyalCaninUS to help raise awareness for veterinary care for cats. Check out their Instagram to win a prize pack that can help make your next vet visit successful, and how to receive a cat-centric renovation for your vets office! #cat2vet #royalcanincats
A little throwback to teenage Hammy... #mustachecat
Strawberry time #sloggi
Strawberry time #somnium
#om battling through
Pudge has never loved another bed more than this one we got from @meowfestival. This is her current favorite way to lay in it 🙊🥺😍 #pudgepod #squishedpudgepod
Sunset on the Oregon coast ✨
Is it just me or does it look like Hammy is dramatically posing for a renaissance painting... Happy Monday everyone!
Just a cat inspecting his garden 🌱
The vicious beast surveys his fort...only to be distracted by a sneeze.
What you actually look like when you type ‘lol’
the most special boy there ever was. 💕 #pugaday #piratepugjack
jon s husky, always looking out for his brother. 💕 #pugaday #piratepugjack #jonshusky #thepugandthehusky
As many of you know, Hammy was a feral and, while he is super comfortable with me, he is pretty much scared of the rest of the world.  Strangers, loud noises, and storms send him running and hiding and it's always broken my heart that he has to live his life being so scared at times.  As a fan of CBD myself, I decided to look into some products for him that would alleviate that anxiety and make him more relaxed - that's when I came across @fetch by @extractlabs. They're a company of animal lovers that handle every aspect of producing their tincture in house.  They pride themselves on having the highest quality products, the best customer service, and the most competitive prices on the market! #fetchcbd #healthyhappy #ad #mustachecat
Pudge sleeping with lil bunny front paws at the Toronto Airport 🙊🥺😍 If you’ve been watching her Instagram story, you probably know we got bumped from our Air Canada flight yesterday, spent 8 hours total at the airport figuring things out, and had to spend the night at a new hotel. We wouldn’t have made it without all your well wishes and support — especially from @bonnieactually who delivered food and litter to our new hotel room for Pudge. She has been such a patient angel through all of this though, and completely unaffected by the hold up.  We hope to be home tonight!
Pudge got to hang with her twin sister @venustwofacecat after @meowfestival 👯‍♀️ Pudge likes to be the Queen and only likes to be around cats that are chill like her. Venus is so sweet with other cats, so they got along well ❤️
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Mood after July 4th; a relaxing morning in bed with @meundies #meundiespartner
Pudge on a plane ™️ What a way to spend her 9th birthday 💕
@worriedpotato  My name is Tato, I little guy. My ears go floop, I know not why.  My floof is big, cuz full of love. But not all floof, it’s mostly chubs.
Our sweet Ellie passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by her family. She has been very sick for the past few weeks. She was so brave and fought so hard to get better.  She was the kindest, most bravest little bun. We will miss you so much Ellie. 💗🦄🌈 #eleventhebunny
Happy Friday! (Yes, I pounced on the phone immediately after this shot was taken) #mustachecat
The banana monster under the sofa 🍌😂
Then (2014) and Now (2019) 🍼🧸💕🥺 @worriedpotato cute at every age
11:28 in Japan.☺︎💤
「平成最後にオヤツ食べたい」 だそうです
Goodnight😻 22:02 in Japan.
桜の季節は終わっちゃうけどシーバは終わらないにゃ〜😻✨ . . . #cat #猫 #ネコ #シーバ #とろーりメルティ #花見 #花見猫 #お花見 #ちいさな贅沢 #pr
This is Yam. He’s a Superbunny 💕  Please be kind to Yam. No negative comments about his diaper (he’s embarrassed). Yam is a special needs bunny. #disabledpets #disabledbunny #disabledandcute #iyamwhatiyam
This is Moo. She’s a 15/10 bad girl and she makes no apologies. Moo is a rapper, dancer and “Instagram model” 🙃 Marbles is her name but we call her “Moody Marbee” aka “Moo” cuz her mood swings 😆🐮
Spring! (w/ accidental product placement)
春だもん シーバがいいの いちごより  Byソル男  ほんとこれ大好物やな〜😂 #cat #猫 #ネコ #シーバ #とろーりメルティ #花見 #花見猫 #お花見 #ちいさな贅沢 #pr
Good morning♨️ 7:17 in Japan.
I grew a beard 👵🏻
Just wanted to sneak in and say Happy New Year 🎉 and hello 👋🏻
This is Stumphrey sleeping rn. #nofilterused #perfectionneedsnoadjustments #😭#lookathistongueandsnot #lovehimsofckingmuch
If ur wondering wut It’s like trying to get my 🍞🍞to walk when it’s 90°F outside- goes something like this:  I calmly walk over to this beast (who, yes, is chilling RIGHT infront of the air purifier-cold air blowing in his face), then I hold up his harness n say, “Corgi!! It’s walk time!! Yaaay!! *me jumping up n down* walk!! Whooo!!yayayay!!” And this is his reaction every friggin’ time- disgusted look (pic for reference), loud annoyed sigh, & head turned upwards n away from me.  #me* #ohmygaw.. #nervouslaughter* #ididntrealizethesunwasstillout #please #forgivemedoncorgnelone #kissingpaw* #backingawaycrying*
On any given day, Stumphrey’s momo looks adorb, but after bath days.... after day days!! whoooooo-eeeeee!! His momo’s on another level. I mean, just look at it!! #stumpstump* #momcanu.. #plzstopsqueezingmybooty / #mmmm... #requestdenied #squeeeeze* / #sigh*
Look at him 😭. I still have to actively suppress the urge to squeeeeze him to death. #dailychecklist #no15 #donotsqueezedogstodeath #shakilycheckingoff* #whewww!! #thatwasafckingtoughonetoday!! (#WhoAmIKidding #itstougheveryday #lookathim!! #😭)
[walking w the boys]  Stranger: Ur dogs are so cute, r they wearing vests? // Me: No, they’re in harnesses. // Stranger: Oh, how cute! Are those better than collars? // Me: i have no idea- I just personally use harnesses cuz collars... well, they gotta go around a dog’s neck and I have NOO idea where their necks are. // Stranger: ...huh? #iknowyallgetit #itdbelikecollaringabodypillow #oranawkwardegg
Guarding the king. 👶🏻✨👑
I just wanted to take one pic w the boys where at least one of us wasn’t blurry. Instead, i got this!! Special shoutout to the neighbor who got us to simultaneously look up by setting off a firework. Thank u, sir! But also, WHY. IT’S JULY 12th. #why
Very rude
Advice from a tree and Norm: Stand tall and proud. Sink your roots into the earth. Be content with your natural beauty. Go out on a limb. Drink plenty of water. Remember your roots. Enjoy the view!
Timing is everything. Sound on!
Hammy is absolutely loving this #loverbox from @amazonmusic. It combines his two favorite things - @taylorswift and boxes!  #sponsored by Amazon Music
This is what work from home Friday looks like... #mustachecat
“Happy #tongueouttuesday! I’m laying in the dirt hole I dug! It’s amazing! Best. Dirt. Ever.” #smilingpitbulls #bestdayever
Oranges for keke
My current chill place  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram
Somethin's squeeshing mah face  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Its too early to be waking up  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Who woke me up? 😡  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster #hamster
Do you like the view from my back? :3  #syrianhamsters #hamstergram #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram
👋🏻Hi! It’s been a while.
Happy Friday 👀
Weekends. 🌾☀️🌊
Oh hai. I'm back. 👋🏼
Game face on.
Typical Friday night in. 👀
Out of town and missing the fur babies 💕